How To Make Money With ClickBank In 2021

ClickBank and income reports

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing and are wondering how to make money with ClickBank then the chances are you may have already tried to promote some offers on the platform but have not had much success.

ClickBank is often the first place newbies go when they begin affiliate marketing. However, with little or no online marketing skills it can be very difficult to make money with the offers.

They then take to the forums to complain that it’s not possible to make money on ClickBank as an affiliate.

The real problem is they’re lacking the know-how to bring in the bucks.

If this is you then don’t worry, you’re not alone. I was also once in your shoes, but I figured it out.

While it’s not my main online income stream anymore, I still promote ClickBank offers today and earn an average of $100 – $200 per day on this platform.

In this post, I will tell you exactly what works when it comes to making money with this platform. I explain how to choose the right offers, how to bring the traffic and the best ways to get them to convert into sales.

What Is ClickBank

ClickBank is primarily a digital marketplace for affiliates and product owners, also known as vendors. However, since around 2018 ClickBank now also offers a range of physical products.

In a nutshell, they provide a platform for product owners to house their products where they can be easily found by affiliate marketers who may want to promote them.

When you first sign up for an account you will be asked to either register as an affiliate or as a vendor.

While it is free to register as an affiliate, there is a charge for product owners when they create an account.

This article will focus on how to make money with ClickBank as an affiliate as this is by far the easier route to take.

In many cases, the product owners you find on ClickBank first started making money online as an affiliate and then moved into product creation later.

Most commonly, you can find products to promote such as eBooks, video courses, audio downloads, and software. However, you can also find some physical products like supplements and cosmetics.

ClickBank Overview

  • A Product Marketplace For Affiliates
  • An E-Commerce Platform For Information Product Owners
  • Physical products such as supplements, books, DVD’s, cosmetics, food products, and fitness equipment
  • Offers digital products such as eBooks, video courses, audio downloads and software

Is ClickBank Trusted

Yes, ClickBank is one of the longest established online marketplaces with hundreds of thousands of affiliates using it.

While you can promote a wide range of products through this platform, they are primarily known for their huge range of educational products across a large number of niches.

To give you an idea of the size of the company, ClickBank has a yearly sales revenue close to a quarter-billion dollars. According to BusinessWire, more than 30,000 ClickBank transactions are created on a daily basis across more than 190 countries.

It’s fair to say they’re a pretty big player in the industry.

Pros & Cons of ClickBank

Personally, I really like ClickBank. They were the first affiliate network I ever signed up with back in 2012 and they’re still one of my primary revenue sources today.

As an affiliate, it’s super simple to get started, you can sign up quickly and start promoting offers straight away and you don’t need approval to promote the vast majority of products, unlike many other networks.

Here is my ClickBank pros and cons list:

ClickBank Pros

  • High commissions, sometimes above 75%, some as high as 90%
  • Some offers have recurring payments
  • Some products also allow you to make money on upsells
  • Fast payouts to affiliates – they pay out once per week (and after 2 weeks)
  • Easy to use and newbie friendly
  • Wide range of niches
  • Wide range of products
  • You can sell to people in most countries around the world

ClickBank Cons

  • Very high competition on popular products
  • A lot of crappy products to sift through to find the good ones

How Much Money Can You Make With ClickBank?

The amount of money you can make depends on things like your experience, skill level as a marketer, which products you choose and how you promote them. Some people only make a few sales here and there, while others make hundreds of dollars per day.

It is absolutely possible to make $200+ per day as an affiliate with the ClickBank platform. I know from personal experience. I have also had the occasional day where I’ve made over $500 on this platform. There are also people out there who make far more money with ClickBank than I do.

Please bear in mind that it is not reasonable to expect this level of income from ClickBank straight away if you are a newbie. It will take you some time to learn what offers to convert the best in your niche and how to promote them.

ClickBank earnings
(Results not typical)

How To Make Money With ClickBank – My $200 Per Day Model

When promoting any affiliate offer, it all boils down to three main parts:

  1. Product
  2. Traffic
  3. Conversion

Each one of these parts is a skill that you will need to learn.

The first skill is learning to recognize good products and how to choose ones that are right for your audience. This is an easy skill to master, by far the easiest of the three parts.

I will go into detail on how you can master this skill in the next section below.

The second part is the traffic. This is arguably the most important job of an affiliate.

Why is it most important?

Because the product vendor will have done a considerable amount of work (and also likely spent a lot of money) making sure their products convert well. All you need to do is get the right eyeballs to see the product.

That’s not to say affiliate marketers do not need to understand conversion, which brings me to the third part.

Some of the most effective ways to promote affiliate products are by using pre-sell pages, bridge pages, and funnels, which I will go into detail later in this article.

On these pages, it’s your job to warm up your audience and create enough curiosity, intrigue or desire to click on your affiliate links. The better you are at this part the more products you will sell.

How To Choose Good Products On ClickBank

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle to get right is choosing good products to promote.

While there are a lot of great products in the marketplace, there are also a lot of crap ones too.

If you choose the wrong product for your target audience or one that just doesn’t convert well then you will not make much money.

When scouring the marketplace for a product you want to sell, you first need to know what the different ClickBank metrics are. Don’t worry, they’re pretty simple to understand and there are only a few of them. Take a look at the box below.

ClickBank Metrics

  • Initial $/sale: The average commission per sale
  • Av %/sale: The average percentage the affiliate makes per sale
  • Grav: Stands for “Gravity” – represents the number of affiliates who successfully sold the product over the last 12 weeks
  • Avg Rebill Total: Products that have a monthly subscription and offer a rebill to the referring affiliate will show the rebill amount here in USD
  • Av %/Rebill: The percentage of the rebill paid to the affiliate

Product Research

In my opinion, besides using the above metrics to choose your products, it is also important to learn to recognize what kind of products will sell well and why. This is largely based on the product’s landing page.

Here’s a method you can use to learn to recognize the best offers.

  1. To start with, go onto the ClickBank marketplace and click the ‘advanced search’ button.
ClickBank marketplace - product research

2. Then, in the Gravity field, enter ‘50’ and click ‘search’.

ClickBank marketplace options with gravity score

This will show you all products on the marketplace regardless of niche with a gravity score higher than 50.

Now, I am not telling you to only promote products with a gravity higher than 50, that would be dumb.

While products with a high gravity may convert well, they will also be very competitive so choosing them will depend on your skill level and also whether on not you already have traffic for the niche.

This step is ONLY a way for you to learn what a high converting product’s sales page looks like, not the process of choosing your product. Bear with me…

When you do this search, you will get a list that looks something like this.

ClickBank marketplace results

Notice the high gravity in the screenshot above. Since these products have high gravity and, therefore, have a high number of regular sales, they will likely have very high converting sales pages.

Yes, there are products on the marketplace that convert great with a much lower gravity score. However, for this exercise we’re just trying to isolate a few products to take a look at that will have a high chance of having professional sales copy that converts at a high rate. Then, you can study them so you can learn to recognize what works.


  1. Spend some time looking at a number of different sales pages, watch the videos, and read the content to see what they have in common. Don’t worry, you won’t need to do this every time you pick a product. This is only to help you learn to recognize a good sales page when you see one.
  2. Note the following:
  • Is the sales page a video sales letter (VSL) or a long-form sales letter in written format? (Both work, but in my experience, VSL seems to convert better, although this can also vary from niche to niche)
  • Does the sales page look professional?
  • Does the sales page look cheap or dated?
  • Does the sales page have a catchy or emotive headline?
  • Does the page have clear buy now or add to cart buttons? (bear in mind, some VSL’s use button delays, which means the button will only appear once the person gets to a certain point in the video)
  • Does the page have an emotive call to action?
  • Does the sales content draw you in by stimulating curiosity, intrigue, or even fear?
  • Does the video or written content aim to sympathize with the potential customer’s problem?
  • Is the page over-salesy?

Doing this will help you to become good at recognizing products that have the potential to sell well, but do not necessarily have very high competition.

Two other things to look for in a good product:

  • Customer testimonials – This offers social proof and helps to increase conversions
  • A good affiliate resources area – The serious product vendors will also provide resources for their affiliates, such as banners, content ideas, email templates (known as swipe files), done for you ads, and a number of different landing pages you can send your traffic to. A good resource area like this shows that the company cares about its affiliates, will likely have good support in place and also likely be around long-term

See also: Morevago – a simple tool to improve your conversions through social proof

One of the most popular ways to promote ClickBank products is to write a review on it for your blog or create a review video for your YouTube channel.

It’s always worth reaching out to the product owner to ask for a “review copy” as many of them will be willing to give you access for free if you can convince them you’re gonna be spending considerable time promoting them.

While some vendors will say no, in my experience most say yes. After all, you don’t have anything to lose by asking. Be professional, courteous, and send the email from a domain level email (ie yourname@yourdomain .com, not from a Gmail or Hotmail account) to give yourself the best chance of getting a “yes” from them.

How To Choose A Niche

Once you’ve got a clear idea of what a high-converting landing page looks like, you need to think about what niche you want to work in.

Many people jump into a niche purely out of passion. While there are benefits to choosing a niche that you are passionate about, it’s not the only thing you should consider.

For example, you may be super-passionate about growing daffodils, but if there are not many products for you to work with and if there’s not a huge demand for something like a daffodil growing eBook, then you’re probably not going to do very well.

Here are the things to consider when choosing a niche:

  • Are you passionate or at least, have an interest in it? – Being interested in the subject will help you to keep going when things get tough
  • Is there a hungry buying audience? – If people are already spending money in this niche then it’s a great sign
  • Does the niche have a capable buying audience? – A niche can have a lot of interest, but not enough that a person would part with money to learn more about it. Other niches may have an audience, but the audience is not capable to buy. An example of this is a product that is aimed at kids young enough not to have a credit card and would, therefore, need to ask their parents before they buy something. While kids can be very persuasive when asking their parents to buy them something, it puts another obstacle between you and getting paid.

I also recommend choosing an evergreen niche, that way your business will always be relevant and have people who are interested in what you’re selling.

Different Ways To Promote ClickBank Offers

There are a number of ways people try to promote ClickBank offers, some are more effective than others.


Good affiliate programs will provide you with banners you can put on your site. When clicked, they will take the visitor to the sales page.

However, banners do not convert very well. If this is all you are doing then you will likely not make much money promoting the offer unless you have a very high amount of relevant traffic.

Having said this, they’re still worth using to bump up your sales and dress up your blog.

Contextual Links

These are links within the body of the content. While I have had good success linking directly to an affiliate offer directly from content, this method is not as effective as it used to be and is also kind of a lazy way to promote your offers.

picture of a contextual link

Bridge Page Or Pre-Sell Page

This method is far more effective than linking directly to an offer via the body of the content.

In this method, you create your own pre-sell page or bridge page to pre-sell the product before you send the person to the offer.

This helps to warm them up and prepare them for what they will find on the product sales page.

A great way to increase your conversion rate is to offer your visitors bonuses when they buy a product through your link.

You can offer things like an eBook, a mini video course you created or even a piece of software you own, for example, to entice them to buy through your link.

To make your pre-sell or bridge pages effective you will need to learn at least the basics of copywriting in order to increase your conversion rate. A great resource I recommend for beginners is the Copywriting Secrets book.

You may also like: Funnel Scripts – done-for-you copywriting software

Product Reviews

Product reviews are great when targeting product review type keywords. However, in many niches, these product review keywords are often very competitive.

Basically, you write a review of the product or create a video talking about the benefits and features, give your opinion on it and then link to the product.

Send People To a Own Funnel

This is definitely one of the most effective methods for promoting affiliate offers. There are a number of different ways to use a funnel, but here is a simple and very effective method you can use:

Step 1: Find, buy or create a lead magnet relevant to your niche that you can give away as a free gift in exchange for someone’s email address.

Step 2: Once they click the button to opt-in, immediately send them to a second page in your funnel where you offer them either;

– a free product that leads to a paid offer later
– a very low no-brainer offer
– a free webinar that sells a product at the end, which you make a commission on

Step 3: Once they opt-in on the first step of the funnel, they join your mailing list where you can then build a relationship with them by offering value. You can then promote relevant offers to them and they will be more likely to buy since they know, like and trust you and feel that you offer them a lot of value.

There are many different tools you can use to create your funnel, but a few good options are ThriveLeads, ClickFunnels and CartFlows.

I have used both tools in my business and they work really well. If you are using WordPress then ThriveLeads may be the better choice for you as it integrates easily with WordPress. If you are using ClickFunnels then all you need to do is link to your funnel from your blog.

See also: How to build an email list for affiliate marketing

How To Drive Traffic To Your Offers

Once you have chosen your product and set up your funnel you need to have at least one way, but preferably several ways to drive traffic (visitors) to your opt-in funnel.

It’s advisable not to rely on just one traffic source. If something happens to that source of visitors then you’ll have big issues.

This happened to me in the early days. I was relying too heavily on SEO traffic. It was working really well for me, but then Google had an algorithm update and I lost a large chunk of my traffic overnight.

This can happen to any of the traffic channels you use. YouTube can decide one day they don’t like your channel and shut you down. Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platform you’re using can change their terms of service. PPC ads can become too expensive to bring a decent ROI.

I don’t say this to scare you, but to get the point across why it’s important to diversify your traffic sources. However, in the beginning, it is wise to establish one traffic source first to a good level before building new ones.

Below are some of the most commonly used traffic sources.

Blogging (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing your website to rank high in the search engines. Most people focus on ranking in Google because Google accounts for over 70% of all search traffic on the internet.

Although it can take some time, usually months before you get much traffic through Google, once you do, SEO traffic is fairly passive and low maintenance.

Once your site has a high amount of traffic in your niche, new articles can start to rank fairly quickly and with less effort.

It takes quite a lot of work to rank number one for medium and high competition keywords. A great strategy to get started is to target long-tail keywords with low competition in your niche.


Paying for pay-per-click ads on places like Google or Bing can get very expensive. However, one of the main advantages is you can get traffic much more quickly.

PPC is not recommended for beginners. There’s a learning curve with PPC and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can soon burn through a lot of money with little to no return.

It is definitely a skill worth learning, but I would recommend establishing one or two free traffic streams first and get some sales coming in so you have some cash to invest in your ads.


YouTube is another really popular traffic source. Many people think of YouTube as a social media platform, but it is actually a search engine. Not only that, it is the second-largest search engine in the world, after Google.

Using YouTube is a great way to promote affiliate offers. Most commonly, people create “how-to” or “review” videos and then direct the viewer to click the link below the video (their affiliate link) to check out the product, find out more or to opt-in for their free lead magnet.


I’m not a huge fan of social media myself, but as far as it goes, I really like Pinterest for affiliate marketing. The reason is that the Pinterest algorithm acts in a similar way to search engines. By creating Pins, you can send people directly to your blog posts, landing pages, and funnels.

Pinterest has a mostly female user base, so if your audience is primarily women and also has a strong visual aspect to it then it can do very well here.

Don’t be put off though if your niche demographic is mostly men. Pinterest is a rapidly growing platform and around 40% of new accounts are created by men so this could all change over the coming years.


Instagram is fast becoming one of the most popular social media channels, second to Facebook.

Like Pinterest, if your niche has a strong visual appeal, for example, you’re in the fitness or cosmetic niche then Instagram is definitely a traffic source you will want to tap into.

Many people believe that Instagram will be more popular than Facebook in a few year’s time. It is especially popular with the millennial generation.


Still the most popular social media channel with around 2.45 billion monthly users. Facebook has all types of people of all ages from all walks of life.

Unfortunately, the Facebook Fan Pages are not as effective as they once were a few years ago since they made some changes to their algorithm. However, currently, Facebook is massively favoring Facebook Groups and many marketers and business owners are having great success building an audience on this platform through both free and paid groups.

Social media is an excellent way to quickly tap into good sources of traffic. However, what I don’t like about this method is that it’s not very passive and requires constant engagement from you in order to maintain the interest of your audience. The alternative is to pay someone to manage your social media channels for you to free up your time.

Facebook ads are also very popular, but they are fast becoming expensive to the point where your ROI can be reduced considerably.

If you’re planning to do Facebook ads then be aware it is a very different traffic source than some of the other methods above.

Facebook ads use “interruption marketing.” This is basically when a person is not necessarily in a buying mode (they likely did not go to Facebook to look to buy something), but you interrupt what they are doing online to show them your ad. YouTube ads are another example of this.

While these types of ads do, of course, work, I’m sure you, like me, would agree they can also get very annoying.

Compare this to “search intent marketing.”

This is when someone is actively looking for your product. The person goes to a search engine (or a platform that works like a search engine), like Google, Bing or YouTube and they search for what they are looking for.

If you can get in front of these people you will generally have a higher chance of getting the person to check out your offer and also less risk of pissing them off in the process.

$200 Per Day Strategy

  • Choose a niche
  • Choose a product
  • Create an opt-in funnel
  • Send traffic to your opt-in funnel
  • Promote products on the backend via email

Making Money With ClickBank – Final Thoughts

ClickBank is a great place to get started with affiliate marketing. It’s also popular with veterans as it has such a huge range of products, high commission percentage levels and they pay their affiliates quickly.

It’s absolutely possible to build a good income using ClickBank. However, it’s very important to choose the right products to promote and have a good strategy in order to be successful.

Have you already started to make money with ClickBank or are you considering different options? Let me know in the comments below.

Looking For More Info On ClickBank & Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve written more articles that can help you with affiliate marketing which can be found on my homepage

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Affiliate programs for beginners - man on a laptop looking at networks

If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing then, of course, your journey will come with specific challenges.

Knowing exactly which are the best affiliate programs for beginners is one of those challenges.

Signing up for the wrong programs could cause a significant setback in your affiliate career.

However, if you get this right from the beginning then, not only can you start to earn your first commissions a lot sooner, it can also lay a solid foundation for your entire career.

I have worked with some great affiliate networks during my 8+ years in this game so far. But I have also signed up with one or two terrible ones and wasted time too.

In this article I am going to tell you about 

8 Things That Make an Affiliate Program Good For Beginners

You might be wondering what exactly makes a network a good affiliate program for beginners to start with.

There are a few key things to look for. Here’s a breakdown for you:

  • Minimal entry requirements
  • Simple or no vetting process
  • Easy to use
  • Products with good commission %
  • Easy to promote products
  • Good product variety
  • Low payout threshold
  • Regular payouts

Choosing a network that fulfills all or most of the above will help you to get started and move in the right direction quickly.

Basically, what you want from a beginner-friendly network are things that will make your life easier. You want a good product range across multiple niches, and a simple to use platform.

Working with a network that also provides you with detailed and easy to use metrics is a huge plus.

If you can easily track which campaigns are working the best for you then you will not need to pay for a 3rd party tracking tool like ClickMagick, at least until later when you will want to access more advanced tracking features.

If you can clearly see which campaigns are working the best then you will be able to put more of your efforts into those areas and drop the ones that are not performing well.

Earning your first commissions is very exciting, but if you have to wait a long time to receive a payout, or if you need to reach a high minimum payment threshold then this can also become de-motivating for beginners.

So, because of this I would also recommend you to start working with a network that has a low payment threshold and pays out regularly.

It’s also important to know that some platforms prefer to work with, or only work with intermediate or advanced marketers. So don’t waste your time trying to sign up with those guys until you have some experience under your belt.

To help you get started quickly with the best chance of success, here are my top 6 affiliate programs for beginners.

See also: 6 Evergreen Niches and 71 Sub-Niches

Affiliate Networks Vs Private Programs

When you start promoting affiliate offers you will soon realise that you can either sign up to affiliate networks or apply directly to private affiliate programs, or both.

A network (like ClickBank, ShareASale etc, see below) is a place where you can go to sign up, and then get access to promote all kinds of different products across a range of niches that they offer.

If you join a private affiliate program then you need to go directly to the product website and sign up with them.

One of the biggest advantages of joining a network is that you get access to a wider range or products without needing to sign up for multiple affiliate accounts.

In many cases, if the network has approved you to join their affiliate program then you will often be approved automatically to promote most, if not all of the products on the network.

But not always.

With some networks, you will also need to apply to individual vendors on the network, as you will soon discover later on in this article.

So overall, joining a network is usually the best way to go for beginner affiliate marketers.

A common advantage of signing up to a private affiliate program that is not an any network is that often those programs can pay really good commissions.

But again, not always.

Next, I am going to tell you about the best affiliate networks for beginners.

After that, keep reading if you also want to know about some of the best stand-alone affiliate programs where even newbies can make really decent money.

See also: Affiliate programs that pay daily

Consider Your Traffic Source

Something that is often overlooked when it comes to choosing an affiliate program is which traffic source you will be using to drive the majority of your traffic.

Why is this important?

While you can promote most affiliate products on most platforms, some traffic sources like Pinterest will be especially good for certain products, but not good for others.

Pinterest is a very visual platform, so niches and products that have a strong visual component do especially well on this platform.

If you are thinking to use Pinterest as your main source of traffic then here are some great affiliate programs for Pinterest.

6 Best Affiliate Networks For Beginners

Here are my top 6 affiliate networks for beginners.

  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • CommissionJunction
  • FlexOffers
  • Rakuten
  • Impact


The ClickBank homepage

With over 17 years in the business, ClickBank is a powerhouse for both novice and advanced affiliate marketers.

This network caters to smaller businesses and provides a wide range of products that are unique to the network.

Each product is listed with some performance metrics so you can get an idea of how well the products are selling. You can also take a look at the landing pages of the products and any promotional materials that they might have for you to use.

If you own a product and want to sell it on ClickBank then you’d sign up as a Vendor. However, by joining the network as an affiliate, you can then search the ClickBank marketplace and look through a huge range of products that have been added to the network by the vendors.

Another exciting aspect is that ClickBank specializes in digital products, such as eBooks, video courses, and some software. However, they now also have some physical products on their marketplace, including supplements.

Personally, I really like promoting digital products because the commission percentage is considerably higher than physical products, in most cases. This is because digital product owners do not have the margins to deal with that physical product owners have to allow for.

As an example, you will typically find the commission percentage that you will earn per sale for most digital products on ClickBank to be somewhere between 50-75%.

Having said this, I have personally earned as much as 90% per sale on some products. This is because the product owner then makes most of their money on the back-end sales.

That said, it can be quite the lucrative program.

There’s a minimum payment threshold of $10 on this network, and they pay out weekly, holding two weeks in arrears to allow for refunds.

ClickBank is an easy network to join with virtually no vetting process.

They basically accept everyone.

You don’t even need to show them you have a website to get started, unlike most affiliate programs you will come across. This is especially helpful for beginners who are looking to get started.

If you don’t have a website yet then here’s a strategy you can use to make money without a blog.

If there’s one downside to ClickBank, it’s the reputation of the products. Not all digital products are as well-known as some that you might find on other networks. Some are actually pretty terrible, however, I would say the majority of the products that I have seen on this network are good.

If you decide to use ClickBank, you will need to do a fair amount of research to find something easy for you to promote and sell.

However, with over six million products available on the platform, there certainly is plenty of opportunity here.

If you are new to affiliate marketing then I recommend you check out my comprehensive guide here on ClickBank for beginners. In this article, I give a step-by-step blueprint to start making money with ClickBank.

Sign-up URL: ClickBank

ClickBank Pros:

  • Low payment threshold
  • Good commission range
  • Simple joining process
  • No vetting process
  • Easy user interface
  • Weekly payouts

ClickBank Cons:

  • Not all products are high-quality or popular


The ShareaSale affiliate network

ShareASale is another great platform for both new and experienced affiliates and houses over 1,000 merchants that you can work with.

ShareASale provides a range of products that includes physical goods and digital products or services.

There is a simple vetting process when you join this network, and you will usually hear back within a few days if you’ve been accepted.

They are a little more strict than ClickBank, and they do want to see that you have at the very least some kind of website or landing page that looks good, and is relevant to at least one of the niches that ShareASale trade in.

That being said, you don’t need anything fancy, just something that doesn’t look shite.

It’s important to know that once you’re accepted onto the ShareASale network, that doesn’t mean that you will be able to promote any product you like.

Many product owners listed on ShareASale will pre-approve you to promote them if ShareASales has already accepted you. However, there are also many other products listed on this network that are not pre-approved.

In this case, you’ll need to reach out to those individual product owners through the ShareASale interface to request access to promote them. They will usually want to take a look at your website to make sure it’s a good fit, and then they will either accept or deny you.

If they deny you, don’t worry. Just search for other suitable products to promote on the ShareASale marketplace.

What I particularly like about ShareASale is that there are a number of very good, and even well-known brands on this network and quite a number of high-ticket affiliate offers too!

ShareASale also provides you with pretty good metrics so you can monitor how well your campaigns are going.

I also particularly like that, in most cases, ShareASale will show you which of your URL’s have referred each sale.

At the moment, ShareASale doesn’t support PayPal payments. This may inconvenience some users, however, there are a number of payment alternatives available, including direct bank transfer, so I really don’t think it’s a problem.

Sign-up URL: Shareasale

Shareasale Pros:

  • Low payment threshold
  • Minimal joining requirements
  • Some high-quality brands
  • Some high-ticket products
  • Detailed reports

Shareasale Cons:

  • No PayPal support
  • Commissions vary a lot


CommissionJunction program

CommisionJunction, also known as CJ Affiliate, started back in 2002. It’s a platform dedicated to working with big brand names.

You may recognize some of the companies that work with the network: Verizon, UnderArmor, Samsung, Sonos, Namecheap, etc.

If you want to start your affiliate marketing venture by targeting popular niches, CJ Affiliate is one of the top choices. However, if you’re thinking of going down this route then know you’ll likely be up against some stiff competition. If you already have an audience for these types of products then great.

If not then I’d recommend you to start with something easier.

CJ is not a difficult platform to join, and they usually seem to accept most affiliates. Having said this, you will also then need to apply to specific product vendors on the network, similar to ShareASale.

CJ offer the widest and most detailed amount of metrics that I have so far seen on an affiliate network.

While this should be a benefit to you, it’s rather complex and does actually have a learning curve all of its own, which I don’t think is very helpful for beginners.

CJ also caters to both pros and novice affiliates, so advanced users will benefit more from the superior metrics that they offer.

With that in mind, this network suits a specific type of beginner; those that already have some experience in this field. At least three months.

Sign-up URL: CommissionJunction

CJ Pros:

  • Direct display advertising
  • Limits the guesswork in finding merchants
  • Modern UI
  • A great portfolio of big-name brands

CJ Cons:

  • A number of low paying offers
  • Higher learning curve and payment threshold


FlexOffers website

FlexOffers is a bit of an unusual one in that it signs up to the product owner’s affiliate programs and then Flex allows you to use its affiliate links to promote the products.

The up-side of this is that you only need to get approved by FlexOffers to be able to promote a lot of programs because FlexOffers will be doing all the signing up to individual merchants’ affiliate programs for you.

On the downside, however, in so doing, FlexOffers will take a cut of your affiliate commissions.

Basically, they act as the middle man between you and the product owner. This is not a bad thing if you’re a newbie affiliate marketer though so don’t let it put you off. Once you’re approved by FlexOffers you’ll have access to a wide range of products you can promote.

FlexOffers is also one of the largest networks out there, with over 12,000 product owners registered on their system.

Be aware that the signup process can be a bit lengthy. This is because they will essentially be allowing you to use their affiliate links, so they would be accountable for your actions. Because of this, they can be a bit picky when it comes to new affiliates.

It has a low payment threshold of $50, and pays out to affiliates on a monthly basis. It’s important to be aware though, that FlexOffers pays on a net 60 terms basis.

Basically, this means you’ll receive your commissions after a 60 day period. This is normal for most affiliate programs and is nothing to worry about. The network just needs to allow enough time to cover their back in case of refunds.

Granted, this payout process isn’t as sweet as some of the other networks, but still, it isn’t bad.

Sign-up URL: FlexOffers

FlexOffers Pros:

  • Provides a lot of assistance
  • Beginner-specific program available
  • Decent product range
  • Easy-to-use platform

FlexOffers Cons:

  • Lower than average commissions


Rakuten is not usually the first one most people think of when it comes to affiliate programs. However, it’s one of the biggest players in the industry, and is actually an award-winning network.

It holds a technological edge over its competitors due to spending more on development. It even includes an automatic ad rotation perk that helps affiliates promote more products.

Because the platform offers a lot, it’s not exactly the easiest to use. However, it’s straightforward enough to learn and provides plenty of tools for targeted advertising.

Rakuten have some pretty big brands on their network, so they like to pay close attention to the affiliates joining their network. If your website only has a trickle of traffic then you may find it tough getting accepted.

They also have some strict rules and may shut you down quickly if you violate them, so be warned.

A big advantage of joining Rakuten is its advertisers and partners. The platform works with big names such as Ray-Ban, JanSport, Virgin – to name but a few.

A couple of things I do like about Rakuten is the wide variety of physical products that they have, and their Net 30 terms payout structure.

The commission payout threshold is also pretty low, starting at $50.

Sign-up URL: Rakuten

Rakuten Pros:

  • Innovative tools
  • Popular brands and products
  • Among the oldest and most reputable networks
  • Offers many targeted advertising tools

Rakuten Cons:

  • Strict vetting process
  • Doesn’t provide as many metrics as other platforms


The Impact Radius network

With over a decade’s worth of experience, Impact is still among the baby of affiliate networks. However, the people that founded it had prior experience with CommissionJunction, LeadPoint and, so they definitely know what they’re doing.

This helped cement Impact as one of the most reputable affiliate marketing programs, despite not being among one of the oldest networks.

The platform has over 1,000 merchants who offer a superior range of products. It’s one of the best affiliate programs for beginners that haven’t found a preferred niche yet.

Their product range is extensive, covering food and drink, arts, tourism, clothing, and even technology.

Bear in mind, joining this platform may take a while. The verification process is lengthy and, in some cases, may even include a phone call, although that didn’t happen to me.

The good news is that these measures would put off the more nefarious affiliates from trying to join, and will leave you more room to promote without worrying too much about commission poaching and other underhanded tactics that does unfortunately happen in the industry.

So, it’s actually a good thing that not everyone makes it onto the platform. This helps to maintain the network’s reputable and trustworthy status.

If merchants see that the quality of affiliate marketers isn’t diluted, they’re less likely to leave.

By comparison, big brands can come and go, even on platforms like Rakuten. It doesn’t happen nearly as often with Impact, which achieved a higher status.

The minimum payment threshold of $25 offers some incentive too. It’s a midrange threshold and suitable enough for most beginners.

Some affiliate marketing networks had their fair share of ups and downs. Impact is among the few consistently keeping an ascending trend in popularity and reliability.

Sign-up URL: Impact

Impact Pros:

  • High-quality products
  • Experienced founders
  • Very trustworthy platform with merchants
  • Midrange payment threshold


  • Can take longer to join
  • Doesn’t cater to a wide range of niches

4 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

One of my favorite affiliate programs for people who are just starting out as an affiliate is GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one marketing and business tool suite that can help you to build, launch, and scale an online business.

Here are some of the main tools that you can promote to your audience if you sign up with GrooveFunnels:

  • Funnel builder
  • Landing page builder
  • Website builder
  • Email autoresponder
  • Hosted webinars
  • Hosted videos
  • Online shopping cart

Here are the reasons why I link this program for beginners:

They Have a Free Plan

GrooveFunnels is easy to promote for 4 reasons – Firstly, they offer a free plan, but their paid plans are so good that around 20% of people who sign up for a free account usually upgrade to a paid plan.

As you can imagine, it’s much easier to promote a free product than a monthly subscription service.

They Offer Recurring Commissions

Secondly, Groove’s paid plans are subscription based, and their affiliate program is a recurring monthly commission.

This means that when you refer someone who upgrades to a paid plan, they will be billed every month, and you will earn a sweet 20-40% commission on their purchase each and every month they remain a Groove user.

If this concept interests you then I recommend you also read my article on the best recurring affiliate programs here.

Tier-2 Commissions

Thirdly, GrooveFunnels also has a tier-2 program. This means that you can earn an additional 5-10% each month from all of the people who have signed up to use the platform through someone that you have signed up directly.

Not Saturated, Yet

And the fourth reason why I really like this program for newbies is that it’s very new and, and for the moment at least, there’s not a lot of competition when it comes to promoting it.

If you want more info about this program then you can read more about becoming a GrooveFunnels affiliate here or you can sign up to promote them here.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels have been around for a while so there’s a lot more competition to promote this product that GrooveFunnels, but there are still several reasons why you can make some really good money promoting them.

Recurring Commissions

ClickFunnels also offers recurring monthly commission payments to their affiliates when they promote their core software product, ClickFunnels.

Very High Converting Offers

ClickFunnels also has a number of other highly popular, and very high converting products that you can promote and earn some great commissions.

Several Low Front-End Offers

They also have several low-cost front-end products that you can promote, such as the DotCom Secrets Book, Expert Secrets, and the Traffic Secrets Book.

When someone buys one of these books all they pay is for the shipping and handling, so it’s a pretty easy sell for you.

However, the ClickFunnels team will then continue to market more expensive products to these folks over time. When they buy something else further down the line, you get paid. So they essentially do all the selling for you once you’ve signed them up to for one of the book offers.

ClickFunnels is a great company, with decent products, and an attractive affiliate program. However, it’s also important to know that a number of CF affiliates have reported that affiliate tracking can be off at times.

You can join the ClickFunnels affiliate program here.

ChemiCloud Affiliate Program

ChemiCloud is a very good web hosting platform with extremely reasonable rates.

I have been a customer of theirs for several years now for one of my small niche websites so I can certainly attest to how good their hosting service is.

And, of course, like pretty much every web hosting company out there, they have an affiliate program.

Here are the reasons why I like promoting ChemiCloud in particular:

  • Commissions start at $50 per sale
  • Very good service so you can feel good about promoting them
  • Very reasonably prices to easier to promote
  • After you’ve referred just 8 customers your commission gets bumper up to $75

You can find out more about the ChemiCloud affiliate program here.

ClickMagick Affiliate Program

ClickMagick is a tool that pretty much every marketer and business owner online can benefit from.

Using ClickMagick has also helped you to earn more money as it will help you to know exactly which campaigns are performing the best for you, and which ones you should drop.

The ClickMagick team have recently put a lot of attention into their affiliate program, and since they have started doing that, I have noticed an increase in sign-ups and a better customer retention rate.

Here are a few reasons why I think ClickMagick is a good affiliate program for beginners:

  • Very useful product
  • Recurring monthly commissions – 30%
  • Good customer retention rate

You can find out about the ClickMagick affiliate program here.

Final Thoughts – Which Is The Best Affiliate Program For Beginners?

In my opinion, ClickBank is the best affiliate program for beginners, for several reasons.

However, picking just one program and calling it the overall ‘best for newbies’ is tough because there are actually several great programs you can work with.

Remember that the goal here is to offer you a recommendation on how to get started. Once your business grows, and you gain experience, you can experiment with other platforms.

That’s what I did, and ClickBank was also the first network that I made money with.

ClickBank is easy to join and there is no vetting process, so you can get started straight away looking for products to promote.

While there are some pretty bad products on ClickBank, I would say the majority of them are decent, at least in the niches that I’ve worked in. CB also covers a wide variety of niches, and a huge range of products.

ClickBank has a very low payment threshold of just $10, so you can start to receive payouts fairly soon once you’ve made a few sales. They also have a simple user interface, great reporting features, and their hoplink tracking is also very good.

Since most products on the ClickBank network are digital products, they tend to have a much higher commission % compared to networks that offer physical products.

If you’re not sold on ClickBank then no worries. All of the networks in this article are great for beginners to sign up with, especially Shareasale, as this would be my very close second choice for newbies.

Whichever affiliate program you choose to start with, make sure you choose good products to promote and stay consistent with your promotional activities.

Once you’ve got your teeth into some of these platforms and started making money, come back here and check out my article on the best high ticket affiliate programs.

More Affiliate Programs

You may also be interested in these other affiliate programs:

Want More Tips On Affiliate Marketing?

If you are looking for more help, tips, and information to assist you in building a long-term and highly profitable affiliate business then I have lots more great articles that you can find on my homepage here

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

A woman measuring her waist while on a weight loss program

It’s no secret that a lot of people are interested in losing weight. It’s a niche with a strong pain point that you can use to sell your affiliate products.

However, it can be quite time-consuming to pick out all the best affiliate programs, how much they pay, their cookie duration, etc.

That’s why I’ve created a list of the best weight loss affiliate programs, so you can easily pick out the ones you want to promote.

Plus, I made sure to pick a great variety of programs ranging from programs that offer healthy snacks and supplements to workout plans.

Diet Direct 

Diet Direct is an online store that sells healthy drinks and snacks for people who are trying to cut their categories. They have a huge selection of products which leaves the potential for huge carts and big commissions.  

What makes Diet Direct even more attractive for affiliates is the recurring commissions. After you refer a customer, you earn a 10% commission on their first order, and 5% on every order they make afterward. That’s pretty decent, as it allows you to earn a lot more, from the same customer.

If you have an email list of leads interested in weight loss, you can promote Diet Direct next to some of the educational products like Weight Loss Evolved. That could be a great way to make more money from your list.

• Commission rate: 10%

• Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here

Maximum Slim 

Maximum Slim is another great affiliate program in the weight loss affiliate niche that pays large commissions.

On their website, they sell weight loss supplements, tea, coffee, vitamins, and even protein shakes.

Despite, the products being physical, their affiliate program pays up to 25% of all sales. It also has a nice 1-year cookie duration and is hosted on ShareASale.

No matter what sub-niche of weight loss your audience is in, Maximum Slim could be a great addition to the other affiliate programs you’re already promoting.

Plus, I also would assume that the affiliate program is very easy to get accepted for, as their sign up page states “or simply share the link with your friends!”. So, if you’re just starting, this program might be worth giving a shot. Then again that is just an assumption. 

• Commission rate: 25%

• Cookie duration: 1 year 

Sign up here

Weight Loss Evolved

Weight Loss Evolved is a great offer, with an amazing affiliate program that has industry-leading commissions.

With the average sale being $397, the 30% commission rate gives you a whopping $119 per sale.

And, if that doesn’t already sound good to you, it also has a lifetime affiliate cookie, so you will be paid whenever your referrals purchase, even if it’s in years from now (as long as they don’t clear their cookies or use another device).

Weight Loss Evolved isn’t all about the affiliate program though, the offer itself is also great. Physicians designed it, and a clinic in Denver has been using the same protocol for over 10 years.

So, it’s not a product that some random marketers created to generate sales, it works as well.

• Commission rate: 30%

• Cookie duration: Lifetime

Sign up here

Bistro MD

Similar to Weight Loss Evolved, Bistro MD is designed by doctors. This time, however, it’s a food delivery plan.

The way it works is that the doctors design the weight loss plans and meals, then chefs go ahead and prepare the food before it is delivered to the customer’s door. That’s a pretty sweet deal which is also why it’s so popular.

Additionally, the program also has an average 3.9 rating out of 5 on trust pilot, so it’s a pretty decent program.

The fact that it’s also designed by doctors, and prepared by chefs also help with conversions. Plus, it also allows them to charge a premium, which also means you make higher commissions.

According to the company themselves, the average affiliate also earns $16.90 per click with the top performers earning over $6,000 monthly.

The affiliate program is hosted over at CJAffiliate and has a 45-day sticky cookie.

• Commission rate: AVG. $45 per sale

• Cookie duration: 45 days

Sign up here

Weight Watchers 

Next on our list is Weight Watchers which you’ve probably heard of.

It’s another weight-loss program that has been recommended by doctors and is also very known in the industry. Both of these factors also positively impact conversions.

However, compared to some of the other weight loss affiliate programs on this list, it’s commission rate is low. Weight Watchers pays out a flat commission rate of $10 and only has a cookie duration of 14 days.

Although, both the cookie duration and the commission rate are quite low, you can still earn a lot of money with it because of the trust and recognition the brand has earned.

Plus, the affiliate program also has a lot of great tools, promotional material, and support for their affiliates.

So, if you have large amounts of traffic and are looking for a trusted brand to promote that converts, Weight Watchers could be a good option. 

• Commission rate: $10 per sign up

• Cookie duration: 14 days

Sign up here


If your audience is into herbal weight loss supplements, the Zotrim affiliate program might be right for you.

It’s a herbal weight loss supplement that has gained a lot of trust, as it’s also sold in brick & mortar stores in the US. Additionally, their product is available in all major languages, and so are their promo materials for affiliates.

The affiliate program also pays out a nice commission of 30%. Not only this, but it also has a conversion rate of over 22% and an average cart value of over $60. 

Additionally, they also have a calculator where you can estimate your earnings and loads of other useful promo materials.

• Commission rate: 30%

• Cookie duration: Not listed

• Sign up currently unavailable


WonderSlim is another affiliate program that has high conversions. The reason for this is because it comes with a 150% money-back guarantee.

So, if a customer uses their meals correctly, and they don’t lose weight, they will refund 150% of the money. This means, there is no risk for your referrals, which will make the purchasing decision a lot easier.

Plus, the average sale is also quite high at $120.

The offer itself is meal replacements like puddings, smoothies, soups, or shakes that the customers can order from the Wonderslim website.

Wonderslim also pays out a commission rate of up to 10% which is not bad because the conversion rates will be high.

• Commission rate: Up to 10%

• Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here


DietToGo is also a weight loss offer that has a great affiliate program.

Similar to Bistro MD, it is a meal kit delivery service that prepares meals and delivers them to the customer’s door.

The meals are controlled in portions to make sure that the customer is eating the right amount to lose weight, which makes it extremely effective. Plus, every customer can contact dieticians and health coaches that are part of the program in case they have any questions.

Customers have several meal options to choose from including vegetarian, low carb, diabetic, and more.

Its affiliate program is also decent as it pays out $40 per sale, and has a 45 cookie duration.

• Commission rate: $40 per sale

• Cookie duration: 45 days

Sign up here

Elite Weight Loss 

Next on our list is Elite Weight Loss which provides its customers with weight loss supplements ranging from diet pills to protein powder. Again, this could be a great affiliate program to promote in combination with some of the others on this list.

Elite Weight Loss’s affiliate program is pretty decent too, as it pays out a solid 25% commission. Plus, for top-performing affiliates there are also custom commission percentages and, you can also earn cash bonuses ranging from $100 to $10,000.

Something that I also like about the Elite Weight Loss affiliate program is that there is a Facebook group for affiliates, so you can network with others and ask questions.

Plus, Elite Weight Loss also pays its affiliates weekly. 

• Commission rate: 25%

• Cookie duration: Not listed

Sign up here

Healthy Wage 

Healthy Wage has a very unique offer that allows participants to win cash prizes for winning weight loss challenges. So, it rewards customers who lose weight which acts as an additional incentive and makes the offer very effective. Plus, customers can also start challenges with friends or family which can be additional fun too.

As the offer is effective, the conversions are quite high, which benefits you as an affiliate.

The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale and pays out a $30-$50 commission per referral depending on how much they bet. Plus, it also has a 30-day cookie. 

However, there are some restrictions for this affiliate program which are explained on the affiliate signup page. Still, overall I think this affiliate program has quite a large potential because even one or two referrals per day could earn you $1000-$3000 per month. 

• Commission rate: $30-$50

• Cookie duration: 30 days

Sign up here

Workout Anywhere 

Next, we have Workout Anywhere which is a little different from most of the other affiliate programs on this list. 

Its main selling point is that the workouts are quick, yet effective which makes it perfect for people that are busy but want to lose weight. As the name suggests, the workouts are also accessible from any device.

Plus, Workout Anywhere also comes with recipes, meal planning, coaching services, and a like-minded community. It’s almost like an all-in-one service without the meals and supplements. 

The commission rates are also decent as they range from 30-50% depending on the membership that your referral purchases.

There are also custom commission rates available for top-performing affiliates which can be unlocked at $15,000 in sales (not commissions).

Its cookie duration is not listed on the affiliate sign up page.

• Commission rate: $30-$150 CPA 

• Cookie duration: Not listed

Sign up here offers a range of weight-loss related products such as fat burners, workout plans, and general health supplements. As the store has such a wide range of products, there is also lots of potential for high-value carts, so you can earn bigger commissions.

Their affiliate program is pretty nice as well, as you earn 15% on first-time orders and 5% on returning customers.

The only downside of this affiliate program is that the cookie only lasts until the customer makes a purchase. While that makes it extremely likely that you will make the initial commission, the referral would have to go through your affiliate link again afterward for you to be credited with the sale, even if it’s only hours later. 

Still, overall it’s a pretty solid affiliate program by a trusted brand.

• Commission rate: 15% for first-time customers, 5% for returning

• Cookie duration: Lifetime, but canceled upon purchase

Sign up here

Natural Healthy Concepts

Natural Health Concepts also has a pretty decent affiliate program.

Their store is a little more general, meaning it’s not as tailored to weight loss as the others on this list. However, it still has some great products that can help its customers lose weight, so there is no harm in promoting it. For example, their 50+ metabolic supplements can help speed up the customers’ metabolism to help them lose weight faster.

Its affiliate program pays out 8%, so it’s on the lower side of this list. However, the products seem to be of great quality and unique, so that does make up for it a little.

The affiliate program is also hosted on the popular Rakuten affiliate network too, meaning it’s easy to sign up for. 

• Commission rate: 8%

• Cookie duration: Not listed

Sign up here

Affiliate Weight Loss Programs – My Final Thoughts 

I hope you have enjoyed this article on the best weight loss affiliate programs.

As you have seen throughout this article, the weight loss niche has a great range of offers that you can promote.

And because a combination of them works best to help the customers lose weight, it also gives you additional room to cross-promote the affiliate programs. Therefore, a lot of people on your email list will likely be interested in more than one of these offers, which is great for you!

Email marketing is at the heart of any good affiliate campaign and is a core skill. If you need a step-by-step plan to help you grow your email list then you can check out my article here.

Looking For More Affiliate Programs?

If you’re looking for more affiliate programs you can promote to help build your affiliate income then you may also like these articles:

If you want a few more ideas for diet and weight loss offers then you can check out the video below.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program – Is It Worth Your Time?

The GrooveFunnels Affiliate program - a person using a laptop

The GrooveFunnels affiliate program is one of the newest to hit the digital marketing world, and many people are saying that it’s going to be one of the most lucrative of its kind.

A lot of experienced affiliate marketers joined the Groove affiliate program straight away once they realized Mike Filsaime is the creator and CEO of GrooveFunnels.

If you’ve not heard of him, he’s the same guy who has already created several other massively successful software companies, including Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar.

Mike Filsaime is also an amazing marketer who has been in the business for around two decades.

Here in my GrooveFunnels affiliate program review, I am going to go into a lot of detail about this new affiliate program, so you can decide for yourself if it’s a good fit for you to promote.

How To Sign Up For The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

To sign up for the Groove affiliate program, all you need to do is simply create a free GrooveFunnels account here, and voilà! You are now a GrooveFunnnels affiliate.

There is currently no vetting process to go through when you sign up to become an GrooveFunnels affiliate.

Basically, if you have either a paid of free GrooveFunnels account then you are automatically approved to be an affiliate.

You will find your promo tools and resources in the affiliate dashboard inside your GrooveFunnels account, as I will explain later in this article.

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

When you sign up for the GrooveFunnels affiliate program you will be given your own unique set of affiliate links.

When someone clicks on one of your links and then buys access to use the GrooveFunnels marketing platform, this purchase is tracked to you.

If however, they click on your link and create a free GrooveFunnels account and do not upgrade to a paid plan right away, this customer is still assigned to you in what Groove CEO Mike Filsaime calls a “parent-child relationship”.

When this happens that customer is tagged to you for life.

When they decide to upgrade to a paid account in the future, you will then be credited with the affiliate commission.

It doesn’t matter if they upgrade to a paid account next week, next year, from a different device than what they originally signed up with, or even from a different country.

This customer is locked into you and you will receive the affiliate commission when they upgrade.

What’s So Good About The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

At the time of writing this article, I have been promoting all kinds of affiliate offers for over eight years.

So far, the GrooveFunnels affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners that I have come across for several reasons.

Here are those reasons:

Tagged For Life

As I mentioned earlier, once a customer has clicked your link and signed up for a free account, they are locked to you for life.

When they upgrade you get the commission. If they buy another Groove product, you should also get that commission too.

According to Mike Filsaime, their affiliate program does not use cookies so they cannot be overwritten.

This makes it impossible for someone to steal your commissions once the customer has created a free account through your link.

The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Is Easy To Promote

GrooveFunnels is easy to promote for 4 main reasons:

  • It’s a highly in-demand product
  • There is a free lifetime account to promote
  • There is a lot of credibility behind the brand
  • GrooveFunnels is applicable to a wide audience

Pretty much any business out there can benefit from using at least one and in most cases a combination of the tools that Groove offers.

Right now it’s even easier to promote Groove because there is a free account available and it’s so much easier to get someone to sign up for a free account rather than a paid product (in most cases).

Compared to a lot of the established landing page and funnel-builder brands on the market, there’s still not much competition when it comes to promoting the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

GrooveFunnels Is a Very In-Demand Product

Both local and online businesses all over the world are realizing the importance of online marketing tools and the benefits they bring.

They’re all hearing about features like landing pages, sales funnels, email autoresponders, webinars, video hosting, shopping carts, setting up an affiliate program to recruit affiliates to promote your products for you, and so on.

All these tools can become very expensive for business owners.

Groove provides all these tools in one so it not only makes it easier for customers to use them, but it also saves them a load of money in the process.

If you do not know about all the tools that Groove comes with then I recommend you take a quick look at my detailed review of GrooveFunnels here.

It Has High Conversion Rates

GrooveFunnels is currently converting at 20%, according to Mike Filsaime, which is pretty damn good!

That means that for every 10 people who sign up for

 a free account, an average of 2 of those people will likely upgrade to a paid plan.

Of course, that statistic may change over time, but as of right now those are the figures that GrooveFunnels is reporting.

Great Commission Structure

At the moment, anyone can sign up to promote the GrooveFunnels affiliate program and earn a recurring 20% commission on direct referrals, and a further 5% commission on 2nd tier sales. (More about the tier-2 commission structure later in this article).

You do not need to pay anything at all to GrooveFunnels to be on this commission structure, and right now there’s no vetting process.

If you become a paid GrooveFunnels user at the Platinum level by either paying monthly for Groove Platinum or if you bought the one-time payment lifetime deal for GrooveFunnels Platinum, then you automatically get the higher rate commission of 40% for direct customer sign-ups and 5% for 2nd tier sales.

It Is a High Paying Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels is an in-demand product with a high purchase price for those who take advantage of the lifetime deal.

If you are an affiliate who is on the 40% commission rate (because you are a Platinum or lifetime member yourself), then you will earn a cool $558.80 per sale for anyone who purchases the lifetime deal through your link.

And if you’re a free member earning 20% commissions then you’ll still get $279.40 when someone takes the lifetime deal. So, it’s fair to say that this is a high paying affiliate program.

You Can Earn Recurring Commissions

Once the regular pricing structure for GrooveFunnels rolls out at the end of the launch period (Oct 20th, 2020), new customers will need to pay a monthly subscription.

This means that if you signed a customer up at either 20% or 40%, you will be paid another 20% or 40% each, and every single month that customer remains an active user.

Here are the monthly Groove pricing plans:

  • GrooveFunnels Base – Free for life (we don’t know how long for)
  • GrooveFunnels Silver – $99 per month
  • GrooveFunnels Gold – $199 per month
  • GrooveFunnels Platinum – $299 per month

As you can imagine, those recurring commissions soon stack up!

The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Dashboard

The GrooveFunnels affiliate dashboard is user-friendly and easy to find inside your GrooveFunnels account.

It comes with quite a few promo tools, which are updated and added to regularly.

Where Do I Find My Affiliate Links?

Once you’re inside your Groove account, you will see a button in the top left of your screen which says, ‘Groove Affiliate Program’.

The Groove affiliate dashboard area button

Click that button to enter the GrooveFunnels affiliate area.

Once inside, scroll down the page until you see a section titled, “Promotion Tools”.

There you will see several icons that you can click on to access your affiliate links, use a variety of promotional tools, and check your stats.

Here’s what the affiliate tools section looks like:

The GrooveFunnels affiliate promo tools

In the affiliate area you will be able to find your affiliate links to either promote the GrooveFunnels product itself, or you can use your affiliate link to promote the GrooveFunnels JV opportunity and recruit other affiliates to sign up under you.

What Promo Tools Do I Get?

As you can see from the above screenshot, you get quite a few affiliate tools to use to help you promote.

Here’s a break down of those promo tools inside the GrooveFunnels affiliate program:

  • Email swipes
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Banner images
  • Ads for your thank you pages
  • Ads for logout areas if you run a members area
  • Posts for social media
  • Promotional videos
  • Done-for-you Facebook ads
  • Pre-written email signatures

Groove has said they will be regularly updating the promo tools in the affiliate area to keep them fresh and current.

How GrooveFunnels Affiliates Get Paid

As you would imagine, GrooveDigital uses its own affiliate tracking system, known as GrooveAffiliate, and payout to its affiliates through the GrooveSell app.

It wouldn’t give you much confidence in their products if they used someone else’s affiliate management system, like ThriveCart!

When someone clicks your link and signs up for a free GrooveFunnels account, that person will show up in your account (stats area) as a ‘sign-up’.

If they upgrade later to a paid account, or if a person signs up with you and upgrades to a paid plan straight away, then that customer will then also be registered as a sale in your account, and you will get paid for that sale once the grace period has passed.

Tiered Commission Structure

As I mentioned earlier, the GrooveFunnels affiliate program has a tiered commission structure, which was another thing that attracted me to become a GrooveFunnels affiliate.

This means that if any of the customers that you signed up to use GrooveFunnels then also wants to promote it as an affiliate, you will also receive a smaller commission on the customers they sign up for no extra work!

If you’re on the 20% commission rate, as I explain above then you will get a further 5% recurring monthly commission for all 2nd tier sales.

And if you’re on the 40% commission rate, then your tier-2 commission is doubled to 10%!

Just imagine if you sign up an influencer to use GrooveFunnels who happens to have a huge list, or you sign up someone who turns out to be a rockstar affiliate.

Those tier-2 commissions can soon add up to more than the commissions you are earning at tier-1.

With the GrooveFunnels affiliate program, you can double your tier-2 commissions by signing up for a Platinum account, or you can get the same 5% if you’re a free user of Groove.

When And How Do GrooveFunnels Affiliates Get Paid?

Another thing I like about the GrooveFunnels affiliate program is that they pay out to their affiliates on a weekly basis.

But first, you need to have made at least 2 sales in order to start receiving payouts.

Groove offers a 30-day money-back guarantee when someone creates or upgrades to a paid account.

Because of this, you need to wait until this 30-day window has elapsed before you are eligible for your affiliate payments.

This is nothing to worry about, and all affiliate programs that offer a guarantee also do this.

Groove also need to allow an additional 7 days in case of refunds.

So, from the time of the sale until the money lands in your account will typically be between 37-42 days. That’s when you get paid.

When you make a sale, it will show in the GrooveSell area of your GrooveFunnels affiliate account.

However, it will still show $0 until the first 14 days have passed. After this point, that $0 will change the commission amount you will receive for that sale, as long as the person doesn’t cancel or refund.

If you’re interested in fast paying affiliate programs the here are more affiliate programs that pay weekly here.

Can I Make Money With The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

Yes, absolutely, GrooveFunnels is a high paying affiliate program, and it converts well!

How much money you can make as a Groove affiliate will depend on your skill level to a certain extent. However, it will mostly depend on the amount of work you put into it and your commitment to the program.

There are newbie affiliate marketers right now, like Angie Norris, who are absolutely CRUSHING IT!

At the time of writing this article, Angie has already made well over $50,000 with this affiliate program, and that was ever before the official launch date, while it was still in beta!

If you like the sound of making big commissions then you may also want to take a look at my article here about other high ticket affiliate offers that you can promote.

How To Promote GrooveFunnels Successfully As An Affiliate

If you’re new to affiliate marketing then there is actually a huge range of ways in which you can promote affiliate products.

If you’re a seasoned veteron then you’ve likely already got your methods nailed down, and you’re probably not reading this part.

However, if you’re new to promoting other people’s products online, or if you just want a few tips that will help you to promote this kind of affiliate product, then below I’m going to share with you several effective ways to promote Groove.

But before we get into that, and regardless of what you’re promoting online, you will have much more success if you do the following:

  • Use the product yourself
  • Be honest
  • Focus on one strategy at first until you get enough momentum before incorporating other strategies
  • Follow the terms of service

Methods To Promote GrooveFunnels As An Affiliate

There are many ways you can promote affiliate products and have success online.

However, the methods you choose should reflect your own skill level, expertise, and what you enjoy doing to give yourself the best chance of success.

At this point, I could say to you that you need to start a blog or get into YouTube’ing, or network on social media.

Yes, absolutely all those vehicles can help you.

But, I think it’s more important to talk about some specific strategies that you can use with those platforms to help you succeed, which I will talk about after my little rant that is coming up (fair warning).

Even though GrooveFunnels is a new product on the market, there is a hell of a lot of affiliates trying to promote it.

And not only that, but there are also quite a few seasoned veterans in the affiliate marketing world who you’ll also be competing with.

But don’t let that intimidate you or put you off in any way; it really shouldn’t.

Trust me, the market is absolutely HUGE, and there is more than enough to go around for everyone.

You just want to make sure you stand out from the crowd of other people who are also promoting the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

Even if you’re a complete newbie to affiliate marketing and working in the digital marketing space, don’t worry. You can absolutely have success if you focus and apply yourself to just one strategy and then build on it.

In fact, now is THE BEST TIME to do that. And here’s why…

A Quick Affiliate Story To Inspire You

Here’s a quick story to illustrate my point, and to hopefully inspire you in the fact that, you can absolutely kick-arse (ass in American-English – I’m a Brit, don’t forget) as an affiliate if you apply yourself…

I first got started with affiliate marketing in 2013. It took me a while, but I started having consistent success in 2015 and then started to earn a full-time income from it late 2016.

ClickFunnels launched in 2014.

I heard about ClickFunnels in 2016.

I didn’t pay attention, because I was too focused on the projects I was involved with at that time.

Although I was earning okay money working on those projects at the time, in hindsight, I could have earned A LOT more money with the ClickFunnels program if I paid attention to it back in 2016.

I told myself, “I’m too busy right now”, and, “I’ll look at it later…”

Well, I did look at it later.

I set up a little site promoting ClickFunnels products at the very end of 2018 and made my first CF commissions around Feb 2019.

I decided to promote CF because I use to use it, I liked it (I still think it’s really good), and I still earn over $1,000 per month in recurring revenue from the work I did a few years ago promoting it. And the articles I have floating around on the internet on different blogs still sign up a handful of new people to use it each month.

But I’d missed the boat to make really big money with the CF affiliate program.

Don’t get me wrong, if I focused on CF now, and put a lot of energy into it, then I could absolutely increase my CF commissions by several thousand dollars per month, maybe more.

It’s still a really popular marketing platform, after all.

But I’d have to put a hell of a lot more work into it now than if I had started actively promoting it back in 2016, or earlier.

That’s because there’s now so much competition to compete against.

The GrooveFunnels affiliate program has only just launched last year.

I’f you’re promoting it now then you’re getting in at the ground level…

and it’s pretty much anyone’s game.

The second point about all this is that CF also used to offer a tier-2 commission. I think it was 5%. But that’s stopped now for any new affiliates that sign up to promote CF.

Their first level commission rate also used to be 40%, but for all new affiliates, it’s now only 30%.

I was lucky that I joined their affiliate program before they made these changes so I’m still locked in at 40%.

We have no idea what GrooveFunnels will do in the future. In time as they grow in popularity and they don’t need as many affiliates to promote them, they may also do a similar thing.

So better get in on the GrooveFunnels affiliate program now if it appeals to you.

There are newbies crushing it with the GrooveFunnels program right now.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Of course, you can do what you want with your time, and it won’t make one bit of difference to me.

But if you’re serious about making a good or great income online as an affiliate, and if you like the GrooveFunnels product, and you will allow me to give you a bit of advice, then I highly recommend you take the opportunity right now and get promoting.

If you found that interesting and you want to know more about CF and GF, the similarities and the differences, then you can take a look at my ClickFunnels v GrooveFunnels article here.

Of course, there are other worthy contenders to consider promoting too, such as Kartra, the predecessor to GrooveFunnels, which was also built by Mike Filsaime.

While Kartra and Groove are similar, there are also a number of key differences between the two, which we explain in detail in our Kartra vs GrooveFunnels article here.

Strategies To Help You Promote GrooveFunnels

As promised, here are a few strategies that you can use to help you promote GrooveFunnels and stand out from the crowd.

Niche Down

For a product like GrooveFunnels, when you think about it, it’s a product that will be helpful for pretty much any type of business that operates online, or any business that needs a presence online to generate leads.

That’s pretty damn exciting.

This is the reason why I said earlier that there is absolutely enough for everyone to go around in the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

So, to niche down, you want to focus in on one type of user, or target market group.

Here are just a few examples of target markets you can focus on:

  • eCommerce business owners
  • Podcasters
  • Instagram influencers
  • Business coaches
  • Digital product owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Photographers
  • Massage therapists
  • Real estate agents (a very good one)
  • Solicitors
  • Book authors
  • Fitness instructors

This is just a very small number of niches as an example for you.

There is a HUGE number of sub-niches that GrooveFunnels will appeal to when you sit down and think about all the different things it can do, and the people it can help.

If you can specialize and appeal to a small target market, not only will you find it easier to promote GrooveFunnels as an affiliate, you will set yourself up as the expert, the go-to person for your sub-niche, and stand out front the crowd.

I guarantee you that some Groove affiliates are doing this right now.

But they can’t cover every niche. There’s just too many niches out there that Groove appeals too.

Create Your Own Bonuses

Offering relevant bonuses to your target sub-niche can often help to push them over the edge to sign up.

Using bonuses can also help people to decide to sign up with you specifically, instead of another affiliate because they also want your bonuses.

Here are a few tips for good bonuses that can work well to help you promote the GrooveFunnels affiliate program:

  • Make them relevant to GrooveFunnels and your sub-niche audience
  • It can help to provide bonuses that make it easier for your sub-niche to use GrooveFunnels
  • Free software bonuses are often popular and highly appealing to offer along with this type of product (however, they are harder to come by)
  • Too many bonuses can look desperate and off-putting
  • Buying PLR products can work as bonuses, but often most of them are of poor quality and look cheap. If you go down this route then spend a bit more money to buy the rights to good quality products and get your own covers designed for them
  • Get someone to design eye-catching and highly appealing eCovers for your bonuses

You can use one of these guys on Fiverr to create very professional-looking ones inexpensively.

Create Helpful “How To” Content

Nowadays, as much as 93% of people rely on online reviews before they make a purchase. This also includes written product reviews, short testimonials, and video reviews.

That’s why product review articles and videos work so well.

A lot of people want to get all the details about the product from someone who’s already using it, or who has tested it out.

If you’re going to do this, one of the most important things is to make sure your reviews are honest and factual.

Create A Case Study

People love a case study.

If it’s a product like GrooveFunnels that can actually help you to achieve a specific result then why not create a case study and show the results you achieved?

This not only carries with it a lot of credibility, but it’s also very engaging for people to look at your case study who want to use the product for the same or similar thing that you are showing.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program: My Final Thoughts

I covered a lot in my GrooveFunnels affiliate program review. However, there is quite a lot to know about this new marketing platform.

As you can see, the Groove affiliate program is pretty awesome and is set to become one of the best partying affiliate programs in time.

With its generous commission levels, its 2-tiered commission structure, and recurring commissions, you can soon build up a very nice recurring monthly income for yourself if you choose to focus and do the work needed to promote the GrooveFunnels product.

If you are thinking of promoting GrooveFunnels then I highly recommend you sign up as an affiliate today and lock in your commission structure, because it might change in the future.

If you are a serious affiliate marketer, or if you’re serious about building a large income with the GrooveFunnels affiliate program, then I recommend you seriously consider upgrading your own GrooveFunnels account to Platinum in order to receive the higher commission rate.

Best of luck!

15 Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

A woman looking on a laptop for pay per lead affiliate programs

When it comes to affiliate marketing, most affiliates focus on earning commissions by generating sales for a product owner.

For example, you place a link on your website, if a person clicks the link and then buys the product or service, you get paid.

However, that’s not the only way to do it.

You can also get paid just for sending leads to the advertiser, regardless of whether the prospect buys or not. These types of programs are called pay per lead affiliate programs (PPL).

In most cases, PPL programs pay a small amount, but the good ones can convert into regular sales for you because you don’t need the person to buy anything in order for you to get paid.

Having said that, some PPL programs pay substantially high commissions, some as high as $150 per lead, as you will see in this article.

Pay per lead programs are also sometimes referred to as Cost Per Lead (CPL). If the visitor is also required to perform an action in order for you to receive your commission, then the program will be referred to as a Cost Per Action (CPA) program.

Typically, the action will be something simple like signing up for a free trial, submitting an email address, or completing a survey, for example.

Why Promote PPL Offers?

You might be thinking that a lot of PPL offers are not worth promoting because they pay low commissions, but this is not the right way to look at it.

If you only promote high ticket offers then your sales will be more infrequent, even if it’s a good offer. On top of that, you will also need some sales skills to present high ticket offers effectively in order to make consistent sales.

Promoting a few good PPL offers that convert well will help you to make steady and consistent sales month to month.

A good way to think about it is to tailor your affiliate marketing strategy to include a mix of a few good high ticket offers, some recurring programs, and some PPL offers. That way you can make steady sales from the PPL offers, build up a recurring income with your rebill programs, and also scoop up some high commissions along the way. Once you’ve learned other sales and copywriting skills, then you can think about focusing more of your time on high ticket offers if you want to.

Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular every year, with increased interest of around 200% since 2015. So, with more affiliates joining the game it makes sense to give yourself the best chance to make steady commissions and promote a few PPL offers too.

Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Lead

There are a ton of PPL and CPA offers out there, however, it can be hard to find a lot of the good ones. When you come across them yourself without a recommendation, it can be hard to know if they will actually convert once you start promoting them.

Some of the best PPL programs I have promoted took me years to find. So, in this article, I have listed some of the best pay per lead affiliate programs I have come across to save you time searching the web.

PPL SMB Affiliate Programs


ClickFunnels is a great piece of software that allows you to build sales funnels, landing pages, receive payments for your own products and services, recruit affiliates, and build an email list.

ClickFunnels also has a great affiliate program too.

Although their affiliate tracking has known to be a little off in the past, they are still a great product to promote, because their products are massively popular, and you also have the chance to make some pretty sizeable commissions.

Promoting a few of their low-ticket offers such as their marketing books (DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and Copywriting Secrets) will pay you $1 per lead.

This doesn’t sound like much, but once you’ve referred that lead, you will also earn commissions on anything the customer buys on the back end of the funnel.

Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

Example 1

You get $1 for promoting Copywriting Secrets → Customer later buys Funnel Scripts at $797 and you earn $297 commission on the Funnel Scripts sale.

Example 2

You get $1 for promoting DotCom Secrets → customer later buys the ClickFunnels software at $99 or $297 per month and earn 30-40% recurring commission on this sale every single month.

  • Commission rate: Various – $1 on books, 20% on selected products for new affiliates and upsells, 30-40% on all products, upsells, and rebills for affiliates who have met specific criteria.
  • Cookie duration: Lifetime sticky cookie
  • Affiliate Network: Private
  • Sign up here


Shareasale is one of the biggest and most reputable affiliate networks out there and is also one of my personal favorites to work with.

Shareasale caters to a wide variety of niches and has a huge range of products. Typically products are either physical, software or service-related. As an example, you can find anything from mattresses to web hosting services, so it’s a pretty varied list.

You will get $30 for referring other affiliates to Shareasale, and once that affiliate has earned their first $20 on the platform. If you refer a merchant then you will get $150 once the merchant has made their first $100, or once they have been on the network for 6 months, whichever comes first.

  • Commission rate: $30 affiliate referral and $150 for a merchant referral
  • Cookie duration: 365 days
  • Affiliate Network: Shareasale
  • Sign up here


FreshWorks, formerly FreshDesk, is a well-known customer relations management (CRM) software service that helps you to provide great customer support if you are selling your own products. I used FreshWorks a few years ago on a previous website where we were also selling our own products, so I can vouch that it’s a great service.

FreshWorks is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and supports various communication channels, including phone, email, website, and social media.

As an affiliate, you can earn $5 per lead, and a further 15% recurring commissions over the first year from your referrals that go on to sign up for a paid account.

  • Commission rate: $5 per lead, an additional 15% on sales
  • Cookie duration:
  • Affiliate Network: Private
  • Sign up here


Rankpay is essentially an SEO service. However, you only pay them if they are successful in ranking your site. Just tell them what keywords you want to rank for and they will try to make it happen for you.

  • Commission rate: $25-$50 per referral
  • Cookie duration:
  • Affiliate Network: Shareasale
  • Sign up here


Grammarly is one of the leading online spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism checkers on the market. Many businesses, content writers, and bloggers use it on a daily basis to help them craft content.

Grammarly is known to convert very well and has an average conversion rate of 20-30%. So once you get people to click on your links you should be able to make sales pretty easily.

As an affiliate, you will earn $0.20 per referral and $20 per sign up.

  • Commission rate: $0.20 per lead, $20 per sign up
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Affiliate Network: Tune
  • Sign up here


Canva is a go-to graphic design tool for many online marketers, bloggers, influencers, and business owners. You can use it to create all kinds of graphics from logos, social media posts, banners, infographics, and more. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because anyone with no design experience can use it and quickly make awesome-looking graphics.

Promoting Canva can earn you $6.50 per lead, or, per free sign up you refer, and 25% on paid accounts. You also get 100% commission on the first month of the paid plan.

  • Commission rate: $6.50, 25% on paid plans
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Network: Impact Radius
  • Sign up here


ConstantContact is one of the oldest email autoresponders on the market, with over 20 years of experience. Small and medium-sized businesses use ConstantContact to help grow their email list, support their customers, and market their products.

If you refer someone for a free trial then you’ll earn $5 for the lead. If your referral goes on to open a paid account then you’ll get an additional $105, which is pretty sweet!

  • Commission rate: $5 per lead, $105 per upgrade to a paid account
  • Cookie duration: 45-75 days
  • Affiliate Network: FlexOffers
  • Sign up here

Merchant Equipment Store

The Merchant Equipment Store provides businesses with the ability to accept credit card payments through their payment processing equipment. The Merchant Equipment Store is popular among small and medium-sized businesses because their prices are very close to those set at wholesale.

Affiliates promoting this offer will receive $20 per lead, and an additional 5% on any purchases that are made.

  • Commission rate: $20 per lead, 5% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Network: Shareasale
  • Sign up here

PPL Financial Affiliate Programs

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a useful piece of software that allows you to manage and track all your financial activities so you can budget effectively and plan for important things like buying a house, saving for your kid’s education, or planning your retirement.

This is a great one to promote if it fits your niche because you can earn a cool $50-$100 just for referring a lead.

However, there is a caveat to this.

Your referral will also need to hook up at least $100,000 worth of assets to their tracking software in order for you to qualify for the commission. This sounds like a lot, but it’s really not much if your referral is going to include things like their 401K, savings, and any equity that they have in their home.

  • Commission rate: $50-$100
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Network: FlexOffers
  • Sign up here

CIT Bank

CIT Bank is a bank that only operates online. They offer very attractive savings products and an easy way to shop.

CIT Bank provides an easy to use eChecking account, which allows you to easily pay your bills and access your cash from their mobile app. People are also attracted to CIT Bank because they can also earn interest with no monthly fees.

As an affiliate you can earn up to $100 per referral, which is great for a pay per lead program.

  • Commission rate: $100
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Network: CJ Affiliate
  • Sign up here

National Debt Relief

As you probably would have already guessed, National Debt Relief helps people to get out of debt, but they do it without using loans or encouraging you to file for bankruptcy.

If you want to promote this offer then expect to earn $27.50 for every qualifying lead you can send their way.

  • Commission rate: $27.50
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Affiliate Network: Shareasale
  • Sign up here

PPL Insurance Affiliate Programs


Hiscox is a US insurance company for small businesses that provide customized policies to their customers.

They cover all the necessities including, professional liability, general liability, cybersecurity, business owner policies, and short-term liability.

Promoting Hiscox as an affiliate, your efforts can bring you $25 per referral who generates a quote through your link.

  • Commission rate: $25 per lead
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Affiliate Network: CJ Affiliate
  • Sign up here

PPL Education Affiliate Programs


In you’re not already familiar with Skillshare, it’s an online learning platform where people can go to access both free and paid courses. Skillshare has all kinds of courses on a variety of topics like business skills, marketing, design, art, photography, writing, and more.

The classes are taught by real experts in their field, so you can be confident you are referring people to a platform where they will actually learn good skills taught by people who know what they are doing.

As an affiliate you will receive $10 per lead, that is, as long as a person signs up for a free trial then you will get paid.

  • Commission rate: $10
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Network: Impact Radius
  • Sign up here


CreativeLive is another online learning platform with well over 1,500 courses. Like Skillshare, CreativeLive has both free and paid courses, many of which are taught by some very noteworthy people including Lewis Howes, Tim Ferriss, Mel Robbins, Ben Greenfield, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

When you refer someone to CreativeLive you’ll earn $1 for a free trial, 20% on the first-course purchase, and 10% on all future purchases.

  • Commission rate: $1 per lead, 20% for the first paid course, 10% on future courses
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate Network: Shareasale
  • Sign up here

PPL Side Hustle Affiliate Programs


SwagBucks is a platform where people can make some money for watching videos. However, customers need to be in either the US, Australia, UK, Ireland, or Canada to take part. Fortunately, you do not need to be in one of these countries if you want to promote SwagBucks as an affiliate.

Affiliates earn $3 for every qualified lead they send, so not too bad for a pay per lead program.

  • Commission rate: $3 per lead
  • Cookie duration:
  • Affiliate Network: FlexOffers, Impact Radius
  • Sign up here

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs – Final Thoughts

There are loads of great offers out there, and fortunately, with PPL or CPA offers, you don’t need to rely on making a sale in order to get paid.

Including a few good pay per lead affiliate programs into your marketing strategy can help you earn some nice commissions regularly and build up a healthy affiliate income.

The Netflix Affiliate Program And The 13 Best Alternatives

A woman watching Netflix

Netflix is the biggest movie & TV show streaming platform in the world.

However, Netflix has stopped its affiliate program for reasons that I’ll discuss in a few minutes. Fortunately, it’s not the only streaming platform that has an affiliate program, and there’s actually loads of opportunity for you to make good money promoting some Netflix alternatives.

Throughout this article, we’re going to take a look at the best Netflix Affiliate Program alternatives to help you find a great streaming platform to promote.

The Netflix Affiliate Program

Once upon a timer, Netflix did use to have an affiliate program, but they decided to discontinue it back in 2014. The reason for this was because Netflix had become a globally recognized brand, so they felt that they no longer needed affiliates to promote it.

They made this decision, as they felt the affiliate program was hurting their profits.

In the day’s when they did have an affiliate program, Netflix would pay out a $10 referral commission for every customer that an affiliate would refer.

From an affiliate’s perspective, this was pretty decent as it was very easy to refer someone to Netflix.

However, you can also understand why Netflix closed their affiliate program as they can acquire these customers for free instead of paying $10. Although, it is quite annoying from the affiliate’s point of view.

Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

Despite the Netflix affiliate program being discontinued, there are still some great streaming platforms that also offer affiliate programs. Netflix is also planning to raise their prices in 2021, which may mean that a number of subscribers may start looking elsewhere to get their TV show and movie fix.

This is great news for you if you’re looking for a Netflix alternative to promote.

Of course, these types of offers do not pay high commissions, but they’re definitely worth promoting if you’re in this niche, and some of them even pay recurring affiliate commissions.

Below, I’ve picked out the best alternatives to Netflix that also have an affiliate program. Most of these are also globally available, so no matter whether you’re in the US, UK, or elsewhere, you should be able to promote at least a few of these.

Amazon Prime

One of the most popular Netflix affiliate program alternatives is Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime, which of course, is part of Amazon costs $12.99 or $8.99, depending on whether users want access to the other benefits like next day delivery.

It’s also got some great series and TV shows that users can stream from anywhere using their Amazon accounts including Arrow, The 100, Vikings, and more.

So, the offer is pretty attractive and also by a globally-recognized company, similar to Netflix.

This affiliate program is part of the Amazon Associates program, which you’ll have to sign up for. It pays a £3 ($4) bounty commission for every person you sign up for the trial, regardless if they then actually become a paying customer, which is pretty good.

Amazon Prime also lets users stream the English Premier League, so if you’re in the UK you can use that as an additional angle to promote it.

  • Commission rate: £3 ($4) per trial
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Affiliate network: Amazon Associates


Philo TV is an on-demand streaming service that comes with 60+ channels ranging from MTV to BBC America. It costs $20 per month and also has a 7-day trial, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get people to sign up for it.

The Philo service is mainly for Americans, so that is something to keep in mind when promoting it.

Their affiliate program is also hosted with several affiliate networks which are CJ Affiliate, FlexOffers, CommissionJunction, and Skimlinks. It pays out $10 per sign up and has a 30-day cookie duration, which is pretty decent.


FuboTV is a leading TV channel streaming platform that lets users stream all kinds of TV channels ranging from the news channels like Fox to Sports channels like ESPN. The pricing plans range from $59.99 to $64.99 per month.

It pays out a bounty commission of $15 per sale, which is pretty decent as it shouldn’t be too hard to get people to sign up for this.

Additionally, it’s also one of the Netflix affiliate program alternatives with a wide range of Soccer/Football & other Sports channels. If that’s something your audience is interested in, I recommend taking a look at the Fubo TV affiliate program. But, we’ll have a few more later on as well.

  • Commission rate: $15 with additional performance incentives
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Private –

Sling TV

Sling TV is an American service that allows users to stream a range of TV channels including ESPN, CNN, Comedy Central, and more.

Their affiliate program is quite similar to the Netflix affiliate program, as it also pays out a bounty commission. However, the rate is $20, instead of Netflix’s $10, so that’s pretty sweet.

Their affiliate program is hosted on the Yazing affiliate network. They also have some information on their own site, but you can only access it if you’re from the US.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access is a live TV streaming service that comes with a range of TV shows, sports channels, and on-demand episodes that users can watch.

It’s also on the lower side in terms of costs, as it’s only between $5.99-$9.99 per month. Plus, it has a free trial as well. This could make it easier for you to get people to sign up.

Similar to the Netflix affiliate program, it pays out a bounty commission of $9 for every person you sign up on a paid subscription. Their affiliate program is also easy to join, as there are no minimum traffic requirements.

  • Commission rate: $9
  • Cookie duration: 10 days
  • Affiliate network: Impact


Although Disney+ is primarily known for their children’s TV shows, and the Marvel superhero’s, it does have a wider selection of shows as well. This makes it a decent Netflix alternative that you can promote.

The affiliate program is hosted on the DaisyCon network and pays out a €5 (≈£4.50) affiliate commission for every sale you generate. That being said, the official page on the Disney+ website has recently been removed, but it may still be available within the network.

  • Commission rate: €5 (≈£4.50)
  • Cookie duration: Unknown
  • Affiliate network: Impact

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is one of the newer alternatives to Netflix that has lots of on-demand series and movies that users can pick from. Some popular examples include Ted Lasso, Central Park, and See.

Again, it’s also very low-cost as it only costs £4.99 per month, so that might make it easier to promote.

Plus, the commission rates are also extremely competitive as Apple pays out 300% of the first month. So, in most cases that will work out to be around £14.97, not bad.

Their affiliate program is hosted on the Impact network.

  • Commission rate: 300% of the first month
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: AppleMediaServices

AMC Networks

If you have an audience that would enjoy award-winning movies, series, and interesting documentaries, AMC Networks could be a great option too. It’s hosted with the popular network FlexOffers and is also available on VigLink just like a lot of other affiliate programs on this list.

It also offers a 45 day sticky cookie period which is pretty nice too.

When promoting AMC networks, you get paid $1 per lead you generate.

  • Commission rate: $1 per lead (CPA)
  • Cookie duration: 45 days
  • Affiliate network: FlexOffers


AT & T TV is another cool streaming service like Netflix. It has a wide range of TV series, movies, and sports channels that you can stream on the device of your choice.

Something that caught my eye though, was that it also has many movies available the same day as when they come out in the theaters.

Its affiliate program is also available on FlexOffers, VigLink, Commission Junction, and Rakuten Marketing.

  • Commission rate: $30 on 1-year commitments (1 year is minimum that the customer can choose)
  • Cookie duration: 15 days
  • Affiliate network: FlexOffers, CommissionJunction


If you’re looking for a service to promote that is primarily focused on the US sports market, ESPN might be a great choice. It lets users stream pretty much every American sport there is such as Baseball, Basketball, Football/American Football, Soccer, Tennis, and more.

You can also stream some European sports like Football/Soccer and racing.

ESPN probably has the most comprehensive sports streaming offering on this list. And, their affiliate program is hosted with a range of affiliate networks including FlexOffers, SkimLinks, Yazing, OfferVault, and VigLinks.

  • Commission rate: $16 flat per paid sign up
  • Cookie duration: 21 days
  • Affiliate network: FlexOffers, SkimLinks


Hulu is another alternative to Netflix that has a solid affiliate program. It’s extremely popular in the US, but sadly, it’s not available anywhere else.

It’s quite similar to the Netflix Affiliate Program, as it offers similar TV shows and series. Plus, it also offers a $6 commission for every user you sign up to Hulu Plus, which is similar to Netflix’s $10 commission back in 2014.

If you’re in the US, then this is an affiliate program to consider as it’s easy to promote and offers decent commissions. The only thing that isn’t so great about it is that only has a 1-day cookie duration.


Roku is a streaming player that is primarily used in the US and UK. Unlike the other affiliate programs on this list, the offer that you promote isn’t a subscription, it comes at a one-time fee.

On it, users can then stream a range of free channels like BBC Iplayer, or also paid services like Netflix.

The commission rate of this affiliate program is 5%.


Our final Netflix Affiliate Program alternative is ShowTime. Just like a lot of other affiliate programs on this list, ShowTime has a range of exciting movies, tv shows, and interesting documentaries.

Its affiliate program is hosted with Impact radius and pays out $7 for every sign up you make. This combined with their 30-day affiliate cookie is pretty solid and also quite similar to the Netflix affiliate program.

  • Commission rate: $7
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Affiliate network: Impact

Alternatives To Netflix’s Affiliate Program – My Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few solid Netflix affiliate program alternatives that you can promote.

Although Netflix would have been great to promote back in the day, we don’t need to lose sleep over then shutting down their affiliate program, although it must have been very annoying for the active affiliates who were promoting them at the time.

My personal favorite is the AppleTV+ as it pays great commissions, is affordable for your referrals, and has some great shows too!

How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog – Most Effective Way In 2021

a woman making money on Pinterest without a blog

If you want to know how to make money on Pinterest without a blog then I have good news for you. Not only is it possible but it’s actually very easy to do.

Pinterest is set up in such a way that allows a few easy options for you to monetize your account, and I’m not talking about using paid ads.

While you can use Pinterest to send people directly to a product you own, many people don’t have their own product.

Fortunately, there’s a super simple way for you to monetize through affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a very popular online business model these days, and it’s all over the internet.

Basically, affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products and receiving a referral or affiliate commission for doing so.

Many companies have beginner-friendly affiliate programs including big brands such as Amazon, Etsy, and even Netflix.

However, there are also even affiliate programs that are especially good to promote on a platform like Pinterest.

If you want the list then you can read our article here on the 18 best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

When you sign up for an affiliate program you will receive your unique affiliate ID and affiliate link to send people to a product or company website.

When you share this special link online and someone clicks on it and then buys a product, your affiliate ID will be tracked by the company and you will receive a commission.

The amount of commission you receive for a single sale varies massively depending on things like what niche you are working in, and what products you are promoting.

A single sale can earn you anything from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing then I recommend reading my article on how to make money with ClickBank here.

Two Simple Ways To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Products

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Method 1

the Pinterest logoPinterest is one of the very few social media platforms that allow you to use affiliate links and link directly to a product. Most other platforms like Instagram and Facebook don’t allow this.

All you need to do to make this work is create Pins, add your affiliate link in the URL section of your pin, and publish them on Pinterest.

A person will then click your pin and be taken to the affiliate offer. If they buy, you get paid.

While it is certainly easier to just link directly to the affiliate product from Pinterest, this method does also has drawbacks.

Pros & Cons of Linking Directly


  • Quick
  • Easy


  • Pinterest can stop allowing this at any time
  • You do not have any way to collect leads
  • You will not build as much trust with your audience
  • If Pinterest decides they don’t like the affiliate programs you are promoting they may close your account

Here is a safer and more effective way to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Method 2

If you’re looking to build a solid business online rather than just making a few affiliate commissions here and there, but you don’t want to use a blog then the best way is to use a simple funnel.

How This Works

  1. You put your Pins on Pinterest with a link to your funnel. When the person clicks your Pin they are taken to a page on your funnel called a bridge page. Here are some examples of what your bridge page can be:
  • A video of you telling people about the product or company and explaining how they will benefit from using it
  • An article you write explaining the benefits of the product
  • A promo of the product using marketing materials from the company you’re promoting

On the bridge page, you will then use a call to action to tell the person to click the button (your affiliate link) to check out the product.

  1. When the person clicks the button they will first be shown a popup asking them to enter their name and email address, which you collect. You now have a lead who you can follow up with later and offer them more related products and services in the future.

Once they click the ‘submit’ button, they are then directed to the affiliate offer you are promoting. If they buy, you get paid.

  1. Since you now have their email address you can add them to an autoresponder sequence to send them automated emails over time and build a relationship with them.

It is very important in this step not to just hammer them with affiliate offers. If you do this then they’ll just resent you and unsubscribe.

The way to make this work is to offer your subscribers a lot of value in your email content so they will look forward to hearing from you and see it as a benefit to stay on your list.

When I first collect the email in step two above, I like to offer them a free gift for subscribing. Something like a free eBook or a mini video course on something they will be interested in.

Firstly, this makes it far more likely that they’ll opt-in and it also conditions them to perceive you as a person who offers value.

See also: 4 actionable steps to build your email list

pinterest pins

How To Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog With Affiliate Marketing

Choose a Niche

In order to have success with affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog, the first thing to do is to choose a niche you want to work in.

There are many schools of thought on how to choose a niche. However, we first recommend you familiarize yourself with the Pinterest categories that are available to get an idea of what might work best for you.

Some people will say to choose something you’re passionate about, while others will say to choose something that has the potential to make money. After all, some affiliate niches pay far better than others.

Either way, I also recommend you to choose an evergreen niche, that way your business will always be relevant.

It is also very important to consider the platform you’re using, in this case, of course, it’s Pinterest. The reason is that each platform can attract a different demographic of people.

According to, the top 10 most popular niches on Pinterest are:

  1.    Home Décor
  2.    Art
  3.    Travel
  4.    Photography
  5.    DIY and Crafts
  6.    Design
  7.    Technology
  9.    Food and Drink
  10.   Humor

If you’re interested in one of these niches then great, you’ll have a big audience, but you’ll also have a lot more competition.

Don’t think Pinterest is only about these niches, though. There are loads of other niches on the platform that you can also have a lot of success with. Some more examples are:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Work At Home
  3. Personal Development
  4. Parenting & Children
  5. Beauty
  6. Fashion
  7. Gardening
  8. Hiking

And more…

The key is to get a balance between:

a). Something you’re interested in
b). Something that’s reasonably popular on Pinterest
c). Something you can make money in

Look for Affiliate Programs In Your Niche

There are loads of places to look for affiliate programs that you can promote online.

If you’re looking for a physical product in your niche then a good place to start is to check out the following:


If you’re looking to promote digital products then here are a few places you can look:

  • (CommissionJunction)

If there’s a specific product or company you want to promote but you don’t see them on any network, then go to their website and see if they have an affiliates section. In most cases, you’ll find it in the footer of their site.

Alternatively, you can Google the company name + “affiliate program”.

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Branding on Pinterest

You will want to stand out from the crowd so branding is really important.

The most important things for branding on Pinterest are choosing your brand colors and your fonts.

If you want to go the extra mile and really look professional then I’d recommend also creating a logo.

You can find your brand colors here for free.

You can use this free too to choose your font pairs.

You can design your own logo here very cheaply.

Alternatively, if you want a more professional logo designed for you then you can use a great free tool called to find the best designer for your project.

Just make sure to be consistent with your branding when you create your Pins to stand out and build your presence.

Create Your Pinterest Boards

Once you’ve signed up for Pinterest you will then want to create a free business account. Then, different boards that relate to your niche. I recommend creating at least 10 if you can, but preferably more.

A big part of affiliate marketing is offering value, so you want to offer a lot of good content from your business profile.

To do this, start to add other people’s relevant pins to your boards. This will also help to flesh out your profile so it doesn’t look like a barren wasteland.

Then, as you start to create your own pins you can also add them to the relevant boards.

Create Graphics to Pin

If you’re familiar with Pinterest then you will know it’s a very visual platform. So, creating great-looking pins is a must if you want to stand out from the crowd.

I recommend using or if you want to create them yourself or if you would prefer to pay someone to make them for you.

using Canva for Pinterest

Get Images For Pinterest

While you may have some of your own images you would like to use for your pins, you will also likely want some good-looking stock images as well.

It is illegal to take images from other people’s websites or to take them from Google images to use. If you do this then you run the risk of getting a hefty copyright fine.

You can get some great stock images for free from However, the free images on Pixabay are somewhat limited. So if they don’t have what you’re looking for then I recommend using

get free images for Pinterest

Create Your Bridge Page Funnel

One of the quickest and simplest ways to get your funnel set up is to use a drag-and-drop funnel builder.

There are lots of options on the market you can for this, and it can become quite overwhelming to choose the one that’s best suited to your needs.

Personally, my top two choices are GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels. If you want to know more about these two platforms then I recommend you read my in-depth comparison article here.

If you want to sign up with either of these platforms then you’ll be happy to hear that ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, and, GrooveFunnels also has a free for life plan.

To make things even easier, once you’ve signed up, you can get free funnel templates that you can pull into your account, customize and start using straight away.

Once you’ve selected the funnel template you want to use, you will need to customize it and also add your sales copy.

If you’re new to writing sales copy then I recommend hight getting a copy of this free copywriting book.

Setting up a funnel is not as straightforward as it might seem.

You need to know what type of funnel to build to promote your product, how to hook up your autoresponder (next section below), how to drive traffic to your funnel, and how to get it to convert.

If you don’t have experience building and launching a successful funnel then one of the best solutions is to take the One Funnel Away Challenge.

The Challenge is a very affordable training course run over 30 days and it shows you exactly what you need to do to launch a funnel that can make money on Pinterest, Facebook, Google, and basically anywhere else on the internet.

Hook Up Your Autoresponder

Once you have your funnel, you just need to hook up your email autoresponder so you can collect leads and email them with future offers.

There are many autoresponder companies you can choose from. However, popular choices like MailChimp and ActiveCampaign are not affiliate friendly.

I was once using MailChimp for affiliate marketing and they shut my account down. You don’t want this to happen to you, it’s a real pain!

While ActiveCampaign is a little more affiliate friendly, they don’t generally like you emailing out affiliate links. So to make it work for affiliates, you will need to rely on only using links that lead to your bridge page.

That’s why my favorite autoresponder for affiliate marketing is Aweber. They are very affiliate friendly, have great open rates, are easy to use, have great support, and are also very reasonably priced.

Aweber also offers a free trial, which is super helpful for people just getting started with affiliate marketing.

Bring The Traffic – Publish Your Pins on Pinterest

Once you have this setup, all you need to do is start publishing your pins and adding the link to your funnel in the URL field on your Pinterest pin.

It is important not to keep reusing the same pins over and over. Pinterest doesn’t like duplicate content.

It’s wise to create several different pins that lead to your funnel with different images and changing up the headlines and descriptions.

Also, avoid repinning the same pins over and over again. Waiting a few months and then start to repin them occasionally is much safer.

Automate Your Pins

If you’re serious about making money on Pinterest then you will want to automate your pinning process and save you hours of work then it is worth getting a TailWind account.

You can pin 100 pins for free, but after that, you’ll need to sign up for a paid account. Fortunately, it’s a very low-cost service.

If you need more detailed instructions on how to post on Pinterest, here’s a great video below.

If you want more detailed info on generating traffic on this platform then see my article here on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

Even though this article is about making money on Pinterest if you do not have a blog, the traffic strategy in this article is pretty much the same because you will still need to send that traffic to your landing page or funnel so it is highly worth checking out.

If you want to learn more ways to bring people to your landing pages then you can read this article I wrote here all about free traffic.

Making Money On Pinterest Without a Blog – Final Thoughts

So, that’s my quick guide on how to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

While you can just follow the steps above to create your Pinterest business account and link your pins directly to your affiliate offers, you will have much more success building a funnel, collecting leads, and building an audience.

By growing an email list you are actually building a solid asset for your business. If you look after the people on your list and treat them well, you will be able to grow a long-term, reliable source of income.

Want More Ways To Make Money On Pinterest Without a Blog?

I’ve written more articles on how to make money online, which you can find on my homepage

Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily Or Weekly

A man on a laptop looking for affiliate programs that pay regularly

One of the reasons why so many people love affiliate marketing is because you can get paid regularly, sometimes even on a daily or weekly basis. But, to make this possible, we first need to find affiliate programs that pay daily or weekly.

The majority of affiliate programs that you will come across will only pay out once or twice per month.

But, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some of the best programs for regular payments.


PayKickStart is a popular shopping cart tool for online businesses to help them increase conversions. It also comes with various other tools such as affiliate management and subscription billing features.

However, the reason it’s on this list is because of its affiliate program, which pays out every single week.

It also offers 25% recurring commissions and the ability to promote affiliate-exclusive offers like their extended 14-day trial.

Being able to promote offers that are exclusive to affiliates is great, as it gives the user an additional incentive to click on your link, and activating your affiliate cookie. If you own an agency, there is also the option available to become a certified partner which has some nice additional benefits.

Overall, the PayKickStart affiliate program is pretty solid with recurring commissions and additional benefits for affiliates.

  • Payout frequency: Weekly
  • Payment method(s): Paypal, Pioneer, Check and WireTransfer
  • Commission % : 25%


JvZoo is an affiliate marketplace that allows vendors to list their products and affiliates to find them. For the most part, JvZoo specializes in digital products. The most popular niches on the platform are MMO, Internet Marketing, Weight Loss, and Self Improvement.

It’s also extremely popular with the digital product “launch” community since there are frequent launches. This also makes it a good platform for “launch-jacking”, which is where you create content around new products that are just about to launch, and scoop up some easy commissions since the competition is low.

JvZoo handles all of the payments which gives them the ability to control when affiliates are paid.

Affiliates are paid weekly, after the sales pass the initial refund period. They also have a range of payment methods available including JvZooPay, PayPal, Checks, and Manual Transfer.

The commission percentages vary as this is a marketplace, but most of the products do offer around 50-75% commissions as the products are digital.

  • Payout frequency: Weekly
  • Payment method(s): JvZooPay, PayPal, Checks, and Manual Transfer
  • Commission %: 40-90%


WarriorPlus is another great affiliate marketplace similar to JvZoo. It has a similar style of products with most of them being digital, but it is a little more focused on the internet marketing niche.

WarriorPlus is a part of one of the most well-known internet marketing forums, the WarriorForum. This forum is very popular with affiliate marketers.

If you’re interested in launch-jacking then, similar to JvZoo, there are often frequent launches on WarriorPlus too.

Unlike JvZoo they have fewer payment options with the only methods available being Stripe and PayPal. The way it works is that your earned commissions go into your WarriorPlus wallet from which they can then be withdrawn every day.

If you’re looking for an affiliate marketplace with a wide range of products, frequent launches, a great forum, and daily payments, you should try WarriorPlus.

  • Payout frequency: Daily
  • Payment method(s): PayPal, Stripe
  • Commission %: 40% – 90%


GrooveFunnels is one of my favorite affiliate programs because it’s a great offer, and also has high commissions.

The software is still in beta (although not for much longer), but already is one of the most popular funnel builders and all-in-one marketing tools on the internet.

If you’re looking to promote a great product with an amazing community, then GrooveFunnels could be a great fit for you. It also has a lot of tools inside of the affiliate program to help you earn more commissions.

I’ve been promoting this product successfully for a while now, so if you want some pointers on how to make this program work for you, you can read about how to promote GrooveFunnels here.

When you first make a sale with GrooveFunnels, there’s an initial 30 day grace period to allow for refunds. Then there is an additional 7 day buffer period. So you will typically receive your commissions automatically around 37 days after the initial sale. This is normal for any affiliate program.

However, if you’re making regular sales and they have passed through the grace period, GrooveFunnels will start to pay you out on a weekly basis, which is pretty sweet.

The commission percentages range from 20-40% depending on whether you are a paid or free member. But, because of the high-conversions that this program has, you can start as a free member, sell the software five times and then pay for your upgrade with your commissions.

Or, if you have upgraded to the lifetime membership yourself, you only need to sell three lifetime accounts to not only recoup your investment, but also be in profit. This is because if you upgrade, you earn 40% commissions on all sales you make, and an additional 10% on tier-2 commissions, which is pretty sweet.

To put this into perspective, if you’re a Groove affiliate on 40% and you sell a lifetime account for $1,397, you will receive a cool $558.80 per sale, so this is a high paying affiliate program.

Overall, it’s a great affiliate program that is worth promoting if you’re working in the internet marketing space.

To start promoting GrooveFunnels you only need a free account which is pretty cool too. Using the button below, you can sign up for the free version of GrooveFunnels. There is no credit card required for this.

  • Payout frequency: Weekly
  • Payment method(s): Paypal, GroovePay, Stripe
  • Commission %: 20-40%
  • Tier-2 commissions: 5-10%

CPA Lead

If you love promoting CPA offers and are looking for an affiliate network that pays daily, you’ll love CPA Lead.

Just like with all other CPA offers you are paid based on some type of action, for example when a lead submits their email or installs an app. What the action is varies from offer to offer. But this has the advantage that you don’t even have to make any sales to get paid, although the amount you are paid per action rather than a sale is, of course, less.

In terms of payment methods, CPA Lead does well with Bitcoin, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Check, and ACH. All of these are available for daily withdrawal.

As CPA Lead is a marketplace of affiliate programs, the commission range varies from anywhere from $0.10 to $100 CPA, depending on the action.

  • Payout frequency: Daily
  • Payment method(s): Bitcoin, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Check, and ACH.
  • Commission range: Varies, but rough estimate: $0.10 – $100 CPA

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SEO Clerks

SEO Clerks is a freelance marketplace, which, as the name suggests, mainly focuses on SEO services. However, in recent years it has also branched out into pretty much any service you can think of ranging from programming to graphic design.

They also have an affiliate program where you will be paid 10% of what your referral spends for life. So, every time they go and purchase a service, you get paid 10% of the revenue.

Sellers can also choose to set this percentage higher, but 10% is the minimum.

This sum will then be paid into your wallet from which you can withdraw it daily.

SEO Clerks also has three payment methods available which are PayPal, Payoneer, and PayZa. On all of these, you can request payments daily.

  • Payout frequency: Daily
  • Payment method(s): PayPal, Payoneer, and PayZa
  • Commission %: 10%


ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate marketplaces on the internet. Similar to JvZoo and WarriorPlus, it’s also tailored towards digital products.

The commission percentages will vary because it is a marketplace, but for the most part, they are also in the 50% to 75% range. But ClickBank doesn’t only have these awesome commission percentages, but also fast weekly payouts through Direct Deposit, Wiretransfer, or Check.

Usually speaking though, the Check will take a little longer, especially if you’re outside of the US. From what I know, most people usually go for Direct Deposit if it’s available in their country, as that’s quick and easy.

ClickBank is also extremely easy to sign up for and is beginner-friendly. If you sign up for it, you’ll find endless products in various niches that you can promote. For 99% of the marketplace, you don’t need to get approved first, so you have them available to you straight away.

  • Payout frequency: Weekly
  • Payment method(s): Direct Deposit, Wiretransfer, or Check.
  • Commission %: 40-90%

If you want an exact strategy to make good money on this platform then I recommend you read my article here on making money with ClickBank.


Terra Leads is a CPA network similar to CPA Lead. It offers a wide range of CPA affiliate offers in various niches ranging from health to beauty. A lot of the offers on this network are supplements or similar medication-type products.

Sometimes, these niches can convert incredibly well, so this is definitely an affiliate program to check out.

Just like a lot of the other affiliate programs on this list, Terra Leads offers daily payments and a wide range of payment methods.

The available payment methods include PayPal, WebMoney, Wire, Paxum, E-payment, and Capitalist. For all of them, the payment threshold is $50.

  • Payout frequency:  Daily
  • Payment method(s): PayPal, WebMoney, Wire, Paxum, E-payment, and Capitalist.
  • Commission %: Varies


Last but not least we have PeerFly which is an award-winning CPA affiliate network.

It has over 2,000 live offers and guarantees top payouts, so it’s definitely an affiliate program to keep your eye out for.

As you’ll probably guess with this huge number of offers, it has affiliate programs in almost any niche ranging from mobile apps to beauty. The cool thing about PeerFly is that you also get a dedicated account manager who helps you find suitable offers and even give you some promotion strategies.

Peerfly also has a great number of payment methods available which are Payoneer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card (US Only), Postal Check (US Only), ACH (US Only), and Bank Wire. You can request to be paid every week, but it varies based on the offer you’re promoting and the payment method.

As this is an affiliate network, the commission percentages vary.

  • Payout frequency: Weekly
  • Payment method(s): Payoneer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card (US Only), Postal Check (US Only), ACH (US Only), and Bank Wire
  • Commission %: Varies

Final Thoughts

There you have it, my top list of affiliate programs that pay daily or weekly.

All of the programs on this list are pretty solid and have some great benefits for affiliates. If any of these are in your niche, I recommend adding them to the list of products that you are promoting, as it’s always nice to get paid frequently.

More Affiliate Programs

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Best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing In 2021

A man on a computer looking at free traffic sources

As an affiliate marketer, one of the most important pieces of your business is being able to drive targeted traffic to your offers.

When it comes to traffic, there are basically two types: paid or free traffic.

There are pros and cons to each, but a good way to approach traffic is dependent on your skills and resources.

For example, if you have more money than time then you may want to learn how to drive paid traffic.

If, on the other hand, you have time on your site, but not money, then free traffic will be the way to go.

Regardless, over time as your business grows you may want to work with a mix of both free and paid traffic.

If you’re just getting started as an affiliate, or if you’re looking for more free ways to get targeted eyeballs on your offers then here are 10 great free traffic sources for affiliate marketing.

9 Best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Here are 9 of the most effective free traffic sources that I’ll be covering in this article:

  • SEO & Blogging
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook Groups
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Medium
  • Niche Forums

SEO & Blogging

The first free traffic source, which is also one of my favorites methods, is SEO & blogging.

In case, you don’t know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization.

With this method, you basically build a website (often a blog), write content based on your target keywords, add your affiliate links in the content, and optimize your blog to rank in search engines like Google.

When someone searches for related terms, lands on your website, and starts reading your articles, then you have a chance to make some sales.

There are also other ways to make more sales with your blog, like building an email list, using banner ads, popus, etc.

When it comes to writing articles for your blog, you should aim to have a nice mix of both commercial and information content.

Examples of commercial content would be articles based on keywords like:

  • Product Name Review
  • Product X vs Produce Y
  • Top 10 Landing Page Builders
  • 10 Alternatives To Product X

These types of keywords often have high buyer intent.

For your information content, these articles usually revolve around either teaching people how to do something, or sharing your results with something, a case study, and so forth.

SEO and Blogging Pros:

  • You are building a true asset that you own and can potentially sell for a large amount of money if you want to
  • Most people come to your blog because they are searching for info that you have
  • Long-lasting/Evergreen (If you follow the right strategy)
  • Scalable – Once you start earning, you can hire writers and link builders to scale
  • Passive Potential – Your website is working 24/7 so can also be fairly passive

SEO and Blogging Cons:

  • It’s slow compared to other traffic methods
  • Can be quite overwhelming for beginners to learn


To my surprise, TikTok is not just for teenagers who want to share silly dancing videos. There are actually quite a few affiliates who are actually CRUSHING IT right now and making a lot of money on TikTok! More on this in a few minutes…

Despite TikTok being a relatively new app, it has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times. This impressive figure makes it the seventh most downloaded app of the 2010s.

TikTok videos are also known for going viral easily which means you may be able to reach a decent amount of those 1.5billion users.

As an affiliate, you can benefit from this by sending lots of visitors to your landing pages, blog or YouTube channel, for example.

Basically, all you would have to do is create short 15 second TikTok videos and get them in front of the right eyeballs.

TikTok is new, it may be here to stay, but it is too early to tell at the moment. In case it does disappear, you can protect yourself against it dying out by using this platform to build your email list, or by directing the audience to another platform like your blog, or YouTube channel.

TikTok Pros:

  • It’s fairly easy
  • You only need to make 15 second videos
  • Lots of viral potential
  • You can build an audience

TikTok Cons:

  • Lack of buyer intent – people don’t go on TikTok with a product in mind, like they may do on platforms like Pinterest
  • It’s a relatively new app, meaning you don’t know whether it will die out soon (Remember the app “Vine”?)

Regardless of these cons, there’s a massive opportunity here, that not a lot of people are jumping on right now.

How To Get 15-Sec Free Leads!

A lot of marketers are saying TikTok is probably the fastest and easiest way to get free leads. You can find out EXACTLY how to do it for yourself here.


Pinterest is a traffic source that can work well really well for affiliate marketing inf you’re in the right niche.

Quite recently we covered the top Pinterest categories here on the EntrepreneurNut blog. Feel free to check that out if you are interested to learn which niches do the best on this platform.

The reason Pinterest works well is that many people use it as a way to get inspiration and ideas before purchasing a product. So, a lot of users go to the platform with buyer intent.

As an affiliate, you can benefit from this, which is why I particularly like Pinterest as a traffic source.

Plus, unlike Instagram, every pin (post) has a clickable URL, so it can generate traffic, either to your blog, landing page, or even directly to an affiliate offer.

Yes, you can link your Pins directly to affiliate offers. At the moment, Pinterest doesn’t mind you doing this. However, I would advise to send people to a landing page first as you will get a much better conversion rate.

Top Tip!

Top Tip: GrooveFunnels is my top recommended FREE Landing Page Builder. You can get yourself a free account here.

Pinterest Pros:

  • Viral potential
  • Fairly easy
  • Works exceptionally well in some niches
  • You’re also building an asset

Pinterest Cons:

  • Can take some time to gain traction
  • Doesn’t necessarily work well for all niches

If you want to know more about using this popular social media channel then I recommend you read our article here to learn how to drive traffic with Pinterest.

Facebook Groups

Next on our list is Facebook groups.

Facebook groups can be extremely effective as they are laser targeted, as you can join groups based on interests.

For example, a weight loss Facebook group will have members who are looking to lose weight, so you can tap into a group of highly targeted people.

Facebook groups are a quick and easy way to connect with people interested in a niche. Most groups will probably not allow you to post affiliate links directly, but you can try messaging people from the group and then building up a relationship with them.

Some groups may let you share a landing page with a lead magnet, YouTube video, or blog post directly in the group if it provides a lot of value to the members, and you get the group leader’s permission first, of course.

Make sure you always check the group rules before posting.

A more effective way to leverage FB groups is to start a group yourself and build up your own audience. When you own the group, you can set your own rules, and promote any product you like.

a great way to start building your own group is to network in other, similar groups and invite peopel to join you. If you run a blog, a YouTube channel, or pretty much any other traffic source for that matter, you can invite people to join your group from those traffic sources too.

Facebook Group Pros:

  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Targeted

Facebook Group Cons:

  • Not really scalable
  • You’re limited by other people’s rules
  • It can be quite a lot of effort to message people manually
  • It can become time-consuming
  • It can create a Facebook addiction


YouTube is another great free traffic source.

In some ways, it’s similar to blogging, as you can get traffic from search engines and of course Google.

Like Google, YouTube is also search-based, as it is first and foremost, a search engine.

When you upload your videos you will also need to do a certain amount of YouTube SEO in order to help your videos rank.

The main difference, other than it being videos vs articles, is that you don’t own your YouTube channel (YouTube does), but you do own your website, assuming it’s self-hosted.

However, YouTube does have a few additional traffic opportunities as you can get traffic from YouTube’s search engine and suggestions as well as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, who also feature YouTube videos in their search results.

You can promote your affiliate links in your video description and invite your viewers to check out what you got with a call to action inviting them to click your link.

Just like with SEO & Blogging you can also target buyer-intent keywords for higher conversions.

Overall, YouTube is a great way to promote your affiliate offers.

YouTube Pros:

  • Passive potential
  • Lots of viral potential
  • You are building an asset
  • Long-lasting/Evergreen if you follow the right strategy and adhere to YouTubes ToC’s

YouTube Cons:

  • Can be slow (although not always)
  • You have to create videos – lots of effort

How To Blow Up Your YouTube Channel Fast!

Several highly successful marketers have quickly blown up their YouTube channels and MASSIVELY scaled their subscribers and views by combining it with a very specific, and little known TikTok strategy.


Quora is the most popular question & answer platform in the world. It has over 300 million users which means it covers pretty much any topic you can think of and there are always users interested in it.

The way you would generate traffic to your affiliate offers is basically by answering questions.

However, keep in mind that on Quora, you’re not allowed to use affiliate links in answers, so you’ll have to link to a blog post, YouTube video, or landing pages instead.

That being said, some people seem to get away with it by using cloaked affiliate links, but it is against the Quora rules. 

In most cases, it will improve your conversions to send traffic to an optimized article video, or landing page anyway, rather than linking directly to an offer. This method also allows you to collect email leads as well, so it’s definitely the better way to go.

You can also look for questions that are getting visitors from Google for additional traffic potential.


  • Pretty easy
  • Fairly-well targeted
  • Can be quick (sometimes)


  • No direct linking
  • Can be quite dependant on questions being asked
  • You can get banned/restricted quickly when sharing links (even non-affiliate links)


With over 430 million users, Reddit is the biggest forum on the internet, and also covers pretty much any topic you can think of. This means you can also use it to promote your affiliate links in almost any niche.

You can do this by joining subreddits related to your niche and then starting threads or joining in on existing ones.

Again, a lot of these will not allow you to share your affiliate links directly, but it all depends on the rules of each subreddit.

Something that could work well is to share a piece of content you uploaded to YouTube or posted to your blog. This way, it’s not as blatant that you’re using the subreddit to make sales.

On your blog post or YouTube video, you can, of course, include a link to your offer, and also encourage people to join your list.

Similar to Quora, you can also target discussions that are getting visitors from Google for additional traffic potential.


  • Targeted
  • Fairly easy
  • Can be quick (sometimes)


  • You’re a little reliant on the rules of the subreddits
  • It can be annoying to get started because you don’t have a lot of karma (points/experience/score)


Medium is quite similar to blogging in the sense that you’ll be writing articles. In fact, some people even use Medium as their primary blogging platform.

The benefit of using Medium instead of your own blog is that you have some domain authority right from the get-go. However, if you’re using your own blog then you will need to spend time building up your domain authority and gaining trust with the search engines.

While my preferred strategy is still to use my own blog, using Medium has another nice benefit in the way of Medium’s digests. You can use this feature to leverage extra traffic.

One distinct disadvantage of using Medium, is that you can’t use things like pop-ups, buttons, banners, or any other conversion rate optimization tools.

Still, it’s a great way to funnel more traffic to your blogs, videos, social channels, and landing pages.


  • Can be quicker than regular blogging
  • Relatively easy (No need to handle the technical parts of a website)
  • Lots of traffic potential (social shares, search engines, Medium digest)


  • Limited control (This is a big one – You can’t control the main website elements)
  • Full of suggestions of other writers (when people click around your blog, they stay on your site. On Medium, they go to other writers i.e traffic loss for you)

Niche Forums

Last but not least for this article, you can also leverage Niche forums.

In every niche, there will be forums that only talk about a particular topic. To find them, you can simply head over to Google and search for terms like “your niche + forum.”

From here, you can sign up for an account, and start promoting your affiliate offers.

That being said, most forums don’t allow direct linking, however, you may find some that will.

In most cases you will need to link your forum post back to a monetized property that you own, such as a blog, landing page, or YouTube video.

Each forum has slightly different rules, so be sure to read them first before posting so you know exactly what is and isn’t allowed on each platform.

It can be very annoying to spend time posting on the forums and building up a nice lot of helpful answers for people, only to find that you get kicked off the platform for something you did without realizing!


  • Can be quite quick
  • Easy – No technical knowledge required
  • Very targeted (People in these forums will be highly-interested in the niche)


  • Not really scalable
  • You’re heavily affected by the rules of each forum (i.e probably no direct linking in most cases)

Top Tip! – Leverage Outsourcers

Trying to be everywhere at once is impossible. You can quickly grow multiple traffic sources and scale up by hiring one or two VA’s to run your social accounts very cheaply.

Free Traffic Sources – Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this article on the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. Now, you might be wondering which one is best?

And while I can’t give you a definite answer to that question, I can give you my opinion, which is would SEO and blogging.

The reason I say this is because of the levels of control you have over your own website, as well as the scalability and potential of growing it.

It might be a little harder in the beginning, but once you get through that initial stage, it has the highest potential from all the points of this list.

However, it really depends on your skillset and how you enjoy spending your time.

If you hate writing articles then blogging won’t be the best one for you. If you feel comfortable in front of a camera and you enjoy presenting then YouTube may be the best way for you to go.

18 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs: Earn Monthly Commissions While You Sleep

A man on a laptop looking for the best recurring affiliate programs

Welcome to our article on the best recurring affiliate programs.

If you have been into affiliate marketing, you have probably heard of recurring affiliate programs.

In case you haven’t, they’re the affiliate programs of products that have a subscription model, and instead of paying a one-time commission, they pay every month.

So, if a product costs $100 per month, and pays 40%, the commission would be $40 per month.

It’s a great way to build up passive income, as that commission will be paid for as long as the customer stays on the subscription without your time going into earning it.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

The best recurring affiliate programs on our list are:

  • GrooveFunnels
  • Kartra
  • ClickFunnels
  • SamCart
  • LeadPages
  • ClickMagick
  • Stencil
  • CloudWays
  • PipeDrive
  • Mangools
  • GetResponse
  • Shopify
  • Fiverr
  • DepositPhotos
  • PureVPN
  • TailWind
  • Tubebuddy
  • ThriveThemes

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GrooveFunnels is one of the fastest-growing funnel builder software products on the market. This is also partly due to their killer affiliate program that pays out a 20-40% commission.

It already has over 100,000 members and aims to beat all the existing funnel builders in terms of features. As it’s still pretty new, you can jump on this one early, and start promoting it. This might give you an advantage as not everyone will have it when you start.

GrooveFunnels has advanced tracking and reporting software so you can track your sales and closely monitor your stats.

Various affiliates are already earning significant full-time incomes from this product despite it only launching this year.

Personally, at the time of writing this article I have been promoting Groove for 2 months now. I made just under $1,200 in my first month and almost $2,000 in my second month with this one program, and with not much effort on my part, so I can confirm that this product converts extremely well.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you will get the same results. You may do better than me, you may not sell quite as much. It all depends on your skill level and the amount of effort you put in.

One thing that allows affiliates to really ramp up their income quickly with this program is through promoting the Groove lifetime deal, which pays out $558.80 per sale.

If you like the sound of this then you may also want to check out my article on the top affiliate programs that pay high ticket commissions.

  • Product sale range: $99 to $299 per month – Or up to $1397 one-time fees
  • Commission%: 20% – 40% per month
  • Do you need the product to promote it? Yes, but only a free account.

Sign Up URL: GrooveFunnels affiliate program


Kartra is a product very similar to GrooveFunnels. The main differences between the two are a couple of features, the technology, and that Kartra is a little older. Other than that, they are pretty similar.

It also aims to be an all-in-one solution for marketers and online businesses that takes all the needed software and puts it into one platform.

Kartra also has a pretty good affiliate program with tons of tools, high commissions, and a good community.

Through my own Kartra promotions, I can tell you that their tracking and reporting system is advanced, so you can see clearly where your sales are coming from without needing to use a 3rd party tracking solution like ClickMagick.

They have a Facebook group for their affiliates, where you can ask any questions or discuss strategies.

  • Product sale range: $99 per month to $499 per month
  • Commission %: 40%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: Kartra Affiliate Program


ClickFunnels probably doesn’t need an introduction since it’s so well known now. With over 120,000 paid customers, it is by far the most popular funnel builder on the market. However, a lot of people believe that GrooveFunnels might overtake them in the future. That is still to be seen.

ClickFunnels also has a killer affiliate program that pays nice commissions and also has a selection of other products to promote, which include, books, courses, and the famous OFA Challenge.

There have been affiliates that have made millions (yes millions) promoting it, so it’s definitely a profitable affiliate program.

The ClickFunnels products are good, however, the affiliate tracking system they use is not the best.

  • Product sale range: $99 per month to $1,497 per month
  • Commission %: 20-40%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No.

Sign Up URL: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program


SamCart is also a popular SaaS tool for online businesses. It is a comprehensive shopping cart solution that aims to help businesses and marketers sell more.

The main purpose of it is to optimize the user shopping cart experience to help you increase sales. This is a pretty attractive offer for business owners, which means it can be profitable to promote.

Combine this with their 14-day trial, and you can earn some nice commissions with this affiliate program.

When I first started promoting SamCart the conversions were slow and I didn’t receive a payout for my first few months. However, once my efforts built up traction I started to make regular sales.

Currently, I only send around 30 clicks per day on average to this program, so not a lot. However, I get an average of 1 person a day signing up for a free trial, many of which convert into a paid customer. So, this shows that SamCart does also convert well.

SamCart also runs regular promotions and their team offers some great prizes.

I only send a small amount of clicks to SamCart because my method of affiliate marketing revolves around promoting a range of offers. However, with the small amount of traffic that I do send their way, I made a few thousand dollars in their last promo and also received a $50 Amazon gift voucher as a thank you.

Basically, SamCart converts, and if you put more effort into promoting them than I do (which isn’t much) then you can do really well.

  • Product sale range: $99 per month to $199 per month
  • Commission %:  40%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: SamCart Affiliate Program


LeadPages is another landing page builder that’s also extremely popular. It’s known for its ease of use and beautiful templates. This makes it a perfect fit for many types of businesses that you can promote it to as an affiliate.

The commission percentages aren’t quite as generous as Kartra or ClickFunnels’ but are still decent at 30% recurring.

Plus, just like most of the other options on this list, they also offer a free trial which means it will be much easier for you to get signups, as you just have to promote the trial, which is free.

I also think LeadPages are a great landing page builder considering their price, so a lot of people will upgrade.

  • Product sale range: $27 per month to $321 per month
  • Commission %: 30%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? Yes, at least the pro plan.

Sign Up URL: LeadPages Affiliate Program


ClickMagick is an industry-leading link tracking tool with 35% recurring commissions.

Link-tracking tools are used to get deeper insights into the traffic that is clicking on your links.

In a way it’s similar to, but the difference is that the analytics go into much more detail.

ClickMagick is the most popular option on the market for what it does, and also has a pretty sweet affiliate program with recurring commissions.

The target audience for this type of traffic would be anyone interested in Internet/affiliate marketing.

While ClickMagick is absolutely a great product, in my experience it doesn’t convert as well as some of the other programs on this list. However, I received an email from the ClickMagick affiliate department a few months ago to say that they are now putting a lot more effort into their affiliate program, which they said they hadn’t been doing up until recently.

Since that email I have seen a good increase in free trial sign ups and the conversion rate has improved too, so it looks like their affiliate program really is changing for the better.

  • Product sale range: $27per month to $97per month
  • Commission %: 35%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: ClickMagick Affiliate Program


Stencil is another product with a great affiliate program that pays recurring commissions. It’s an online graphic design tool for bloggers, small businesses, and social media influencers, which is quite similar to Canva.

Stencil is one of the tools I use a lot in my business to create images for my blog and social media channels.

Stencil appeals to quite a broad audience, so you’ll have lots of options in who you can to promote it too.

It pays 30% recurring commissions which is pretty sweet too. Something that I also like about their affiliate program is that it comes with a built-in link tracking tool which is always pretty helpful, as a lot of affiliate programs don’t provide this.

  • Product sale range: $0 per month to $12 per month
  • Commission %: 35%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

If you’re promoting products through social media then you may also like to read my article on some of the top recommended affiliate programs to promote on Pinterest.

Sign Up URL: Stencil Affiliate Program


Cloudways is a managed hosting provider. Managed hosting basically means that certain technical aspects such as updates, backups, and more are managed for you.

This gives the customer fewer hassles as they can focus on other aspects of their website or business such as creating content.

Most hosting providers usually pay a one-time commission, but Cloudways has several different commission structures, some of which include recurring commissions.

Alongside, the custom structure for affiliates with over 81 sales per month, there is also the following:

  1. Hybrid: Earn $30 per sale + 7% lifetime recurring commission
  2. Slab: $50 to $125 per sale (depending on how many sales per month)

If you’re in the hosting, blogging, or any other website-related niche, Cloudways’ affiliate program could be a good option for you.

  • Product sale range: $10  to $274.33 per user, per month
  • Commission %: One-time fee + 7% recurring
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: CloudWays Affiliate Program


PipeDrive is a sales management CRM system that helps its customers manage all their leads in one place.

As you can imagine, this type of software is something that you’ll want to promote to marketers, business owners, and salespeople. However, the market scope for this product extends beyond this to anyone who needs to manage a team.

When promoting PipeDrive, you’ll be able to earn a 33% yearly recurring commission.

There is also another affiliate program for this software which is called the “Expert program” here, you’ll receive 20% recurring commissions for a lifetime. But, to join the PipeDrive Expert program, you have to pass a test which also includes consistent referral activity.

  • Product sale range: £15  to £99  per user, per month
    Commission %: 20-33%
    Do you need the product to promote it? No.

Sign Up URL: PipeDrive Partner Sign Up


Mangools is an all-in-one SEO tool that comes with features to help you find keywords, analyze your competitors, and more.

It’s a great tool used by leading brands such as Adidas, Airbnb, and Alexa. It pays a sweet 30% recurring commission for a lifetime which is also pretty nice.

Mangools can be beneficial for marketers, business owners, and of course SEO’s, so you also have quite a lot of options of who you want to promote it to.

Something that I thought was quite interesting about Mangools’ affiliate program is that the average affiliate earns $487 per month. Not bad considering most affiliates don’t actually earn much from their promotional efforts.

In case you weren’t aware, most programs only have a handful of high earning affiliates that promote them so the $487 monthly average reported my Mangools shold mean that it converts quite well.

  • Product sale range: $29 per month to $129per month
  • Commission %: 30%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No. You only need to sign up for the free trial which you can cancel.

Sign Up URL: Mangools Affiliate Program


GetResponse is one of the most popular pieces of email marketing software on the market.

In recent years, it has expanded and become more of an all-in-one marketing platform. Some of the other features include webinars, a landing page builder, and a CRM feature.

It also has a killer affiliate program that pays 30% recurring commissions and has a 120-day cookie life, which is pretty decent.

This is also one of those affiliate products that can be promoted to a very broad audience, which gives you lots of freedom in how you want to promote it.

  • Product sale range: $15 per month to $580+ per month
  • Commission %: 30%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: GetResponse Affiliate Program


Okay, so Fiverr isn’t necessarily recurring. But, it can pay commissions pretty frequently which is why I thought it can make the list.

The Fiverr affiliate program has three commission structures; CPA, RevShare & Hybrid.

CPA pays out a commission of up to $150 the first time the customer makes a purchase, while with RevShare, you will earn every time the customer makes a deposit, which is why I’ve included Fiverr in this article. Not “strictly” recurring, but recurring with client activity, so make of that what you will.

For RevShare you will receive 30% of what Fiverr receives in fees forever. Like I said, it’s not a classic recurring affiliate program, but it can pay you quite frequently.

Lastly, the Hybrid option will pay a $10 CPA commission, and 20% of what the customer deposits ongoingly.

  • Product sale range: Varies
  • Commission %: 10-30%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: Fiverr Affiliate Program


Kinsta is another great managed WordPress hosting provider which lets you earn recurring commissions.

Again, a lot of hosting providers only offer one-time CPA-type commissions, but this isn’t the case with Kinsta.

Kinsta offers $50-$500 per referral + 10% lifetime commission, meaning you’ll earn juicy recurring commissions.

The beauty of promoting offers like these is that as your recurring sign ups grow, so will your commissions over time.

In this case, when your referrals need more resources, they’ll upgrade and you will earn higher recurring commissions, which is one thing I especially like about this program.

  • Product sale range: $30per month to $1500 per month
  • Commission %: one-time + 10% recurring
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: Kinsta Affiliate Program


DepositPhotos is a premium solution for stock photos, videos, and music.

Creators can sign up for their plans and get monthly credits to use within DepositPhotos. They also offer on-demand i.e pay as you go pricing plans, for people who would like to use their service, but not subscribe to a monthly plan.

Their affiliate program offers a 40% commission of all first-time sales, plus 15% on any recurring subscriptions.

If you’re looking to recommend a company for stock photos, videos, and images, DepositPhotos’ affiliate program could be a nice way to stack up recurring commissions.

  • Product sale range: £19 per month to £159 per month
  • Commission %:  40% first time sales + 15% recurring
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No.

Sign Up URL: DepositPhotos Partner Program

Pure VPN

Pure VPN is a leading VPN provider that helps customers all over the world protect their privacy.

It has some extremely unique and advanced features that beat most other VPN’s.

Admittedly, I’m not an expert when it comes to internet privacy, but what I can tell you is that they’ve got a pretty cool affiliate program.

How good is it?

Well, one of their affiliates earned $38,924 in one month!

So that should show you some of the potentials that this affiliate program has.

If this fits your niche, then it’s worth considering as it has extremely high EPCs and conversions.

  • Product sale range: $10 per month to $80 per month
  • Commission%: Up to 100% first-time sales, 35% recurring
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: Pure VPN Affiliates


Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool for Pinterest & Instagram.

It is especially popular among Pinterest users, and the main option for that platform, which is also why so many people use it.

TailWind offers 15% lifetime recurring commissions and a long cookie period of 90 days.

You can promote it to any type of (aspiring) Instagram and Pinterest influencers or even businesses that are looking to leverage those platforms.

  • Product sale range: $9.99 to $14.99
  • Commission%: 15%
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: TailWind Affiliates


TubeBuddy is an all-in-one YouTube tool to help video creators grow their channel and be more productive when creating their videos.

It’s a chrome extension that helps its users do various tasks related to YouTube such as:

  • Research keywords
  • Publish faster
  • Optimize Videos
  • And more

They do offer a freemium version but most of the best features come with a paid plan.

As an affiliate, this is a great model, as you can promote it as a free product, and get lots of commissions once your referrals upgrade.

  • Product sale range: free to $49 per month
  • Commission %: Up to 50% recurring
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: TubeBuddy Affiliates


ThriveThemes is one of the most popular WordPress theme and plugin providers on the market.

Their products range from a page builder plugin (Thrive Architect) to various themes, all for WordPress.

These can be purchased separately for a one-time fee, or there is also the ThriveThemes subscription which costs $19 per month (billed yearly).

And that subscription is of course, where the recurring commissions come from which will be 35% of the sales you generate.

  • Product sale range: $69 one time fee to $19 per month
  • Commission %: 35% per first time purchase, 25% recurring
  • Do you need the product to promote it? No

Sign Up URL: TriveThemes Affiliates

Final Thoughts

As you have seen throughout this list of best recurring affiliate programs, there are tons of great options.

We’ve covered everything from landing page builders to VPN’s, so you should have been able to find a program that suits you.

If you did enjoy this article and would like to read more of our articles on affiliate programs, check out some of our other posts below.

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