7 Legendary Marketer Alternatives (and One To Avoid)

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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

Are you looking for Legendary Marketer alternatives?

You’re not alone.

Although David Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer offers great affiliate products like the Affiliate Business Blueprint, Traffic University, and the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge, it’s quite expensive and some folks just can’t afford the cost of their full blueprints.

Legendary Marketer also has a particular style. While that shouldn’t really impact your decision on whether you choose to learn from them or not (the training is very good after all), I have come across some people who have been put off by their kinda bling image.

Anyway, each to their own, I guess.

So, in this article, I’ve taken the time to thoroughly research and curate a list of 7 legendary alternatives to the Legendary Marketer affiliate marketing platform.

And, because not every platform is created equal, I’ve also included one popular option you might want to steer clear of at the end of this article.

So buckle up, as we embark on a journey to uncover the top alternative courses that could revolutionize your digital marketing efforts and help you thrive in the ever-changing world of online business.

7 Best Legendary Marketer Alternatives for Affiliate Marketers

So, if you want to get into affiliate marketing, but David Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, then here are 7 of my hand-picked alternatives for you:

Freedom Breakthrough 72hr Challenge by Jonathan Montoya

Freedom Breakthrough by Jonathan Montoya

Freedom Breakthrough 72 Hr Challenge by Jonathan Montoya is a course designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs dive into the world of affiliate marketing. It aims to provide a step-by-step process, similar to Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer, helping folks create a successful online business and generate passive income.

The course starts by teaching the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and setting up a sales funnel. This includes strategies for creating compelling affiliate offers, attracting customers, and generating consistent sales.

Jonathan’s training then moves on to more advanced topics, such as harnessing free traffic, leveraging paid traffic with YouTube ads, and maximizing your commission through a well-structured affiliate game-plan.

What I particularly like about the 72 Hr Challenge is that it also comes with quite a few bonus affiliate marketing resources and tools. These help reinforce the primary lessons to ensure that students are equipped to implement the strategies as quickly and effectively as possible.

Examples of these resources include templates for high-converting landing pages, email sequences, lead magnets, and customizable sales funnels. 

For those who upgrade to the full program, Jonathan Montoya also provides ongoing support and mentorship through exclusive Facebook groups and live Q&A sessions. This enables students to clarify doubts, receive personalized feedback, and network with like-minded people who are also on their affiliate marketing journey.

To clarify – Jonathan’s entry level course is a 3 day course known as the 72 Hour Challenge for $7. Surprisingly, this low-cost 3 day challenge does actually teach you exactly what you need to know to start making your first commissions with affiliate marketing programs, so it’s worth a look if you dig Jonathan’s strategies and vibe.

The 72 Hour Freedom Breakthrough Challenge is also a great way to test the waters before you commit to delving deeper into Jonathan’s training.

Affiliate Marketing Boss by Chad Bartlett

Affiliate Marketing Boss by Chad Bartlett

Affiliate Marketing Boss is a digital course created by the successful internet marketer and well-known YouTuber, Chad Bartlett. This course is primarily delivered via in-depth training videos inside a private member’s site.

What I particularly like about this course is that you also get access to ongoing weekly Q&A webinars with Chad to get all your questions answered. And if you can’t make one of the coaching calls for any reason, then you can also jump into the private Discord group and ask Chad your questions in there.

The Affiliate Marketing Boss core curriculum covers a variety of effective marketing strategies. These include sales funnel creation, using lead magnets, email marketing, and leveraging platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

Chad Bartlett also teaches a unique strategy of leveraging outsourcers to build your business for you. This strategy is great for people who don’t have much time to invest in themselves to build their businesses.

After going through the Affiliate Marketing Boss course, I can tell you that it offers clear and comprehensive training, hands-on coaching, and an extensive support system.

If you decide to join Affiliate Marketing Boss, then you’re gonna benefit from learning some cutting-edge strategies that can help you achieve profitability within weeks of launching, if you apply yourself to the course material.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 course by Spencer Mecham

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is another comprehensive affiliate marketing course, but this one’s created by Spencer Mecham. If you’ve not heard of him before, he’s a renowned affiliate marketer and a popular YouTuber. He’s probably best known for being the ClickFunnels number one affiliate for several years in a row.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is a great alternative to the Legendary Marketer program. It offers training on a wide range of traffic sources such as YouTube, Adwords, Facebook Groups, TikTok, and blogging.

The course features a robust A-Z curriculum that equips learners with the marketing skills needed to excel in the affiliate marketing business. Alongside sales funnels, Affiliate Secrets 3.0 covers diverse aspects such as done-for-you (DFY) email sequences, one-click landing page imports, and training on a multitude of traffic sources.

The Affiliate Secrets 3.0 course also stands out for its versatility, targeting a wide audience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced affiliate, it’s highly likely you’ll benefit from the knowledge Spencer shares in this course.

However, there are some cons worth mentioning.

Given that Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is a high ticket affiliate marketing course, the cost may be a barrier for some people. Also, with the focus on a multitude of traffic sources might lead to information overload, which could negatively impact the learning experience.

Spencer is a wealth of knowledge, and many have had success with his training. I also thing it’s great, but I would say that some areas of the course were a little thin on the detailed explanation.

Spencer also has some free training which you can access here.

Elite Affiliate Pro by Igor Kheifets

Elite Affiliate Pro by Igor Kheifets

Elite Affiliate Pro is an online course created by Igor Kheifets, a renowned super affiliate who specialises in list building, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Igor’s course teaches you how to build a successful business online using a combination of paid traffic strategies like solo ads and PPC ads to generate high-ticket affiliate commissions.

The primary focus of Elite Affiliate Pro is to equip its students with the technical skills and knowledge required to create successful affiliate marketing campaigns, and build a substantial email list as a result.

Igor Kheifets utilises his extensive experience and expertise as a super affiliate to guide students through this fast-paced method.

The course covers topics such as selecting profitable niche markets, understanding the psychology behind high-ticket sales, and mastering various paid traffic sources. This includes solo ads, an advertising technique used to purchase dedicated email marketing sends from a solo ad provider.

Igor also teaches PPC ads. These work on a pay-per-click model and allow affiliates to advertise their affiliate offers via search engines and social media platforms.

In Elite Affiliate Pro, you get step-by-step instructions on how to set up and manage sales funnels, generate qualified leads, and optimise email marketing strategies that convert.

By utilising paid traffic methods, students of the course can expect a faster return on investment compared to organic traffic strategies. This approach also allows them to scale their campaigns effectively and consistently as they gain experience.

Authority Site System (TASS) 3.0 by Authority Hacker

The Authority Site System - Authority Hacker

The Authority Site System (TASS) 3.0, is an affiliate SEO course created by Mark Webster and Gael Breton of Authority Hacker. This course provides a comprehensive online training program for entrepreneurs, and aspiring and experienced marketers who like the idea of building an authority affiliate site that ranks of Google for lucrative keywords.

By focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) and effective content creation and link building strategies, TASS 3.0 guides you in building and maintaining authority sites that attract organic traffic. As a result, these sites then generate revenue through affiliate links placed in the articles on your website.

This step-by-step course delivers a detailed blueprint for designing and developing an authority site from scratch. It covers essential aspects, like selecting profitable niches, keyword research, content planning and production, site structure, and various tried-and-true SEO tactics.

Personally, I was really impressed by the level of detail and excellent explanation of techniques in this course. It really is very impressive.

The TASS approach taught by Mark and Gael ensures that students develop a strong foundation in both the technical and practical aspects of running an authority affiliate marketing website.

As part of the course, you’ll gain access to lots of valuable affiliate marketing resources. These include case studies, templates, and real-life examples to help you grasp the intricacies of building a successful authority site.

Digital marketers will also benefit from the up to date insights included in this training, helping them stay up-to-date with best practices in the fast-evolving world of digital marketing.

This course is constantly maintained and updated, and all customers get access to all new updates to the course as they roll out. Most importantly, Authority Hacker offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no strings attached. 

The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

The Affiliate Lab is a comprehensive affiliate marketing course created by Matt Diggity. Matt is one of the most prominent guys in the affiliate SEO space, and he’s also the dude who hosts the Chiang Mai SEO Conference every year in Thailand. 

The Affiliate Lab course is designed for those looking to become successful affiliate marketers by learning or improving their search engine optimization skills. It offers valuable insights on building and growing authority sites, earning affiliate income, and, where applicable, strategically flipping websites for profit.

Matt Diggity is no stranger to the online world. He transitioned from a demanding career as an electrical engineer to pursue his passion for gaming Google, ranking websites and making bank.

Drawing from his expertise and hands-on experience, he’s created a training program that covers both SEO fundamentals and advanced strategies, giving users a competitive edge in the marketplace.

In the Affiliate Lab, students gain access to a 12-course bundle, which delves into various aspects of website building, ranking, monetisation, and flipping. Removing guesswork from the process, the course focuses on actionable steps, enabling learners to apply their acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios with confidence.

If you’re serious about learning how to be an affiliate SEO ninja, then the Affiliate Lab course is a must-have.

The Affiliate Lab also comes with one of the best private Facebook communities I have been a part of. this group is very active and has both new an experiences affiliates, a number of which are 6 and even 7-figure affiliates. Surprisingly, they’re all also more than happy to help newbies and answer questions.

Project 24 by Income School

Project 24 by Income School

Income School’s Project 24 is another affiliate SEO training programme designed to help online marketers create websites and build a sustainable online business from scratch through affiliate marketing and content creation.

Like Authority Hacker’s TASS, and Matt Diggity’s The Affiliate Lab, Project 24 also focuses on establishing authority sites that rank well in search engine results and generate consistent passive income.

The Project 24 system is built around achieving results within a 24-month timeframe, hence the name. The course creators, Jim and Ricky, share their knowledge and experience on various aspects such as niche selection, keyword research, content creation, and SEO strategies.

Income School’s training material is constantly updated to ensure that the techniques and methods taught remain relevant and effective according to current SEO standards and Google’s terms of service guidelines.

Students are guided through a 60-step roadmap, aiming to simplify the process of building websites and making it more achievable for beginners. The course additionally offers support through a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who collaborate and provide valuable insights into the best practices and strategies.

One of the distinguishing factors of Income School Project 24 is the balanced blend of tutorial content on both blogging and YouTube channel creation. This facilitates learners in diversifying their online presence and tapping into multiple sources of traffic and revenue.

Legendary Marketer Alternative To Avoid – Wealthy Affiliate

If you’ve been looking into different alternatives to Legendary Marketer, then chances are you’ve come across the Wealthy Affiliate program.

At first look, Wealthy Affiliate seems quite appealing. Wealthy affiliate is cheap to join (unlike Legendary Marketer), they promise simple strategies, and there are a ton of blogs online all raving about how they’re the best thing since sliced bread.

And that second point is what first alerted me to something fishy…

Through not so much digging, not only will you find A LOT of affiliate blogs slating and scorning every other affiliate marketing course under the sun, and then recommending Wealthy Affiliate as the alternative. But you’ll also find that these same blogs are also pretty much slagging off any other business opportunity they come across that’s not Wealthy Affiliate, and recommending the Wealthy Affiliate program over and above.

Through further digging, it’s very clear that this is a strategy taught in the Wealthy Affiliate program – throw rocks at every other business course or opportunity, and then promote Wealthy Affiliate through your own affiliate link.

Hmm, kinda smacks of an MLM to me using shady tactics. 

I’ve also come across a few other affiliate bloggers who haven’t been fooled by these guys. Some claim that while the Wealthy Affiliate’s material was good once upon a time, they’re still preaching outdated advice. Take a look at this review by Niall Doherty of EbizFacts. If you can’t be bothered to read his whole review, then just cast your eye over the ‘key points’ box at the top of his article.

Alternatives To Legendary Marketer – My Final Thoughts

Summing it all up, each of the 7 legendary marketer alternatives above offer unique benefits that can hugely empower your digital marketing journey.

However, if I had to recommend one training course above all others on this list, most specifically as an alternative to Legendary Marketer, then my top pick would definitely be the Freedom Breakthrough course by Jonathan Montoya. The training modules in Freedom Breakthrough closely mirror the tactics taught in Legendary Marketer’s courses.

But it’s not just about similarities – it’s about the nuanced approach that Jonathan brings.

Jonathan goes WAY above and beyond to help his students, and he also provides a ton of bonuses and resources. I also like the fact that Jonathan also doesn’t try to encourage you to use expensive tools like ClickFunnels just because he’d make a decent commission on them.


Jonathan is transparent about also introducing you to free tools that will help you build your business.

Having said all this, if you’d prefer to use an SEO strategy to crush affiliate marketing, then in this case I recommend you take a closer look at Matt Diggity’s The Affiliate Lab.

This is by far the most in-depth SEO course I have ever taken, and not only is it constantly being update, but it’s also constantly being added to with new tactics and training. And as an Affiliate Lab member, you get access to all new course additions to the course for life.

If The Affiliate Lab sounds like your bag, then you can also get a nice $200 discount with this link.

Are you ready to take your digital marketing journey to the next level? Click here to find out more about Freedom Breakthrough Challenge, or here to check out The Affiliate Lab.

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