Best Sports Affiliate Programs: Score Big Rewards

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Last Updated on 6th February 2024

Are you on the hunt for the best sports affiliate programs to amplify your income streams?

While there are a ton of affiliate programs out there for sports, not all of them are worth your time to promote.

So, in this article, I’m going to give you the skinny on 13 great sporting affiliate programs you can promote to make great money.

From popular sports betting platforms to online sports retailers, I’ve got the inside track on where to score the most lucrative affiliate deals.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just breaking into the affiliate marketing game, this article should be a valuable resource for you.

Let’s get to it!

13 Best Sports Affiliate Programs

If you have a sports blog and you’d like to earn commissions from affiliate links, here are 13 of the best affiliate programs for sports that will help you do just that:

  • Under Armour
  • Mountain Hardwear
  • Jump Sport
  • Go Pro
  • Hidrate Spark
  • Fitbit
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Total Gym
  • Leather Head Sports
  • Paragon Sports
  • Puma
  • Nike
  • LeftLane Sports

Now, let’s get into a little more detail on each of these sporting affiliate programs.

Under Armour


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Under Armour

Under Armour offers a great affiliate program that allows partners to earn commissions on sales of their high-quality athlete recovery sleepwear, accessories, water sports apparel, and connected fitness gear

The Under Armour program is known for its competitive affiliate program commission rates and extended cookie duration, making it an attractive option for affiliates in the sports niche.

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear is a leading outdoor gear and apparel company with an affiliate program that provides attractive commission rates for partners who promote their products. 

With a focus on innovative and durable clothing, gear, and accessories, affiliates have a range of high-quality products to choose from when working with Mountain Hardwear.

Their high-quality products are designed for a range of outdoor activities, and include camping gear, fishing gear,  hunting gear, cycling gear, and climbing gear. Mountain Hardwear also stock winter sports-related products such as skiing gear. 



Jump Sport offers a unique affiliate program that promotes their selection of trampolines and fitness accessories.

This niche market allows affiliates the chance to target a specific audience with a passion for fun and healthy activities that involve all things trampolining.

The Jump Sport commission rates and cookie duration make them an appealing choice for those in the sports and fitness niche.



GoPro is a well-known leader in action cameras, and their affiliate program provides an opportunity for partners to earn commissions on their range of niche products.

With a great reputation for quality and innovation, GoPro’s affiliate program can be a lucrative option for affiliates focused on sports equipment. GoPro is also an easy sell too, since so many people now know and love this trusted brand.

Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark

For those who don’t seem to drink enough fluids when working out or playing sports, Hidrate Spark can be a game-changer product.

Hidrate Spark offers an innovative smart water bottle that syncs with users’ smartphones, helping them track their hydration levels.

Affiliates in the health and sports niche can benefit from promoting this unique product, with its competitive commission rates and extended cookie duration.



Fitbit is a popular health and fitness tracker brand with a strong affiliate program. Their range of products, including fitness trackers and smartwatches, appeals to a broad audience in the online sports goods and health sector.

Affiliates can take advantage of Fitbit’s competitive commission rates and cookie duration to generate income.

Fitbit is a trusted and credible brand so it shouldn’t be too hard to make sales and earn commissions with this affiliate program.

You can sign up for the Fitbit affiliate program via Commission Junction affiliate network. 

However, high-volume affiliates are eligible for higher commissions.

Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia

For all you sports nerds out there, Sports Memorabilia is a website that sells sports collectibles, memorabilia, and merchandise.

The affiliate program offers competitive commissions for partners who can successfully promote their range of authentic and high-quality products to sports enthusiasts with a passion for collecting sports items.

Total Gym

Total Gym

Total Gym offers a range of high quality home gym and fitness equipment. Their affiliate program provides attractive commission rates on sales of their products, making it appealing for those in the online sports and fitness industry.

Total Gym’s comprehensive range of equipment ensures that affiliates have options to suit various customer needs and preferences. Basically, you can cater to almost any fitness enthusiast with Total Gym’s range of products.

You can sign up for the Total Gym affiliate program via Commission Junction affiliate marketing network.

Leather Head Sports

Leather Head Sports

Leather Head Sports is known for its vintage-inspired sports balls that evoke a sense of nostalgia for classic American sports.

The company offers a variety of sports balls and accessories, including footballs, baseballs, basketballs, rugby balls, soccer balls, and more. They also produce leather coasters and other sports-themed accessories.

Affiliates will be able to target sports enthusiasts and collectors who love retro designs.

Paragon Sports

Paragon Sports

Paragon Sports is a retailer of online sports goods that offers a wide range of sports equipment, including equipment for paddle sports like kayaking and canoeing.

Their affiliate program provides commissions on product sales, with a focus on high-quality items from a range of familiar brands.

Aa an affiliate you can target a wide range of sporting folk, and offer a variety of products to suit various needs and preferences. This is great for the diversity of your affiliate campaigns and can keep your audience coming back for more of what you’ve got.



Puma is one of the best known sportswear brands in the golf industry. As you probably already know, they have a nice range of athletic clothing, shoes and accessories. And, you guessed it, you can, of course earn commissions on any sales you refer to Puma.

With a wide range of products, Puma has appeal for people with a passion for sports and fashion-conscious folks alike. Partnering with Puma provides you with ample opportunities to earn great income.



Another global leader in sports and athletic clothing and equipment, Nike is a highly popular choice among affiliates to promote. Nike offers a range of sports equipment, including golf equipment such as golf clubs.

Considering that Nike is an iconic brand with huge popularity in the marketplace, they still offer a generous commission rate to affiliates of up to 11% per sale. That’s not bad considering they’re so big they don’t need to pay as much as other brands to incentivize.

With a variety of products and a reputation for quality, affiliates can successfully target sports and fitness enthusiasts to generate revenues from their promotional efforts. 

  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Commission rate: 11%. Note: The commission rates can vary up to 15% on Skimlinks
  • Sign up URL: Nike sign up here

LeftLane Sports

LeftLane Sports

LeftLane Sports is an online retailer specializing in outdoor, adventure sports,  and active lifestyle products at discounted prices. It provides its members with exclusive access to limited-time sales events featuring top brands in the outdoor and sports industry.

The company engages with its members through social media and email newsletters, providing updates on upcoming sales and relevant content related to outdoor activities. 

The average order value is $83.86, and their website conversion rate is five times higher than the industry average. Affiliates can earn commissions of up to 10%.

What You Should Consider Before Selecting a Sports Affiliate Program

When selecting your sports affiliate program, it’s essential to take several factors into account to maximize its potential benefits.

Here I’m gonna discuss three key aspects you should consider closely before committing to promote. There are, commissions, cookie duration, and relevance to your target audience.


It goes without saying, the commission rate is a vital aspect of any affiliate program. This is basically the percentage of revenue you will receive from each sale or lead generated through your affiliate efforts. Commissions can vary widely between programs and can be based on a flat fee or a percentage of sales.

When it comes to physical goods, bear in mind that commissions are typically lower. Anything from 4-12% is a typically commission payout per sale for physical products. On the other hand, if you’re promoting supplements or membership courses then not only can the percentage be higher, but you can often also earn a recurring commission on these types of products.

Cookie Duration

Cookie duration is another essential factor to consider. When a user clicks you affiliate link, a cookie is stored on their device and tracks their purchase within a specified time frame. If a user makes a purchase within the cookie duration, you are the affiliate will score a commission on that sale.

Affiliate programs offer varying cookie durations. Some may have a 24-hour duration, while others may last for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Longer cookie durations generally provide you with a greater chance of earning commissions. This is because many customers may take time to make a purchase decision. Therefore, you should choose programs with longer cookie durations to increase your earnings potential.

Relevance to Target Audience

The relevance of the affiliate program to your target audience is also crucial. If the products and services offered by the program align with your audience’s interests and needs, the likelihood of generating sales increases significantly.

That just makes sense.

For example, if your blog focuses on fitness and health, a sports affiliate program offering gym equipment, workout supplements, or fitness trackers will likely resonate well with your audience. Aim to choose programs that strongly align with your niche and readers’ interests to boost conversion rates and ensure a successful partnership.

Popular Types of Sports Products and Niches

Here are a few categories of sporting affiliate products to consider promoting:

Sports Clothing and Footwear

The sports clothing and footwear niche is an essential part of the sports niche, encompassing all types of sporting attire and shoes for various activities.

This niche market covers a wide range of popular sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, rugby, and more.

Major brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour produce high-quality, functional sportswear that is in demand by athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

As an affiliate, you may choose to partner with some of these top brands, online market platforms like Amazon, or sports retail chains like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Fitness Trackers and Smart Equipment

Another growing segment within the sports industry is the fitness trackers and smart equipment niche. This is why I included the Fitbit fitness tracker in my list of sports affiliate programs above.

With the rise of technology in the sports world, it’s becoming increasingly popular for people to incorporate fitness trackers and other smart devices into their exercise routines. From Fitbit watches to HidrateSpark smart water bottles, these products offer a convenient way to track personal progress and stay motivated.

As an affiliate marketer, you can capitalize on this trend by promoting these cool and innovative gadgets.

Sports Memorabilia

While kinda nerdy, sports memorabilia is a highly collectable and profitable niche, attracting fans and collectors of various sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and others. There’s a lot of money to be made here, so don’t discount it.

This market offers a vast array of items, including autographed jerseys, signed photos, and limited-edition merchandise.

If you’re interested in this niche, then you can partner with online platforms like Fanatics or set up a direct collaboration with sports clubs and organizations to promote these unique and sought-after products to all the sports nerds.

Fantasy Sports

The fantasy sports niche has seen huge growth in recent years, with fans increasingly participating in online platforms that allow them to manage virtual teams based on real athlete statistics.

Covering various sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and even rugby, fantasy sports provide a competitive and engaging experience for fans.

Affiliate marketers in this niche can leverage their expertise and sports knowledge to promote different fantasy sports platforms and related services, catering to the ever-growing demand in this market.

Bonus Tip: Due to how some people get crazy obsessional about fantasy sports, you should find it pretty easy to build a large audience quickly in this niche if you are also so inclined.

Sporting Affiliate Programs – My Final Thoughts

Well, sports fans and marketing enthusiasts, we’ve crossed the finish line of our marathon through the world of the top sports affiliate programs.

While all the affiliate programs on this list are great companies to promote, remember, the best programs for you are the ones that match your audience’s interests while offering lucrative commissions.

So, lace up your cleats, set your sights on the goal, and get ready to score big with the world’s best sports affiliate programs. The ball is now in your court – time to make your winning play!

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