The SamCart WordPress integration process

The SamCart WordPress Integration – The Easiest Way To Do It

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SamCart and WordPress are both great digital marketing platforms for selling digital and physical products online.

Fortunately, you can combine these two powerhouses to boost your online sales through a simple SamCart WordPress integration.

Here’s what you need to know!

Can You Connect SamCart to Your WordPress Page?

Yes, you can easily add SamCart to any WordPress page in a few simple steps.

WordPress integration is a great feature of SamCart since WordPress powers more than 35% of all websites on the internet.

Having the flexibility to integrate SamCart with your WordPress site can help you to increase sales, and lend a more professional look and feel to your site.

Whether you have an eCommerce site set up on WordPress, or you’re a blogger selling a course or digital product, SamCart will help you sell more to your website audience.

How to Set Up a WordPress and SamCart Integration?

When I first looked into the SamCart and WordPress integration process I thought there were multiple ways to connect the two. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

There are several blogs out there stating multiple methods to integrate SamCart with WordPress. However, after trying it myself, and also talking to SamCart support, it seems that there is only one way to Integrate SamCart and WordPress.

Fortunately, that way is quick, easy, and free, so it’s no big deal that it’s the only way for the moment.

Here’s how to do it.

Integrate SamCart and WordPress With Zapier

 If you don’t like the idea of messing with code, then there’s another simple way to integrate SamCart with WordPress, and that’s with a third-party app called Zapier.

Zapier is a free online service that connects apps together so they work can work seamlessly and automatically. Zapier was created by two Stanford students who wanted to make it easier for people to automate their workflow.

You can pretty much connect any two software tools on the internet thanks to Zapier. Zapier also has a free plan for lite users too. If you need to connect less than 5 tools together then you won’t need to pay a penny.

Here’s how to integrate SamCart and WordPress through Zapier in less than 2 minutes:

  1.  Create an account with SamCart (free 14-day trial here)
  2. Create an account with Zapier
  3. Login to both accounts and authenticate the two together
  4. Select the trigger in Zapier (see below)
  5. Choose what data you want to transfer for this particular trigger between SamCart and WordPress
  6. Hit the save button and you’re done!

Below are some example triggers set in place through Zapier to run with SamCart through your WordPress site:

The SamCart and WordPress Zapier triggers

Is There a SamCart WordPress Plugin?

No, unfortunately, there is not a SamCart WordPress plugin available at this time.

You may be thinking a SamCart WordPress plugin would make the SamCart integration process easier, and in one sense you would be right.

However, using additional WordPress plugins to your site comes with drawbacks.

Each time you add a new plugin it will make your site heavy and slow down your page load speed. This, in turn, can have a significant impact on conversions since page load speed has been found to directly impact conversions.

Secondly, plugins can have vulnerabilities. Although this is rare with plugins from trusted companies like SamCart, still, they could pose a potential security risk if they become outdated.

Overall, integrating SamCart and WordPress via Zapier as outlined above is an easy method that works well.

Can You Integrate SamCart With WordPress via Code?

No, SamCart does not integrate natively with WordPress so I’m afraid this is not an option.

Zapier is the way SamCart users also connect this internet-based shopping platform to their WordPress sites.

Integrating SamCart and WordPress – The Benefits

If you have a WordPress site and have started to use SamCart to sell products, it is definitely in your best interests to integrate the two.

One of the biggest benefits you’ll get when you integrate WordPress and SamCart is that you will be able to merge the awesome conversion power of SamCart with your WordPress site.

SamCart is specially designed to convert your visitors easily into paying customers. If you already have an audience visiting your WordPress website via Google, Bing, Yahoo, or one of the other popular search engines, then you should be able to make a lot more money from your blog traffic with the SamCart integration.

It doesn’t matter if you want to use SamCart to sell physical products, digital products, or online services. Integrating SamCart with WordPress can help you make more sales from your blog traffic.

Zapier provides a series of triggers you can use to get people in front of your offers and automate the checkout process on your site.

Great Checkout System for Your WordPress Store

Another benefit of a SamCart WordPress integration is the efficient checkout experience you can bring to your website.

Using SamCart as your shopping cart on WordPress means you can select from one of many done-for-you checkout page templates.

The SamCart templates for checkout pages look great and offer multiple payment options including one-time payments and payment plans through a variety of payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, to name but a few.

With the SamCart shopping cart active on your WordPress site you can also offer your customers the option of multi-currency pricing. This is especially important if your site attracts users from a variety of countries.

Giving your customers multiple payment choices will increase the chances of your customers actually following through with their purchases.

And for those customers that don’t buy right away, you can follow up with them through automated email marketing to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Integrate Your Membership Site

An exciting new feature to the SamCart offering is the new SamCart courses app.

With this app, you can build a membership site and host your courses. The SamCart membership tool comes with a range of conversion-focused features to help you sell more products to your existing members.

So, if you have an online course, or if you’re planning to create one, you can easily connect your course to your WordPress website and give your audience easy access through the Zapier integration.

Checkout PopUps on Your WordPress Site

With the SamCart WordPress integration, you can create popups that appear automatically on specific pages.

You can set the popups to appear after a certain amount of time, at a particular point on the page, or on exit intent.

Popups have been proven to increase conversions by as much as 15%, so activating this feature on your WordPress website should help you to earn more money.

SamCart WordPress Integration – Final Thoughts

SamCart does not integrate natively with SamCart. Fortunately, there is a quick, easy and free way to do it using Zapier.

There are several benefits to integrating your WordPress website with SamCart as it can help you in increased sales and automate a reliable checkout process on your site.

Of all the shopping cart solutions out there, SamCart’s prices are pretty reasonable, especially when you think about how much difference this marketing tool can make to your bottom line.

If you still need to sign up for a SamCart account, you can get a 14-day free trial here today, or get a generous 20% discount on your membership with an annual pricing plan.