12 Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs (and 1 To Avoid)

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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

If you’ve been promoting low-ticket affiliate offers and struggling to bring in a decent paycheck each month, then it’s time to start getting into promoting high ticket affiliate programs.

A lot of affiliates shy away from jumping into high ticket affiliate marketing. This is usually because they think it’ll be too difficult to sell those kinds of products, or they don’t feel they have the experience needed to sell them.

I used to think this too, once upon a time.

The good news is, that’s just not true!

It doesn’t actually take that much more work or know-how to sell a high-ticket product than it does to sell an ebook for $10.

Think about it for a moment…

If someone is actively looking to buy a product online that happens to cost a lot of money, they still have the intention to buy it in the first place.

So, if they come across your website or landing page, then there’s just as much chance they’ll buy the product from you because they are actively looking for it.

Make sense?


So, if you want to become a high-ticket affiliate marketer, then this article is for you.

Here are some of the best high-ticket affiliate products that you can promote today and earn considerably high commissions with.

As I Find New High Ticket Affiliate Programs I Will Update This Article.

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What Are The Best High Paying Affiliate Programs?

Below are some of the most lucrative affiliate programs that you can promote in the entrepreneurship, business, and marketing niche.

This is one of the most profitable niches you can get involved with.

There are, of course, high ticket offers in other niches too, but in this article we are just going to be looking at this niche for now.

Each of these products is high-quality, which is why they can command big ticket sales.

In this article, you will learn useful info like the affiliate commission rates, and other pros and cons of promoting these offers.

Marketing & SMB Programs



Need Training? Our Top Rated Affiliate Courses

Best For Free Traffic
AMB Bootcamp
  • How to build passive income
  • Evergreen methods
  • Personal brand affiliate methods
  • Faceless affiliate methods
  • Outsourced affiliate methods
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Facebook Organic
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Groups
  • Taught by a 7-figure super affiliate
Best For Paid Traffic
301K Challenge
  • Teaches affiliate marketing with email
  • Paid traffic
  • How to find high paying offers that actually convert
  • Advanced list building tactics
  • Advanced email copy tactics
  • Secret high quality traffic sources revealed
  • Includes a DFY option
  • Full course
  • Taught by a 7-figure super affiliate
Best Low Cost Course
72 Hour Challenge
  • Short quick-start course
  • Includes DFY software automation
  • 15 high converting offers revealed
  • Includes a free white label course
  • 7-figure affiliate system reveal
  • Teaches 3 free traffic methods
  • Very low cost course
  • Taught by a 7-figure super affiliate


Fiverr affiliate egistration page

Fiverr is the go-to platform for hiring top-notch freelancers.

However, surprisingly, many are in the dark about Fiverr’s stellar affiliate program. It’s a hidden gem in the industry.

As a Fiverr affiliate you can rake in as much as $1,000 from just one sale!

Fiverr isn’t just about connecting clients and freelancers; they genuinely value and reward their affiliates. By simply spreading the word and bringing in new clients, you can earn impressive commissions.

Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, or just someone with a knack for marketing, Fiverr’s affiliate program is one of the best in the business.

With a vast range of services to promote, from graphic design to writing, there’s something for every niche. Fiverr also provides all the tools and support you need to succeed.

Whether you’re eyeing a fixed rate per sale (ranging from $10 to $1,000) or a percentage-based commission (from 10% to 50%), Fiverr offers flexibility in how you earn.

  • Commission rate: Various – from 10-50% per sale, or $10 – $1,000 per sale
  • Rev Share Options: Yes
  • Avg EPC: $7
  • Cookie duration: Lifetime once signed up
  • Join the program: Sign up here to promote Fiverr


Builderall Homepage

Builderall is more than just a digital marketing platform – it’s a complete package for entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive online. It’s like your one-stop shop for all things digital.

Here’s the lowdown on Builderall’s affiliate program: it’s pretty awesome.


First off, the commission is impressive. You can earn up to 100% on the initial payment from your referrals.

And it doesn’t stop there. You also get a 30% monthly commission. Plus, there’s a 2-tier system, so you earn from your referrals’ referrals too.

If you’re curious about what you could promoting Builderall, then you can check out Builderall’s affiliate calculator here.

Builderall’s got a tool for everything – website building, sales funnels, email marketing, you name it. It’s perfect for reaching a wide audience, from newbies to established businesses.

The platform keeps evolving with the digital world, adding new features and tools. This means you’ve always got fresh stuff to promote, keeping your audience engaged and your strategies relevant.

Plus, there are lots of ways you can promote the Builderall program so you’ll never run out of ideas with this product.

  • Commission rate: Various – 100% of first sale, then 30% monthly recurring on tier-one, and 30% monthly recurring on tier-two
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Join the program: Sign up here to promote Builderall


ClickFunnels program

ClickFunnels has been around for a while now and is one of the most lucrative affiliate platforms.

Founded by successful entrepreneur Russell Brunson, the ClickFunnels affiliate program offers a good variety of products with commissions of up to 40%. However, unlike other similar programs, the tracking has been known to be a bit all over the place, so let’s take a look.

Old affiliates (anyone registered before Sept 2019) make 40% commissions on most products, and on the ClickFunnels software itself, they earn 40% recurring each month the customer renews their subscription.

However, since 2019 new affiliates start out at 20% and can only promote a handful of products, which does not include the ClickFunnels software suite itself.

You can increase your percentage to 30% once you earn your first $1,000 in one month. This will also unlock the ability for you to promote the ClickFunnels software and earn recurring commission on sales of their main product offering too.

After that, you can ask for an increase of 40% once you get 40 active ClickFunnels users signed up under you.

Once you can start promoting the ClickFunnels software you’re eligible to enter the CF Dream Car Contest. Basically, once you have 100 active CF subscribers under you, CF will give you an additional $500 each month to pay for the lease on your dream car. Get 200 active subs and they double this to $1,000 per month.

Similar to Legendary Marketer, ClickFunnels also has a wide range of products with low front-end offers with higher ticket upsells on the back end.

You can start out promoting their marketing books on a free + shipping model. You’ll earn a whopping $1 per sale…

However, once someone has entered the funnel through your affiliate link they will then be presented with various upsell offers on the back end. You can earn a sizable commission per sale on these upsells – as much as $1,997 per sale!

Besides that, ClickFunnels also has a variety of other products and courses that you can earn nice commissions on. One of my favorites to promote is Funnel Scripts. You can earn $297 per sale on this product.

All in all, ClickFunnels remains one of the most lucrative affiliate programs. And despite not offering just percentage-based commissions, it’s still a good high ticket affiliate program.

You can also learn to use the ClickFunnels software for affiliate marketing here.


  • Multiple products available to promote
  • Offers interesting rewards outside commissions
  • Potential to increase monthly recurring commissions
  • Very active affiliate community
  • Frequent promos
  • Commissions are paid out fortnightly


  • Not the best cookie tracking system in place
  • Not all of the digital products are popular

Commission rate: Up to 40% monthly recurring (up to $797 per sale on some products)

Cookie duration: Lifetime

Join program: sign up here to promote

Thinkific Affiliate Program


Thinkific is an online course creation platform. Some of its main competitors include Teachable, Kajabi and ClickFunnels.

The target audience for this product are DIY entrepreneurs, and content creators who are looking to host a membership course.

The Thinkific pricing starts reasonably at $49 per month, which is affordable for most small businesses and solopreneurs. The current price for the top-level account costs $499 per month.

Like most subscription-based software products, Thinkific offers a discount for those who choose to pay annually for the service.

Thinkific pays its affiliates a 20% recurring monthly commission, which can be a nice revenue stream to build up. If your referral chooses to pay yearly then you can earn up to $675 on a yearly basis.

One downside of promoting Thinkific though is that they want to see consistent monthly sales from you. If you go 3 months without making any sales they could shut your affiliate account down. This is not great for affiliates that use passive promotional methods such as blogging.

Commission rate: 20% per sale (up to $675 when paying yearly)

Cookie duration: 90 days

Join program: sign up here to promote


Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Legendary Marketer affiliate program

The Legendary Marketer affiliate program is another great high ticket program you can promote in the digital marketing space.

Through this program, you can promote a variety of business, and marketing courses, and blueprints.

Legendary Marketer is owned by a very well-known and respected guy in the space, David Sharpe. His products cover everything from branding to high ticket affiliate marketing, to sales and conversion strategies.

Legendary Marketer has products for complete beginners all the way up to people who are already experienced, marketers.

As an affiliate, you can promote any of their 4 front-end offers. These range from $1 to $7 dollars, so it’s not a difficult sale to make on your part.

Each paying customer initially goes through Legendary’s 15-Day Challenge. On the 5th day, the customer is then offered a high-ticket product, which is where you make your big commissions through Legendary.

And the commissions are sizable, between $1,000 – $2,850 per sale.

Unfortunately, Legendary Marketer is restricted in some countries so not everyone can sign up.

The other downside to this program is that if you want to have the opportunity to hear the higher commissions then you need to become a paid member at $30 per month. You can still promote Legendary for free, but you won’t then be able to earn the big bucks with this program.

In my opinion, if you’re going to promote this product then you’ll be better off if you take it seriously and actively put energy into promoting it on a regular basis. So if you’re doing this then it makes sense to become a paid member at $30 per month.

Having said this, as a paid affiliate your benefits are two-fold. You get access to tutorials and blueprints that can help you to promote LM as well as any other products that you’re in on.

Secondly, you have the potential to earn up to 60%, which can add up to substantial sums.


  • Very good online business courses
  • Very high commissions
  • Responsive support system
  • Great low-ticket front-end offers that are easy to promote
  • Earn big commissions on the back end
  • Decent product variety and upsells to push
  • Good conversion rate


  • Higher commission levels are gated behind a premium membership
  • Has a strict vetting process
  • Not open to all countries

Commission rate: Up to $2,850 per sale

Cookie duration: 90 days

Join program: sign up here to promote

Amazing Selling Machine Affiliate Program

Amazing Selling Machine affiliate program

Amazing Selling Machine is a highly successful marketing course that focuses on teaching users how to build an Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) business from scratch. In the course, people learn all kinds of skills such as finding products to sell, how to market them, and so on.

ASM is one of the most expensive marketing courses out there as the current price is $4,997. However, a high number of ASM customers get results with it, and the company recognizes successful students by name so other users can also see who’s getting a lot of success in the community.

Amazing Selling Machine is a highly successful marketing course that focuses on teaching users how to build an Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) business from scratch. In the course, people learn all kinds of skills such as finding products to sell, how to market them, and so on.

ASM is one of the most expensive marketing courses out there as the current price is $4,997. However, a high number of ASM customers get results with it, and the company recognizes successful students by name so other users can also see who’s getting a lot of success in the community.

Another plus point of the ASM is that it is updated regularly, and has currently had 12 revisions in the course.

The owners want to make sure that ASM is teaching the most current and up-to-date info, so if you’re promoting it as an affiliate you can feel good knowing that you are bringing your audience the most relevant information.

Since it’s one of the most expensive courses around, the commission level is also one of the highest for this type of product, up to $2,392 per sale.

As attractive as that is, if you don’t know much about Amazon FBA and have had little or no experience with it then you’ll struggle to promote this product. Competition is fierce and many affiliates create a whole host of highly targeted bonuses that will appeal to the target audience.

With a commission of 40%, you can earn a lot with a single sale per month. Yet there is some serious competition here. ASM is probably the most popular training course in the world when it comes to the Amazon FBA niche.

There’s also the fact that this is just one product and a very expensive one at that. Joining as an affiliate is easy enough. But it may take some skill to promote and convert people into customers.


  • 40% commission that can increase to 50%
  • Can sell main product or subscriptions
  • Popular training material, updated every year
  • Very simple affiliate application process


  • Very niche course and audience
  • The cost of the program doesn’t include additional expenses for buyers

Commission rate: Up to $2,392 per sale

Cookie duration: 60 days

Join program: sign up here to promote

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course

Affiliate Secrets 3.0
 is an end-to-end affiliate marketing course by one of the most successful affiliates on the planet. Super affiliate Spencer Mecham, was also the first person to reach $1,000,000 in affiliate commissions by promoting the ClickFunnels platform.

That’s pretty impressive!

When you promote the Affiliate Secrets course you’ll earn 50% in commission, which will bring you in $748.50 per sale.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 doesn’t just teach the basics of affiliate marketing. This course is highly attractive to both newcomers and experienced affiliates looking to expand their skill sets.

Not only does Spencer have a solid strategy to build a passive income online, but he also teaches high ticket affiliate marketing.

The information in the Affiliate Secrets course is not unique. But the delivery is different and provides more than one strategy to build a successful affiliate business. If you choose to promote this course, your audience will definitely have something to learn from it.

It’s particularly useful information for someone that wants to build a business around ClickFunnels. So, one idea is to pair the two products together and promote them in unison.

The course is quite an expensive product at $1,497. However, it’s a well-known course with many people actively looking to sign up.


  • Earn $748.50 on every single sale
  • Super easy signup process
  • Course recently fully updated (in 2021)
  • The owner is a well-known and trusted super affiliate in the industry


  • Could have better promo tools

Commission rate: Up to $748.50 per sale

Cookie duration:

Join program: sign up here to promote

Commission Hero Affiliate Program

Commission Hero

Commission Hero is another popular course that teaches affiliate marketers how to build a business using FaceBook ads.

The course founder is another super affiliate, Robby Blanchard. You may have seen his ads recently on YouTube where he introduces himself from the ClickBank head office. That’s because he’s the number one affiliate for ClickBank, and in his course, he teaches you how to earn $1,000+ per day with his methods.

The Commission Hero course is hosted on the ClickBank affiliate network, however, you’ll also need to apply directly to promote this course. If you’re accepted then you’ll be added to the Commission Hero whitelist, and they will send you your hop link via email.

The current price of this course is $997, of which you’ll receive 40% as your affiliate commission. If you’re able to sign up multiple customers then you may also be able to get a commission bump to 50 or even 60% if you ask.

Commission rate: 40% per sale ($398)

Cookie duration:

Join program: sign up here to promote

Hosting Programs

WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine

WP Engine provides a solid web hosting solution for WordPress users. Their hosting plans are quite expensive, but then that’s why they can pay out such high commissions.

WP Engine mostly attracts experienced webmasters and bloggers – basically, people who understand the value of using a high-quality web host.

The standard WP Engine affiliate commission starts at an attractive $200 per sale, or 100% of the new customer’s first monthly payment if it’s higher than $200.

WP Engine also incentivizes its affiliates by offering bonuses depending on how many customers you can refer each month. For example, 5 customers in one month earn you an additional $50, while 10 customers in a month will earn you an extra $250 sales bonus. And these bonuses go all the way up to a maximum of $1,500 per month.

WP Engine is hosted on one of the most popular affiliate networks, ShareASale. Once approved on the network you’ll then need to apply directly to WP Engine in order to promote them. You’ll get a 180-day cookie and access to various promotional resources to help you get the word out.

Commission rate: The higher of $200 per sale or 35% of the customer’s first monthly payment

Cookie duration: 180 days

Join program: sign up here to promote

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting referral program

WPX Hosting is one of the most popular hosting platforms in the world. It also offers one of the more accessible affiliate programs. Again, this is a somewhat niche product package.

If you have an audience that operates a business from a website then you may be able to entice them to switch hosting providers to WPX and earn upwards of $70 per sale.

Once you have referred 29 people, WPX up your commission to $85 per sale. Once you reach 100 referrals you’ll earn $100 per sale going forward.

It’s also worth noting that WPX Hosting counts all-time referrals. It doesn’t matter how many sales you make in one month or in one year. It’s the all-time amount that counts towards your bonus and commission increase.

When you sign up to promote WPX you’ll get a variety of promotional tools such as banners, logos, and a few videos you can use to get the word out.

It’s a flat amount per sale, and not as high as some of the other programs on this page, yet a nice chunk of money nevertheless.

If you’re a newbie then the platform offers some tutorials to help you get started with affiliate marketing, but it’s not the most comprehensive advice.


  • Exceptional hosting service to promote
  • Flat, but fairly high ticket commissions
  • Counts all-time sales toward bonuses
  • Offers sufficient promotional tools and access to analytics
  • It’s possible to create custom promo codes and banners
  • PayPal option available for payouts


  • It’s not a cheap hosting platform for everyone
  • Will require a niche marketing strategy to earn consistently

Commission rate: Up to $100 per sale

Cookie duration: 60 days

Join program: sign up here to promote

eCommerce Programs

Shopify Affiliate Program

The Shopify referral program

It took a long time to really look at Shopify and figure out what makes it tick. Why is it such a popular eCommerce platform with vendors, and affiliate marketers alike.

After some digging, I found out that it’s a mid-range to high-paying affiliate program.

It’s clearly among the most reputable eCommerce platforms on the market for selling physical products. Many people know about the platform, which should also make it easier to promote. But with reputable recognition also comes more competition.

Now being a large brand, Shopify has a more in-depth application process for affiliates. We found the entry requirements themselves are easy to meet. However, you have to detail your plans for promoting the platform.

You need to tell a story about yourself, and your promotion plans, and go into detail about your audience.

Shopify wants to align itself with trusted affiliate marketers, not people looking to scam others. It takes their vetting team up to 15 days to review an application, so you’ll need to be patient after applying. Basically, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll become a partner with this program.

Shopify wants to align itself with trusted affiliate marketers, not people looking to scam others. It takes their vetting team up to 15 days to review an application, so you’ll need to be patient after applying. Basically, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll become a partner with this program.

Once accepted, you can promote the Shopify platform, which allows users to start an eCommerce business.

The platform pays $58 per month for a standard paid subscription, and it also pays $2,000 for a Plus program referral, which is pretty nice!

If you focus on the latter you can earn a lot for a single sale. Yet the passive recurring income from monthly commissions on subscriptions isn’t bad either and will add up over time.


    • Very reputable eCommerce platform

    • High commission on merchant software

    • Recurring commissions on subscriptions

    • Tons of available promotional tools

    • Decent amount of affiliate marketing tutorials


    • May be harder to join than other programs

    • Competitive niche and product

Commission rate: Up to $2,000 per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Join program: sign up here to promote

Volusion Affiliate Program


Volusion is an eCommerce platform that competes with Shopify. If you haven’t heard of them before then don’t dismiss them as a small outfit that no one’s heard of. They’ve actually been around since 2003, and currently have a user base of over 180,000 customers, which is pretty impressive.

You can promote the Volusion affiliate program in two ways:

    1. Become a Volusion reseller – Volusion bills you, and you bill your client. This method is great if you’re an agency owner of an eCommerce web developer

    1. Traditional affiliate program – Basically, you share your affiliate link with interested people and receive a referral commission when they sign up

For each paying customer, you send their way, Volusion will pay you 200% of the client’s first month’s payment. This is a one-time commission they will pay you.

Volusion has 4 pricing plans, starting from $29 per month to $299 per month. However, if you refer someone to use their Prime service then this could bring you a commission upwards of $1,000 for the sale.

Commission rate: Up to $1,000 per sale

Cookie duration:

Join program: sign up here to promote

1 Affiliate Program To Avoid – GrooveFunnels

I started promoting GrooveFunnels with very high hopes. Sadly, I and many other affiliates have learned the hard way that GrooveFunnels is not a good company to partner with.

If you are thinking to promote GrooveFunnels then be warned, they do not treat their affiliates very well, and many affiliates, including myself, have not been paid for commissions owed, even after several months of emailing their support.

GrooveFunnels did pay my commissions in the early days, but now they have stopped paying me any other affiliates, blaming it on “technical issues”.

At this point, they owe me several thousand dollars in commissions, which should have been paid a long time ago. After several emails back and forth, they have now stopped replying to my support emails.

I’m not the only one. This is what happened to my friend Lyndon Scott, who had a similar issue:

Groove Facebook thread

You can see the full Facebook post and comments here.

While most companies out there will make great affiliate partners, unfortunately, there are also some bad companies out there too.

Besides running the risk of not being paid, it’s best to avoid these companies at all costs since even your association with them can hurt your reputation.

Best Ways To Promote High Ticket Affiliate Programs

The best ways to promote high ticket affiliate products are through blogging, leveraging social media, or using paid advertising.

If you like the idea of blogging or building niche affiliate websites that gain traffic on autopilot and make you sales even while you sleep, then you can get $200 off the best affiliate SEO course here and learn exactly how it’s done.

If blogging and website building isn’t your thing, then you can also make a lot of money as an affiliate by leveraging various social media platforms. Here’s some free affiliate training to show you how to do it.

Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs – Final Thoughts

There are some great high paying affiliate programs on this list that you can get involved with.

Many of these programs offer a variety of ways to create your own passive income streams through high-ticket affiliate marketing.

As a full-time affiliate myself, researching high ticket affiliate programs is something I do quite often. I will be updating and adding to this list over time, so I highly recommend you bookmark this page and check back frequently.

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