Best Affiliate Programs For YouTube: (9 Picks For Creators)

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Last Updated on 6th March 2024

Lights, camera, action! Are you ready to turn your passion into profit through the best affiliate programs for YouTube? Let’s dive into the world of “affiliate programs for YouTube” and discover how you can monetize your creativity.

In the digital age, YouTube isn’t just a platform for cat videos and DIY tutorials. It’s a goldmine for those who know how to tap into its potential.

Affiliate marketing on YouTube is like the secret sauce that can spice up your earnings. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one?

Fear not, for we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve sifted through the noise and narrowed down the best YouTube affiliate programs.

So, buckle up and get ready for a journey that could transform your YouTube channel from a labor of love into a lucrative venture.

Stay tuned – if you’re looking for more ways to monetize your channel, then this article could be a game-changer for you.

More affiliate programs by niche at the end of this article

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Best Affiliate Programs For YouTube

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the best affiliate marketing programs for YouTube content creators. These programs can help YouTubers monetize their channels and earn passive income.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate program that is widely used by YouTubers. It allows content creators to earn commissions by promoting a wide variety of products on the Amazon e-commerce platform through affiliate links.

The commission rate varies depending on the product category, with rates ranging from 1% to 10%. This affiliate program is suitable for YouTubers with a target audience interested in general shopping and product reviews.

The beauty of Amazon Associates lies in its versatility. With millions of products spanning virtually every category imaginable, the program offers endless opportunities for promotion.

Whether you’re a tech vlogger reviewing the latest gadgets, a fashion influencer showcasing trendy outfits, or a fitness enthusiast recommending workout gear, Amazon Associates has you covered.

Moreover, Amazon’s trusted brand name can significantly enhance your conversion rates. People know and trust Amazon, which can make them more likely to click on your affiliate links and purchase your affiliate products.

On the downside, the Amazon affiliate program only offers a 24 hour cookie life, which is pretty terrible. Having said that, most people make a purchase straight away once they visit the Amazon store, so there’s definitely money to be made here.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon is the number 1 most trusted brand among millennials.

eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network offers content creators the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting eBay products. Similar to Amazon Associates, eBay provides a diverse range of products to promote.

The eBay Partner Network is like a treasure chest for content creators. With millions of products across a wide range of categories, there’s something for every niche. Whether you’re reviewing the latest tech gadgets or comparing vintage collectibles, eBay’s vast inventory provides endless opportunities for promotion.

Moreover, eBay’s trusted brand name can be a significant advantage. People know and trust eBay, which can boost your conversion rates. Plus, the platform’s user-friendly interface and detailed tracking system make it easy to manage your promotions and monitor your earnings.

So, if you’re a YouTuber with a knack for product reviews and comparisons, the eBay Partner Network could be your ticket to a steady stream of affiliate income.



ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network that specializes in digital products, such as e-books, software, and online courses. Commissions can range from 1% to 75%, depending on the product.

ClickBank is ideal for YouTubers who specialize in tutorial and educational type of content, as the platform offers a wide range of digital products to promote.

ClickBank’s high commission rates make it a lucrative option for YouTubers. With commissions going up to 75%, promoting ClickBank products can significantly boost your income.



ShareASale is another popular affiliate network, partnering with over 3,900 merchants. The platform offers a broad selection of products and services to promote, with commissions varying depending on the merchant.

ShareASale is especially suitable for YouTube channels that focus on niches such as travel, fashion, or technology.

The beauty of ShareASale lies in its diversity. With thousands of merchants under its umbrella, the platform offers a smorgasbord of products and services to promote. This means you can always find something that resonates with your audience, regardless of your niche.

I’d also like to point out that ShareASale’s user-friendly interface and robust tracking system make it a pretty easy platform for beginners to manage monitor earnings. This ease of use, coupled with the platform’s wide range of products, makes ShareASale a versatile platform in to up a YouTuber’s affiliate marketing game.



MaxBounty is a performance marketing network that offers Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns. Instead of earning a commission based on sales, YouTubers can earn money by promoting actions such as signups, downloads, or form submissions.

MaxBounty is an ideal choice for channels that focus on lead generation or tutorials on specific services.

The CPA model of this platform flips the traditional affiliate marketing script. Instead of waiting for an affiliate sale to earn your commission, you get paid for every action your audience takes. This can make a huge difference if your affiliate content is geared towards driving user engagement and interaction.

It’s also worth mentioning that MaxBounty’s wide range of campaigns means you can choose the ones that align best with your content and audience.

Whether it’s a software download, a free trial signup, or a survey completion, you can find a campaign that fits your niche. This flexibility can enhance your audience’s experience, boost your conversion rates, and ultimately, increase your earnings.



VidIQ is a software platform designed to help YouTube creators grow their channels. The VidIQ affiliate program offers recurring commissions, meaning YouTubers can earn a percentage of the subscription fee every month for each user they refer.

The VidIQ affiliate program is best suited for creators who share tips on YouTube growth, analytics, and channel optimization.

The recurring monthly commission model of VidIQ’s affiliate program is a game-changer for affiliate marketers. It’s not just about making a one-time sale; it’s about creating a steady stream of income.

Every time your referred users renew their subscription, you get a slice of the pie. This can add up to a significant income over time, especially if you refer a large number of users.

VidIQ isn’t just a tool, it’s a catalyst for growth. By promoting VidIQ, you’re not just earning commissions, you’re also providing value to your target audience. You’re equipping them with a tool that can help them succeed on YouTube. This alignment of interests can enhance your credibility, boost your conversions, and ultimately, increase your earnings.



TubeBuddy is another software tool that helps YouTube creators with aspects such as keyword research, bulk editing, and video optimization. While it’s similar to VidIQ in some ways, it also offers several features that VidIQ doesn’t have.

The TubeBuddy affiliate program also offers a recurring commission structure. This means that once you sign up a subscriber to TubeBuddy, you’ll get paid every single month they continue to use this software tool, which is pretty awesome.

Again, like VidIQ, TubeBuddy is especially good for YouTubers who teach on YouTube tips and growth strategies.



Canva is a popular design tool that offers an affiliate program for content creators. YouTubers can earn a commission for referring new users to Canva, making it ideal for channels that focus on graphic design, branding, or content creation.

The beauty of Canva’s affiliate program lies in its simplicity and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer or a newbie content creator, Canva’s user-friendly interface and vast library of templates make it a go-to tool for many. This universal appeal can translate into higher conversion rates for your affiliate links.

Canva’s commitment to empowering creators is reflected in their generous commission structure. By offering a piece of the pie for each referral, they’re not just selling a product, they’re building a community. And as a YouTuber, you get to be a part of this creative revolution while boosting your income. It’s a win-win!



AppSumo is a platform that offers discounted deals on software, tools, and digital products. By joining the AppSumo affiliate program, YouTubers can earn commissions by promoting the platform and its deals. This program is suitable for channels that discuss software reviews, product comparisons, and online tools.

By leveraging these affiliate programs, YouTube creators can monetize their content and generate passive income from their channels. It’s important to choose the right program that aligns with the channel’s niche and audience interests.

Effective Strategies For YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Here are a few tips for you to follow to get even more out of your affiliate marketing on YouTube efforts.

And if you really want to take your YouTube game to the next level, then this YouTube Mastery course and free training might be a great fit for you.

Creating Engaging Content

Producing compelling and diverse content is essential for content creators who want to excel in YouTube affiliate marketing. It is crucial to create videos that are relevant, informative, and entertaining to attract subscribers and build a solid YouTube channel.

Content creators can focus on various video types such as software tutorials, product comparisons, and software or product reviews.

By producing quality content, they will generate more interest from viewers and potential affiliate partners.

Optimising Video Descriptions and Tags

Optimising video descriptions and tags is a crucial element for promoting affiliate programs for YouTubers.

A well-written description can help a video appear higher in search results and increase the video’s overall reach, significantly impacting the success of the YouTube channel.

Content creators can conduct keyword research to identify the most relevant and popular terms to use in their tags and descriptions to boost their content’s visibility on the social media platform.

Including the unique affiliate link in the description will make it more accessible for viewers to click and purchase the products or services that they are promoting.

Building a Loyal Audience

For a successful YouTube affiliate marketing strategy, content creators must focus on building a loyal audience. The more subscribers and engaged viewers a YouTube channel has, the higher the chances of generating more revenue from ads and affiliate partnerships.

To cultivate a dedicated audience, content creators must consistently produce valuable video content, interact with their subscribers, and continually seek ways to improve and grow their channel.

By strengthening their subscriber base, creators will establish themselves as reliable sources for product recommendations, enabling them to reap the benefits of the YouTube Partner Program and various other affiliate opportunities.

Best YouTube Affiliate Programs – My Final Thoughts

And there you have it, folks! We’ve journeyed through the landscape of “best affiliate programs for YouTube”, and now it’s time to put that knowledge to work.

Remember, the best affiliate program isn’t necessarily the one that offers the highest commission. It’s the one that aligns with your content, resonates with your audience, and feels authentic to you.

Choosing the right affiliate programs for YouTube is like picking the perfect outfit. It should fit well, reflect your style, and make you feel confident.

So, go forth, content creators! Harness the power of affiliate marketing and let your YouTube channel be more than just a platform for expression. Let it be a source of income, a business, a career.

After all, who said you can’t have fun and make money at the same time? Here’s to turning passion into profit, one affiliate link at a time!

Until next time, keep creating, keep sharing, and keep earning. The world of YouTube awaits!

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