11 Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs To Promote

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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

If you have an audience that needs to get out of, or manage bad debt, then sending them to an offer that can help improve their situation should surely earn you some good karma points!

I’ve compiled a list of the 11 top credit repair affiliate programs that you can promote to earn good money, and also stack up some brownie points with the guy upstairs in the process.

Most of these affiliate programs offer multiple angles you can use in order to promote them, which should help boost your conversion rate.

While some of them operate a PPL model, others will pay you a rather generous commission on a per sale basis.

Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

Credit repair affiliate programs are one of the most profitable that you can promote as an affiliate.

While they’re somewhat of a niche market, if you have (or are intending to build) a target audience for people with credit issues then there is a lot of potential to do very well here as an affiliate marketer.

Credit repair companies do hundreds of millions of dollars in business each year in credit restoration. In fact, the credit repair industry was recorded as being worth a whopping $3.4bn in 2021.

As an affiliate, you can get a piece of that pie while at the same time helping the people who need those services find the right credit firm to work with.

Most folks who need to repair their credit history are often searching the internet for a free credit report. Often, all it takes is putting a useful free report in front of them from a good company that is credible and can actually help them solve their problems for you to make money.

While some firms merely offer a simple (but effective) credit repair software solution to clear up negative scoring items, others offer a full credit repair package with all the bells and whistles.

So, depending on what type of credit repair products your audience needs, you’ll have a nice variety to choose from here in this list.

Of course, some people will just need help with managing utility bills that have become overdue. However, some people will be in a much more serious situation, and may even have a long-standing credit dispute going on. For those folks, they will need a more in-depth solution.

The credit repair affiliate programs listed here are the best credit restoration services in the industry that I have come across.

These companies will actually do credit restoration for their customers and help them achieve decent credit scores that will put them years ahead of where they would have been otherwise.

MyFICO Credit Repair Program


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MyFICO is a sister company of the famous Fair Isaac brand. For those of you that don’t know, Fair Isaac is responsible for creating the credit score known as FICO.

The company first opened its doors in 1980, and since then they have helped people protect and improve their finances for over four decades. They mainly do this by providing customers credit repair information and products via their credit repair agents.

The MyFICO affiliate program is operated through a third-party affiliate network. For each person you refer, MyFICO will pay you $5 upon purchase of any of their products.

This affiliate program also provides you with creative banners, custom affiliate links, and other marketing tools to help you promote them effectively.

  • Commission rate: $4 per sale, $4 per lead – product SKU commissions between $4 – $80
  • Type of program: PPL, PPS
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Join program: sign up here to promote

Lexington Law Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Lexington Law

Many people who have tried to get approved for a mortgage have found out the hard way that just a small blemish on your actual credit reports can stop the approval from going through.

That sucks!

Even though everyone knows the importance of having an impeccable credit score, most people know how they should be tracking their credit, and challenging any inaccuracies that come up.

Lexington Law aims to solve this problem for its clients through patent-pending technology. This service helps to considerably reduce the need of having to file an inaudible amount of boring paperwork, and in the process, improve credit scores.

Established in 1991, Lexington Law has a huge amount of credibility in the industry.

If you like the idea of promoting this company as an affiliate then you’ll be happy to hear that their commission rates are pretty generous. While there are varying percentages that you can earn on different products, to give you an idea of earnings, you could make as much as $65 per lead.

Yep, per lead… no sale required!

Hmm, so with such a high commission rate for a single lead you may be thinking that for some reason they’ll be difficult to promote.

Well, let me put your mind at rest here too. Lexington Law claims that they have a conversion rate of 40%. This is excellent!

So, if you are getting around a 40% conversion rate on all the folks you send their way, then there is a very good chance that your Lexington Law credit repair affiliate program commission can be fairly substantial.

  • Commission rate: Around $60 per lead
  • Type of program: PPL
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Join program: sign up here to promote

Capital Bank Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Capital Bank secured credit card

If you want to fix your credit score, then a great step in the right direction is getting a secured credit card.

For those of you who don’t know, a secured credit card is a debt-specific card that helps someone with a bad payment history manage and eventually get out of consumer debt by reducing the risk of further getting into debt.

A huge number of people use a selection of different cards, and consequently, end up in debt that they can’t pay off. The result is a FUBAR’d credit score!

How the secured credit card works: The cardholder deposits cash onto the account to serve as collateral against any purchases. The bank issuing the card now has added security that they will, in fact, see their money again in case the cardholder is unable to make the monthly payments. The deposited money is for paying off the credit card debt each month. As a result, the customer builds up a good credit score since the balance is actually being cleared off each month.

OpenSky from Capital Bank is an excellent option for those who are looking for this type of service. Since the card user needs to deposit money in order to use it, it’s a lot easier to get accepted by the card issuer.

As an affiliate promoting Capital Bank’s secured card service, you can earn $27.50 per qualified lead. A qualified lead is someone who fills out a short one-minute form via your affiliate link. Use their selection of marketing materials to help to earn money with this affiliate program.

  • Commission rate: Around $27.50 per lead
  • Type of program: PPL
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Join program: sign up here to promote

National Debt Relief Credit Repair Affiliate Program

National Debt Relief

As you probably would have already guessed, National Debt Relief helps people to get out of debt, but they do it without using loans or encouraging you to file for bankruptcy.

This pay-per-lead affiliate program is also a highly lucrative one. If you want to promote this product then expect to earn $27.50 for every qualifying lead you can send their way.

MoneyTips.com Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Money Tips

MoneyTips.com has a whole host of experts to help you with all kinds of financial issues.

From helping you to repair bad credit and clearing up derogatory items from reports, to assisting you with budgeting and planning, managing late payments, advice on identity theft, mortgages, and more, MoneyTips.com aims to give you a well-rounded service.

Promoting these guys you can earn $26 per sale made by promoting their various services, including credit repair.

Credit Monkey Affiliate Program

Credit Monkey

Although they have not been in the credit repair business for as long as some of the other credit repair companies on this list, CreditMonkey.com might be one you’ll want to check out.

They help people improve their credit to better assist them with loans and job applications. They do this by helping people to correct serious errors that may be occurring in their personal credit reports. If there’s an inaccurate item on a report, Credit Monkey will find it. This alone can often boost a person’s credit score significantly.

This company uses interesting credit repair software to help clients improve their financial rating, and level up on their credit score as quickly as possible.

The Credit Monkey affiliate program is free to join, and it has very attractive commission payments of $100 per sale.

Credit Saint Affiliate Program

Credit Saint

Credit Saint has more than 15 years of experience in the credit repair business. Accredited by the BBB, Credit Saint also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all of their services.

This credit firm helps clients understand their credit score as well as provides them with the tools they need to improve their credit reports.

Through the Credit Saint affiliate program, your referrals can access professional credit repair services that can assist in credit restoration and removal of inaccurate information that lowers credit scores.

This affiliate program will pay you $64 per sale for recommending their credit services, and also give you a 60-day cookie life to work with.

CreditRepair.com Affiliate Program


CreditRepair.com is another credit firm that has been in the game a long time – since 1997. These guys offer a proven process to people with bad credit that has been crafted and refined over many years to enable individuals to improve their credit score, get out of debt, and meet their financial goals.

This credit repair business also operates its affiliate program on a pay-per-lead basis, offering a generous commission of $56 per account sign up to their affiliates.

If you have read this far then you will probably have noticed that a lot of the credit reporting companies on this list only offer their affiliates a short cookie period. However, CreditRepair.com allows a 90-day cookie life, giving you a lot more chance to make commissions from the potential clients you refer their way.

Reliant Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Reliant Credit Repair

Reliant Credit Repair provides a range of customized tools to help make the credit repair process easy for their clients.

This leading company in the finance sector offers its clients both credit monitoring services as well as repair services for those wanting someone else on the job!

Reliant Credit Repair combine their tools with excellent educational tactics to ensure their customers are both well-informed and on the right track during their credit repair journey.

If you choose to promote Reliant Credit Repair then your affiliate commissions will be based on 40% per sale.

Credit Strong Affiliate Program

Credit Strong

Helping its customers to build good credit and grow savings, Credit Strong is also actually one of the most secure financial services that are available online. Being a division of Austin Capital Bank, Credit Strong is also FDIC-insured, which gives its customers additional peace of mind that they are in good hands.

Credit Strong offers several services to help customers improve, and keep their credit rating healthy by building credit and growing savings at the same time. All this makes Credit Strong an aggressive credit repair solution.

Credit Strong has the means to monitor clients’ FICO scores 24/7, 365 days of the year via three of the major credit bureaus. This ensures that their customers will maintain good credit health, and not slip into bad credit without realizing or being informed of what is happening behind the scenes.

Credit Strong has a variety of offerings, most of which carry with them different commission levels to the affiliates who are promoting them. That being said, Credit Strong has established itself as a solid company to promote, and a lucrative one at that!

Credit RX America Affiliate Program

Credit RX America

Credit RX America is a company that provides a 30-day credit repair service. They offer three steps to help their customers remove negative items from their reports such as bankruptcy, public records, and late payments with this super-fast service.

A lot of people who are in a bad credit situation often want the issue resolved as quickly as possible, so using the 30-day credit repair angle in your affiliate promotions can help you convert people with this offer.

Credit RX America clients average between $1,600-$2,400 for credit repair, of which you will receive 15% commission for the ones who have signed up through your affiliate link.

If you’re good at maths then you will already have worked out that the average Credit RX America affiliate program commission should be somewhere in the region of $240-$360 per client referral.

If this floats your boat then promoting this company can certainly be a very lucrative choice.

Best Way To Promote Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

Here are some of the best ways to promote credit repair affiliate programs.

Build an Affiliate Website

Tons of people turn to search engines like Google and Bing every day to search for help, advice, and even products related to credit repair.

By building a niche site around the topic of credit repair, in time, you can rank on page 1 for credit repair-related keywords and scoop up all that free traffic.

Niche website pros

  • Free traffic
  • Passive income – you can make consistent sales through your website even while you’re away on vacation, or while you sleep
  • Build long-term traffic source
  • You build an asset that you own completely (your website)
  • You can sell your website later for a large payout if you decide to exit the niche

Niche website cons

  • Takes time
  • Some keywords are very competitive, so you’ll need to do some deep-dive keyword research to find the low-hanging fruit

If you like the idea of building a niche website that makes passive income, with the option and flexibility to sell your business later for 6-figures, then this is the best course to show you how.

Promote on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent way to build credibility and a trusted brand online. More and more people are turning to YouTube every day for help and advice on almost any topic you can think of.

This is a great platform to build an audience in the credit repair niche.

YouTube pros

  • Free traffic
  • Passive income – you can make consistent sales through your website even while you’re away on vacation, or while you sleep
  • Build long-term traffic source

YouTube cons

  • You have to be on camera if you want to build a brand (How to build a highly profitable YouTube channel without showing your face camera – more info here)

If you like the idea of building a profitable YouTube channel for affiliate marketing, then this is one of the best (very) low-cost courses to show you how to do it.

Promote on Social Media

Social media is another great place to build an audience. While there are tons of platforms out there, the best ones for affiliate marketing tend to be TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

While there are various strategies you can take here from paid advertising to starting a Facebook group, the most popular way affiliate leverage social platforms to make money is through regular social media posting and building relationships with their audience, and then networking with them over the platform’s private messenger app.

Social media pros

  • Can make money quickly

Social media cons

  • Is not passive
  • You need to publish several social posts every day
  • You need to actively network and connect with other users, build relationships, and then sell directly to them

If you like the idea of leveraging social media to sell affiliate products, then this free training is a great place for you to start.

Credit Repair Affiliate Programs – My Final Thoughts

I hope you found this list of the best credit repair affiliate programs helpful. As you can see, there are actually quite a few good companies to promote in this niche. While some provide quick, simple solutions, others offer a full package to ensure long-term credit repair.

While some of these affiliate programs are managed independently, a lot of them are on the FlexOffers network, so this is a great place to start.

Get started promoting some of these debt repair affiliate programs today and sign up to the FlexOffers network below.

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