Faceless YouTube Channel Monetization: 10 Ways to Earn Big

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Last Updated on 6th March 2024

Thinking of starting a faceless YouTube channel and you wanna explore faceless YouTube channel monetization strategies that can help you amass substantial revenue?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that there are actually 10 different ways to monetize a no face YouTube channel. Some of which you might not have even heard of!

Yep, 10!

So, if you wanna earn the most from your faceless channel, then grab a coffee and let me take you through the profitable world of monetizing your faceless channel on YouTube.

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YouTube background

Learn How To Build & Monetize a Faceless YouTube Channel

Matt Par with YouTube play buttons

Before we get into the different monetization strategies for YouTube, you’re gonna need to know exactly what to do to build a successful YouTube channel without showing your face that actually has the potential to make you money.

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Matt Par is a highly successful YouTuber who has built an empire on YouTube with his faceless channels. Matt earns well over $30,000 per month from YouTube, and he teaches you exactly how to do it in his course.

If you want to know more, then you can read my review of Matt’s via the link above, or you can take his free YouTube training here.

10 Faceless YouTube Channel Monetization Strategies 

Here are the 10 different ways to monetize your faceless YouTube channel that I’ll be covering in this article:

  • YouTube Partner Program
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Channel Memberships
  • The Merchandise Shelf
  • Super Chat & Super Stickers
  • YouTube Premium Revenue
  • Sponsored Videos
  • Patron & Other Fan Funding Platforms
  • Selling Digital Products or Services
  • Licensing Content

The YouTube Partner Program

YouTube CPM

As a content creator, exploring unique channel niche ideas can greatly enhance your chances of success with the YouTube Partner Program.

The YouTube Partner Program is perhaps the most well-known way to monetize a YouTube channel. In fact, most people think that this is the only way to earn money on YouTube – through YouTube ads (but they are dead wrong). 

However, when it comes to monetizing through the YouTube ads program, you and your channel needs to jump through a few hoops first.

Let me explain.

Your first hurdle to get over in order to be able to earn from YouTube ad revenue is to create the type of content that will help you reach 1,000 subscribers. You can use stock images in your anonymous videos to create more visually appealing content and potentially increase engagement. 

Then, hurdle number two is you also gotta get over 4,000 watch hours in a 12 month period. Creating educational videos can attract a dedicated audience, leading to increased watch time.

Once you’ve satisfied these two requirements then you’re ready to apply to become a partner. Once accepted, you’ll be able to earn YouTube advertising revenue from ads that are displayed on your faceless channel videos. 

The ads are available in different formats, such as display ads, overlay ads, skippable and non-skippable video ads, and more.

The advertising revenue you earn from these ads is based on a wide range of factors, including the number of views your videos receive and the demographics of your audience. 

It’s important to note that while this can be a lucrative monetization strategy, it does require a consistent content schedule and significant amount of viewership to generate substantial YouTube ad revenue.

So, it’s not advisable to rely solely on this monetization method if you want to have a successful channel without showing your face.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

YouTube affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great faceless channel idea where you promote products or services to your audience in your YouTube channel videos. As a result, you’ll earn a commission on any sales made through your unique affiliate links.

Basically, you recommend a product in your video that you’re an affiliate for, and then you direct people to click your affiliate link, which you place on your channel profile or video description box below your video.

For example, you can use educational videos to promote relevant educational products or services, and by providing valuable information, you can encourage viewers to use your affiliate links for purchases, earning you commissions.


Well, kinda. There is actually a skill to doing affiliate marketing on YouTube.

However, doing affiliate marketing via your channel description box or channel profile is a great way to monetize your channel. You just need to make sure you’re promoting products or services that are highly relevant to your content and audience.

To get started with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to join an affiliate program. This blog post on programs for YouTube is an invaluable tool that will help you know what affiliate marketing programs to include in your content strategy, increase your conversion rate and chances of success.

Besides this list, there are many other programs that can help you make money with affiliate marketing using high-quality voice overs. You can even join affiliate networks like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, ShareASale, and more.

Once you’re part of an affiliate program, you can start your channel monetization process by promoting a wide range of affiliate products in your faceless videos via your unique affiliate links. Just be sure to disclose your affiliate marketing business or relationships to your viewers, as required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

Channel Memberships

Another popular way to monetize your anonymous videos is through channel memberships. This feature allows your subscribers to pay a monthly fee in exchange for special perks. These perks can include things like exclusive badges, emojis, members-only videos, and more.

To be eligible for channel memberships, you need to have at least 30,000 subscribers (or 1,000 subscribers if you’re a gaming channel), be part of the YouTube Partner Program, be at least 18 years old, and meet other requirements.

Offering exclusive educational video content to channel members can be a compelling incentive for viewers to subscribe and support your channel.

You can also use video banners to showcase the perks and benefits of becoming a channel member, enticing viewers to subscribe for exclusive content and support your channel financially.

The great thing about channel memberships is that it provides content creators with a steady stream of income each month, as long as their members continue to subscribe.

The Merchandise Shelf

If you have a knack for design or have a brand that your viewers love, you might consider monetizing through the merchandise shelf.

Incorporating this feature as one your Faceless channel ideas allows you to showcase your official branded merchandise right on your video pages. This can include anything from t-shirts and hoodies to mugs and phone cases. 

YouTube has integrated the purchase process seamlessly into the platform. When viewers click on the merchandise items, they get instant access to the external store where they can complete the purchase securely and conveniently.

To use the merchandise shelf, you need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program, have at least 10,000 subscribers, and meet other requirements.

You’ll also need to work with one of YouTube’s approved merchandise partners to increase your chances of success. This can be a fun and creative way to increase your financial success and stability without solely depending on YouTube ad revenue. 

Super Chat & Super Stickers

Super Chat and Super Stickers are features that enable viewers to make payments in order to have their messages or stickers emphasized during live chats.

This can be a great way to interact with your audience and generate income at the same time. When you host a live chat during a live stream or premiere, viewers can purchase a Super Chat or Super Sticker.

Their purchase stands out from the rest of the chat, and the more they pay, the longer their message or sticker stays at the top of the chat feed.

To use Super Chat and Super Stickers as one of YouTube channel ideas for monetization, you need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program, live in a country where the feature is available, and meet other requirements.

It’s a fun and engaging way to monetize your channel, especially if you do a lot of live streaming or premiering.

YouTube Premium Revenue

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that offers an ad-free experience on YouTube, among other benefits.

Content creators have the opportunity to earn a portion of the revenue from YouTube Premium subscribers, which is determined by the amount of time Premium subscribers spend watching their content in comparison to other content.

To earn from YouTube Premium revenue, you simply need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program. It’s a nice bonus that allows you to earn additional income from your high-quality content, even without ads.

Sponsored Videos

YouTube videos on a laptop

As your channel grows in popularity and acquires lots of views, you may be approached by brands interested in sponsoring your faceless videos. With these types of videos, a company pays you to promote their product or service in your videos. 

These type of videos can be a lucrative way to monetize your channel, but it’s important to choose your sponsors carefully. You want to only work with brands that are relevant to your content and appealing to your audience.

Another great perk of monetizing your channel through sponsorship deals is free stuff. Often, your sponsorship partners will send you lots of free samples of their products for you to use and showcase on your channel.

To attract sponsors, you’ll need to come up with video banners or video ideas that will help you build a strong and engaged audience. You’ll also need to create a media kit that highlights your channel’s statistics and demographics.

Once you have a potential sponsor, you’ll need to negotiate the terms of the sponsorship, including the payment amount and the specifics of what the sponsorship will involve.

Monetization through Patreon or Other Fan Funding Platforms

Patreon is a platform that enables content creators to generate a steady monthly income by offering exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, known as “patrons.” This can serve as a valuable supplement to your YouTube ad revenue  particularly if you have a loyal fan base willing to support your efforts.

To get started with Patreon, you’ll need to create a Patreon account and set up your membership tiers. These tiers can include a wide range of perks, such as early access to videos, behind-the-scenes content, merchandise, and more.

You can also form video content that’s exclusive to your patrons or supporters to encourage fan funding.

The key is to offer value to your patrons and make them feel like they’re part of your creative journey.

Other fan funding platforms similar to Patreon include Ko-fi and Buy Me a Coffee. These platforms allow fans to make one-time donations rather than committing to a monthly subscription, which some fans may prefer.

Selling Digital Products or Services

If you have expertise in a particular field, then it’s a great idea to create and sell digital products or services, especially if you get tons of views. This could include things like eBooks, online courses, webinars, or consulting services. You can use video banners to promote and showcase your digital products or services. 

This strategy can be particularly effective if your YouTube content aligns with the products or services you’re selling. 

For example, if you run a faceless YouTube channel about digital marketing, you could create an online course about SEO or social media marketing. Or if your channel is about graphic design, you could offer custom design services or sell digital assets like fonts or templates.

Basically, there’s loads of ways for you to make money on YouTube with digital products. Just let your imagination run wild and see what kinds of cool products you can come up with!

Licensing Content

Finally, if your content type is unique and interesting, they may be picked up by media outlets or other companies who will pay to use your content. This is known as licensing, and it can be a lucrative way to monetize your YouTube channel.

To increase your chances of getting your content licensed, you’ll need to create original, high-quality, and captivating videos that can go viral and attract millions of views and engagements.

Of course, there is a skill in being able to create viral videos, so this isn’t a good faceless video strategy for beginners to focus on.

First learn the essential video creation skills, then see if you can get this YouTube monetization method working by creating viral videos. 

Another way to get this going is to submit your anonymous videos to licensing agencies. If they dig your high-quality content, then they will market your content to potential buyers.

Faceless YouTube Channel Shortcut

Before I dive deep into this guide, there’s a resource I genuinely believe could be transformative for many of you.

I recently stumbled upon a free training that teaches you how to create a profitable faceless YouTube channel without showing your face or even making the videos yourself.

Trust me, I’ve come across numerous resources over the years, but this one genuinely stands out.

The creator of this training has been deep in the YouTube game for a long time. They’ve managed to simplify the entire process of running successful faceless channels. From selecting the right niche to optimizing your content for maximum reach, it’s all covered.

This individual isn’t new to YouTube. They’ve managed multiple YouTube channels and reportedly earn a significant monthly income.

The training is thorough, and it even delves into the secrets of going viral on YouTube.

If you’re genuinely considering launching a faceless channel, this training could be invaluable.

You can access this insightful free training right now. If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a channel, this might be the nudge you’ve been waiting for.

Faceless Channel Monetization Strategies For YouTubers – My Final Thoughts

And there you have it, folks! The secret sauce to turning your faceless YouTube channel from a hobby into a veritable treasure chest.

It’s not about finding a golden goose or stumbling upon a hidden pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

No, it’s about mixing and matching the right ingredients from the smorgasbord of options we’ve laid out in this article.

Remember, it’s not just about the money. It’s about creating high-quality voiceovers or high-quality videos that tickle the fancy of your audience, content that makes them laugh, cry, think, or get inspired. It’s about increasing your monthly views by building a community of loyal viewers who eagerly await your next video like kids on Christmas Eve.

So, keep your creative juices flowing, keep your audience at the edge of their seats with professional sounding voiceovers, and most importantly, keep your eyes on the prize.

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