AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing: Automate to Boost Earnings

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Last Updated on 7th February 2024

In this article, I’m gonna introduce you to 7 AI tools for affiliate marketing.

Navigating the ever-changing tides of the affiliate marketing landscape can be like trying to find your way through an enchanted maze at midnight.

But don’t despair!

As if beamed down from a futuristic mothership, AI-powered tools for affiliate marketing have arrived to light our path.

Thanks to their sophisticated machine learning algorithms, data analysis prowess, and predictive capabilities, these digital genies can optimize your affiliate marketing efforts, save you heaps of time, and, most importantly, multiply your revenue.

If you’re seeking to give your affiliate marketing strategy a major boost, you’ve arrived at your destination.

In this article, we’re going to unlock the secrets of the 7 perfect tools worth considering in the AI -powered affiliate marketing industry.

So fasten your seat belts, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and join us on this illuminating journey into the heart of the AI revolution.

With the power of these tools at your fingertips, even the maze will be asking you for directions!

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7 of The Best AI Tools For Affiliate Marketing To Boost Your Sales

Here’s a snapshot of the 7 best AI tools that can skyrocket your affiliate marketing business:

  • Hoppy Copy
  • Designrr
  • InVideo
  • Frase
  • Fliki
  • Speechelo
  • Piggy Magic

Now, let’s get into the details on each of these AI marketing tools.

Hoppy Copy

Hoppy Copy

In the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing, Hoppy Copy emerges as a powerful marketing AI software designed to supercharge your email marketing efforts. As one of the most innovative email marketing tools, Hoppy Copy is not just about speed, but also about delivering high-quality content that converts potential customers.

Hoppy Copy is primarily used for crafting high-converting emails that can take your affiliate marketing campaigns to the next level. It leverages the power of AI to write faster and more efficiently, saving you countless hours of manual work. But it’s not just about speed. Hoppy Copy is equipped with a suite of built-in tools that ensure your emails are not only written well, but also strategically designed to engage and convert.

One of the key features of Hoppy Copy is the AI copywriter. This tool comes with a range of templates based on scientifically proven formulas that work. These templates are designed to help you craft eye-catching email subject lines and emails that resonate with your audience and drive conversion rates.

Whether you’re sending out a product launch email, a multipurpose email reminder, follow-up emails, or sales letters, Hoppy Copy is ideal for handling those repetitive tasks.

In addition to the AI copywriter, this AI marketing software also features an AI copy editor to help make your emails sound catchy and engaging. It also includes a Sequence Planner to help you schedule your email sequences, ensuring that your email marketing is consistent and timely.

But Hoppy Copy doesn’t stop at just helping you write and schedule your emails. It also includes a Competitor Monitor that tracks the email marketing strategies of your competitors, keeping you informed about what they’re up to. This feature allows you to stay competitive and adapt your strategies based on market trends.

To ensure your emails reach your audience’s inbox, Hoppy Copy includes a Spam Checker. This tool checks your emails for spam words that could land your emails in the spam folder, helping to improve your open rates.

One of the standout features of Hoppy Copy is the Content Converter. This tool allows you to repurpose any type of content. For instance, you can convert long-form blog posts into emails, emails into tweets, or tweets into text. This feature is a game-changer for content marketers, allowing you to maximize your content’s reach and impact.

Beyond email marketing, Hoppy Copy can also assist with other aspects of affiliate marketing content. You can use it to create engaging Facebook and Google ads, optimized website copy, and more. It’s a versatile tool that can adapt to your wide range of content needs.

In conclusion, Hoppy Copy is a comprehensive AI tool for affiliate marketers, digital marketers, and content creators. It’s designed to help you write better emails faster, monitor your competitors, avoid spam filters, and repurpose content. With Hoppy Copy, you can take your email marketing to the next level and receive real time insights into how your email campaigns are performing. 

This enables you to create better-performing content that can improve engagements and ensure quality conversions. 

Any time your audience sign up to Hoppy Copy’s special offers via your affiliate link, you’ll get 50%  lifetime commissions. 



The second AI tool you can incorporate in your affiliate marketing business, and one of my favourites at the moment, is called Designer.

With Designrr, you can do a lot of things. However, it was first built as a content creation tool for designing high quality professional looking eBooks. You can then use these eBooks as a lead magnet or you can even sell them as your own product if you want to.

When it comes to creating eBooks with Designrr, there are several ways you can go about doing it.

  • You can write the e-book yourself, and then import the content into Designrr from Google Docs or a Word document or a pdf.
  • Second option, you can transcribe blog posts by copy/pasting the blog post URL. Designrr is then going to transcribe the whole article in an ebook for you.
  • Third option is you can transcribe podcasts with Designrr. It will then turn the transcript into a beautiful-looking eBook.
  • Fourth option, which I think is really cool, is you can transcribe a whole YouTube video with Designrr just by copy/pasting the YouTube video URL. Designrr will then transcribe the whole video for you, pull all the content into the eBook, and it’s also going to take still images from the video and lay them all out for you at the correct places next to the correct piece of content all the way through your book.
  • Fifth option is, you can use Designrr’s built-in AI writing tool, WordGenie (powered by ChatGPT) to write your entire eBook for you.

Another feature that I really like in the Designrr app is its ability to turn any eBook you create into an Audiobook. This gives you a second product that you can sell as an upsell to your eBook, or offer it for free as a bonus incentive.

Besides creating your eBook content, Designrr also has over 200 professional-looking eBook covers and internal layout designs. It can even turn your eBook into an interactive flipbook, or create eye-catching eCovers for you to display your eBooks on your website or landing page. With Designrr, you can also create internal links inside your eBooks.

As you probably imagine, a tool as cool as Designrr is not free. There’s a monthly pricing cost for this tool.

Designrr pricing starts at $29 a month, and goes up to $99 per month on their top plan.

If you visit the Design website, you’re only gonna see the monthly pricing plans. However, I have a unique link here that will give you lifetime access to Designrr’s Standard plan for a one time payment of $27.

The Standard plan is currently $29 per month, but you can get lifetime access to this tool for $27 one time payment if you feel it’s right for you.

Designrr’s commission rate is quite attractive. Promoting Designrr to your audience automatically earns you a 50% commission for life.



In the dynamic world of affiliate marketing, the power of captivating video content cannot be overstated. Enter InVideo, our fourth entrant in the lineup of AI-powered video marketing tools designed to revolutionize affiliate marketing. InVideo is your go-to companion for crafting top-notch videos with speed and efficiency.

Picture a dashboard that’s as intuitive as it is versatile. That’s what InVideo offers. It’s a treasure trove of ready-to-use templates, enabling you to pull in and tweak segments of pre-existing videos to fit your unique requirements. The ease with which you can alter the text within these videos makes customization as simple as a walk in the park.

But InVideo isn’t just about video templates. It also boasts a rich library of stock media, including a wide array of images that you can weave into your videos. This feature comes in handy when you wish to intersperse your video content with still images.

One feature of InVideo that truly shines is the AI Text-to-Video tool. This ingenious feature lends an AI voice to your videos, saving you the trouble of recording your own voice. Not only does this save precious time, but it also adds a touch of professionalism to your videos.

InVideo doesn’t stop there. It also provides an editor to help you piece everything together. And if that wasn’t enough, it even has an AI tool to pen your script for you. This means that every facet of your video creation process can be handled within this one tool.

Creating a new professional-quality video with InVideo is as straightforward as it gets. Simply navigate to ‘create new’, select the editor, choose your desired dimension, and upload your video. Once your video is uploaded, you’re free to slice and dice it as you please, pull in still images from their library or some of their media footage, and overlay your images with written text and voiceover.

InVideo is more than just a video creation tool. It’s a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of features to help you conceive and execute a robust video content strategy. By harnessing the power of this platform, you can amplify your brand’s visibility, awareness, and engagement. Moreover, it’s designed to help you monetize your videos and reel in new customers, thereby fueling your business growth.


Frase AI tool for SEO

SEO is a great strategy for affiliate marketing. That’s where Frase comes in.

Designed specifically for SEO, Frase is an AI tool that not only helps you generate content, but also helps you optimize your content for search engines. 

Getting started with Frase is as simple as inputting a keyword. The tool then embarks on a quest to search the top results for that keyword, providing you with a roadmap of the content you need to incorporate in your article to secure a spot on Google’s first page. It crafts an article brief for you, complete with all the headings and subheadings you need. And with a single click, Frase can take over the reins and write the entire content for you.

But Frase’s capabilities extend beyond just writing your content. It also features an optimization tool that guides you on the exact keywords and long-tail keywords to sprinkle in your article and the frequency of their appearance. This ensures your content is not only relevant but also primed for search engines.

Frase also comes equipped with a built-in plagiarism checker to guarantee the uniqueness of your content. This is vital as duplicate content can tarnish your SEO efforts and your site’s credibility.

Crafting an article with Frase is a breeze. You simply input your keyword, click ‘create document’, and Frase swiftly scours the internet for all the top results. It then dissects these results and provides you with a blueprint of what your article needs to include to rank on Google’s first page.

You have the freedom to choose headings from the list of articles on Google’s first page, or you can let Frase generate heading ideas for you. Once you’ve chosen your headings, you can delegate the content creation process for each section to Frase’s AI.

As Frase pens your high-quality, engaging content, it funnels all the content into the editor for you. Once Frase has completed the writing process, you can view the word count in the bottom corner and then click ‘optimize for SEO’. It presents you with a score and highlights all the areas where you can bolster your SEO by adding more long-tail and LSI keywords to your article.


Fliki AI video tool

Fliki is an AI-powered platform designed to turn any text into videos for you, complete with voiceovers. This makes it perfect for creating various types of video content, including video sales letters (VSLs), sales videos, or even videos for your social media channels.

Once you’re inside Fliki, you’ll find a simple dashboard that’s easy to navigate. You can see examples of videos that have already been made, giving you an idea of what’s possible with this AI tool. Fliki can create videos out of blog posts for you.

Simply copy the URL of the blog post, paste it into Fliki, and let the tool do the rest. Fliki processes the information from your blog and starts creating a video out of it.

Fliki’s AI is capable of creating videos of varying lengths, from one minute to five minutes or even a custom length. Once Fliki has finished writing the article for you, you can see the word count in the bottom corner and then click ‘optimize for SEO’.

One of the standout features of Fliki is its voiceover capability. Fliki uses AI to generate voiceovers for your videos, giving them a professional touch. You can also edit things, change the videos and images, and even change the tone of voice.

Fliki also offers an optimization feature that gives you a score and shows you all the places where you can further improve your SEO by adding more long-tail and LSI keywords to your article. This ensures your content is not only engaging but also optimized for search engines.



Next, let’s dive into the world of Speechelo, an AI tool that’s been crafted with the sole purpose of generating realistic voices or voice overs for you. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ll find this tool to be an invaluable asset.

Imagine having a wide range of AI voices at your disposal, each with its unique accent and language. That’s precisely what Speechelo brings to the table. It’s like having a global chorus at your fingertips, ready to sing in the tune of your choice. Whether you’re seeking a voiceover with the twang of US English or the lilt of another language, Speechelo stands ready to deliver.

What sets Speechelo apart is not just its vast array of voices, but also its sheer simplicity. Picture a cloud-based solution where everything is hosted on their servers, eliminating the need for downloads or installations. Whether you’re working from a desktop PC, an Apple device, or even your smartphone, Speechelo is just a click away. It’s convenience and user-friendliness wrapped into one.

But wait, there’s more. Speechelo doesn’t just offer convenience; it also keeps you updated with the latest features. With its free auto updates, you’re always on the cutting edge, without the hassle of manually checking for updates. It’s like having a personal assistant who ensures you’re always equipped with the latest tools.

When it comes to creating voiceovers with Speechelo, the sky’s the limit. This AI-powered tool offers unlimited voice generation opportunities, with the only constraint being a 700-word limit per voiceover. This ensures your voiceovers are crisp, engaging, and capable of holding your audience’s attention.

For those seeking more, Speechelo doesn’t disappoint. There’s a PRO version upgrade that offers an even wider array of voices and a commercial license. And for the YouTube enthusiasts, there’s a “Tube” add-on. These upgrades are optional, allowing you to tailor your package to your specific needs.

So, there you have it. Speechelo, a tool that’s as versatile as it is user-friendly, ready to cater to your voiceover needs.

Piggy Magic

Piggy Magic

This next AI tool for affiliate marketing is called Piggy Magic. Piggy Magic is a free tool that you can quickly use to create shareable social media content for various social media sites, including TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook.

On Piggy Magic, you’ve basically got three options:

  • Story
  • Quiz
  • Summarize

Story Option

For the ‘story’ option, you’ll first feed Piggy Magic with your keyword. For example, If “keto” is your keyword, you simply feed that into the story field on the Piggy Magic website, and then click on ‘go’. Piggy Magic is then gonna start to generate an answer for you.

Now, just to give you an idea of what that content will look like, here are some examples:

An image showing how the Piggy Magic Story Option works

These are pretty cool, especially considering that Piggy Magic is a free tool. Sharing these images on social media posts can help to increase your reach and engagement, and potentially bring you more leads.

Quiz Option

The next option is to use Piggy Magic to generate a shareable quiz.

Here’s an example of a personality test quiz:

An example of Piggy Magic Quiz Option

These are interactive quizzes that you can then share on your social platforms. Quizzes are extremely popular on social media and can generate a lot of engagement, likes and shares for your content, and in turn, bring more visitors to your brand.

Summarize Option

With the ‘summarize’ option you can take content, perhaps from your blog of up to 2,500 words, paste it in the ‘summarize’ field on Piggy Magic, and then Piggy will summarize your whole content and make shareable images for you.

An image of Piggy Magic Summarize Option

Piggy Magic works in seconds, is completely free, and can potentially help to increase your presence and engagement on various social media platforms, so it’s definitely worth a try.

AI Affiliate Marketing Software- My Final Thoughts

And there you have it, folks! We’ve journeyed through the digital landscape, exploring some of the most innovative AI tools that are revolutionizing the world of affiliate marketing.

From crafting high-converting emails with Hoppy Copy, creating stunning videos with InVideo and Fliki, optimizing SEO with Frase, to producing professional voiceovers with Speechelo, these tools are truly game-changers.

Remember, the key to successful affiliate marketing isn’t just about having the right products or services for your affiliate business. It’s about leveraging the right automation software to reach your audience effectively and efficiently.

These AI tools can help you do just that, saving you time and effort while maximizing your results.

So, whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer looking to up your game or a newbie just starting out, these marketing AI tools can help you navigate major affiliate marketing tasks with ease.

So why wait?

Dive in, explore these AI tools for affiliate marketing, and watch your affiliate marketing game reach new heights. Happy marketing!

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