11 Top Gardening Affiliate Programs In 2021

Last Updated on 6th October 2021

If you have a green fingered audience then there are loads of great products that you can recommend to your followers.

While not all products are good for green affiliates to promote, there are several excellent gardening affiliate programs that you can join and make money with in this niche.

I’ve done the research for you and listed what I believe are the top 11 affiliate programs in the gardening niche right now.

Click & Grow Affiliate Program

Click & Grow is another well known brand selling indoor gardens, similar to AeroGarden.

What I particularly like about Click & Grows gardens is that they have automation systems for self-watering, lighting and nutrient feeding, which is pretty cool!

These products are perfect for the lazy gardener, or for someone who just doesn’t have much time to think about their little greed friends all day long.

They offer both retail and wholesale options when it comes to selling their products online. This means that you can both promote their products direct to customers AND to businesses for resale as well.

And of course, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that those retail customers of yours will buy in bulk and likely become repeat buyers, meaning a whole lot more affiliate commissions for you!

At 10% per sale, Click & Grow are a little more generous with their pay outs than some of the other programs on this list. They also offer free product samples to influencers with a 10K+ following, which is nice. And to make your promotion efforts even easier, they will also give you a 10% discount code that you can offer to your audience.

For me, all of these things make Click & Grow a great gardening affiliate program a pretty good one for this niche.

AeroGarden Affiliate Program

The AeroGarden affiliate program is one of my favorites because it’s so easy to use and has an amazing customer support team behind it.

This online retailer makes some of the most popular indoor garden kits around. These indoor gardens come complete with their own grow lamps, are usable with wifi, and you can even set a ‘vacation mode’ to ensure that your garden stays nurtured while you’re away!

Anyone ever come home from holiday to find dead house plants..? Yeah, me too…

Another cool feature about these indoor Edens is that you can also stack them, allowing you to keep growing more stuff.

Customers typically pay anything from $350 all the way up to north of $650 for one of these indoor gardens.

Besides these mini garden sets, you can also buy other stuff like garden tools and seed kits from AeroGarden too. So there’s plenty of opportunity to sell a range of products from these guys.

While the commission rate is okay, it’s not the best at 7.5% per sale. However, the popularity of their products should make up for it so it’s worth adding this one to your affiliate promotion.

Plus, if you’re able to send a lot of people their way then there may be room for negotiation on your commission percentage. Join the FlexOffers network below and start promoting AeroGarden.

Earth Easy Affiliate Program

Earth Easy began over 2 decades ago and is still ruin as a family business today. They have expanded beyond only the gardening niche and also sell products related to cleaning, camping and general household products too.

Earth Easy specialises in non-toxic goods that are environmentally friendly and made form natural products, so they will have huge appeal to the organic gardener.

When it comes to the garden niche Earth Easy provide everything a gardener could need from composting bins to organic fertilizers, barrows, planters, soil conditioner, fertalizer, pots, and even larger items such as sheds and greenhouses.

From what we’ve seen, Earth Easy looks to be one of the best affiliate programs for organic gardening products.

As far as this gardening affiliate program goes, they offer commissions typically between 5 and 10%, and higher rates on some wholesale brands. They also provide a very generous 90-day cookie life, which is pretty decent for this niche.

Nature Hills Nursery Affiliate Program

Nature Hills Nursery is an internet garden center that offers a wide range of live plants and gardening accessories. They offer shipping throughout the 48 contiguous United States, and their most popular products include trees and shrubs, fruit trees and perennials.

The Nature Hills Nursery affiliate marketing program is a great fit for any gardening or outdoor related website.

The average order value of a customer is around $150, and the slice of the pie that you receive as the promoting affiliate is 10% per transaction.

As far as cookies go, you only get a 30 day life, but it should be plenty to make sales here.

Seeds Now Affiliate Program

Seeds Now is a huge seller of garden seeds. They deal in pretty much any type of seed you can think of.

They are a family business with an ethos of helping people to grow their own organic food, fruit and veg – none of that non-GMO crap here!

If you have a garden blog promoting organic gardening products then Seeds Now could be a great fit for you. Their seed packets are affordable and easy to ship, so there’s not much to deter a potential buyer.

The Seeds Now affiliate program is hosted with the Refersion.com affiliate network and pay out a whopping 25% per sale, which is pretty hight for the gardening niche.

However, don’t get too excited, after all, we’re talking about a pack of vegetable seed packets here, and the average sale is around $20. Still, 25% commission is a great rate for a physical product.

If you decide to become their affiliate partner then you’ll also get a 90-day cookie duration, which also beats a lot of other programs we’ve seen in this space.

To make this affiliate program even sweeter, they even pay out weekly via PayPal, which is pretty niche too.

Gardener’s Supply Affiliate Program

Gardener’s Supply is run by true garden enthusiasts with a passion for growing little green friends, and helping everyone else to do the same too.

They’ve been around since 1983, and officially launched their current website in 1995. Besides the all the stock they sell, they also give hands on advice to anyone who needs it.

As the name suggests, you can find all kinds of garden supplies here. From tools, to fertilizer, to pest control, there really isn’t anything they don’t have.

As an affiliate you’ll earn up to 8% referral fee when someone buys something through your link. And they’ll provide you with a load of creatives for your website to help you do that.

This means that if someone clicks on one of your links and then goes on to buy something, you’ll get paid twice over. The cookie duration is set at 60 days, so you won’t miss out on any money either way.

46 & Spruce Affiliate Program

 46 & Spruce sell all kinds of things to spruce up your home and garden.

From flows and plants for your home to botanical kits, hanging terrariums, vases and even completely DIY terrarium kits, 46 & Spruce offers a range of items to bring happiness into your home!

If you have a content site then 46 & Spruce will pay you 10% of each referral you can send their way. If you run a coupon site then you’ll only get 2% per sale since you’ll likely get a much higher conversion rate with coupons.

46 & Spruce have an average order value of $55, so with a content site you’re looking at around $5.50 per sale. You also get a 30-day tracking cookie, which is okay – not the best, but not too bad either.

Botanical Interests Affiliate Program

 Botanical Interests is another long established gardening company who first set up shop back in 2000.

Their products mainly revolve around selling top-quality seeds of all varieties including prestige heirlooms. Botanical Interests also regularly send their seeds off for tests in third-party laboratories to ensure they are consistently achieving a high germination rate.

Having said that, they do also sell a range of other products too, including pots, garden steaks, tools, and all kinds of supplies that you might need. In fact, they have quite an extensive range of green products.

You can sign up to the Botanical Interests affiliate program via ShareASale and receive 15% commission per sale once you’re approved.

With an EPC of $9.45 you could do quite well if you can refer the right people. You also get a 45-day tracking cookie, so that should give you plenty of time to make some money here.

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Bloomscape Affiliate Program

Bloomscape has become a go-to place for indoor potted plants for many Americans. They provide all kinds of plants for your home including pet-friendly house plants, which are particularly popular.

Besides house plants, Bloomscape also sell all the stuff you’ll need to go with them, including pots, tools, soil, fertilizer, hangers and other accessories.

If you’re planning to promote the Bloomscape affiliate program then it’s worth knowing that they currently only ship to the 48 contiguous United States. The cookie duration is also pretty short too at only 10 days.

The Bloomscape affiliate program offers 10% per sale. On house plants this is not likely to make a huge difference to your affiliate income, unless you have a gardening blog with tons of traffic and can send a lot of people their way. Still, they have nice products and a great-looking website so converting customers into buyers should not be too hard here.

Sign up for the Bloomscape affiliate program via FlexOffers below.

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Garden Tower Affiliate Program

With an ethos of helping people to grow more healthy plants and nutrient-rich food in less space, the Garden Tower Project is a pretty cool and innovative idea.

As you might have guessed, they sell cool-looking towers which enable you to plant up multiple different plants, kinda like a plant stack. They look great and they’re super-easy to look after since you can rotate the whole stack as you give your green buddies some water. And if you’re a gardener who’s short on space, then a garden tower will be a must-have!

Affiliate marketers promoting the Garden Tower Project will receive an average commission of 16% per sale.

This program is hosted on the ShareASale affiliate network, and according to their program stats the average commission is $34.80. And with a 60-day cookie life you’ll have plenty of time to get some conversions once people click on your affiliate link.

Ferry-Morse Affiliate Program

Ferry-Morse are another brand that have been around for a long time – since 1856! I doubt they had an affiliate program back then, but their website launched in 1997 so they’re also well established online.

Ferry-Morse are another brand specialising in non-GMO plant seeds. They sell all kinds from organic seeds, to heirloom seeds.

However, it’s not just seeds that you’ll find on their website. Ferry-Morse also sell all kinds of gardening tools and supplies ranging from simple plant pots to grow lights, self-watering kits, and seed starting greenhouses.

Hosted on the CJ affiliate network, you’ll get 6% on each sale, and a 45-day tracking cookie.

Final Thoughts

Gardening is a great hobby, and now you can make money from it as an affiliate. If you’re a gardening blogger or influencer then sign up for as many programs as possible to maximise your earnings!

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