Funnel Scripts Review – Is It Really Worth the Hype?

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Last Updated on 1st February 2024

Are you struggling to write great copy to sell your products?

Perhaps you’ve been blowing a brain cell trying to think of what to write in your email sequences that will captivate your audience?

You may have been spending a ton of money on ads only to avail in a measly amount of clicks?

Or maybe you’re trying to promote affiliate offers but people just aren’t clicking your links?

There’s no denying it, good copywriting skills are an essential part of building a successful online business.

Without it, you’ll likely make next to no money and eventually quit.

However, when you get it right then just a few small tweaks can make a huge difference.

For example, as a blogger, I was surprised the first time I made a tiny tweak to a headline by using the free Funnel Scripts headline generator and saw the impact it had on both clicks and sales.

If you’ve been trying to learn copywriting yourself then you’ll already realize it’s difficult and it takes a long time to master.

The common alternative is to pay a professional copywriter to write your copy for you. If you can afford it, that is; they’re pretty expensive.

However, professional copywriter Jim Edwards and his marketing buddy, Russell Brunson (creator of ClickFunnels) have created another alternative that they say is much quicker and more cost-effective.

It’s a push-button software program that can write your sales copy for you.

Since I recently purchased this product, today, I am going to be diving deep into exactly what it can do and whether or not you really need it for your business.

So, here in my Funnel Scripts review 2021 I will give you the lowdown on the complete software, including the free headline generator you can use to test it out before you buy.

Our Summary
Funnel Scripts Review

Funnel Scripts is the most popular script generator available. You get a comprehensive list of sales copy scripts for pretty much anything you can imagine including:

  • Email newsletters
  • Ad scripts
  • Headline scripts
  • Bullet scripts
  • VSL scripts
  • Long-form sales letter scripts
  • Short form sales letter scripts
  • And more

The easy-to-use script generator input fields allow you to customize them to suit your audience and personality. Each script generation produces multiple versions to give you choice, you can then tweak as needed. LTD pricing means you will only have to pay one time to have access to Funnel Script for life, including updates and any new features that are added.

Funnel Scripts Review: What Does It Do?

Funnel Scripts has been developed to give everyone the ability to quickly create professional-level sales copy without having to pay expensive copywriters to do it for you.

It works by using templates based on some of the best performing copywriting scripts in history. It uses them to structure your sales content based on specific parameters you input related to your product, brand, and audience.

Jim Edwards, the creator of the Funnel Scripts software, has included templates to enable you to create sales copy for a large number of reasons. These include ad copy, landing pages, video, and written sales letter scripts, bullet scripts, headlines, email sequences, webinars, and more.

Basically, you spend a few minutes inputting some data about your audience, product, and benefits, then press a button.

The software will then generate multiple variations of professional quality sales copy that you can choose from. 

Who Is Funnel Scripts For?

Most businesses need to use some kind of sales copy. If you’re trying to sell your own products, promote offers as an affiliate, collect leads, need to write ads or you need to email your subscribers then you will need to have some kind of copy.

As a blogger, I also realized that I can benefit a lot by improving the headlines of my posts.

Copywriting is a hard-to-learn skill and does not come naturally to most people. However, if you already have this skill then it’s probably not necessary for you to buy Funnel Scripts unless you just want a faster way of doing it.

Copywriting is a headache for most people. It’s a highly specialized skill that takes years to learn. If you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re not using a tool like Funnel Scripts, it can take you hours, even days of writing without knowing how effective your copy is going to be.

Alternatively, you can outsource your sales copywriting, but you’ll pay several thousand dollars per piece of content if the writer is worth their salt.

The third option is Funnel Scripts.

One-time price.

Game-changer for any marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner.

Funnel Scripts Pros and Cons

Like any product you buy, there will always be pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of Funnel Scripts:

  • Comprehensive script types
  • Easy to use script generators
  • Instruction videos for each script
  • Easy to customize scripts to fit your personality & audience
  • Multiple versions of each script generated
  • Scripts can easily be edited
  • Example scripts included
  • Additional downloadable wizards for more complex scripts
  • Includes full copywriting training course (if you also want to learn this skill)
  • Monthly webinars
  • Additional bonuses included
  • Some scripts take time to enter all your data
  • Some scripts can be a bit generic - fortunately you can customize
  • Sheer number of script options can be overwhelming
  • Initial price can be high for some small business owners

What I Like About Funnel Scripts

When you first buy Funnel Scripts and get inside the member’s area you will notice there is a huge amount of stuff in there for you to dive into.

There are several features I really like, but some of my favorites are the following:

Large Number of Scripts Available

This SaaS is not just a headline generator; it’s not only used for writing ad copy; it can be used for much more than just creating your email sequences.

It is a very powerful program that, gives you the ability to create copy for any kind of purpose you could imagine.

Funnel Scripts Produces Good Quality Copy

When I first heard about Funnel Scripts, I must admit I was a little skeptical as to how good the copy it produces might be.

Many years ago I purchased a headline and sales page generator, but it was mediocre at best. However, that was around 2007 and fortunately, the software has come a very long way since then.

I was more than pleasantly surprised to see that the quality of the copy produced by Funnel Scripts reads well. It also keeps to the structure of professionally written copy that is highly engaging.

You Can Create Copy Very Quickly

There are no two ways about it, Funnel Scripts is fast.

Compared to writing copy yourself or even outsourcing it to a professional and waiting for your copy to come back, Funnel Scripts can bash out your copy in minutes.

When you use one of the script generators, it will ask you to fill in some boxes with data about your product and target audience. Depending on the script you’re using this can take around 10-20 minutes.

Then, all you do is hit the build button, and wham! Your copy is generated.

The copywriting script generators will produce a few different variations for you to choose from, all of which are fully editable by you if you need to.

Free Copywriting Training Included

If you buy this software then you won’t need to learn copywriting yourself.

However, knowing a bit about the formulas of creating great copy and how it leads your audience to take the action you desire will help you to get even better results with the copy you generate.

I have always been interested in copywriting and the psychology behind it.

While I do now use Funnel Scripts myself, I am still interested in and fully intend to learn more about it to improve my skills in this area.

So I was pleased to see a number of training videos that are also in the member’s area if you do have the inclination to learn more about writing great copy.

Monthly Copywriting webinars

Creator, Jim Edwards, is really passionate and proactive about Funnel Scripts.

Since copywriting is a skill that is close to his heart and he wants his members to get the most out of using his product, he holds monthly training webinars that you can access free of charge.

You can also watch the latest webinar replay in the member’s area if you can’t make it live.

monthly Funnel Script training webinars

Pimp My Funnel

If you want expert help with your sales copy, from Jim Edwards himself then you can apply to be featured in an episode of Funnel Scripts Tips, which are Jim’s copywriting tips webinars.

Since there are so many users of the software it’s not guaranteed that you will get chosen.

However, you can keep applying if you want to get his help directly. If you are chosen then it can make a huge difference to your business.

Extra Funnel Scripts Bonuses

When you buy Funnel Scripts you will also notice you get 4 extra bonuses in the member’s area. These bonuses are:

Bonus #1 – Inception Secrets

This is a training that marketer Russell Brunson gave to his inner circle a few years ago. He shows you how to be able to sell anything to anyone and make it seem like it’s their idea to buy from you.

This training will teach you how to plant the seeds of desire inside a person’s head so they will naturally want to buy your stuff.

Inception Secrets bonus

Bonus #2 – 5 Fast Funnels

Here they give you access to the 5 most popular and commonly used funnels that you’ll likely need to use online.

Funnel scripts bonuses 2

Bonus #3 – Copywriting Secrets Master Class

This is a course Jim created to help people get high-impact results from their sales copy without having to hire a copywriter.

Jim also teaches you some simple tweaks that can make a huge difference to your conversions.

bonuses 3

Bonus #4- Live Monthly Training with Jim

Each month you can join Jim live on his monthly webinars to learn how to get the most out of Funnel Scripts and sell more stuff.

bonuses 4

What I Don’t Like About Funnel Scripts

The Navigation Is a Bit Crowded

Since there’s so much inside the Funnel Scripts members area it can take you a while to get to grips with it.

Some of the features are hidden within other tabs, which can take you some time to find where everything is when you first use it.

It’s Quite Expensive

The sale price of $797 might be quite steep for a lot of small businesses and solopreneurs to shell out at one time.

However, if creating effective sales copy is a big part of your business then it will save you a lot of money over time not having to pay a professional copywriter, whose fees are usually very high.

Funnel Scripts: What Scripts Are Available?

In this section, I’ll share with you all the different kinds of scripts you can create with Funnel Scripts. I’ll show you screenshots of each section so you’ll know exactly what you get with Funnel Scripts.

Not only are there quite a few different categories of scripts you can generate, but each category also has several different types of scripts.

This is good so you can drill down to create exactly the right kind of script you need for the right channel you are promoting through.

While most scripts work directly from the dashboard, others are available to you from the dashboard as downloadable wizards.

Some of the most common scripts people use include:

  • Email scripts
  • Ad scripts
  • Headline scripts
  • Bullet scripts
  • Sales letter scripts
  • Video sales letter (VSL) scripts

Besides these, Funnel Scripts also has a ton more. Check out the full list of available scripts below.

Funnel scripts list of available scripts
moe scripts available
continued list of scripts
The final list of available scripts

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Originally, ClickFunnels used to charge $297 for Funnel Scripts. Then, they moved to a yearly subscription model at $497 per year.

However, in 2019 the Funnel Scripts pricing changed to $797 for lifetime access.

While this is a fairly high price to pay initially, if you will need to write good sales copy in your business on an ongoing basis then this is a better deal than the original price of Funnel Scripts.

Basically, you need to consider how important a good sales copy is to you.

For example, if you need to regularly write emails to your list, headlines for your blog posts, ads, and landing pages, then you should buy Funnel Scripts.

Similarly, if you’re regularly creating ads and you need them to always perform well, then it may be worth it to you to invest in the Funnel Scripts lifetime deal.

Before making a decision, I recommend you weigh up the following:

  • How often you will need to create copy
  • How much money would it cost you to outsource it to a professional copywriter
  • How much time would it cost you if you decide to learn copywriting yourself
  • How much might it cost you in both time and money to do it yourself through trial and error

Funnel Scripts Free Trial

When people hear about this software they often ask, is there a Funnel Scripts free trial? The answer is, yes, but the free version is limited to the headline generator script only.

You can try the Funnel Scripts headline generator for free here.

Funnel Scripts free headline generator

Personally, I would like to see a free trial of other scripts besides only the headline script.

For example, I think it would be really helpful to also include an adscript and a bullet script trial so people can get a clearer picture of what Funnel Scripts can actually do before they purchase.

However, the headline generator script is a good tool and gives a reasonable insight into how the software works.

Just be aware that the tool can do so much more than just create fancy headlines.

Funnel Scripts Webinar

Jim Edwards and Funnel Scripts co-founder, Russell Brunson created an hour-long copywriting webinar that teaches some important fundamentals of copywriting that marketers and entrepreneurs need to understand.

While, of course, this webinar does also promote the Funnel Scripts product, they show you everything the software can do, what you get when you invest and how to get all your copy from sales letters, webinar scripts, ads, and even email sequences written in under 10 minutes.

If you don’t want to buy Funnel Scripts but you do want to learn more about copywriting then I still recommend you watch this webinar.

You can watch the Funnel Scripts webinar here.

the Funnel Scripts webinar wwith Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson

Where Can You Buy Funnel Scripts?

The owners of Funnel Scripts would prefer you to first watch their free webinar first and then move through their sales funnel. This way they can hook you in and sell you more stuff.

However, if you just want to buy Funnel Scripts without having to go through the sales funnel then here’s the back door where you can buy Funnel Scripts directly.

Funnel Scripts: My Final Thoughts

When you buy Funnel Scripts you certainly get a lot for your money. There are a ton of scripts available inside the member’s area, and you also get access to a few downloadable wizards for more advanced scripts.

Russell and Jim have included scripts for all kinds of copy you might need to create.

While the initial price tag of $797 can be expensive for a lot of entrepreneurs, if you’re going to be using it regularly then, in my opinion, it is worth the investment as it can save you both time and money moving forward.

So now, the question is, do you and your business need it..? Only you can answer that question.

If you’ve not already tried the free headline generator, why not try it out to see what it can do.

If you want to have a more detailed look at the product that goes beyond this Funnel Scripts review and see it live in action, then I highly recommend you join the free copywriting webinar with Jim and Russell.

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