ClickFunnels price plans and deals

ClickFunnels Pricing: Monthly and Annual Plan + Deals

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Whether you’re a solopreneur, internet marketer, small business owner, or large corporation, this ClickFunnels pricing guide will provide you with in-depth details about everything you need to know about the cost of ClickFunnels.

Most importantly, we’ll inform you about the ClickFunnels special discount, which is available through the annual payment plan.

In this article you’ll also discover how you can get ClickFunnels for free using 3 different methods, as well as how you can get an extended 30-day free trial using a special link.

Let’s get to it!

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ClickFunnels Pricing Summary

There are 3 ClickFunnels pricing plans you need to be aware of:

  • Standard plan for $97/month or $970/per year, which gives you access to 20 funnels and 100 sub-pages
  • Platinum plan for $297/month or $2970/per year, which gives you access to unlimited funnels with unlimited sub-pages
  • Two Comma Club X Pricing Plan for $2,497/month or $29,964/year, which gives you access to unlimited funnels and sub-pages. The yearly plan does not include a discount

Most ClickFunnels customers go for either the Standard or Platinum plan since the Two Comma Club X plan is out of most people’s price range.

What Is ClickFunnels?

If you’d like to generate leads, boost your sales, grow your email list, run a webinar, host your own affiliate program, or simply just build a successful online business hassle-free, ClickFunnels can help you do just that.

ClickFunnels is owned by Russel Brunson and his parent company, Etison LLC. At the heart of the product is the drag-and-drop sales funnel software. However, ClickFunnels is much more than just a funnel builder.

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing software suite for small and large entrepreneurs who want to generate more leads and sales online.

As an all-in-one platform, ClickFunnels eliminates the need to use multiple tools to accomplish a number of tasks. 

ClickFunnels allows you to build sales funnels that will not only lead your potential customers through a series of stages but also convert them into paying customers.

Most importantly, you don’t need to be a programmer or have coding skills to use ClickFunnels.

What Is Included in Every ClickFunnels Package?

If you’re wondering what features you’ll access on each ClickFunnels pricing plan, then I’ve given you a breakdown in the chart below.

But before that, here are all the features of ClickFunnels:

  • Easy drag-and-drop visual editor
  • Complete sales funnel software
  • Web hosting
  • High-converting themes and templates 
  • A/B split tests 
  • Easy to implement sales funnels 
  • Optin funnels
  • Membership funnels
  • Conversion tracking 
  • Email autoresponder 
  • Membership sites 
  • Order pages 
  • Click opt-in 
  • Shopping cart 
  • Payment getaways
  • Use custom domains
  • Followup Funnels (ClickFunnels’ email marketing platform)
  • Backpack and branded affiliate programs and features 
  • One-click downsell and upsell pages
  • Share funnels 
  • FunnelFlix

For a more in-depth look at all ClickFunnels has to offer, you can find out more about the ClickFunnels features here.

ClickFunnels Standard Pricing Plan for $97 Per Month

ClickFunnels pricing starts at $97 per month for the Standard plan. On this plan you get the following features:

  • 20 funnels: Build funnels using an easy drag-and-drop editor, and pre-designed templates
  • Share funnels: Share the funnels you create with others
  • 100 pages: Create visually appealing sub-pages for each funnel
  • 1 sub-user: Create team members with their own login and admin access
  • 3 domains: Connect to multiple domains and feature multiple brands or products from the same account
  • 3 payment getaways: Get paid using several integrations 
  • FunnelFlix (Netflix for entrepreneurs): Discover the best marketing and personal development courses and training all in one place
  • Chart support 

ClickFunnels Platinum Pricing Plan for $297 Per Month

According to ClickFunnels, the $297 monthly Platinum package (previously known as the Etison Suite plan) is worth more than a four-year college education.

On this plan, you’ll get access to some of the best digital marketing training on the planet through access to FunnelFlix Platinum.

Here’s what you get with this ClickFunnels pricing package: 

  • Unlimited funnels: Use an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed templates to build, design, and launch your funnels
  • Share funnels: Make your funnels available to others
  • Unlimited pages: Create visually appealing sub-pages for each funnel
  • 3 sub-users: Up to 3 team members can get their own login and admin access
  • 9 domains: Connect to multiple domains and feature multiple brands or products from the same account
  • 9 payment getaways: Customers can pay you via PayPal,, Stripe (including ApplePay and Android Pay), NMI, and Keap
  • Unlimited follow-up funnels: Stay connected with your target audience by sending and automating your emails and texts 
  • Priority live chat and email support: Get faster help 
  • FunnelFlix (Netflix for entrepreneurs): Get hours of additional courses and training on funnels, marketing, traffic, systems, sales, business strategy, copywriting, and peak performance all in one place
  • Weekly Peer Review Virtual Hackathons: An exclusive feature that allows you to develop your funnel from start to finish as a coach guides you step by step in real-time 

ClickFunnels Two Comma Club X Pricing Plan for $2,497 Per Month

This is the most expensive plan that is offered by ClickFunnels. If you can afford this ClickFunnels pricing plan and it makes sense for you, then you’ll get a few extra features when you upgrade to be a Two Comma Club X member.

On this plan, you’ll receive all the benefits of the standard and platinum plans, plus VIP treatment and lots of extra training.

Additionally, this plan is geared towards helping you achieve the 2 Comma Club Award. This award is given to ClickFunnels users who’ve made a million dollars in transactions using their sales funnels.

Here’s what you get on the Two Comma Club X plan:

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Share funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • 10 sub-users
  • 27 domains
  • 27 payment integrations
  • Unlimited follow-up funnels
  • Priority support + VIP phone support
  • Unlimited FunnelFlix (Netflix for entrepreneurs)
  • Weekly Peer Review Virtual Hackathons
  • Backpack 
  • Segmentation 

ClickFunnels Annual Price Plans

By going for the ClickFunnels annual plan subscription, you’ll be able to save up to $594, or two months’ worth of monthly subscriptions for both the Standard and Platinum plans.

This is the same as getting 2 months of free ClickFunnels or getting access to 12 months of ClickFunnels for the price of 10 months.

You could invest the $594 savings in paid advertising, the One Funnel Away 30-day Challenge, or even consider outsourcing parts of your business.

If you’re not a tech wizard or coder and you need help creating your web pages, the ClickFunnels yearly plan gives you access to priority live-video support.

This means your help tickets will go directly to the ClickFunnels priority team. Your questions will not only be received and answered faster, but you’ll also be able to share your screen with the support team for in-depth assistance.

In a nutshell, on the ClickFunnels yearly plan you’ll have access to everything they have to offer including:

  • Tools
  • Strategies
  • Support
  • Community

ClickFunnels Standard Annual Plan for a Year

If you upgrade to the Standard Clickfunnels annual plan, you’ll get:

  • Priority live-video support
  • 100+ done for you funnel templates 
  • FunnelFlix, also known as Netflix for entrepreneurs
  • 12 months for the price of 10
  • Save $194

ClickFunnels Platinum Annual Plan for a Year

On the other hand, getting the Platinum ClickFunnels annual plan (a.k.a Etison Suite) will give you access to the following additional benefits:

  • 200+ made-for-you funnel templates
  • 21+ additional FunnelFlix courses
  • Virtual Hackathons
  • 12 months for the price of 10
  • Save $594

$19 Per Month ClickFunnels Share Funnel Plan Expired

The ClickFunnels $19 plan, also known as the Share Funnel Plan was discontinued in 2019. Now, the cheapest plan that is available in the ClickFunnels Starter plan at $97 per month.

This plan was designed for individuals and small business owners who want to get a feel for the ClickFunnels sales funnels, but don’t have the funds to pay for one of the other pricing options.

The Share Funnel plan also allowed you to share funnels through a link, which was a huge benefit for independent ClickFunnels affiliates.

Comparison Chart of the ClickFunnels Price Plans

Below is a comparison of the different ClickFunnels pricing plans:

ClickFunnels PlanPrice
Standard Plan$97/month
100 Pages
3 Domains
3 Payment Getaways 
1 Sub User 
No Follow-Up Funnel
Chat support
No Weekly Peer Review Hackathons 
FunnelFix Courses and Trainings
Platinum Plan$297/month
Unlimited Pages 
9 Domains
9 Payment Getaways 
3 Sub Users 
Unlimited Follow-Up Funnels
Priority Support 
Weekly Peer Review Hackathons 
Hours of Additional Courses and Training on FunnelFlix
Two Comma Club X Plan $2,497/month
Unlimited Pages 
27 Domains 
27 Payment Getaways 
10 Sub Users 
Unlimited Follow-Up Funnels
Priority Support + VIP Phone Support
Weekly Peer Review Hackathons 
Unlimited FunnelFlix 

The difference between the 3 ClickFunnels pricing plans is that with the Standard Plan, you’ll have access to 20 funnels and 100 pages.

However, the Platinum and Two Comma Club X plans will give you access to unlimited funnels and pages.

Additionally, you’ll also have access to priority support on the ClickFunnels Platinum and Two Comma Club X plans, as well as unlimited Follow-Up Funnels.

You’ll also have access to more payment getaways, sub-user accounts, and domains on the Platinum and Two Comma Club X plans. 

Who Should Choose the ClickFunnels Standard Plan?

The ClickFunnels Starter plan is suitable for anyone who’s just starting out or anyone who’s never built a funnel before. 

The Standard package has everything you need to generate leads, and sales, and build high-converting sales funnels. It’s suitable for small companies or solopreneurs looking to build, design, and launch sales funnels, but who don’t need advanced email marketing and affiliate features. 

The Standard Plan is good for anyone who doesn’t need Follow-Up Funnels because you’re already using another email marketing tool such as ActiveCampaign, Sendinblue, or MailChimp. Follow-Up Funnels are an in-built email marketing automation tool.

One key reason you should choose the Starter plan instead of the Platinum plan is:

  • You get 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors, 3 custom domains, and 100 pages, which is more than enough for a beginner

Who Should Choose the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan?

If you want to create an unlimited number of funnels with an unlimited number of landing pages, the Platinum plan (Etison Suite), is for you. 

This plan is also ideal if you want access to an in-built affiliate system, email marketing tools, and high-ticket offers. In essence, the Platinum plan gives you access to Follow-Up Funnels and Backpack.

Follow-Up Funnels allows you to automate your email marketing and reach your target audience with new products and services without necessarily paying for Ads every other time.

ClickFunnels Platinum plan is good for anyone who wants to create customized follow-up sequences based on the actions taken in the funnel. This can be based on information such as: 

  • Who your customers are
  • Where they’re coming from 
  • What actions they took or didn’t take inside the funnel
  • What they bought and how recently 

You also get 9 custom domains and 3 sub-users with the Platinum plan, so it’s a good option for small marketing agencies or large companies with multiple websites and active sales funnels.

Here’s why you should choose the Platinum plan instead of the standard plan:

  • Access to more bonus courses and training
  • You get everything you need in one centralized location
  • You can eliminate third-party email autoresponders and put your marketing efforts under one roof
  • There’s no limit to the amount of traffic you can send to your sales funnels if you get the Platinum plan
  • It’s ideal for entrepreneurs who create a lot of sales funnels on a monthly basis
  • Backpack, which is ClickFunnels’ web-based affiliate program software allows you to recruit marketers to promote your product or service for a commission 

Monthly or Annual Pricing: Which Is a Better Option?

If you’re wondering whether you should choose the monthly or annual pricing plan, then here are the pros and cons of each option:

Pros of Choosing the Monthly Plan

  • Works best for short-term users who need to test the ClickFunnels software 
  • The lack of heavy commitment reduces anxiety and stress 

Cons of Choosing the Monthly Plan

  • No discounts 

Pros of Choosing the Annual Plan 

  • The annual plan allows you to pay for 10 months instead of 12 months, saving you $594 without even considering bonuses
  • You pay $970 for the Annual Standard Plan compared to $1,164/year for the monthly plan. You pay about $80/month instead of $97 a month
  • You pay $2,970 for the Annual Platinum Plan compared to $3,564/year for the Monthly Plan. You pay $247 per month instead of $297 per month
  • You also get priority video support, meaning you’ll get answers to your queries faster
  • 100+ Funnel Templates (200+ with Platinum)
  • FunnelFlix (More Training with Platinum)
  • Virtual Hackathons for training and live questions and answers

Cons of Choosing the Annual Plan 

  • You pay for the year upfront

How to Get ClickFunnels for Free?

In this section, you’re going to learn 3 ways to get ClickFunnels for free. Here are 3 discounts for ClickFunnels:

Method 1: The Funnel Builder Secrets Package

Funnel Builder Secrets is the most comprehensive package offered by ClickFunnels.

You get free access to ClickFunnels when you buy this package. However, you also get access to advanced training that teaches you how to master sales funnels, funnel psychology, sales copy, traffic generation, and online business.

In a nutshell, this package gives you all the tools you need and trains you step-by-step to build a successful funnel and launch a business capable of generating over $1,000,000.

This package helps entrepreneurs take their online businesses from zero to launch in the quickest time possible.

When you buy this package you get free access to ClickFunnels for 6 or 12 months, depending on the pricing option you choose.

Funnel Builder Secrets offers two payment plans, which are $997 and $1,997.

Regardless of which price plan you choose, you’ll get lifetime access to all the training courses. The only difference to note between the two price plans is that for $997 you get 6 months access to ClickFunnels platinum, whereas for $1,997 you get 12 months access to the ClickFunnels software.

Savings you make:

  • Save $1,782 on the 6 month plan
  • Save $3,564 on the 12 month plan

Once your 6 or 12 months is over, you will then continue to be billed monthly for ClickFunnels at $297 per month for the Platinum plan.

Alternatively, you can switch to the Standard plan at $97 per month at any time from within your dashboard.

The Funnel Builder Secrets new deal

Here’s what you get:

  • 6 to 12 Months Enterprise Account to ClickFunnels based on the plan you choose 
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • 12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • OFA challenge and live training
  • 8 ClickStart Coaching Calls if you get the highest plan
  • 30 days money back guarantee 

Method 2: The Funnel Hacking Secrets Package

Funnel Hacking Secrets is another comprehensive package offered by ClickFunnels.

While the free Funnel Hacking Secrets video training reveals the secrets to earning the Two Comma Club award ($1,000,000 in sales from a single funnel), the paid training package walks you through exactly what you need to do to get there.

Besides getting free access to the ClickFunnels Platinum plan, this training also offers advanced training and sneaky ninja tactics on how to hack your competitors’ funnels ethically.

The Funnel Hacking Secrets program also promises to teach you what thousands of successful entrepreneurs are doing to sell more of their products online.

This package costs $997 for lifetime access to all the training, and 6 months access to ClickFunnels Platinum.

Savings you make:

  • Save $1,782 on the 6 month plan
Funnel Hacking Secrets deal

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy the Funnel Hacking Secrets package: 

  • 6 months’ access to the ClickFunnels Platinum account (1,782 value)
  • Free Funnel Hacks Secrets Masterclass 
  • 100+ FREE Funnel Templates Inside the Program)
  • Free Traffic Secrets training course
  • Free unlimited access to Virtual Hackathons
  • Free ClickFunnels unlimited bonuses
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Method 3: One Funnel Away Challenge Platinum

If you feel stuck in a job you hate or need to launch your first product or service, the One Funnel Away Challenge Platinum can help you. 

Through the One Funnel Away videos, you’ll be able to learn how to build and launch your first or even next funnel in just thirty days. Consequently, you’ll be able to start your funnel the right way from the start. 

In addition, you will receive step-by-step coaching and accountability from Day 1 to Day 30 to make sure you stay on track and get the training you want. 

The One Funnel Away platinum deal costs $997.

OFA Challenge Platinum

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 6 months of ClickFunnels Platinum (1,782 value)
  • 30 days of coaching from Russel Brunson and team 
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Kit, including 30 days book
  • FunnelFlix Platinum
  • Virtual Hackathons 
  • DotCom secrets Live
  • White Glove Onboarding Service 
  • Expert Secrets Live 
  • Traffic Secrets LIve 
  • 30 days money back guarantee 

ClickFunnels 14 Days Free Trial

If you’re new to ClickFunnels, the 14-day free trial gives you a chance to test the all-in-one software to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your business. You can activate your free 14-day ClickFunnels trial by clicking on a special link on the ClickFunnels website.

The best thing about the ClickFunnels trial option is that you get access to all the features, including unlimited access to FunnelFlix.

Starting your free trial will allow you to not only use all the features but also build entire funnels and pages for your specific business. These funnels will allow you to:

  • Build your list
  • Convert visitors into paying customers
  • Host a webinar
  • Sell your high-ticket product

ClickFunnels Pricing: Is There a 30 Day Free Trial?

The ClickFunnels free trial usually lasts for 14 days. However, ClickFunnels sometimes offers a free 30-day trial as a special promotion, but they don’t advertise the trial extension on their website.

Even so, it is sometimes possible to take advantage of the 30-day trial offer by using this secret link. Once you click on the link, you will get access to a form where you can fill in your details and start your free 30-day trial if it is currently available.

ClickFunnels Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

All ClickFunnels pricing plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

In other words, if, for whatever reason, you don’t want to continue using any of the ClickFunnels plans or you want refunds for hard goods like a book, you’ll get your money back with no questions asked.

Final Thoughts: Is ClickFunnels Pricing Worth It?

ClickFunnels pricing for the Standard and Platinum plans is worth it because of the huge benefits and features you will get access to.

The Standard plan is especially good for beginner marketers and most small businesses looking for the best in sales funnel software.

The Platinum plan is best for advanced users who need more funnels, as well as anyone who wants to use the ClickFunnels email autoresponder tool known as Follow-Up Funnels. Also, the Platinum plan is worth it for anyone who wants to create an affiliate program to help sell their products or anyone who wants access to additional marketing training courses in FunnelFlix.

However, the 2 Comma Club X pricing is way beyond the budget of most people, and most businesses don’t require this plan.