11 Best Meditation Affiliate Programs

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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

If you’re looking for meditation-related products to promote to your audience, then I’ve compiled a list of the 11 best meditation affiliate programs for you to browse through.

Some of these programs are straightforward courses, while others offer a wide range of physical items, audios, and guides to improve your meditation practice.

I’ve also listed how much you’ll get paid when promoting each program, the cookie life duration, and a convenient link for you to sign up for each program.

Let’s get to it!

Meditation Affiliate Programs

  • Mindfulness Summit
  • Mindvalley
  • Teal Swan
  • Everyday Yoga
  • Breath Is Life
  • Gail
  • iAwake
  • Live and Dare
  • MindPlace
  • Shambhala Publications
  • Buddha Groove

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The Mindfulness Summit

The Mindfulness Summit is a compilation of interviews, and guided meditation sessions of more than 40 of the top mindfulness and meditation experts in the world.

Customers get free access to a select handful of presentations, and then they can pay to upgrade to the full package of meditation and mindfulness training. Affiliate marketers can do well here promoting the freebies to their audience, and then make a cool 50% per sale on anyone who upgrades.

You can feel good about promoting The Mindfulness Summit because this company is not out solely to make a profit. Nope. Some of their proceeds also go towards supporting charities that work with mindfulness.

Mindvalley Affiliate Program

MindValley is much more than just a meditation program. It’s more like a membership club where you can learn anything from meditation, mindfulness, personal development, self-love, mindset, abundance manifestation, health improvement, public speaking, and so on.

The company is founded and fun by mindfulness entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani. He’s a cool guy with quite a large following on social media.

His message attracts hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and has since become a highly recognizable brand in the space. This is great for you as an affiliate because it means that this product will likely have a high conversion rate.

Enjoy 30% commissions on 24 premium courses offered by MindValley. And with an average order value of $300, that’s an av $90 in your pocket per sale, baby!

Teal Swan

Teal Swan is a spiritual leader and speaker from the United States. As a child, she was subjected to years of abuse. Once she was able to break free from her abusers, she slowly managed to heal her mental and emotional scars, and now teaches others to do the same.

As a Teal Swan affiliate, you can promote a nice range of products. For example, customers can purchase individual guided meditations by Teal Swan, or they can opt to join one of here online courses for deeper and more personalized help and guidance.

Teal also has a range of physical products that you can promote too. These include things like pillows, cups, oracle cards, sweatshirts, and more.

Everyday Yoda (Previously Yoga Outlet)

Everyday Yoga is a well-established brand that use to go by the name of Yoga Outlet.

As you would imagine, Everyday Yoga, of course, does specialize in products for Yoga. However, they also have a good range of products to support a person’s meditation practice too, which is why Everyday Yoga has made this list.

They even have a whole category on their website dedicated to meditation products. These include cushions, bolsters, meditation benches, incense sticks, singing bowls, and alter accessories.

You can earn 8-10% affiliate commissions per sale by promoting this brand, and also gain early access to promos, contests, and on-sale items.

Breath Is Life

The Breath Is Life affiliate program is great for anyone looking to promote a breathing program to their audience.

The course leader, Troy Casey (aka The Certified Health Nut) teaches you ancient breathing techniques that can revitalize and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, and bring about inner peace and balance into your life.

As a Breath Is Life affiliate, you can earn a very generous 70% affiliate commission per sale. You also get access to promote Troy’s other course, Ripped at 50.

The program is hosted on the ClickBank marketplace, so you’ll need to sign up there to promote this offer.

  • Commission: 70% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • URL: Breath Is Life affiliate program


Gaiam is a health and wellness company that sells a lot of meditation-related products. In fact, they have a whole category dedicated to meditation and sell physical products such as meditation cushions, bolsters, chairs, blankets, and eye masks.

What I particularly like about the Gaiam store is that they also sell a few digital products on meditation courses. So, if you’re in need of a meditation coach, but you want to practice alone from the comfort of your own home, then some of their courses might be the perfect fit.

The Gaiam affiliate program is hosted by the affiliate network, Rakuten LinkShare and pay you up to 10% commission for each sale you make.


iAwake is an interesting company that specializes in creating transformative sound experiences for meditation, relaxation, healing, wellbeing, and to help sleep.

iAwake has loads of meditation audio that you can buy and download. Customers get the option to buy the downloadable audio file or pay a little extra to also get a hardcopy CD as well.

While the iAwake store does have a lot of different audio products your customers can purchase, their main product is the Profound Meditation Program 3.0. This program has been specially designed to interact with a person’s brainwaves to bring about a deeply immersive state of meditation.

As an iAwake affiliate, you’ll benefit from a generous 40% commission per sale and a 365-day cookie life.

Live and Dare

If you’re interested in meditation, mindfulness, or mental health then you’ve likely come across Live and Dare before. It’s actually a highly popular blog that also offers a good range of meditation-based courses and programs.

The founder of Live and Dare, Giovanni Dienstmann, first found meditation as a teenager. In his youth, Giovanni overcame anxiety, restlessness, a monkey mind, and bullying all thanks to his meditation practice. Now, Giovanni aims to help others with similar life problems through his blog articles and courses.

As an affiliate, you can earn 40% on course sales, and 10% on coaching services.


MindPlace is another innovative company that produces light and sound meditation devices.

A lot of people who want to meditate struggle to switch off their minds long enough to actually experience all the benefits that meditation has to offer. However, this is not a problem if you’re using a MindPlace device.

 These machines use pulses of both light and sound at very specific frequencies to calm busy mind chatter and stimulate the right parts of the brain to enhance the benefits of meditation.

These devices aren’t cheap and start at $559. However, there are loads of people out there willing to invest in their meditation practice, so at 20% per sale you stand to make quite good money promoting this product.

Shambhala Publications

Shambhala Publications is one of the most well-known publishers of books on mindfulness, meditation, and all things esoteric space.

Besides books, Shambhala Publications also offers several online courses. While they offer books on a wide variety of topics and disciplines, a lot of their courses (but not all) are based on Buddhist meditation practices.

Shambhala Publications have upped their affiliate commission offering recently, which is now at 20% per sale. However, you’re only able to earn commissions on book sales at this time.

Buddha Groove

Buddha Groove is an online eCommerce store offering a wide range of meditation-related items, gifts, jewelry, and more.

This family-owned business specializes in attractive décor pieces for your home and garden as well as a few nice items that you’ll likely be hard-pushed to find anywhere else.

When it comes to meditation they have all kinds of products from prayer beads, gemstone candles, incense burners, singing bowls, and even Japanese-style Zen garden kits!

Best Ways to Make Money Promoting Meditation Affiliate Programs

Here are some of the best ways to promote meditation affiliate programs.

Build an Affiliate Website

Tons of people turn to search engines like Google and Bing every day to search for help, advice, and even products related to meditation.

By building a niche site around the topic of meditation, in time, you can rank on page 1 for meditation-related keywords and scoop up all that free traffic.

Niche website pros

  • Free traffic
  • Passive income – you can make consistent sales through your website even while you’re away on vacation, or while you sleep
  • Build long-term traffic source
  • You build an asset that you own completely (your website)
  • You can sell your website later for a large payout if you decide to exit the niche

Niche website cons

  • Takes time
  • Some keywords are very competitive, so you’ll need to do some deep-dive keyword research to find the low-hanging fruit

If you like the idea of building a niche website that makes passive income, with the option and flexibility to sell your business later for 6-figures, then this is the best course to show you how.

Promote on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent way to build credibility and a trusted brand online. More and more people are turning to YouTube every day for help and advice on almost any topic you can think of.

This is a great platform to build an audience in the meditation niche.

YouTube pros

  • Free traffic
  • Passive income – you can make consistent sales through your website even while you’re away on vacation, or while you sleep
  • Build long-term traffic source

YouTube cons

  • You have to be on camera if you want to build a brand (How to build a highly profitable YouTube channel without showing your face camera – more info here)

If you like the idea of building a profitable YouTube channel for affiliate marketing, then this is one of the best (very) low-cost courses to show you how to do it.

Promote on Social Media

Social media is another great place to build an audience. While there are tons of platforms out there, the best ones for affiliate marketing tend to be TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

While there are various strategies you can take here from paid advertising to starting a Facebook group, the most popular way affiliate leverage social platforms to make money is through regular social media posting and building relationships with their audience, and then networking with them over the platform’s private messenger app.

Social media pros

  • Can make money quickly

Social media cons

  • Is not passive
  • You need to publish several social posts every day
  • You need to actively network and connect with other users, build relationships, and then sell directly to them

If you like the idea of leveraging social media to sell affiliate products, then this free training is a great place for you to start.

Meditation Affiliate Programs – My Final Thoughts

There are tons of good meditation affiliate programs out there for you to promote, and this list is just scratching the surface.

With more people turning to mindfulness meditation practices every day to help manage stress, anxiety, and sleep issues, or to enhance both physical and mental performance, it’s safe to say that meditation is a growing industry that is here to stay.

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