13 Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs To Bulk Up Your Offers

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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

If you’re in the muscle-building niche, then this list of the best bodybuilding affiliate programs is going to help you make more money.

I’ve curated a list of 13 of the best products and programs out there to get you started.

Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs

Here’s my roundup of the best bodybuilding affiliate programs in the muscle and fitness niche:

  • Testogen
  • Muscle & Strength
  • Brutal Force
  • My Supplement Store
  • BPI Sports
  • Fat Grips
  • CrazyMass
  • Vegetarian Bodybuilding
  • Body Spartan
  • Bodybuilding.com
  • Supplements Geeks
  • Plant Based Bodybuilding
  • HGH.com


If you’re feeling the effects of low testosterone, or if you market to bodybuilders who may be suffering from burnout, then Testogen can be a great product for you.

The main function of Testogen is to boost your testosterone levels naturally and correct any symptoms associated with having low testosterone.

Testogen is a popular product because it helps improve both mental and physical well-being. Not only is Testostogen said to improve the mood of people suffering from low testosterone, but it also boosts the body’s muscle-building and fat-burning capabilities.

Muscle & Strength

If you’re looking for an all-in-one stop shop for all your bodybuilding needs, then Muscle & Strength is a good bet.

This successful eCommerce brand carries an impressive list of more than 7,000 products! If you promote to a list that is even slightly interested in bodybuilding, then you’re bound to find something you can sell to them as a Muscle & Strength affiliate.

The Muscle & Strength affiliate program is hosted on the Commission Junction platform.

Brutal Force

Any bodybuilders on your email list who want to get really big will love Brutal Force. This company offers an effective steroid alternative that’s 100% on the right side of the law.

The legal steroids provided by Brutal Force are also said to have no side effects. That’s great news if you’re a dude who doesn’t want to grow breasts or a female bodybuilder who doesn’t want to look like the lead singer of ZZ Top.

While the cookie duration offered by Brutal Force isn’t the best, you can earn up to 20% per sale depending on your performance.

My Supplement Store

Similar to Muscle & Strength above, My Supplement Store is another huge eCommerce brand.

They have a nice 5,000+ stock range covering all kinds of supplements that can help the body-conscious athlete with all kinds of issues including building muscle, toning, pre and post-workout pills, protein potions, and keto supplements. They also have the stuff to help you with weight loss or weight gain (some people are never happy).

My Supplement Store is popular because they provide great products at pocket-friendly prices. As an affiliate, this can be a great angle for you to promote and get those bucks rolling in.

BPI Sports

Primarily another supplement company, BPI Sports have pills and powders to help you with all the typical things that keep a bodybuilder up at night. I’m talking about building muscle, and burning fat where it matters.

What I like about BPI Sports is that their website is particularly well organized. As a customer, you can either search their stock range by product type or the particular goal you have in mind. So, if you’re not exactly sure what product you need, then BPI Sports can recommend the best supplements you need. This is great for affiliates because it means they likely have a higher conversion rate as a result.

BPI Sports affiliates also get a generous 25% discount code to offer to their audience. This is another great sign that this company wants to support its affiliates to make as many sales as possible!

Fat Gripz

This affiliate program offers the lowest affiliate commission and the worst cookie life that I’ve come across. So, why does it make my list of the best bodybuilding affiliate programs?

Because they have a cool name…

Not really, but the name is pretty cool!

The reason why I’ve included Fat Grips on this list is that they’re super niche-specific in that their product appeals to people who want to build bigger arms. When a person searches for a very specific product or finds a product to help them solve a very specific problem, then chances are your conversion rate is gonna be so much higher when they see the product that has been specifically designed to solve their pain point.

As an affiliate, I wouldn’t make this product the center of my offering, but it’s a nice extra you can sell to your list.


CrazyMass is a bodybuilding company that has been around since 2006. Over the years, CrazyMass has grown to become one of the most trusted names in anabolic steroids and steroid alternative products.

CrazyMass offers some of the highest-quality supplements for bodybuilders that you can find online today.

What makes CrazyMass different is that their steroid-like products are made from only natural ingredients. These are said to work perfectly within the body’s chemistry to burn fat, build muscle, and increase testosterone levels while avoiding the side effects associated with steroids like acne, hair loss, water retention, etc.

CrazyMass products are manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility and are FDA-inspected, so rest assured, their steroid alternatives are 100% legal.

Vegetarian Bodybuilding

Vegetarian Bodybuilding is a company run by vegetarian bodybuilder, Chris Willitts. Chris’ primary product is the V3 Bodybuilding plant-based fitness system.

Basically, the V3 Bodybuilding system is a training program that provides in-depth info on exactly what, how, and when to eat if you’re a bodybuilder on a veggie diet.

Getting enough protein as a vegetarian can be tough if you like to pump those weights, which is why the V3 Bodybuilding system has become so popular in the plant-based community.

The affiliate program is hosted on ClickBank and pays you a 50% commission on a $97 product.

Body Spartan

Body Spartan is an increasingly popular brand that offers an interesting array of products. These include supplements, fitness programs, and apparel.

What I particularly like about Body Spartan is that they offer a membership program with exclusive benefits. Starting at just $19.99, members enjoy access to hundreds of Body Spartan workout programs, nutrition plans, recipes, and access to nutrition and fitness experts for all their burning questions.

The Body Spartan affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale and pays out affiliates 10% per sale.


Bodybuilding.com is one of the biggest names in the industry. They offer a decent range of supplements as well as information to help you lose weight, get in shape, and build muscle.

As a Bodybuilding.com affiliate, you have 2 ways to make money:

  1. Drive traffic to their eCommerce store and get paid up to 8% per sale on any of their supplement and fitness-related products
  2. Promote their subscription service called BODYFIT. BODYFIT is a private membership service where members get access to the best info to help them reach their fitness goals.

Supplements Geeks

If your audience like swiping supplements at bargain-basement prices, then they’re gonna love Supplements Geeks.

Known to have some of the lowest prices on supplements in the industry, they’re a huge draw for cheap skate bodybuilders and those who just don’t have the bucks to invest in their bodybuilding efforts like the pros.

Promoting Supplements Geeks will earn you 10% commission rates per sale, which is not bad for a physical product. Another incentive to promote this company is that you get a never-ending cookie-like. The only way you won’t get paid here is if your potential customers click on another Supplements Geeks affiliate link after yours and before the sale is made.

Plant Based Bodybuilding

A vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and of course, there are some bodybuilders too who still want to get big without eating animals.

So, to solve this problem, bodybuilder Justin Kavanagh has created his plant-based nutrition guide for bodybuilders.

You can find this product on the ClickBank marketplace, and it’s gonna pay you out a nice 75% commission per sale.

  • Commission: 75%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • URL: Sign up and promote here


The HGH online supplement store offers a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, peptides, legal steroids, and protein powders that are designed to enhance athletic performance, promote muscle growth, and improve overall health.

Buyers have peace of mind knowing that each product is backed up by a no questions asked return policy of 90 days from the date of delivery. Not only this, but HGH has a stellar market reputation, and is a go-to brand for many professional bodybuilders.

HGH operates its affiliate program on the ShareASale network and offer up to 20% commission on sales generated from your affiliate referral links.

How To Get Approved To Promote Affiliate Programs

Some affiliate programs are straightforward to get approved for, while others require you to jump through a few hoops first.

Often, most affiliate programs want to see that you at least have a website or landing page established. However, other programs will want you to prove how much traffic you’re generating, or how big your email list is.

It improves your chances of getting accepted, see my top tips to get approved for affiliate programs.

Best Ways To Promote These Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs

The best ways to promote bodybuilding affiliate products are through blogging, leveraging social media, or using paid advertising.

If you like the idea of blogging or building niche affiliate websites that gain traffic on autopilot and make you sales even while you sleep, then you can get $200 off the best affiliate SEO course here and learn exactly how it’s done.

If blogging and website building isn’t your thing, then you can also make a lot of money as an affiliate by leveraging various social media platforms. Here’s some free affiliate training to show you how to do it.

Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs – My Final Thoughts

There are tons of products available for affiliates to promote in the muscle-building niche, and this list is just scratching the surface.

You’ll never run out of offers in this space, and there are always new and innovative products coming out every year. If you’re passionate about the fitness market, then it can be well worth your time to build up an audience in this space!

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