The 9 Best Link Tracking Software Tools In 2021

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Using a link tracker is like having your best buddy watching your back while working online.

With a ton of click fraud going on, and a need now more than ever to use effective click tracking to increase conversion rates, using a solid link tracker is a no-brainer.

I tested 9 click tracking software pieces and found that Voluum was the best overall. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right option for you because it does have some flaws.

I found that most of the other link trackers are suited for specific purposes, which might make them a better option for you. For example, one is best at tracking links for affiliates, another is entirely free, and one is best for small agencies, so it all depends on your needs.

Voluum is an excellent choice for most businesses because it can save you a ton of time, and it also helps to remove human error risk when tracking links connected to advertising (more deets on that in the section on Voluum below).

Keep reading to find the best link tracker software to help you optimize all your marketing.

The 9 Best Link Tracking Software Tools

The 9 best link tracking software pieces are:

  1. Voluum (Best Overall)
  2. ClickMagick (Best For Affiliates)
  3. ClickMeter (Best For Enterprise Businesses)
  4. Improvely (Best For Small Agencies and Businesses)
  5. LinkTrackr (Most affordable, besides the free one)
  6. Trck.Me (Best For Ecommerce Stores)
  7. (Most Affordable For Enterprise Businesses)
  8. DSLinker (Best Free Options)
  9. Rebrandly (Best in Integrations)

Voluum – Best Link Tracker Overall

Voluum link tracking software

Voluum is a popular link tracker created for businesses and marketers that want to track everything from one, convenient place. Voluum has features like an anti click fraud kit that will help you detect nefarious bot traffic, however, its automated optimization impressed me the most.

It’s also very popular in the affiliate marketing community and was created by affiliates. Plus, it’s also the official tracking partner of some notable names like Clickbank, ExoClick, PropellerAds, and Mobidea.

  • Key features: Automation and rules, real-time reporting, link grouping, and more
  • Great at: For any online business running paid ads that wants to save time optimizing
  • Not so great for: Beginners that don’t need advanced features
  • Free Trial: Yes – 30-Days
  • Price range: See pricing here
  • Best overall

Inside Voluum, you can set up rules of actions triggered by conditions, allowing you to spend less time optimizing your campaigns. This is unique, and most other tracking campaigns don’t have this feature.

Without using the “Automizer” feature, you’ll likely find yourself glued to a screen and constantly checking your ad campaigns – and ensuring you don’t spend too much money or that the conversions are correct. Voluum does this for you through advanced ad tracking software!

Besides, it also removes the risk of human error by automatically sending your traffic to the best-performing pages, which is pretty awesome!

By human error, I’m talking about forgetting to make changes and not optimizing your campaigns correctly. This is priceless and will help you optimize your marketing campaigns more effectively, so you ultimately generate more revenue.

All of this, while saving you time as well. Not bad.

In combination with the decent list of integrations and reasonable pricing, the features of Voluum are why it’s my choice for the #1 link tracker software, even though there are some more affordable options on this list.

However, if you use Voluum and set up automation rules, it should be well worth the price.

You can test it out and use Voluum free for one month here.

ClickMagick – Best Link Tracking Tool for Affiliates


ClickMagick is the most popular in the affiliate marketing community by far, and that’s for a good reason. Like Voluum, it was also founded by someone who has been in the affiliate marketing game themselves, so they know the tracking needs of the end-user.

However, it has even more tracking tools specifically for affiliate marketers than Voluum, so I rated ClickMagick the best link tracking tool for affiliates. ClickMagick also starts at a lower price making it better for beginner marketers.

  • Key features: Affiliate marketing tools, link cloaking, integrations and traffic analysis
  • Great at: Helping affiliates analyze their traffic and manage campaigns
  • Not so great for: Agencies with lots of clients
  • Free Trial: Yes – 14-Days
  • Price range: $37 to $199 per month
  • Best for affiliate marketers

I’m sure you, like me, have come across more than one affiliate network with sub-standard click tracking. Unfortunately, this is very common. We can’t rely on the networks and programs we promote to track our affiliate links for us. Not if you want to scale your income!

As an affiliate, ClickMagick makes you look more trust-worthy by allowing you to use your own custom domains just adding a few parameters. This will ensure that the customers trusts your links, which will ultimately lead to higher conversions.

Another thing that I really like about ClickMagick is that it has great conversion tracking. It allows you to track your entire sales funnel easily and effectively.

For example, it uses cookies that users can’t block. They also don’t need to be added through redirects. This means you will get a lot more data to work with in your campaigns.

More data = more power to scale.

If you’re using a ClickMagick alternative for your link tracking then you might find that some users are still able to block your cookies.

Plus, ClickMagick also has cross-device tracking, so your cookies and trackers stay with your users. This is a technology that many of your competitors won’t have (unless they’re also using ClickMagick), so it’s a real secret weapon in your online marketing arsenal!

And it’s an effective one because it will keep your tracking cookies on other devices once your visitors click your affiliate links. In my opinion this is one of the most powerful features of ClickMagick.

So, as an affiliate you’ll inevitably make more commissions. If they purchase via another device during the cookie period, you will still get the commission.

Ultimately, this means more money for you too.

All of these features of ClickMagick is why it gets my vote as one of the best affiliate marketing tools you can use.

You can test it out and get a free trial here.

ClickMeter – Best Tracking For Enterprise Businesses


ClickMeter is one of the best link tracker software pieces out there. It does everything you would expect from link tracking software. Still, it’s robust enough to be used for enterprise businesses, as it has pricing options with over 1 billion events available.

This is also why ClickMeter is used by some huge companies like Arsenal football club, Payoneer, Westfield, AmazonBuy VIP, and many more.

  • Key features: Share the reports, high-volume pricing options, and comprehensive analytics
  • Great at: Helping enterprise businesses track their links, even if they have a very high volume
  • Not so great for: Businesses that need automated management
  • Free Trial: No
  • Price range: $29 to $4000+ per month
  • Best for Enterprise businesses

Looking at what ClickMeter does well, it’s clear that they have optimized their offer for enterprise businesses. Not only is it robust enough to handle up to 1 billion events per month (per client), but it also has advanced options for sharing reports.

If you’re working in a big organization, you will share those reports with team members, clients, and partners. And ClickMeters has lots of options for you to do so.

Besides these features made for large enterprise businesses, I also liked that you get the API which will help you integrate it with pretty much any software out there. This is one of the most useful features of ClickMeter. Unfortunately, not all link trackers have an API for you to work with.

When I looked around at the features, I also found that it really has many conversion rate optimization tools, such as an A/B split testing rotator, the conversion pixels feature, and the split-test optimizer.

I particularly like the URL rotator as it is a great way to test multiple products at once to quickly see which ones convert best for you. This way you can make your A/B tests much more effective.

These features will give you detailed insights on which of your pages display the message that converts the best for you. Again, this will ultimately lead to more sales and conversions for you.

However, compared to the two options discussed earlier, it somewhat lacks the “wow” features of some of the others on this page. That being said, it does make up for its scalability, which seems to be the market they target.

You can sign up to test it out ClickMeter here.

Improvely – Best At Tracking Links For Small Businesses & Agencies

Improvely link tracker

Improvely is my next click tracking choice, and it’s the best one for small agencies and businesses.

Improvely also has some unique features and lets you learn more about your customers. This can be very helpful as it allows you to optimize your business specifically for them.

Plus, with affordable pricing starting at just $29 per month, it’s a great option for beginners too.

Improvely’s interface is also a little simpler than some of the other options on this list, which again is one reason you might prefer to use this link tracker.

  • Key features: Visual analytics, profiles for your top customers
  • Great at: Helping businesses of all sizes optimize their campaigns to suit the ideal customer
  • Not so great for: Large enterprise organizations that need more than 1 million events tracked per month
  • Free Trial: Yes – 14-Days
  • Price range: $29 to $899 per month
  • Best for Small Businesses and Agencies

One of the key features that I wanted to discuss here in more detail is the customer profile.

Improvely lets you track everything you need to know about your top customers. This way you know everything you need to know to optimize for conversions.

It’s really the ultimate stalking tool for businesses… Just that it lets you optimize for conversions (and not stalk them in real life, because that would just be a little creepy).

For example, when your customers enter their name, Improvely will create a custom profile for them. This includes their activity timeline and some key metrics such as the lifetime value of the customer. You can also see the averages in your analytics, which will help you estimate how much you need to spend on ads to be profitable.

Ultimately, this makes your life easier because you won’t need to calculate these metrics yourself. Instead, you will have them available to you in a clear overview inside Improvely.

Another thing that I really like about Improvely compared to some of the other options on this list is how visual yet detailed the analytics are. The reason why this is so great is that it just makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for.

All in all, I think Improvely is a great choice for businesses that are looking to satisfy a very specific target customer. And it does this extremely well, which is why it’s on this list.

You can test out Improvely for free here.

LinkTrackr – Most Affordable Tracking Tool


LinkTrackr is by far the most affordable option on this list (besides a free option that we’ll discuss soon in this article).

LinkTrackr starts at just $7 per month and lets you track key data such as your revenue, conversion rate, and revenue per visitor.

LinkTrackr is also used by some very well-known people in the affiliate marketing world, such as Mike Filsaime and John Chow. If these guys recommend a product, it does have some significance. Besides price, it also shines in terms of ease of use and even a few other features that I’ll let you in on in a few moments.

LinkTrackr is the best value option for beginners, as despite it being so affordable – it offers incredible value.

  • Key features: Visual analytics, Set custom cookie rules, rotate traffic, link cloaking
  • Great at: Helping affiliates track and optimize their campaigns for an affordable price
  • Not so great for: Non-affiliate businesses, as most of the features, are for affiliates
  • Price range: $7 to $47 per month
  • Best Value For Affordability

When I first saw the Linktrackr pricing plans, I could hardly believe how affordable they really are. It’s like visiting a hot, exotic country and seeing how affordable the villas are that even come with all the bells and whistles!

Well, LinkTrackr doesn’t quite have all the bells and whistles, but its offering is pretty damn good for the price!

$7 per month for a link tracker with a decent feature list? That’s impressive, and I had to try it.

When using it, I really liked the visual analytics (GET IMAGE FROM HomePage”) – Plus, I also set custom cookie rules, which gives you more flexibility and options on your advertising campaigns.

For example, you can choose the cookie window to be however long you like. And as you know your business better than anyone, this should allow you to optimize perfectly for conversions.

You can also use its split-testing tool to rotate your traffic around different URLs. Doing so will allow you to quickly identify the best converting offers and ultimately help you reach sales faster.

The value of Linktrackr’s plans are very impressive, and it’s well worth the price. For example, on the higher plan for $47 per month (77 if paid monthly), you get to track up to 500,000 events.

To put this into perspective, the same number of events with Improvely will set you back $599 per month. But then, you won’t be able to be a pro internet stalker like you can with Improvely! :))

Overall, I think LinkTrackr could be the perfect option for beginner affiliates that don’t want to sacrifice features for affordability.

You can test it out and get a free trial here.

Trck.Me – Best Tracking For Ecommerce Stores software

Next on my list is This link tracker lets you manage all your advertising, social media, and affiliate links in one place.

Trck.Me has got everything you need to track where your traffic is coming from and who is viewing it so that you can optimize your campaigns for the best possible conversions.

Interestingly, it also has some automation rules similar to Voluum, which we discussed earlier on. It’s also used by over 40,000 businesses and Entrepreneurs like LeadPage, Purejoy, or Bonjour.

  • Key features: Rule automation, visual analytics and data management, social media reach tracking, link cloaking
  • Great at: Tracking social media, advertising, and advertising links in one place while keeping your branded links
  • Not so great for: Agencies that need to share reports
  • Price range: $29 to $99 per month
  • Best For Ecommerce Stores

Trck.Me is very popular, and their plans are currently sold out at the time of writing this article. However, this may not be the case when you are reading this.

I actually thought this was quite strange because it’s rare that a SaaS tool limits how many customers they will take on.

One of theist unique features of is that it also includes social media reach tracking on its higher plan, which none of the other options on this list have.

This is also one reason why I rated it the best for E-commerce businesses because most online stores drive a lot of traffic using social platforms.

Besides this, it also has some automation rules to help you manage your data and links without sitting at a computer 24/7.

However, these aren’t quite as advanced as Voluum’s rules that we discussed earlier. The pricing plans are also relatively affordable, with no limits on how many events you can track. This means you won’t need to worry about sending too much traffic.

Overall, Trck.Me is a great all-rounder and one of the best link trackers for e-commerce businesses or any stores that drive a lot of traffic using social media.

RedTrack.IO: Most Affordable For Enterprise Businesses

RedTrack software

RedTrack is another great option for enterprise businesses. It also works out very affordable on the higher plans. This link tracker also has reasonable overspend charges from just $0.02 per thousand events.

Similar to ClickMeter, it also has lots of options to collaborate and share results. Again, this will be really useful if you are working in a large organization.

RedTrack.IO is also very user-friendly and has a clean interface, but I couldn’t find any features that really “wow’d” me.

  • Key features: Visual analytics, IOS 14 response, reports, and collaboration
  • Great at: Responding to IOS 14 update and offering affordable plans for enterprise businesses.
  • Not so great for: Beginners
  • Price range: $49 to $1,119 per month
  • Most Affordable For Enterprise Businesses

One thing that I did notice about RedTrack.Io is that they have a response to tracking on Facebook after the IOS14 update. If you haven’t heard, Apple will roll out an update that will make tracking IOS users a lot harder.

However, according to’s website, they have found a solution to combat the effects of this update, at least partly. This is pretty cool and one of my favorite things about it by far. I believe some of the other options like Voluum or ClickMagick can do this too, but they don’t explicitly talk about it like RedTrack does.

Besides this, RedTrack has all the standard features you would need such as tracking where your traffic is coming from, how it’s converting, etc. Plus, it also has an incredibly easy-to-use interface along with visual analytics making it easier for you to manage your campaigns.

Looking at RedTracks pricing, I also found that it’s very affordable for enterprise businesses and organizations. For example, the highest plan offers to track 75 million clicks at just $1,119, which is very affordable.

I rated lower than a lot of the other options because you miss so many features on the lower plans. And I also don’t think it’s suited for a lot of businesses. Still, it’s a great software piece and definitely can work well for the right customer.

You can test it out and get a free trial here.

DSLinker – Best Free Click Tracking Software

DSLinker - free link tracker

Earlier, I mentioned that there would be a free click tracker on this list. Interestingly, this link tracker was created by David Sandy, who owns a well-known blog in the affiliate marketing community.

If you’ve researched some ClickFunnels alternatives, you may have found some of his comparisons and reviews.

The tool itself is quite good, especially when you consider that it’s completely free. It lets you track events and shows you data such as the browser type or the IP of your customer.

  • Key features: Decent analytics, create link groups
  • Great at: Offering the basics for free
  • Not so great for: Businesses that need comprehensive tracking
  • Price range: Free
  • Best Free Option

DSLinker lets you monitor the performance of your links and manage them completely free. If you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing and don’t want to invest in a paid option yet, this could be the perfect choice for you.

Despite it being free, it still gives you decent data like the Geography or IP information of your visitors. However, it doesn’t really give you a lot for tracking revenue, as it is free. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have a free option available to us.

You can test it out here.

Rebrandly – Best For Integrations

Rebrandly software

Rebrandly is our final link tracking software on this list. It’s one of the best link trackers for integrations, as it integrates with over 100 tools and pretty much anything else using Zapier or the API.

Compared to some of the options on this list, it’s quite basic – but it does have all the fundamentals you should look for in a link tracking software. Although it mainly markets its ability to brand any link you share, it also has decent tracking capabilities.

It’s also used by some huge companies like Lamborghini, PayPal, Shopify, or Santander.

  • Key features: Analytics, collaborations, Lots of Integrations
  • Great at: Combining with other tools
  • Not so great for: Businesses that need automated rules and advanced features
  • Price range: Free to $499 per month
  • Best For Integrations

Rebrandly markets itself mainly toward traditional businesses instead of affiliates like many other link tracking software on this list. It has the basic link management tools that all the other ones have, but where it performs really well is the integrations, as it has 100+ native ones.

I also think that Rebrandly is a solid all-rounder, as it’s got decent features and pricing options to suit any sized business. However, compared to some of the other link tracking software pieces on this list, it lacks advanced features like automatic optimization or set your own cookie rules.

You can test it out and get a free trial here.

Link Tracking Software Buying Guide

When buying a link tracker, the first thing that you should be aware of is how many events/clicks your business needs per month. This is because this metric will heavily affect the pricing.

Unfortunately, some of the options on our best link tracker software list are capped, even on the highest plans. It would be pretty frustrating for your click tracking to mess up just because you’ve hit usage limits.

Also, make sure to keep in mind the growth of your online business. Just because you only need a certain number of click tracking events now doesn’t mean that you won’t need more in the future.

This is why I also suggest looking at the link tracking plans above the one that you want to pick to ensure it will still suit you when you do need to upgrade your plan.

For features, I suggest looking deeper into where and how you want to use the link tracker.

Do you only need it to track affiliate links, or do you need to track other types or URL’s and branded links? Do you need a high level of click fraud protection? Is ad tracking software important to you? What features would make your link tracking more efficient or easier?

For example, if you know you’ll be advertising on Facebook and Google, tracking and optimizing your campaigns can be a lot of work. In this case, Voluum’s automation rules would save you a lot of time and remove the risk of human error when tracking links. You can also use the A/B split testing feature to ensure that you’re running the most optimal campaigns.

Alternatively, the analytics of your sales platform may not be as good as you wish. If this is the case then it would make sense to go for Improvely, which also shows you data like the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer.

Finally, it can also be a problem if the product you want to use doesn’t have the right integrations – as this can make it harder to run your online business and use the data from your link tracking tool on other platforms.

Final Thoughts: Which Is The Best Link Tracker?

Overall, the best link tracking software to help you avoid click fraud and optimize your marketing is Voluum. However, this has been an incredibly close race as there are some pretty awesome ones on this list.

All of the above options are solid – and for me picking a winner felt like looking around in a restaurant with endless mouth-watering meals but only being able to pick one.

That’s why I hope that my reasoning on which link tracking software is best for what purpose throughout this article has been helpful for you. If you would like to give Voluum’s link tracker capabilities a go, then click the button below to sign up.

Please be aware that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases, at no extra cost to you. However, this does not impact our comparisons and reviews. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.


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