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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

If you’re an affiliate looking for ways to earn money on Pinterest, or if you already have a Pinterest presence, but are not sure how to monetize your traffic, then this article is going to help you make some money.

Pinterest is a great source of traffic with a high number of users already going to Pinterest with buyer intent. This means that a large proportion of Pinterest lovers actually go to the platform with the intention of researching a product that they’re interested to buy.

That’s great news for you!

However, Pinterest is also a very focused platform.

While it can be an absolute gold mine of targeted traffic for some niches, other niches just don’t get much traction here.

That being said, if you are in a niche that’s popular on Pinterest, you can make a lot of money if you promote the right products.

Finding good affiliate programs for Pinterest can be quite challenging though. That’s why I’ve researched the best affiliate programs for Pinterest to help you earn more commissions.

I’ve also covered a range of niches in this article because, of course, not everyone reading this will be in the same niche. Since I’ve covered a variety, you should be able to find an affiliate program that works for you.

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Pinterest and Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there’s a lot to love about Pinterest. One thing in particular is, that they’re affiliate-friendly.

On many social media platforms like Facebook or Quora, you can run into issues if you were to promote your affiliate link directly. However, this isn’t the case for Pinterest, as long as you don’t abuse the platform.

On this picture platform, you can link your pins directly to affiliate products via your hop link without any issues. This means that you can indeed make money on Pinterest without a blog or website.

Another way in which you can use the traffic you generate from Pinterest is by sending it to your blog or landing pages.

If you already have a blog or landing page set up, then in most cases you will find this a better way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest as this method will usually lead to a better conversion rate.

However, if you’re just getting started and you don’t yet have a website or page set up to drive traffic, then you can start with method one, and then build a landing page later to increase your sales.

Another advantage of using a landing page or website to direct your traffic is that you can also collect email addresses in the process.

Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do as an affiliate. Once you have people on your list, you can then follow up with them multiple times and get more chances to offer them a product in the future.

Building a website or landing page doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive. In fact, you can even build them for free if you use a platform like GrooveFunnels.

Pinterest Demographics


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the Pinterest logo

Pinterest has over 335 million monthly active users. The platform is primarily used by women, with more than 71% of users being female.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t male users on there too. Currently, 40% of new signups are men, and this figure is still growing. Furthermore, around 40% of US dads use Pinterest on a regular basis.

In terms of age, the median is 40 years old, but the majority of active pinners are under 40. 

Overall, Pinterest is tailored a little towards females, but there are also millions of males using it and growing. It’s also one of the social platforms that’s popular with people across a wide age range.

This means it can work well for a variety of niches.

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Most Popular Niches On Pinterest That Are Easily Monetizable

The best affiliate categories on Pinterest for affiliate Infographic

A lot of niches on Pinterest are hard to monetize because they simply aren’t that buyer-friendly.

Often, the users will just view the content, instead of purchasing. However, I’ve researched Pinterest extensively and picked out 7 Pinterest categories that are easy to monetize.

There are, of course, other categories that you can monetize, but these are some of the eBay ones.

  1. Travel
  2. Home Decor
  3. Crafts
  4. Internet Marketing
  5. Hair And Beauty
  6. Food And Drink
  7. Technology

In most cases, the categories, or niches that work on Pinterest are the ones that have a high visual component to them.

For example, people love going to Pinterest to look at travel and holiday pictures as it’s a highly visually appealing thing to look at.

Home decor also works well because people want to see clear, crisp images of items that they may want to buy for their home.

Internet marketing is the only anomaly on the above list in this regard. However, it’s made our top 7 list for 4 main reasons:

  1. t’s a fast-growing niche on Pinterest
  2. It’s very easily monetizable with a lot of high-ticket products to promote
  3. Many business owners use Pinterest and, therefore, do look at marketing-related pins
  4. Several people I know in the internet marketing space are making very good money in this niche by driving traffic with Pinterest

Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest

Next, I am going to go into more detail on each of these categories and tell you about some of the best affiliate programs that you can promote for each.

If you’d like more detail on the categories later then check out my article on the most popular Pinterest categories here.

Travel Niche

Out of all the Pinterest affiliate programs, the travel niche has some of the most lucrative.

The travel niche performs very well on Pinterest since it is a highly visual niche.

Plus, many Pinterest users search the platform to decide where their next holiday will be, making it a perfect opportunity to earn some affiliate great commissions.


TripAdvisor homepage

TripAdvisor has an interesting affiliate program that is run by FlexOffers. The program operates on a Cost Per Action (CPA) basis.

This basically means that you get paid not per sale, but instead per action that someone takes on the TripAdvisor platform once they have been referred through your unique link.

This is great for you because it means that you don’t even have to do any selling in order to get paid. If someone follows your link to TripAdvisor and performs an action such as visiting a site recommended by TA, entering an email address, or filling out a questionnaire, for example, then you will earn a commission for that action.

What’s really cool about this is that your visitors don’t even have to book anything for you to earn a commission!

All they have to do is perform some kind of action, like clicking on a link from Tripadvisor to check out a hotel, and bam! You’ve earned a commission.

And, that’s not all, if they do book a stay at the hotel, for example, you’ll earn 50% commission of whatever TripAdvisor earns out of the deal.

I really like the look of this affiliate program, because it seems profitable and it’s also run by a very well-known and trusted company.

  • Commission Rate = 15%
  • Av EPC = N/A
  • Cookie Life = N/A
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers

Booking dot com website is another great travel affiliate program that would work well for Pinterest.

With this affiliate program, you earn a commission when the hotel is booked, i.e once the sale is made.

You can sign up for the affiliate program through one of the partner networks listed below:

The commission on most sales is a flat $14 fee. This means, based on the average conversion rate being 2.35%, the earnings per click will be around $0.28-0.30.

Quite often, the conversion rate can be higher too as is a trusted and globally recognized brand.

It’s important to know that some affiliate networks will offer a better commission % than others. In my experience, FlexOffers is usually one of the best.

  • Commission rate = flat $14 fee
  • EPC = $0.28-$0.40 (estimate)
  • Cookie Life = N/A
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers


The Travel Payouts affiliate network

The final affiliate program I selected in the travel niche is TravelPayouts.

This is another CPA network, where you can get access to a wide range of travel affiliate programs including hotels, flights, tours, car rentals, and more.

Because they are a network of over 60 affiliate programs, the commission percentage, and EPCs vary.

If you are interested in promoting products in this niche, I would recommend signing up for TravelPayouts, as they do have a great selection of programs to promote. Some of them also offer high commissions of up to 10%.

  • Commission  Range = Varies
  • Av EPC = Varies
  • Cookie Life = Varies

Home Decor Niche

Home decor is another niche that can work really well on Pinterest.

When some people decorate their room or purchase new furniture, they’ll often visit Pinterest first to get visual inspiration of the items they’re interested in. So this is another opportunity where you can promote affiliate products.

Rug Source

The Rug Source website

Rug source is an online retailer that sells all types of modern, antique, oriental, and Persian rugs.

They have a huge stock of over 30,000 rugs and have become a globally known rug retailer over the years.

Similar to some other affiliate programs on this list, their affiliate program is also hosted on ShareASale, which is where you can sign up to promote them.

ShareASale has a lot of great products that do well on the Pinterest platform. If you want to know more about this network then see my review of ShareASale here.

Their affiliate commissions are quite good for physical products too, as you receive 10% of the sales you make.

The Rug Source rugs are sold worldwide which is an advantage too, as it won’t matter from where your traffic comes from. Plus, content around rugs, interior design, and related topics usually performs very well on Pinterest, making it another great affiliate program to consider.

  • Commission % Range = 10%
  • Av EPC = N/A
  • Cookie Life = 180 days
  • Sign up and promote – Via ShareASale



Joybird is also a great retailer in the Home decor niche that has an affiliate program. Their main target market is in the US, but it fits Pinterest perfectly.

The whole company was founded on the idea that people should never settle for less on their home furniture. Instead, they should express their freedom by being boldly original.

Because of this, you’ll find some really interesting furniture here that stands out from the rest. People love different and unique styles, meaning content like this can perform exceptionally well on a visual platform like Pinterest.

So, this is an affiliate program to keep in mind if it fits your niche.

  • Commission % Range = N/A
  • Av EPC = N/A
  • Cookie Life = N/A


Wayfair affiliate program

Our final home decor affiliate program for Pinterest is Wayfair.

Wayfair also has a huge selection of home decor, furniture, and other related products that you can promote. It’s also a globally recognized brand that you’ll benefit from if you are promoting it.

If you do have products from here or one of the other home decor stores, you could take pictures of them and promote them that way.

Viewers will often want to learn more about or style their rooms in a similar way which will often result in you earning commissions.

Then, you’ll be able to link that post to the product, and if someone purchases you’ll earn a commission.

The average commission rate is $23.45. Overall, I would say that the Wayfair affiliate program is also one to look out for.

  • Commission % Range = 7%
  • Avg EPC =  $0.40-$0.50 cents
  • Cookie Life = 7 days
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers

AVG EPC estimate is based on averages of the commissions, and conversion rate across all industries.

Crafts Niche

Crafts are also a great niche for Pinterest because it has a strong visual appeal.

Most people that do crafts will use Pinterest for inspiration. You can tap into this market and promote some great products that your audience will love.

By creating craft-related pins, you can easily link them over to relevant affiliate offers, or directly to your landing page.

Mister Art

Mister Art affiliate products

Mister Art is the world’s largest craft and art supply store. It launched in 1996 when online shopping was still in the very early stages.

Since then, they have maintained their status as the “world’s largest online source for discount arts & crafts”.

Again, this is something that you will benefit from when promoting them, as they are highly trusted.

Crafts and art are extremely popular on Pinterest. These types of pins get a huge amount of traffic and engagement because people just love to look at the images.

Interestingly, arts and crafts pins also give users the feeling of desire to want to replicate them, which you can use to your advantage as an affiliate marketer.

  • Commission % Range = Up to 10% commission
  • Avg EPC = varies
  • Cookie Life = 30 day cookie lifetime
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers

Scrapbook website with affiliate products on Pinterest is another great craft affiliate program that you can join.

They have a wide range of crafts that can work really well on Pinterest. At their store, you’ll also find globally recognized brands that can help conversions.

Something that also caught my eye is that they seem to have quite a lot of content and educational material like podcasts.

This is great because you can refer someone to them, and they then might want to join in on what’s being created on the blog and then purchase the materials.

Plus, they offer commission rates of up to 20% which is really high for physical products. also has a Facebook affiliate group that you can join if you have any questions, or just want to network with other affiliates.

Overall, this is another outstanding affiliate program for Pinterest, that is at least worth considering if you’re in the crafts niche.

  • Commission % Range = Up to 20%
  • Av EPC = Varies
  • Cookie Life = 30 days
  • Sign up and promote – via ShareASale

Internet Marketing Niche

Internet marketing is another niche that can work really well. Pinterest is full of business owners and influencers that need to sell their products, create graphics, or want to grow.

This is your opportunity to sell them a solution that, in many cases, will be an internet marketing product.

With a wide variety of products to promote, some programs can be extremely lucrative. If that sounds good to you then you may also want to check out my article on high ticket programs that you can get involved with.


Fiverr affiliate egistration page

Fiverr is probably the best-known marketplace to hire freelancers in the world, which makes it super-easy to promote them.

I’m sure you, like me, have used Fiverr yourself in the past. Maybe you even use it on a regular basis to help you grow your business. However, have you ever thought about promoting them as an affiliate?

A lot of people aren’t even aware that Fiverr has an affiliate program, but it actually has one of the best and most lucrative programs in the industry.

You can even earn up to $1,000 for a single sale. Yep, Fiverr certainly looks after its affiliates.

Depending on what Fiverr services you choose to promote you can opt to either get paid per sale ($10 – $1,000 per sale) or get paid on a percentage basis (10% – 50% per sale).

Fiverr also offer a rev-share model on some of their services. This means that if you choose the rev-share option then you will get a smaller upfront commission, but you will also get paid 10% of your referee’s sales for 12 months.

So, if the people you sign up use Fiverr regularly then you stand to make quite a bit of money over the 12 months.

  • Commission % Range = Various – from 10-50% per sale, or $10 – $1,000 per sale
  • Rev Share Options = Yes
  • Avg EPC = $7
  • Cookie Life = Lifetime once signed up
  • Sign up and promote – via Fiverr


The Canva website used for designing pins on Pinterest

Canva is a great affiliate program for Pinterest. It’s an online tool that makes it really easy to create graphics.

The reason why it’s a great affiliate program to promote on Pinterest is that most people need a tool like this to create pins.

This is also something that you can promote to influencers or businesses looking to grow on this platform specifically as they’ll need something to easily create their content.

You’ll also benefit from Canva being a globally recognized brand, meaning your traffic will convert better.

  • Commission % Range = Up to $36 per sale
  • Av EPC = Varies
  • Cookie Life = 30 days
  • Sign up and promote – via Canva


TailWind social manager for Pinterest

Tailwind is another excellent product to promote on Pinterest. It’s a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling tool that also comes with comprehensive analytics.

Anyone serious about growing on either of these platforms will need a scheduler like Tail Wind. This makes it one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Tailwind is also the most popular social media sharing and scheduling tool for the Pinterest platform.

In general, there aren’t too many other options out there, meaning that even if they research alternatives after clicking your affiliate link, they’ll probably come back to buy Tailwind, and you’ll get the credit for the sale thanks to the tracking cookie.

Tailwind is also an official partner of Pinterest. This can help a lot with trust, and, therefore, with your conversions.

If you are promoting TailWind to an audience that wants to grow on Pinterest, this is likely to convert extremely well.

  • Commission % Range = 15% recurring
  • Av EPC = Varies
  • Cookie Life = 90 days
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers

Beauty Niche

As we have seen earlier in this article, Pinterest is heavily used by women. This means the beauty niche also works very well with Pinterest, as there’s a huge amount of interest here.

Below, I’ve outlined all the top beauty affiliate programs for Pinterest that you can promote to earn commissions.

Clinique Online

Clinique Online beauty affiliate program

Clinique is a globally recognized brand in the beauty niche, and it has a pretty decent affiliate program too.

When you visit their online store, you’ll see they have a wide selection of beauty products including everything from skincare to makeup products. These are all items that you can easily create pins for, and then direct people to make a purchase through your affiliate link.

Clinique’s commission rates are quite decent too. On average, you’ll be earning 6% of the revenue that you generate. Considering we are talking about physical products, plus a huge brand with a lot of credibility behind it, these rates are pretty decent.

Overall, I would say that the Clinique online affiliate program for Pinterest is definitely worth considering if you are in this niche.

  • Commission % Range = 6%
  • Av EPC =
  • Cookie Life = 7 Days
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers

 BK Beauty

BK Beauty products for affiliate marketing

BK Beauty is another great affiliate program in the beauty niche. They specialize in makeup brushes, and they have a huge selection of them too.

Personally, I don’t know too much about make-up brushes, but what I can tell you is BK Beauty also has a sweet affiliate program. Not only do they offer a juicy 15% commission, but their average order value is also over $100.

This means you’ll be earning high EPCs as the visitors you are sending are likely going to be spending a decent amount.

They aren’t quite as globally recognized as Clinique, but their order value and commissions make up for it.

Overall, it’s a great affiliate program to promote on Pinterest if you’re in the beauty niche.

  • Commission % Range = 15%
  • Av EPC = $.30-$0.45
  • Cookie Life = Unknown
  • Sign up and promote – via ShareASale

Avg EPC is based on averages of the order value and conversion rates from all industries.

Food and Drink Niche

Many people, especially women, love to follow food blogs and social media accounts. This includes, of course, Pinterest.

People use Pinterest to get inspiration, and ideas for when they want to get cooking themselves.

This also makes it a perfect opportunity for affiliate marketing on Pinterest, as you can sell the ingredients, pre-made food, utensils, and even entire kitchens to earn affiliate commissions on Pinterest.

Here are some of the best food affiliate programs for Pinterest:

Thrive Market

The Thrive Market program

Thrive Market is an online food store that aims to make healthy living more affordable.

They offer a wide range of healthy food and drinks that appeal to people with a variety of different diets. The reason this affiliate program could work exceptionally well on Pinterest is that people are always looking for ways to eat healthier.

Pinterest is one of the places they go for ideas. You can demonstrate to people searching for ideas, how they can eat healthier with Thrive Market. And you’ll earn commissions when they do.

  • Commission % Range = $5 – $40 CPA (per sale)
  • Av EPC = Varies
  • Cookie Life = 14 days
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers

Farm Foods Market

Farm Foods Market program

Farm Foods Market is a place where you can order meat that comes from farms without being mass-produced. Its mission is to bring back authentic, nourishing, and flavorful meats.

All of their meat comes directly from farms where the animals lived in good conditions and are well-treated. This means you can also use the ethically sourced angle to help you promote the great company.

Of course, the Farm Foods Market product range is going to particularly appeal to those who want to stop the mass production of meat, and the ill-treating of animals, which is definitely a good thing in my book!

The affiliate program pays 4% commissions, but the conversions are quite good too at 4%, according to their website. Plus, the average order size is also over $120, meaning you should often earn $16 per sale.

Overall, I would say the Farm Foods Market is a solid affiliate program in the food niche. It has good conversions rates, and the products are high-quality and ethical too, which will feel good to promote.

When it comes to the food niche, unless your Pinterest audience is vegan, the Farm Food Market should be a perfect fit.

  • Commission % Range = 4%
  • Av EPC = $0.64 (based off their statistics)
  • Cookie Life = 30 days
  • Sign up and promote – via ShareASale

Technology Niche

Technology is also a great niche for Pinterest. This is because people love to see the latest gadgets that are coming out.

Almost everyone these days is always trying to keep up with the latest tech trends. Pinterest is also one of the places people go for ideas and to find new products.

This is especially true in sub-niches like speakers, as people love to get ideas for their living rooms or other technology-related setups.


Sonos technology affiliate products

Sonos is an online store that specializes in speakers and other audio systems.

This program can work well on Pinterest because you can post pictures of the speakers around your home or office space and make the images look highly visually appealing.

People who are actively looking for speakers, will also often buy them, else they probably wouldn’t be looking.

This means if you create lots of content around Sonos and related products, you’ll probably be able to earn a decent amount of affiliate commissions.

Plus, the commission rate is also decent at 8%. The only part that is a little annoying is a 1-day cookie duration, which I am not a big fan of.

Unfortunately, the 1-day cookie duration means that Sonos will be able to collect your visitor’s email address, send follow-up emails, and if the visitor buys something after the initial 24 hours, you won’t get the commission.

That’s not ideal if you ask me.

So, if you’re promoting a program that has a very short cookie life, it’s even more important to first send your traffic to your own landing page first where you can also collect email addresses and build a list.

You can then promote products on the back end by mailing your list and offering bonuses and incentives to buy through your affiliate link.

  • Commission % Range = 8%
  • Av EPC = varies
  • Cookie Life = 1 day
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers


The Go Pro homepage

GoPro is another brand that is extremely well known around the world. Like some of the others on this list, you’ll benefit from this when promoting it, as they are highly trusted.

The action cameras can perform well on Pinterest because you can show off what’s possible when using them, and then promote your affiliate link alongside.

When promoting GoPro you will earn 5% of the revenue that you generate which is also quite decent considering it’s a globally recognized brand selling physical products.

You’ll also have a dedicated affiliate manager. These guys can often help you to sell more in some cases.

Overall, I would say that this is a solid niche affiliate program that can work well on Pinterest.

  • Commission % Range = 4%
  • Av EPC = Varies
  • Cookie Life = 7 days
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers


The Garmin program

Last but not least for the technology niche we have Garmin.

Garmin is a company that specializes in outdoor GPS watches. They have a huge selection, as well as a pretty nice affiliate program.

When promoting Garmin, you’ll earn 8% of the revenue generated. Again, this is pretty good for a physical product.

The audience on Pinterest is also just right for this kind of product, as it appeals to the outdoors, fashion, and a range of other interests. This gives you a certain amount of freedom in how you want to promote it, which is always good.

  • Commission % Range = 8%
  • Av EPC = Varies
  • Cookie Life = 20 days
  • Sign up and promote – via FlexOffers

Best Ways To Promote Pinterest Affiliate Programs

The best way to promote Pinterest affiliate products is, of course, via Pinterest. However, you might not realize that you can also effectively promote these products through blogging, paid advertising, or leveraging other social media platforms.

If you like the idea of blogging or building niche affiliate websites that gain traffic on autopilot and make you sales even while you sleep, then you can get $200 off the best affiliate SEO course here and learn exactly how it’s done.

If blogging and website building isn’t your thing, then you can also make a lot of money as an affiliate by leveraging various social media platforms. Here’s some free affiliate training to show you how to do it.

Pinterest Affiliate Programs – My Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this article on the best affiliate programs for Pinterest. We’ve covered quite a good range of niches and sites that you can promote.

So, there should be at least one niche that has sparked your interest as there is a wide range of opportunities available.

If you have trouble picking between these, I suggest going with the one that you have the most interest in. This will make it much easier to create a lot of content which will help you earn more commissions.

Interested In Other Affiliate Programs?

Here are a few more programs that may work well with Pinterest:

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