Weight Loss Affiliate Programs – 13 of The Best

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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

It’s no secret that a lot of people are interested in losing weight. It’s a niche with a strong pain point that you can use to sell your affiliate products.

However, it can be quite time-consuming to pick out all the diet best affiliate programs, how much they pay, their cookie duration, etc.

That’s why I’ve created a list of the best weight loss affiliate programs, so you can easily pick out the ones you want to promote.

Plus, I made sure to pick a great variety of programs ranging from programs that offer healthy snacks and supplements to workout plans.

13 Affiliate Programs For Weight Loss

Here’s our list of the 13 top affiliate programs for losing weight.

Some of these programs are on popular affiliate networks. So, after you have read this article, I recommend searching the networks for more affiliate programs in the weight loss niche.

Diet Direct 

Diet Direct is an online store that sells healthy drinks and snacks for people who are trying to cut their categories. They have a huge selection of products which leaves the potential for huge carts and big commissions.  

What makes Diet Direct even more attractive for affiliates is the recurring commissions. After you refer a customer, you earn a 10% commission on their first order, and 5% on every order they make afterward. That’s pretty decent, as it allows you to earn a lot more, from the same customer.

If you have an email list of leads interested in weight loss, you can promote Diet Direct next to some of the educational products like Weight Loss Evolved. That could be a great way to make more money from your list.

• Commission rate: 10%

• Cookie duration: 30 days

Affiliate Network: FlexOffers

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Maximum Slim 

Maximum Slim is another great diet affiliate program in the weight loss affiliate niche that pays large commissions.

On their website, they sell weight loss supplements, tea, coffee, vitamins, and even protein shakes.

Despite, the products being physical, their affiliate program pays up to 25% of all sales. It also has a nice 1-year cookie duration and is hosted on ShareASale.

No matter what sub-niche of weight loss your audience is in, Maximum Slim could be a great addition to the other affiliate programs you’re already promoting.

Plus, I also would assume that the affiliate program is very easy to get accepted for, as their sign-up page states “or simply share the link with your friends!”.

So, if you’re just starting, this program might be worth giving a shot. Then again that is just an assumption. 

• Commission rate: 25%

• Cookie duration: 1 year 

Affiliate Network: FlexOffers

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Weight Loss Evolved

Weight Loss Evolved is a great offer, with an amazing affiliate program that has industry-leading commissions.

With the average sale being $397, the 30% commission rate gives you a whopping $119 per sale.

And, if that doesn’t already sound good to you, it also has a lifetime affiliate cookie, so you will be paid whenever your referrals purchase, even if it’s in years from now (as long as they don’t clear their cookies or use another device).

Weight Loss Evolved isn’t all about the affiliate program though, the offer itself is also great. Physicians designed it, and a clinic in Denver has been using the same protocol for over 10 years.

So, it’s not a product that some random marketers created to generate sales, it works as well.

• Commission rate: 30%

• Cookie duration: Lifetime

Affiliate Network: Private

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Bistro MD

Similar to Weight Loss Evolved, Bistro MD is designed by doctors. This time, however, it’s a food delivery plan.

The way it works is that the doctors design the weight loss plans and meals, then chefs go ahead and prepare the food before it is delivered to the customer’s door. That’s a pretty sweet deal which is also why it’s so popular.

Additionally, the program also has an average 3.9 rating out of 5 on trust pilot, so it’s a pretty decent program.

The fact that it’s also designed by doctors, and prepared by chefs also help with conversions. Plus, it also allows them to charge a premium, which also means you make higher commissions.

According to the company itself, the average affiliate also earns $16.90 per click with the top performers earning over $6,000 monthly.

This diet affiliate program is hosted over at FlexOffers and has a 45-day sticky cookie.

• Commission rate: AVG. $45 per sale

• Cookie duration: 45 days

Affiliate Network: FlexOffers

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Weight Watchers 

Next on our list is Weight Watchers which you’ve probably heard of.

It’s another weight-loss program that has been recommended by doctors and is also very known in the industry. Both of these factors also positively impact conversions.

However, compared to some of the other weight loss affiliate programs on this list, its commission rate is low. Weight Watchers pays out a flat commission rate of $10 and only has a cookie duration of 14 days.

Although, both the cookie duration and the commission rate are quite low, you can still earn a lot of money with it because of the trust and recognition the brand has earned.

Plus, the affiliate program also has a lot of great tools, promotional material, and support for its affiliates.

So, if you have large amounts of traffic and are looking for a trusted brand to promote that converts, Weight Watchers could be a good option. 

• Commission rate: $10 per sign up

• Cookie duration: 14 days

Affiliate Network: FlexOffers

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If your audience is into herbal weight loss supplements, the Zotrim affiliate program might be right for you.

It’s a herbal weight loss supplement that has gained a lot of trust, as it’s also sold in brick & mortar stores in the US. Additionally, their product is available in all major languages, and so are their promo materials for affiliates.

The affiliate program also pays out a nice commission of 30%. Not only this, but it also has a conversion rate of over 22% and an average cart value of over $60. 

Additionally, they also have a calculator where you can estimate your earnings and loads of other useful promo materials.

• Commission rate: 30%

• Cookie duration: Not listed

• Sign up currently unavailable


WonderSlim is another affiliate program that has high conversions. The reason for this is that it comes with a 150% money-back guarantee.

So, if a customer uses their meals correctly, and they don’t lose weight, they will refund 150% of the money. This means, there is no risk for your referrals, which will make the purchasing decision a lot easier.

Plus, the average sale is also quite high at $120.

The offer itself is meal replacements like puddings, smoothies, soups, or shakes that the customers can order from the Wonderslim website.

Wonderslim also pays out a commission rate of up to 10% which is not bad because the conversion rates will be high.

• Commission rate: Up to 10%

• Cookie duration: 30 days

Affiliate Network: ShareASale

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DietToGo is also a weight loss offer that has a great affiliate program.

Similar to Bistro MD, it is a meal kit delivery service that prepares meals and delivers them to the customer’s door.

The meals are controlled in portions to make sure that the customer is eating the right amount to lose weight, which makes it extremely effective. Plus, every customer can contact dieticians and health coaches that are part of the program in case they have any questions.

Customers have several meal options to choose from including vegetarian, low carb, diabetic, and more.

Its affiliate program is also decent as it pays out $40 per sale, and has a 45 cookie duration.

• Commission rate: $40 per sale

• Cookie duration: 45 days

Network: Private

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Elite Weight Loss 

Next on our list is Elite Weight Loss which provides its customers with weight loss supplements ranging from diet pills to protein powder.

Again, this could be a great affiliate program to promote in combination with some of the others on this list.

Elite Weight Loss’s affiliate program is pretty decent too, as it pays out a solid 25% commission. Plus, for top-performing affiliates there are also custom commission percentages and, you can also earn cash bonuses ranging from $100 to $10,000.

Something that I also like about the Elite Weight Loss affiliate program is that there is a Facebook group for affiliates, so you can network with others and ask questions.

Plus, Elite Weight Loss also pays its affiliates weekly. 

• Commission rate: 25%

• Cookie duration: Not listed

Network: Private

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Healthy Wage 

Healthy Wage has a very unique offer that allows participants to win cash prizes for winning weight loss challenges.

So, it rewards customers who lose weight which acts as an additional incentive and makes the offer very effective. Plus, customers can also start challenges with friends or family which can be additional fun too.

As the offer is effective, the conversions are quite high, which benefits you as an affiliate.

The affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale and pays out a $30-$50 commission per referral depending on how much they bet. Plus, it also has a 30-day cookie. 

However, there are some restrictions for this affiliate program which are explained on the affiliate signup page. Still, overall I think this affiliate program has quite a large potential because even one or two referrals per day could earn you $1000-$3000 per month. 

• Commission rate: $30-$50

• Cookie duration: 30 days

Network: Private

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Workout Anywhere 

Next, we have Workout Anywhere which is a little different from most of the other affiliate programs on this list. 

Its main selling point is that the workouts are quick, yet effective which makes it perfect for people that are busy but want to lose weight. As the name suggests, the workouts are also accessible from any device.

Plus, Workout Anywhere also comes with recipes, meal planning, coaching services, and a like-minded community. It’s almost like an all-in-one service without the meals and supplements. 

The commission rates are also decent as they range from 30-50% depending on the membership that your referral purchases.

There are also custom commission rates available for top-performing affiliates which can be unlocked at $15,000 in sales (not commissions).

Its cookie duration is not listed on the affiliate sign-up page.

• Commission rate: $30-$150 CPA 

• Cookie duration: Not listed

Network: Private

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Bodybuilding.com offers a range of weight-loss-related products such as fat burners, workout plans, and general health supplements.

As the store has such a wide range of products, there is also lots of potential for high-value carts, so you can earn bigger commissions.

Their affiliate program is pretty nice as well, as you earn 15% on first-time orders and 5% on returning customers.

The only downside of this affiliate program is that the cookie only lasts until the customer makes a purchase. While that makes it extremely likely that you will make the initial commission, the referral would have to go through your affiliate link again afterward for you to be credited with the sale, even if it’s only hours later. 

Still, overall it’s a pretty solid affiliate program by a trusted brand.

• Commission rate: 15% for first-time customers, 5% for returning

• Cookie duration: Lifetime, but canceled upon purchase

Network: FlexOffers

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Natural Healthy Concepts

Natural Health Concepts also has a pretty decent affiliate program.

Their store is a little more general, meaning it’s not as tailored to weight loss as the others on this list. However, it still has some great products that can help its customers lose weight, so there is no harm in promoting it.

For example, their 50+ metabolic supplements can help speed up the customers’ metabolism to help them lose weight faster.

Its affiliate program pays out 8%, so it’s on the lower side of this list. However, the products seem to be of great quality and unique, so that does make up for it a little.

The affiliate program is also hosted on the popular Rakuten affiliate network too, meaning it’s easy to sign up for. 

• Commission rate: 8%

• Cookie duration: Not listed

Network: Private

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Best Ways To Promote Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Here are some of the best ways to promote weight loss affiliate programs.

Build an Affiliate Website

Tons of people turn to search engines like Google and Bing every day to search for help, advice, and even products related to weight loss.

By building a niche site around the topic of weight loss, in time, you can rank on page 1 for weight loss-related keywords and scoop up all that free traffic.

Niche website pros

  • Free traffic
  • Passive income – you can make consistent sales through your website even while you’re away on vacation, or while you sleep
  • Build long-term traffic source
  • You build an asset that you own completely (your website)
  • You can sell your website later for a large payout if you decide to exit the niche

Niche website cons

  • Takes time
  • Some keywords are very competitive, so you’ll need to do some deep-dive keyword research to find the low-hanging fruit

If you like the idea of building a niche website that makes passive income, with the option and flexibility to sell your business later for 6-figures, then this is the best course to show you how.

Promote on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent way to build credibility and a trusted brand online. More and more people are turning to YouTube every day for help and advice on almost any topic you can think of.

This is a great platform to build an audience in the weight loss niche.

YouTube pros

  • Free traffic
  • Passive income – you can make consistent sales through your website even while you’re away on vacation, or while you sleep
  • Build long-term traffic source

YouTube cons

  • You have to be on camera if you want to build a brand (How to build a highly profitable YouTube channel without showing your face camera – more info here)

If you like the idea of building a profitable YouTube channel for affiliate marketing, then this is one of the best (very) low-cost courses to show you how to do it.

Promote on Social Media

Social media is another great place to build an audience. While there are tons of platforms out there, the best ones for affiliate marketing tend to be TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

While there are various strategies you can take here from paid advertising to starting a Facebook group, the most popular way affiliate leverage social platforms to make money is through regular social media posting and building relationships with their audience, and then networking with them over the platform’s private messenger app.

Social media pros

  • Can make money quickly

Social media cons

  • Is not passive
  • You need to publish several social posts every day
  • You need to actively network and connect with other users, build relationships, and then sell directly to them

If you like the idea of leveraging social media to sell affiliate products, then this free training is a great place for you to start.

Affiliate Weight Loss Programs – My Final Thoughts 

I hope you have enjoyed this article on the best affiliate programs for weight loss.

As you have seen throughout this article, the weight loss niche has a great range of offers that you can promote.

And because a combination of them works best to help the customers lose weight, it also gives you additional room to cross-promote the affiliate programs. Therefore, a lot of people on your email list will likely be interested in more than one of these offers, which is great for you!

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