Coffee Affiliate Programs: Turn Your Love for Java into Cash

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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

If you’ve ever thought that your daily coffee addiction could be turned into a moneymaker, then coffee affiliate programs might just be your golden ticket!

Imagine combining the aroma of freshly brewed coffee with the thrill of seeing affiliate commissions roll in.

Grab your favorite mug, let’s stir into the world of affiliate marketing—one caffeinated sip at a time!

Major Players in Coffee Affiliate Programs

So, without further ado, here are the major players in the coffee industry you need to know about if you’re gonna dive into the coffee niche.

Koa Coffee


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Koa Coffee

Koa Coffee, based in Hawaii, offers a premium selection of 100% Kona coffee.

Their affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for those interested in promoting high-quality Hawaiian coffee.

The Koa Coffee Affiliate Program provides commissions on referrals and has a reputation for its excellent customer service and support.

Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica Coffee is a popular coffee brand specializing in gourmet and exotic coffee beans sourced from volcanic regions worldwide.

They offer a variety of coffee blends and single-origin options to cater to different tastes. The Volcanica Coffee’s Affiliate Program provides affiliates with a decent range of marketing materials, including regular newsletters and a competitive commission structure to promote their unique coffees.

1st in Coffee

1st in Coffee

1st in Coffee is a leading online retailer for coffee machines, espresso makers, and related accessories. They offer a diverse range of products from popular brands like Jura, DeLonghi, Nespresso, and more.

The 1st in Coffee affiliate program offers a 7% commission on sales and has a generous 90-day cookie duration. The program is actively managed by Apogee, ensuring dedicated affiliate management and support for its partners.

Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee offers healthy, environmentally friendly, and high-quality coffee beans. They prioritize both customer health and environmental sustainability, ensuring their beans are pesticide-free and ethically sourced.

The Lifeboost Coffee affiliate program offers a commission of 5% per sale when someone purchases Lifeboost Coffee through an affiliate link, which is significantly higher than many other affiliate programs for coffee lovers.

Lifeboost Coffee have invested over $4 million in the past two years to optimize their sales funnel, ensuring a lucrative opportunity for affiliates promoting their product.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof is best known for its innovative coffee products, including their signature Bulletproof coffee blend with MCT oil and grass-fed butter. In addition to selling coffee products like single-serve pods and whole bean coffee, Bulletproof offers various health-focused products and supplements.

The Bulletproof Coffee affiliate program allows partners to leverage their platforms to promote Bulletproof products and earn tiered percentage commissions on sales.

The program offers competitive commission rates, monthly payments, and is supported by a dedicated affiliate management team to ensure smooth operations and assistance.

Peet’s Coffee

Peet's Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is a well-known coffee retailer offering a wide selection of premium coffee beans, blends, and brewing equipment. Their strong reputation and loyal customer base make them an attractive choice for an affiliate program.

The Peet’s Coffee affiliate program offers partners the opportunity to earn up to an 8% commission on all Peet’s Coffee orders.

Additionally, they provide weekly newsletters with information on current promotions, top sellers, and exclusive online products, ensuring affiliates are well-informed and equipped to promote effectively.

Affiliates can join Peet’s Coffee program via the CJ affiliate network. 



Gourmesso specializes in coffee capsules and pods compatible with Nespresso and Keurig machines. Their eco-friendly and affordable coffee products appeal to a broader audience who enjoys convenience without compromising quality.

The Gourmesso affiliate program offers attractive commissions with 15% for new customer conversions and 10% for existing customer conversions.

  • Cookie duration: 45 days 
  • Commission rate: 10% for returning customers and 15% for new customers
  • Sign up URL: Gourmesso sign up here

Coffee Wholesale USA

Coffee USA Wholesale

The Coffee Wholesale USA affiliate program, accessible via, provides a vast array of coffees, teas, and drink mixes, along with essential brewing equipment and accessories.

Catering to both households and offices, they not only offer premium beverages from renowned brands but also feature a variety of snacks, including options that cater to specific dietary preferences such as gluten-free, kosher, and vegan.

Illy Coffee

Illy Coffee

Illy Coffee is an iconic Italian coffee brand known for its high-quality espresso blends and elegant coffee machines.

While the exact commission structure isn’t explicitly mentioned, affiliates can promote not only the renowned coffee but also the company’s coffee machines, designer cups, and the Università del Caffè, which aims to disseminate the culture of quality coffee globally.

Hawaii Coffee Company

Hawaii Coffee Company

Hawaii Coffee Company is a prominent supplier of Hawaiian coffee, boasting an extensive selection of Kona, Hawaiian, and tropical tea products.

The Hawaii Coffee Company affiliate program rewards partners with a generous commission ranging between 10% to 20%, reflecting their gratitude for affiliates’ dedication.

With a legacy dating back to 1864 through their Lion Coffee brand, they’ve established trust and longevity in the market, making it easier for affiliates to promote products that have withstood the test of time.

My Espresso Shop

My Espresso Shop

My Espresso Shop focuses on providing customers with top-of-the-line espresso machines, grinders, and accessories. They carry popular brands like Rancilio, La Pavoni, and Nuova Simonelli, ensuring an impressive lineup of quality equipment.

My Espresso Shop’s affiliate initiative enables enthusiasts to advocate for their products and secure a commission for every successful referral via their unique referral link.

Affiliates can expect commission rates between 5% to 7%, and with a 90-day cookie duration, any purchase made within this period attributes to the affiliate, ensuring a lucrative opportunity for those passionate about espresso.

Other Noteworthy Coffee Niche Affiliate Programs

Continuing on, here are some other noteworthy affiliate programs in the coffee niche that you might want to take a look at. is a popular online coffee marketplace that offers a wide range of coffee products, from whole bean to ground coffee, single-serve pods, and even tea.’s affiliate program offers an 10% commission on sales. With a commitment to ensuring affiliates benefit from their promotions, the program features a 90-day cookie duration. This allows a good amount of time for potential customers to make a purchase and credit the affiliate.

Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee is a subscription-based coffee service that focuses on connecting coffee lovers with high-quality specialty coffee.

Trade Coffee stands out in the coffee domain by offering a unique onboarding process, allowing customers to fine-tune their coffee preferences, ensuring a tailored experience.

Affiliates can benefit from promoting this personalized approach, with the program offering a 6% commission and a 30-day cookie duration, making it a promising venture for those in the affiliate space.

Black Ink Coffee

Black Ink Coffee

Black Ink Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster committed to delivering exceptional quality coffee. They offer a variety of blends, single origin beans, and flavored coffees.

Black Ink Coffee’s program has a robust commission of 15% per sale, managed through the renowned platform ShareASale.

Emphasizing a sense of community, Black Ink Coffee treats its affiliates as family members, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools and support to promote the brand’s premium coffee offerings effectively.

Spirit Animal Coffee

Spirit Animal Coffee

Spirit Animal Coffee offers ethically sourced specialty coffee with a focus on sustainability and quality.

Spirit Animal Coffee champions a commitment to sustainability and quality, sourcing their premium coffee beans from dedicated farmers.

Their affiliate program is enticing, offering a commission range of 20% to 27% per sale, making it a rewarding venture for those who resonate with the brand’s ethos and products.


VitaCup Coffee

VitaCup is known for its vitamin-infused coffee and tea products, which offer a unique twist on traditional caffeinated beverages.

VitaCup isrenowned for its infusion of coffees and teas with vitamins and superfoods. They have crafted an affiliate program that rewards partners with a commission ranging between 5% to 10% for each successful sale.

By promoting VitaCup’s unique blend of health and taste, affiliates can capitalize on the brand’s niche offering.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a well-established brand that offers premium coffee and tea products, including whole bean, ground coffee, tea bags, and single-serve capsules.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf collaborates with the PepperJam Exchange Network (PJX) to offer a partner program that allows partners to promote a diverse range of premium coffee, tea, and related products.

Affiliates can anticipate earning up to a 10% commission on sales, and with a 15-day cookie duration, they have a generous window to secure commissions from referred customers.

Majesty Coffee

Majesty Coffee

Majesty Coffee is a premium coffee marketplace that offers an extensive range of high-quality coffee products, including wholesale coffee and espresso beans.

Majesty Coffee caters to both individual coffee enthusiasts and commercial entities, offering a curated selection of espresso machines and coffee grinders to elevate one’s brewing experience.

Affiliates can tap into this niche market, earning a 5% commission on sales, complemented by a substantial 30-day cookie window, ensuring ample time for conversions.

Range of Products in Coffee Industry Affiliate Programs

It’s not all about the coffee beans in this space. Nope! There’s actually a whole range of profitable merchandise you can promote to earn extra commissions here.

Think coffee makers, grinders, cups, mugs, thermos flasks, and even t-shirts!

Of course, one of the biggest money-spinners in this space though is gonna be the coffee machines. They go for a pretty penny, and if you can set yourself up as a go-to referrer, then, cha-ching!

Here’s a look at some of the products you can promote in the coffee industry.

Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee

In the coffee niche, affiliate programs often feature a wide variety of coffee beans and ground coffee options. This includes organic, gourmet, and specialty beans from different regions worldwide.

Coffee Makers

Coffee niche affiliate programs also offer an extensive range of coffee makers, from simple drip coffee machines to advanced espresso makers and commercial coffee makers.

Coffee Grinders

Grinding coffee beans is an essential step to achieve peak freshness and flavor, so it’s not surprising that coffee grinders are also included in coffee niche affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketers can take advantage of this by promoting popular grinder brands, available in manual and electric models, at various price points.


You can find a plethora of coffee accessories in affiliate programs as well, such as filters, reusable capsules, frothing pitchers, kettles, coffee mugs, and more. These items are crucial for brewing the perfect cup of coffee or enhancing one’s coffee experience, and affiliates have the opportunity to market these products to a wide audience.

Insights Into Coffee Market

As one of the most consumed beverages globally, the coffee market consistently presents new opportunities for growth and development.

In recent years, the demand for high-quality coffee has soared. Coffee connoisseurs are on the lookout for the best coffee they can find, often focusing on varieties such as single-origin coffee and gourmet coffees.

This has spurred the growth of the gourmet coffee market, where beans are sourced from specific regions to bring unique flavors and distinct characteristics to every cup.

Coffee subscription services have also emerged as a popular trend within the coffee market. These services provide fresh, high-quality beans delivered right to the doorsteps of coffee enthusiasts.

Many of these subscriptions focus on delivering unique, diverse, and small-batch handpicked beans, often from different regions across the globe.

As coffee drinkers develop more sophisticated tastes and preferences, the coffee industry must continually adapt and innovate to satisfy those demands. This provides a fertile ground for the affiliate marketing of coffee-related products and services, catering to the needs of the ever-evolving consumer landscape.

Affiliate Programs for Coffee Products – My Final Thoughts

So, as we’ve brewed our way through the world of coffee affiliate programs, it’s evident that this realm is as rich and inviting as a dark roast on a chilly morning.

Who knew our love for coffee could be more than just a caffeine kick?

Whether you’re a latte lover or an espresso enthusiast, there’s a caffeinated commission waiting for you. Here’s to turning passion into profit, one cup at a time.


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