GrooveKart Review – The GrooveKart vs Shopify Showdown

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Last Updated on 21st February 2024

Finding the right eCommerce platform is not as easy as you might think. With a lot of platforms, there are a lot of things to consider ranging from essential features, possible hidden charges, and transaction fee costs.

While the market-leader Shopify is good, it can also get very costly once you start needing to use 3rd party apps, which is almost always the case.

Throughout this Groovekart review, we’ll be looking at a platform that promises to solve these problems while aiming to be the best e-commerce site builder.

GrooveFunnels is no longer recommended. Please refer to GrooveFunnels TrustPilot and Groove me TrusPilot. For a simple all-in-one tool that also has a free plan, we recommend For a more advanced all-in-one tool, we recommend Kartra.

What Is GrooveKart?

GrooveKart is a new e-commerce platform created by GrooveDigital. It aims to kill Shopify with more built-in features and much lower costs. The way it does this is through having the apps ready for all users at no additional cost, while over at Shopify, you have to pay for each app you install.

GrooveKart is cloud-based, so you won’t need to download anything. You can access the user interface online.

GrooveDigital is also the parent company of the popular all-in-one funnel builder and marketing suite, GrooveFunnels.

Interestingly, when you buy GrooveFunnels, you also get free access to the GrooveKart E-commerce platform.

And, GrooveFunnels is still offering a lifetime deal for everything it has to offer; all its apps and features including GrooveKart, at a one-time fee of $1397.

You can find out more about this lifetime deal here, or you can check out my GrooveFunnels review here.

GrooveKart Review: Pros and Cons

  • Much lower cost than Shopify, even on paid plans
  • Much more features out of the box than Shopify and other E-commerce platforms
  • Lots of fantastic sales tools to help you make the most out of your traffic
  • Fast-loading pages despite the huge number of features
  • High-converting templates that look gorgeous
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on the paid plans
  • Outstanding tools for drop-shipping and print-on-demand stores
  • It's a fairly new platform (But founders have a solid track record of successful projects, so it's not a big deal)
  • It still has a few bugs = slightly less user-friendly than more developed platforms
  • No way to get 3rd party apps yet (although it has pretty much everything)

Who Are The GrooveKart Founders?

The company was created by industry experts in a mix of e-commerce, internet marketing, and software development.

That’s a perfect mix for a software piece like GrooveKart, and will likely contribute to the success of this platform.

The founders are:

  • Mike Filsaime (CEO and Co-Founder)
  • John Cornetta (President)
  • Mattijs Naus (CTO)
  • Matt Seralta (COO)

Who is The GrooveKart eCommerce Platform For?

The GrooveKart platform is perfect for anyone who wants to run an e-commerce business but wants to avoid the high costs of platforms like Shopify.

Whether you’re looking to sell products from Aliexpress, or Print-on-demand clothing, GrooveKart has the right features built-in.

As the platform lets you build an online store, you can sell virtually any type of product – no matter if it’s digital or physical.

However, if you’re primarily selling digital products then it may be better to use GrooveFunnels instead, as the templates may be better suited.

Back to GrooveKart, the platform also has a lot of fulfillment options built-in for print-on-demand and eCommerce stores. But we’ll talk more about that later.

Plus, I also recommend thinking about the following questions before buying GrooveKart:

  • What features will you need to build your perfect online store?
  • Do the template styles and type suit your business?
  • Does GrooveKart have the right shipping features and fulfillment options that you need?

GrooveKart Features and Benefits

  • GrooveKart Studio
  • eCommerce Templates
  • 1-Click Upsells
  • Order Bumps
  • Pre Transaction Upsells
  • Fast Loading Pages
  • Checkouts
  • Scarcity and Urgency
  • Social Proof
  • Reviews Manager
  • Custom Domains
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Display International Currencies
  • Compliance Pages
  • CRM Software

GrooveKart Studio

The first feature is also one of the most unique on the market. GrooveKart Studio comes with templates and media-ready to use for your products.

You can use these assets to create products that you can sell using GrooveKart. And as you’d expect, setting up the fulfillment for this is very easy because it’s all inside of the platform.

eCommerce Templates and Drag and Drop Builder

GrooveKart comes with a large selection of high converting templates so that you can build pretty much any e-commerce store.

When I was browsing the templates, I was quite impressed as they are very well designed, there is a nice variety, and they are also conversion-focused.

These can then be edited using the easy-to-use drag and drop page builder.

1-Click Upsells

One of the biggest complaints about Shopify, WooCommerce, and other eCommerce platforms is that they don’t have one-click post-purchase upsells built-in.

That means you’ll have to go for costly apps, which can often cost you an additional $60-100 per month.

However, GrooveKart has this feature built-in. This shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise considering that an expert marketer like Mike Filsaime is behind the company.

With this feature, you can send your customers to a new page after buying a product and offer them an upsell.

The cool thing is that the customers’ credit card or PayPal information is already saved so that they can purchase in just one click.

Order Bumps

Order bumps are another tool that is priceless for an online business but not available in Shopify. This feature will help you make the most out of every sale, similar to 1-click upsells.

In case you don’t know what this is, it’s basically a little box your customers can tick when checking out to add another product.

Internet marketing gurus don’t only use this conversion trick, but the biggest companies in the world like Amazon use it too, as you’ve probably noticed.

Pre Transaction Upsells and Downsells

This feature is similar to the post-purchase upsell that I’ve already mentioned. However, it’s before the transaction, which can also help you increase sales too.

Again, it’s just another way of making the most out of every sale.

Fast Loading Pages

If you have used many website builders, you’ll know how many of them have pages that load extremely slowly.

This is a big problem because, according to CXL, every second of loading time can kill up to 25% of conversions.

However, GrooveKart has made sure that its pages load fast with all of its features. Because it has all the apps built-in, they could optimize their page builder for them, which has allowed them to ensure your pages load fast.

That’s a pretty sweet win-win if you ask me.


Another complaint with a Shopify store, and many other eCommerce platforms, is the lack of control over checkouts.

GrooveKart gives you a huge amount of control and lets you design user-friendly checkouts individually, which you can then embed into your pages.

Plus, they are very conversion-focused.

Scarcity and Urgency

Scarcity and Urgency tools are some of the most popular sales techniques for eCommerce stores.

GrooveKart has all the scarcity and urgency tools built-in so that you can add them to your online shop to increase your conversions.

Some of the tools include:

  • Add labels such as “selling fast”, “limited supply”, etc.
  • Add countdown timers to your pages

Social Proof

Social Proof is another sales technique that is extremely popular with most online businesses, especially eCommerce stores.

You may have used it before yourself, or at least noticed the little pop-ups in the corner of some websites that say “(Person) from (Place) just bought this product.”

GrooveKart also has this built-in, so you will not need to purchase an external app to display social proof.

Reviews Manager

Another cool thing about GrooveKart is that it comes with a reviews manager, so you can manage what your customers are saying from the dashboard.

You’ll be able to display the reviews and reply to your customers directly from your GrooveKart account.

Custom Domains

Like Shopify, you will also be able to connect custom domains to our e-commerce store, which is essential for branding.

Connecting them is straightforward as it is with most other platforms. You just need to verify ownership and then use the domains for your store.

Coupons and Discounts

With GrooveKart, you’ll also be able to use coupons and discounts for your e-commerce store. You can promote these on social media, email, or other marketing channels to generate more sales for your online business.

Creating coupons in GrooveKart is also very easy, as you just select the product and then set the percentage or dollar amount that should be reduced.

Display Related Items Pre and Post Checkout

Just like Amazon and other giants in the eCommerce world, you’ll be able to display related items. This can lead to more conversions, which means more money in your pocket.

Having this built-in is great because some platforms have no options for this, not even with 3rd party apps.

Display International Currencies

Besides high-converting templates, another tool that will help you increase conversions is displaying international currencies.

Just like Shopify, you can display whatever currency you want. This is ideal for targeting international markets, as they are more likely to purchase when their currency is being displayed.

Compliance Pages

Recently, many online stores have run into issues because they have not been compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws.

When you use GrooveKart for your eCommerce business, you will more easily be able to comply with the laws you need to. It comes with many pre-built templates and helps you to stay compliant with the latest rules and regulations.


As marketers created GrooveKart, you also won’t be surprised that they value analytics highly.

Groovekart comes with very comprehensive analytics that will help you make the best decisions to grow your eCommerce store.

In addition to the built-in analytics, you can also install Google Analytics and other 3rd party tracking tools using code.

Support Desk

Finally, GrooveKart also comes with a built-in support desk that you can connect to your store.

This is also something that I don’t think any other eCommerce platform offers, without having to integrate with a 3rd party platform, at least.

This will make helping your customers a lot easier, and can also help you get more positive reviews, and avoid the negative ones.


One of the coolest features is GK-Ali connect. You can choose any product from AliExpress, and import it with its images, descriptions, and details into your GrooveKart store.

Educational Material

John Cornetta, Mike Filsaime, and many others on the GrooveKart team are highly experienced marketers that you can learn from.

The cool thing is that the platform offers free educational material for users. This isn’t just tutorials on how to use GrooveKart. They also teach you how to market your online store.

GrooveKart Pricing – Free Plan Available Now

GrooveKart used to have paid pricing plans ranging from $99 to $149 per month.

However, recently this new eCommerce platform has introduced a free plan which is more than enough to get your eCommerce store started.

If you want GrooveKart with all the bells and whistles, then you’ll need to upgrade to a paid GrooveFunnels account. This is because GrooveKart is just one of many apps that you’ll get access to once you become a Groove customer.

You can find out more about GrooveFunnels pricing here.

You will have access to everything that the platform has to offer, but with some usage limits. As you grow your store, you will need to upgrade.

But, the biggest benefit of upgrading is that you will not be charged a transaction fee.

On the free plan, you will be charged 2% on every sale, which is also similar to the paid plans of competitors like Shopify and SamCart.

While that doesn’t sound like a lot of money, it definitely adds up. Once your eCommerce business starts doing a $10,000 revenue per month, for example, that’s over $200 in fees per month in transaction fees.

But, if you’re just getting started, the GrooveKart free plan is more than enough, and you get access to all of the features.

If you want to try it out for yourself you can click the button below to get started.

Below, I have also explained the old GrooveKart’s pricing plans, alongside the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal, which also gives you full access to this shopping cart solution.

Keep in mind, if you want to take advantage of the fell plan, GrooveKart may get rid of it at some point in the future. It’s likely limited to a certain number of people.

Note: All GrooveKart plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Old Pricing Plans

Monthly ($149 per month, $99 per month with Code)

The first GrooveKart plan is $149 per month, which is the platform’s standard monthly pricing. However, using the discount code “save50”, you can get this plan for $99 per month.

This plan includes everything inside of the GrooveKart eCommerce platform, and there are no transaction fees.

  • Total annual cost: 1188 (with code: Save50)

Annual GrooveKart Pricing: Special Deal: $497 per year

GrooveKart is currently running a special deal on the standard annual pricing, which works out to be over 50% off.

This plan includes everything GrooveKart offers, 0% transaction fees, and costs just $497 per year.

Total annual cost: $497

The New GrooveKart Pricing

GrooveKart Free Plan: Free

As I already explained above, GrooveKart is now free.

You can get a free account by clicking the button below.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal: $1397 one-time fee

One of the most talked-about platforms for online businesses is GrooveFunnels. And no wonder, as the lifetime deal is currently going for $1397.

In this plan, you get access to everything inside of GrooveFunnels, including the platinum version of GrooveKart.

You also get access to all the other features (which are pretty much entire platforms) shown in the image below.

If you add up the costs of these separately, it would cost you thousands per month — which is why there is so much buzz around GrooveFunnels.

That being said, Mike Filsaime and the GrooveFunnels team have announced that this plan will be going away at any time.

So, here’s how to check whether the plan is still available:

  • Sign up for a free GrooveFunnels account here
  • In the main dashboard, hit “upgrade” (you will need to confirm on the next page)
  • This page will show what deals are available
The GrooveFunnels pricing list

How Does GrooveKart Compare To Other e-commerce Platforms?

GrooveKart is a new player in the field that aims to do well in areas where Shopify and others don’t.

One way it does this is through the apps. On Shopify, you’ll easily find yourself paying for 10 other apps just to run your online store.

And, on other e-commerce platforms, it’s the same; for example, with WooCommerce, you’ll need additional plugins.

However, even if you install a ton of apps for your Shopify store or other platforms, you probably still won’t have the same level of marketing tools. GrooveKart was created by marketers, so it outperforms almost every other platform in that aspect.

One of the biggest reasons why GrooveFunnels is probably the best option for your business is the transaction fees. Even on paid Shopify plans, they will charge you around a 2% transaction fee, which adds up to a lot of money. On paid plans, GrooveFunnels doesn’t charge transaction fees.

Plus, Groove Kart actually has a free plan, which I don’t think any of its competitors have.

Switching From Shopify To GrooveFunnels

Switching from Shopify to GrooveFunnels couldn’t be easier — With the click of a button.

All you need to do is enter your Shopify credentials, select what products and categories you want to import. Within minutes, they will all be inside of GrooveKart.

Plus, GrooveKart guarantees you will make more sales or they will refund you.

You can get started and switch to GrooveKart by clicking the button below.

GrooveKart Review: Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed my comprehensive GrooveKart review. As you have seen throughout, the platform comes with an incredible number of features for a very small price.

You’ll have everything you need to build a high-converting online store and landing page for your business.

If you are looking to give the platform a go, you can sign up for a free account using the button below.

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