SendLane vs GetResponse – Which One Is Best?

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Last Updated on 1st February 2024

Choosing an autoresponder is not as straightforward as you might think. They can differ greatly from platform to platform.

Some are better suited to large corporations, while others are specifically targeted at small businesses, eCommerce merchants, and bloggers.

Beyond this, you also need to consider the features that you will need to use.

In today’s article, I’m gonna be comparing SendLane vs GetResponse. If you’re a solopreneur or a small-medium-sized business owner who needs advanced automation capabilities and you can’t compromise on deliverability, then either of these platforms can work for you.

Both platforms, however, have different features that can benefit you in a number of ways.

So, which is best?

Below are all the details between these two email autoresponders.

GetResponse Top Pick

GetResponse has evolved over the years and has now become much more than an autoresponder. Besides the marketing automation features, it also offers more features that its competitor just doesn't have, such as a CRM, landing pages, and a funnel builder. All of these features combine extremely well to help you build high-converting funnels and improve your online presence. Overall, GetResponse is a solid marketing tool that now also has a completely free plan.

SendLane Vs GetResponse Overview

To kick-off, I’m gonna first give you a little background on each of the companies so you know who you’re getting into bed with if you decide to sign up with either of them.

After, I’ll be diving straight into the unique features, benefits, capabilities, and differences between the two.

Introducing SendLane

Jimmy Kim founded Sendlane in 2013. Since then, it has become one of the most popular email marketing tools on the market. On their homepage, it states that over 1700 companies use SendLane and that they send around 40+ million emails daily, which is an impressive figure.

Sendlane’s main features are:

  • Email marketing tools
  • SMS Marketing tools
  • Intelligent features
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multivariable segmentation
  • Sendlane beacon
  • Real-time analytics
  • Deep-data integrations
  • Experiments

SendLane is known for focusing on comprehensive email tools that help its users generate more revenue. An example of this is their advanced personalization and analytics capabilities.

Leading with their foot forward in the email marketing arena, they advocate that “email marketing should be your #1 source of revenue for your business”.

SendLane’s email automation and segmentation features have particularly been widely praised by all types of eCommerce stores, affiliates, and other online businesses, as well as their deliverability scores.

Introducing GetResponse

GetResponse has been around for much longer than SendLane and was founded by Simon Grabowski in 1999.

Initially, Simon just meant to create GetResponse for his own personal use to solve a few problems for his other business. However, he quickly realized the power and potential of the platform, and eventually, the email marketing software became the business.

Fast forward to now, it’s one of the most popular email tools on the planet.

GetResponse’s main features are:

  • Newsletters
  •  Behavior-based email automation sequences/Workflows
  • Email Autoresponders (This is what GetResponse calls basic non-behavior-based automations)
  • Landing page builder
  • Forms and Pop-ups
  • List Management
  • CRM
  • Sales Funnels
  • Webinars

You can test out every one of these features with a free 30 day GetResponse trial.

GetResponse is best for those who want a powerful email marketing platform that also has additional tools like funnel builders, webinars, and CRM built-in.

Since it started as an autoresponder many years ago, it has now evolved into much more. Today, you can build your entire marketing funnel using only GetResponse, and it’s a powerful lead-generating machine.

 SendLane Features and Benefits

Now that we have covered some basic information about both companies, let’s look at what Sendlane offers in more detail.

What SendLane Has That GetResponse Does Not Have

SendLane really puts a lot of effort into helping you send more personalized emails. This is mostly where it outperforms Getresponse.

Emails Based on Your Visitor’s Behaviour

SendLane has many tools that allow you to use your visitors’ behavior info to personalize the emails and send them at exactly the right time. You can track every visit from the first time to the moment they purchase and beyond. All of this data is available to you so you can use it with your automation sequences.

GetResponse does have a similar trigger in their automation workflows, but it’s not quite as comprehensive as SendLane’s feature.

SendLane has a special “beacon” that follows your visitor through the website so that you can target them based on what they’re most likely to purchase.

As you can imagine, this is a pretty powerful feature that helps you increase your conversions and sales.

More Detailed Financial Analytics

GetResponse and Sendlane’s analytics are different.

SendLane’s email analytics give you a few more financial metrics than GetResponse does. For example, things like the average order value, or ROI of a single email, can be very beneficial to see how well they are working.

GetResponse has a similar metric in their funnel ROI, but we’ll talk about that a little later.

For the emails only, though, SendLane has better analytics. They’ll be a lot more helpful in your decisions, thanks to the financial metrics mentioned above.

Intelligent Pop-Ups

SendLane’s pop-ups also slightly outperform GetResponse’s.

You have a few more options in terms of types of pop-ups, and you also have a bit more flexibility in where and how they should appear. For example, you can choose what web pages and devices you want your forms to pop up on, and go into the details of the timing, etc.

GetResponse has a standard form that you can embed. Or, you can use their pop-ups on pages within GetResponse, which do have some decent options. However, it’s not quite the same as this feature from SendLane.

SMS Marketing

Another cool thing about SendLane is that you can send your customers SMS messages.

SMS messages are extremely effective, as you probably know because most people don’t miss texts. This allows you to engage and notify your customers at any point.

SendLane also allows you to add these easily into your email sequences so that you can combine them well together.

SendLane Pros & Cons

  • Intuitive design
  • Exceptional deliverability rates
  • Excellent support
  • Plenty of automation options with tons of triggers to choose from
  • High-end landing page and email editors
  • Simple to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier, and ClickBank available, with more coming in the future
  • Can get expensive as your subscriber list grows
  • No onboarding process when you first install the software
  • Some aspects feel clunky

What SendLane Is Particularly Good At

One word; Personalization.

I don’t think I could name many autoresponders that have this level of personalization. It has a powerful tracking pixel and the “beacon” that gives you a lot more information than most of its competitors.

Using this data, you can drive more sales because you know what your visitors are interested in.

SendLane Ease of Use

On the whole, SendLane is very easy to use. The automation builder is drag and drop, and everything is extremely visual. For example, even the triggers have little logos next to them, and it’s just overall quite easy to use.

The only thing I think is where a lot of beginners would trip up when using the platform is all the personalization that you can use (if you want to). I think there are many tools that the platform has, so it may be a little overwhelming at first.

SendLane Deliverability Rates

The average email open rate is around 15-25%. However, if most of your emails aren’t getting delivered in the first place then that number could rapidly drop to 10, 5, or even 0%. So, it’s important to choose an autoresponder with good deliverability rates.

According to SendLane’s website, they claim that they have one of the best deliverability rates around.

They go on to say that they have in-house deliverability experts, whereas many autoresponders outsource their deliverability management.

Here is an interesting video that shows you SendLane’s deliverability.

Who Is SendLane Good For

SendLane is great for people and businesses that want to make good use of the personalization tools to increase conversions. This is applicable to almost any type of business really.

With SendLane, businesses can use advanced personalization tools to target their customers much more efficiently.

SendLane is also an affiliate marketing-friendly autoresponder, so affiliates can use it too to help increase conversions.

For example, someone with an affiliate site could track which pages (and the products on those pages) the visitor has been looking at. From there, they can send an email with those products, some social proof, discounts, etc., to push sales.

Although affiliates wouldn’t have full control over their tracking codes, I still think these features are can be very useful.

In fact, ClickFunnels’ number one affiliate, Spencer Mecham, claims that SendLane is the best autoresponder for affiliate marketers, as you can see in the video below.

If you still want even more detailed info on this autoresponder platform then I recommend you read my SendLane review.

GetResponse Features and Benefits

SendLane has some pretty impressive features. Now let’s look at how GetResponse compares.

What GetResponse Has That SendLane Does Not Have

GetResponse also has some features of its own that Sendlane doesn’t have. Below, I’ve explained all of them in a little more detail.

Landing Page Builder

If you’re looking to create any email marketing campaign, you’ll likely need a landing page. GetResponse comes with a great built-in drag-and-drop landing page builder, which makes it very easy to create them.

It’s easy to use and also allows you to integrate payment processors to collect payments.

Having this built-in will definitely save you some money as you won’t need an external tool.


GetResponse has a comprehensive webinar feature. It allows you to host both live and pre-recorded (evergreen) webinars, which can be a great way to sell high-ticket products or engage your audience.

It even has some engagement tools such as surveys, which is pretty cool too.

Plus, as it’s in the same platform as your landing page builder, your automation sequences, etc., it’s straightforward to connect all the dots to get things set up smoothly.

Conversion Funnel

GetRespone has a conversion funnel feature that lets you visualize your marketing funnel. This makes the building process and keeping an overview of all your processes a lot easier. Plus, it might also spark some ideas that could help you generate more sales, so it’s definitely extremely beneficial.

The conversion funnel feature inside GetResponse has some great analytics, which is similar to those in SendLane. For example, ROI of the funnel overall or the value per lead.

CRM and List Management

GetResponse also allows you to track all your leads and manage them with a CRM feature.

Again, this feature is also very visual as you can drag lead names in the sales process and get any info you may need about them.

SendLane also has some decent list management tools, but it’s not quite like the built-in CRM tool that GetResponse has.

Ad Creator

GetResponse also helps you create and manage your Facebook ads and Google ads from inside your account. So, you won’t have to even open Facebook’s (often confusing) business manager to create an ad, which is pretty cool.

GetResponse even allows you to create and design professional-looking ads, even if you don’t have any design skills. If you are looking to run ads into your funnels, webinars, landing pages, etc., this feature is definitely nice to have.

GetResponse Pros & Cons

  • Powerful marketing automation
  • Exclusive features like the conversion funnel can't be found anywhere else
  • Great support available in several languages
  • Incredibly easy to use - especially the visual automation builder
  • Long list of automation triggers
  • Affiliate-friendly
  • Free resources to help you get started
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • 30 Day Trial (No credit card required)
  • Good deliverability in most tests
  • Has a free plan
  • Limit of 300 attendees on Webinars (1000 on custom/enterprise pricing)
  • Phone support only available on "Max" plan

What GetResponse Is Particularly Good At

GetResponse is particularly good at helping you build an entire marketing funnel.

This marketing funnel takes your visitor from not knowing you to becoming a loyal customer. And, GetResponse has an outstanding tool for every step of the process including generating leads and converting them into paying customers.

With a combination of them, you have everything you need to build your online business.

If you want to compare GetResponse’s funnel features to other top-funnel builders on the market, or if you prefer to use SendLane as your autoresponder but still need a sales funnel builder, then I recommend you read my article here on the best funnel builder software.

Get Response Ease of Use

GetResponse had a big update a couple of years ago, making it now one of the easiest autoresponder platforms to use. Now everything is drag and drop; the emails, the automation workflows, the landing pages, the webinars… Everything.

It’s also effortless to keep an overview of everything thanks to the analytics and conversion funnel features.

GetResponse Deliverability Rates

GetResponse sheds a little more light on their exact percentages than SendLane. According to their website, their overall deliverability is 99%.

They also have various resources to help you make sure your emails land in the inbox. One of them is a little scoring system when you are writing emails, which is pretty helpful.

So, in terms of Deliverability, GetResponse wins overall, as it has industry-leading deliverability rates and also shares its percentage info with you.

Who Is GetResponse Good For

GetResponse can work well for almost any business;

  • Ecommerce stores
  • Affiliates
  • Info-product vendors
  • Service-businesses (Consultants, agencies, etc.)

All of these types of businesses can use GetResponse’s tools effectively to grow. But, I think GetResponse could work exceptionally well for service-based businesses, info-product vendors, and affiliates.

These types of businesses can make good use of the landing page tools, sales funnels, and webinar tools. Then, they can combine these with marketing automation tools to engage and convert their audience.

If you want more info on this automation platform then I recommend you read my in-depth GetResponse review here.

 SendLane Vs GetResponse – Pricing

Now that we have taken a look at the value these platforms provide, let’s look at the cost they come at.

SendLane Pricing

Even though SendLane doesn’t offer a low-priced starter plan like most of the competition, it’s actually good value considering what you get for your money, despite their plans starting at $99 per month.

Below, I’ve explained SendLane’s plans in more detail.

SendLane Growth – $99 Per Month ($79 p/m if paid annually)

SendLane’s growth plan comes with a whopping 5,000 subscribers, which is pretty solid for $99 per month.

It also comes with all of the features that are offered on the platform, so I think this plan would suit a large number of businesses that want to use SendLane. This plan offers a lot of value for a reasonable price. Although, if you are starting your business, $99 per month for an autoresponder can be a little steep.

SendLane Professional Plus – $249 per month (208 p/m if paid annually)

SendLane’s professional plus plan is for anyone with over 10,000 contacts. Here, you also get access to all the features, plus:

  • White glove custom onboarding
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Program reviews, once a month
  • Proactive Deliverability monitoring

Another pretty solid plan, as it has a lot of value, especially for businesses with, let’s say, 50,000 contacts, as the costs with competitors, could be quite a lot higher.

SendLane pricing table

GetResponse Pricing

Now let’s look at GetResponse’s pricing.

The prices below are based on 1,000 contacts. There are also annual discounts available; 18% for 12-months and 30% for 24 months.

Basic – $15 per month

The GetResponse Basic plan is perfect for new businesses and includes:

  • Facebook and Google ad creator
  • Chats
  • Basic email marketing (Non-behavior automation, newsletters, etc.)
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • 1 Sales funnel
  • Unlimited lead generation funnels

Plus – $49 per month

The GetResponse Plus plan has everything the previous one has, plus:

  • Contact scoring and tagging
  • 5 Sales Funnels
  • 5 Behavior-based automation workflows
  • Webinars with up to 100 attendees
  • Work with a team (up to 3 members)
  • 5 webinar funnels

This plan would be suited for most businesses as it gives you a lot of what GetResponse has to offer at an affordable price.

Professional $99 per month

The GetResponse Professional plan has everything in the previous plan, plus:

  • Work with 5 users
  • On-demand webinars
  • Paid webinars
  • Up to 300 attendees inside of the webinar
  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Unlimited email automation workflows
  • Website push notifications
The GetResponse pricing table

Final Thoughts – SendLane Vs GetResponse – Which Is Best?

I hope my SendLane vs GetResponse comparison has helped you make a good decision. If you’re still stuck, then consider what you value more, the personalization of SendLane vs the comprehensive marketing tools that come with GetResponse.

The reason I say this is because SendLane’s strongest point is personalization and targeting. While GetResponse helps you build an entire marketing system for your business that converts visitors into loyal customers.

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