Funnel Scripts pricing guide

Funnel Scripts Pricing – How Much Does It Cost

If you need to get professional sales copy written for your website or sales funnel, then you can save yourself a small fortune by investing in a copywriting software product like Funnel Scripts.

Here is everything you need to know about Funnel Scripts pricing and exactly what you get for your money.

If you already know you want to buy Funnel Scripts then you can go directly to the Funnel Scripts order page below.

Product:Funnel Scripts
Price:$797 Lifetime Access
Bonuses:Yes – See Below For Details
Guarantee:30-Days Full Money Back Guarantee
Free Trial:Yes – Headline Script Generator Here
Get It For Free:Yes – Included with Secret Funnel Strategy Webinar Offer Here

Funnel Scripts Price – What Does It Cost?

Funnel Scripts costs $797 for a full lifetime license. You will get full access to all the scripts, as well as updates and access to monthly copywriting training.

This software product is a one-time payment, which means you will not be billed again after purchase.

Some people might think that a payment of $797 is expensive. However, it is actually a great deal since you will have access to it for life. The software will also save you a lot of money you would otherwise have to spend hiring copywriters or script writers to write your sales letters for you.

Alternatively, paying monthly for copywriting software would also cost you a lot more than Funnel Scripts over time, so it’s better to pay a one-off price, in my opinion.

Funnel Scripts price

Funnel Scripts Discount – Is This Cheaper Price Still Available?

There did use to be a special discounted price of $297 for Funnel Scripts, however, this Funnel Scripts discount is no longer available.

In the past, Funnel Scripts used to have a monthly cost. Then, they switched to yearly pricing and sold Funnel Scripts for $497 per year.

However, the owners of the software, Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson have been trying to get the pricing just right so it is fair for users, and also justifies the hosting, maintenance, and development costs that the owners of Funnel Scripts naturally incur.

Funnel Scripts is owned by the ClickFunnels parent company Etison LLC. As you can imagine, they have hosting, maintenance, and development costs in order to provide this kind of product.

Most customers use Funnel Scripts ongoing in their business, which can get expensive if you are paying for it on a monthly or even yearly basis.

That’s why Funnel Scripts is now sold at a new one-time price of $797 for a full lifetime access license.

Alternative Ways To Get Funnel Scripts Without Paying $797

Yes, you can get full access to Funnel Scripts for free for one year when you get the Funnel Builder Secrets special offer.

This is what you get with Funnel Builder Secrets special offer:

  • 6/12 months access to use the ClickFunnels software
  • 12 months of access to Funnel Scripts
  • Traffic Secrets Video Course
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels
FBS pricing chart

After your 12-month access to Funnel Scripts, you will then be offered an opportunity to pay a one-time price of $297 for Funnel Scripts to keep lifetime access.

This special offer is a great deal for someone who is looking to build an online business from scratch because the training teaches you everything from finding a niche to building a product or service, to launching, and driving traffic to your sales funnel or website.

This offer also includes all the software you will need to start and scale a successful business online, and you get Funnel Scripts for free for one year.

There is no direct link to the Funnel Builder Secrets order page, but you can gain access to this special offer after watching Russell Brunson’s Secret Funnel Strategy free webinar below.

Simply click the button below, fill out the registration form and you will then be given access to watch the webinar for free.

What Do I Get When I Buy This Copywriting Software?

When you get Funnel Scripts you will have access to all the sales copy script generators, which include:

  • Headline generator scripts
  • Ad copy
  • Advertising scripts
  • Email scripts
  • Email subject lines
  • Sales letter scripts
  • Video sales letter scripts
  • call to action scripts
  • Special offer scripts
  • Brunson bullet scripts
  • Testimonial scripts
  • Blog post scripts
  • Content creation scripts
  • DotCom Secrets scripts
  • Expert Secrets scripts
  • Mastermind scripts
  • Webinar scripts
  • Ad scripts
  • OFA Challenge scripts
  • Many more scripts
  • Downloadable wizards
  • Live monthly copywriting training webinars
  • Pre-recorded training videos
  • Customer support
  • Other bonuses (see below)

When you get Funnel Scripts you will also have unlimited access to live monthly coaching on copywriting with Jim Edwards. You also get all future updates to the Funnel Scripts software, scripts, and a few cool bonuses, which I have listed below.

Is There a Funnel Scripts Free Trial?

Yes, there is a Funnel Scripts free trial. Bear in mind the free Funnel Scripts trial is a very limited version of what you get if you were to buy the full package.

In the free trial version, you get access to the headline generator script so you can play around with it and see how you like it.

You can use the headline generator now for free to create a headline and test it out on your target audience.

The full Funnel Scripts product has lots of different scripts that will produce copy for you on-demand for things like your emails, headlines, ads, sales pages, blog posts, and more.

So, not only will Funnel Scripts write all the sales copy for your sales funnel, it can produce all the copy you need for your entire business.

By using the free headline generator script, you will get an idea of how the other scripts will also function once you have full access to them, so it’s worth playing around with.

The Funnel Scripts trial headline generator

Are There Any Bonuses?

Yes, when you sign up for Funnel Scripts you get the following bonuses:

  • Inception Secrets
  • 5 Fast Funnels
  • Copywriting Secrets Masterclass
  • Live Monthly Copy Training With Jim

If you want to know more details about these bonuses then you can see my in-depth Funnel Scripts review here.

Is There a Guarantee?

Funnel Scripts also comes with a full 30 days money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely happy when using Funnel Scripts then you can cancel your account from within your dashboard, and then contact support for a full refund.

Funnel Scripts is partnered with one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the online marketing space, ClickFunnels.

Funnel Scripts and ClickFunnels take their business and their reputation seriously, so you can rest assured that you will receive a refund if you request it within your 30 day trial period.

Are There Any Funnel Scripts Alternatives?

Yes, there are only a few alternative software programs, although Funnel Scripts is the industry leader, and has the widest range of sales letters and scripts currently available.

If you want to see the leading competitors then you can take a look at my Funnel Scripts alternatives article here.

Other Copywriting Resources You Might Like

Other resources to improve your copywriting skills include the Copywriting Secrets book, also by Jim Edwards (1). You can currently get the book for free and just pay for the shipping.

You may also be interested to take a look at my top recommended entrepreneur resources here.

My Final Thoughts

So, is Funnel Scripts worth the price tag?

Even though the initial Funnel Scripts pricing might seem high at first look, it’s actually a good deal for professional-quality sales copy.

Considering the Funnel Scripts price a one-time payment for lifetime access, you get A LOT for your money. It’s a highly valuable tool that can save you both time and money hiring an expensive copywriter. So it’s a good investment, in my opinion.

If you’ve not tested it out yet then I recommend you use the free Funnel Scripts trial to get an idea of what it can do. Remember though, this trial is only a very limited version of the full power of Funnel Scripts.

And if you want to get Funnel Scripts free for a year then you can take advantage of the Funnel Builder Secrets offer at the end of the free promo webinar here.

Personally, I don’t like having to continue to pay for something each month indefinitely, especially if it’s a tool I am going to use for a long time. I would rather pay a higher price upfront and get a lifetime deal any day.

After all, since it’s a business tool I can also write it off against my tax! That’s one reason why I chose Funnel Scripts over the competition.