Commission Hero Review – Is This Course Legit or Just Another Scam?

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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

I recently saw Robby Blanchard’s enticing YouTube commercials touting his Commission Hero course.

Since then, I’ve spent over 10 hours researching Robby Blanchard and his affiliate marketing course so you don’t have to.

I’ve been through customer reviews and even corresponded with Commission Hero staff in order to get the lowdown on this course.

In this Commission Hero review I’ve covered:

  • What the course is all about
  • What you get when you sign up
  • if this course is a scam or legit
  • Customer complaints about this course
  • Student results
  • Hidden costs
  • Pricing

Let’s dive in.

Paid Ads Course
Commission Hero
7.9/10Our Score
  • Course: Commission Hero
  • Teacher: Robby Blanchard
  • What: Teaches you how to make money as an affiliate with ClickBank using paid ads
  • Price: $997
  • Special Offer:Check here
  • Buyer Beware: This course has produced successful students, however, the found a number of bad reviews from unhappy customers about this course. Refund policy is not straightforward. Join at your own risk
  • Official Website:

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What Is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an online marketing course that promises to teach you how to make money online from home using Facebook ads. The course is sold through the ClickBank affiliate marketplace.

Although the sales page comes across a little over-hyped, Commission Hero has produced quite a few students who have had considerable success using the methods Robby teaches.

The course is taught through video using a step-by-step training approach to show you what you need to do at each step of the way.

The course is aimed at both beginners and experienced affiliates who want to learn how to generate traffic and sales using paid ads.

Commission Hero is run by ClickBank’s top affiliate, Robby Blanchard, and basically teaches you how to promote affiliate offers online using paid ads.

You, like me, may have seen Robby’s very enticing YouTube ads offering to teach you how to make $1,000 per day online using his system. Robby also shows a number of impressive income reports from past students, which makes his method look even more desirable.

Explanation of the Commission Hero system

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard, the creator of Commission Hero, is an affiliate marketer with a long-established reputation. He’s also the guy behind Commission Hero.

Before Robby found success as an affiliate marketer, he used to be a personal fitness trainer and gym owner. He reputedly grew up in Massachusetts and studied at Fitchburg State University.

After a bit of research, I found his old CrossFit YouTube Channel, which you can take a look at here. The last video was published on this channel back in 2012.

In 2015 Robby began selling his own digital courses in the fitness space by using Facebook ads. Although Robby had some success selling his own courses, he segued into promoting affiliate offers using Facebook ads.

After 4 years of honing his methods, Robby Blanchard became the number one affiliate on ClickBank in 2019.

Robby Blanchard

ClickBank is one of the largest and most well-known affiliate networks in the world, and Robby claims to be making anywhere between $10,000 – $50,000 per day using the methods he teaches in Commission Hero.

Since Commission Hero first launched, Robby has trained quite a few successful affiliate marketers to build a solid business using paid ads.

Commission Hero Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Commission Hero:

  • Thorough training and well explained (nothing held back)
  • This is a scaleable and proven to work system
  • Lots of successful students
  • Very active Facebook group
  • Sales funnel templates included
  • Good training on how to pick good products that will sell
  • Rinse and repeat system
  • You need to already have a budget to spend on ads to begin ($20 per day recommended)
  • Sometimes your ad account might get shut down
  • Their refund policy is not straightforward

Commission Hero Review – How The System Works

Commission Hero teaches a simple, but effective affiliate marketing strategy using paid ads.

These basically the steps of the system:

  1. Choose a product to promote on the ClickBank marketplace
  2. Build a landing page using ClickFunnels (Robby gives you DFY templates you can use straight away)
  3. Create Facebook ads to send traffic to your landing page. Your landing page will either sell the affiliate product directly or collect emails so you can sell people products via email on the back end
The affiliate system

This is a well-known and popular affiliate marketing model that is definitely effective. However, you need to bear in mind that this is somewhat a risky strategy for the following reasons:

  • You need to pay for your traffic (Facebook ads) before you make sales
  • Facebook ads are expensive, and you will need to keep reinvesting a percentage of your earnings to buy more ads
  • Facebook is trigger-happy when it comes to shutting ad accounts down. Robby basically says that this will happen, it’s just part of the process, so he shows you how to get multiple ad accounts approved

If you like the idea of being able to generate traffic quickly using paid ads, you have money to invest in ads, and you accept that your ad accounts can get shut down from time to time then this course might be a good fit for you.

In that case, a good place to start would be to sign up for Robby’s free training first. If you like what he teaches in this free training then it may make sense for you to sign up for his full course.

Robby is certainly making money with his method, and a lot of it too. Don’t let me put you off if you accept how his process works, and his method appeals to you.

Please also be aware of the Commission Hero refund policy before you sign up (see below).

It is also important to bear in mind that this method of affiliate marketing is not passive. Turn off your ads and basically, you no longer have a business.

You need to stay active, buying and managing your ads, and tweaking your landing page.

If you want to generate passive income then you should also look into free organic traffic methods that you could also use alongside this system.

In the video below, Robbie Blanchard walks you through his Commission Hero system and explains how it works.

What You Get When You Buy Commission Hero

Here’s everything you get when you buy Commission Hero:

The Core Commission Hero Training

The core of Commission Hero is the training modules that will teach you Robby Blanchard’s 3-step system to make money online with paid ads.

According to Robby, following his method, you should be able to make at least $1,000 per day online.

You can find out more about Robby’s exact method in his free training here.

Commission Hero Private Coaching Group

Being able to get support when you need it is crucial when you learn a new skill. When you join Commission Hero you’ll have full access to the private member’s group. Here you can get 24/7 help and support, get your questions answered, and share your wins with other members.

Robby Blanchard’s Million Dollar Ad Images

When you’re using Facebook ads the images you use can literally make or break your entire campaign. Over the years Robby had collected more than 20 images that have resulted in him making millions of dollars. When you join Commission Hero you will also get access to this private image library.

Facebook Super Profits Training System

The Facebook Super Profits Training System is Robby’s compilation of ninja tactics that he’s learned over the years. Inside you’ll find useful things like tactics to scale your business, tricks to help you get more ad accounts, how to get product owners to increase your commissions, and methods to improve your profitability by as much as 25%.

Done-For-You Landing Pages

Setting up your landing pages can be a pain, especially if you haven’t ever built them before. On top of that, being able to build landing pages that actually convert visitors into sales is a skill that you can only acquire through a lot of practice.

To solve this issue, Robby is also will also give you access to all the landing page templates he’s used to make millions of dollars online. This is a huge time-saver!

Commission Hero Bonuses

Weekly Q&A Calls

Weekly live Q&A calls where you can ask Robby anything about affiliate marketing. If you’re having any issues then these sessions will be invaluable for you.

Million Dollar Rolodex of Contacts

It’s not totally clear what the Million dollar Rolodex of Contacts is. However, from my own affiliate marketing experience, I would say this is most likely to be Robby’s little black book of product owner contact details.

If I am right about this then the Million Dollar Rolodex of Contacts would give you direct access to all the best product owners that Robby has promoted over the years.

This indeed would be quite a valuable benefit. Firstly, the list would not only tell you exactly which products Robby Blanchard has had the most success promoting. Secondly, it’ll give you the contact details of these product owners so you can strike your own deals with them.

I have made many private deals myself with product owners and negotiated higher commissions. This is an excellent way to bump up your paycheck.

Snapchat Training

Robby’s main traffic source is Facebook ads, but in the course, you’ll also get access to a bonus module that teaches you how to advertise on Snapchat.

$10K Per Month Email Marketing Campaign

This is a bonus training module to teach you how to run successful email marketing campaigns that will actually result in sales.

Facebook Insider

If you qualify for the bonuses when you sign up for Commission Hero you’ll also get connected to a “Facebook insider”. This is someone (most likely one of Robby’s successful students) who can be a direct mentor for you and show you all the insider ninja hacks of using Facebook to make money as an affiliate.

Are Commission Hero Students Getting Results?

From my research into Robby Blanchard and the Commission Hero system, it does look like a significant amount of students are getting success with his system.

You can watch Commission Hero testimonial videos here on the sales page.

While both Robby and his successful students are making money, what is not clear is how much of the money they are earning is actually profit.

When using paid ads to generate traffic you will, of course, need to keep reinvesting a percentage of your earnings back into buying more ads. But how much is that percentage..?

If, for example, an average of 60% is profit while 40% gets reinvested back into buying more ads, then the system definitely makes sense.

Commission Hero student testimonials

Who Should Join Commission Hero?

If you’re looking for a solid system to make money online taught by one of the world’s top affiliates who actually practices what he preaches then Commission Hero may be a good fit for you.

It’s important to know that this system uses paid ads in order to generate traffic. You’ll need to already have at least a few hundred dollars that you are willing to spend on ads when you first start the course.

If you’re willing to put the time in to learn Robby’s approach, and you like the idea of being able to generate traffic quickly by spending some money on paid ads then I would say that Commission Hero is a good choice for you.

Who Should Not Join Commission Hero?

If you do not feel comfortable spending money on ads to generate traffic, or if you don’t have a few hundred dollars that you can invest into paid ads, then Commission Hero is not the right course for you.

If that’s the case then you may be better suited to working with an affiliate marketing method that uses free traffic.

Although building an affiliate business with free traffic takes longer, this method will be a more passive income model for the long term once it’s established.

If you like the idea of building a long-term, passive income using free traffic methods then I recommend you check out the following courses instead:

What I Like About Commission Hero

Real Coach Who Practices What He Preaches

Robby Blanchard is the real deal and is making a lot of money online with the method he teaches in the course. He’s also the number one ClickBank affiliate, which is a huge achievement.

There are lots of courses out there that are taught by people who don’t actually use the method they teach themselves. Even worse, there are also people who sell courses that don’t actually make money from the methods they teach but are only making money from selling you the course.

I hate that!

Robby is not one of those guys.

Fast Traffic

Using Facebook ads is a good way to generate fast, targeted traffic, but it has its drawbacks.

High Income Potential

This method has the potential to yield a high income, but there are risks involved that students need to accept before proceeding.

What I Don’t Like About Commission Hero

The Refund Policy

Commission Hero has quite a strange refund policy.

Basically, they want to make sure you’ve been through the course and have actually tried to make it work before requesting a refund.

I get this, as there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who will buy a course, learn the strategies and then just ask for a refund anyway.

However, what I don’t like is that they make you wait 12 months before you can request a refund. And then you need to prove that you have given the system a good go and have not been successful.

Personally, the refund policy is something I think they should change.

It Relies On Using Facebook Ads

The system relies on using Facebook ads to generate traffic.

Personally, I like to diversify my traffic sources and not rely on just one. Facebook is also notorious for shutting ad accounts down, and Commission Hero students seem to get quite a few accounts banned.

Robby teaches his students not to get phased by this, and instead, set up multiple Facebook ad accounts.

Having said this, there are quite a few students in the Commission Hero community that are having a lot of success with this method, so it’s not the end of the world if an ad account gets shut down here and there.

It Relies On Using ClickFunnels

Another thing I don’t like about Commission Hero is that it also relies on using ClickFunnels for landing pages and sales funnels.

Inside the course, Robby Blanchard gives you access to done-for-you funnel templates that you can use straight away. On the one hand, this is great because it means you don’t need to waste time building the funnels yourself. And these templates have also been proven to work.

While I do think ClickFunnels is great software, my gripe is that it’s quite expensive, especially when you’ve just paid for the course and you also need to have a budget to spend on ads.

Not a Passive Income Strategy 

This method is not strictly a passive income strategy as it relies on your need to constantly pay for ads in order to make sales.

Having said that, once you’ve identified a successful campaign that is profitable for you, you can leave your ads running to start generating sales on autopilot.

Commission Hero Pricing

Commission Hero costs $997 (one-time only payment) for full access to the course.

There is also a payment plan option, which is 2 payments of $597. If you go for this option then the payments are billed 30 days apart.

Also bear in mind that the payment plan option will also end up costing you an extra $197. If you plan to join this course you’ll be much better to make the single payment of $997.

Commission Hero Discount

Unfortunately, there is not a Commission Hero discount available right now.

I searched around to see if I could find a discount code or special offer. Unfortunately, there are no legit ones available.

I did come across a few websites and also paid ads claiming to offer a Commission Hero discount, but these were not genuine so beware!

If you want to get Commission Hero then you can get it here at the best price.

Is Commission Hero a scam or legit?

No, the Commission Hero course is not a scam. The methods taught are legit, and Robby also has several successful students. However, the refund policy is questionable.

During my research, I also came across both positive and negative student feedback about this course. The negative feedback was mostly about the refund policy, the lack of support, and access issues for some students.

Due to these thee things, I recommend you do your due diligence before signing up for this course.

Commission Hero Best Alternative

I definitely agree that you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing using Facebook ads. However, there are a number of risks and considerations involved.

For example, you’ll need to constantly be managing your ad accounts, and tweaking your campaigns. It’s also clear that Facebook ad accounts get shut down on a regular basis, which can stall your business until you get another one set up.

Using affiliate marketing you can actually make money steadily, reliably, and passively without having to pay for ads. This is my preferred method. It comes down to personal preference, you don’t have to agree with me.

If you want a low-risk way to build a successful affiliate business that can earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day without having to pay for ads then I recommend Affiliate Secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham.

Spencer is a 7-figure affiliate, the number one ClickFunnels affiliate, as well as the top affiliate for several other well-known products too.

In his Affiliate Secrets 3.0 course, Spencer teaches you how to build multiple streams of income that will earn you money passively. That means if you want to take a month off to travel, spend time with your family, etc, you can do that and your business will continue to run and earn you money while you’re away.

You go here for some free training with Spencer and also see exactly how his method works.

You can also read my detailed review of Spencer’s Affiliate Secrets method here.

My Final Thoughts

Having read numerous reports and testimonials from people who have used Commission Hero, this course definitely looks like the real thing.

Commission Hero claims to be the easiest affiliate marketing system ever, but this is far from the truth. It may take time to see the payoff, but looking at the results a lot of the students are getting it should be well worth the effort.

Robby Blanchard, the founder of Commission Hero, explains that his program is not a “get rich quick scheme.” The training is designed to help you build a long-term, sustainable business. It will take time and commitment on your part.

Robby is certainly making money with his method, and a lot of it too. Don’t let me put you off if you accept how his process works and you like the above method. Overall, I’m more of a free traffic guy so I’m more inclined to lean towards systems that don’t require you to spend money on ads.

So, how do you get Commission Hero?

You can click the button below to join today.

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