Explore our Builderall review to determine if it's a worthwhile investment

Builderall Review: Is It Worth Your Investment?

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Looking for an honest Builderall review? You’re in the right place!

In today’s digital age, having the right tools can make all the difference in your online journey.

Dive in with me as we explore the ins and outs of Builderall, and discover whether it’s the game-changer you’ve been searching for.

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  • Most complete all-in-one tool
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good for beginners and advanced users
  • 14 day free trial here

What Is Builderall? – Overview

Builderall Homepage

Builderall is like your all-in-one digital marketing buddy who’s got your back for all your marketing needs.

The platform was created in 2017 by Erick Salgado and has become a comprehensive resource for digital marketing.

Designed specifically for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small online businesses, Builderall is now one of the most popular digital marketing software suites in the industry. Builderall is also a great solution for entrepreneurs who run a digital marketing agency because it makes it easy to partner a website with Google Adsense.

In a nutshell, Builderall offers a suite of user-friendly tools, making it easy to create and design sales funnels, websites, landing pages, membership sites, and online stores. 

Thanks to its drag-and-drop editor, Builderall is easy to use, even for beginners and technophobes.

Builderall also has a built-in email marketing platform. This feature can save you a lot of time and money when it comes to running your online business and building an email list.

With Builderall’s Mailing Boss feature, you can easily set up campaigns, segment your audience, and automate follow-ups, letting you focus on what truly counts – your customers.

And when it comes to boosting traffic and nailing social media, Builderall’s got your back. With tools for ads, social media content, and performance analysis, you’re all set to ace your online marketing game. 

It really is one of, if not the most comprehensive all-in-one digital marketing platforms out there.

Builderall Pros & Cons

Here’s a concise breakdown of the Builderall pros and cons to help you better understand its offerings. 

Builderall Pros

  • Most complete all-in-one platform
  • Ease of use
  • Affordable cost
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Support team
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • SEO and analytics features
  • Community support

Builderall Cons

  • Limited customization
  • Membership site limitations
  • Learning curve

Builderall Review – The Sales Funnel Builder

Sales Funnel Builder

Builderall provides a range of funnel templates tailored to various industries. So, you can easily pick one that aligns with your business venture without building from the ground up.

Their drag-and-drop editor (known as the Cheetah funnel builder) lets you swiftly tweak these templates, adding images, text, or buttons to fit your brand and project needs.

What’s more, Builderall’s sales funnels integrate smoothly with email marketing and other tools.

This integration streamlines automation, follow-up sequences, and other marketing tactics, making your workflow more efficient and organized.

Just by choosing from Builderall’s range of funnel templates, including separate templates designed to drive conversion, you can have a professional, high-converting funnel set up in minutes, rather than days.

Sales Funnel Elements

Builderall Website Builder

Builderall has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder that comes with a decent amount of tools to help you establish your online presence.

The Builderall website builder is designed for user-friendliness, so you don’t need to worry if you’re not tech-savvy.

The Builderall team have ensured that all the major areas are covered when it comes to building a website. They’ve also ensured that websites built on their platform are mobile-friendly so they’ll look good on any device, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Beyond aesthetics, Builderall helps you to boost your site’s visibility with its integrated SEO tools, making it easier for folks to find you on search engines like Google.

Google and the other search engines are now pretty hot on page-load speed. So, I was pleased to see that Builderall has got the extra distance to make sure websites built on their platform load swiftly.

This is great because it helps to keep your visitors engaged, increasing the likelihood of turning them into customers.

This feature also appeases the Google gods, so your website will get a boost in search engine rankings too.

Builderall eLearning

Course Builder eLearning

The Builderall eLearning tool is a feature that allows you to make and sell online courses. If you have something to teach, this tool can help you share it and even make money from it.

The course builder is easy to use. It has tools to make your courses look good. You can also make membership sites. These are places online where only certain people can go, like members who pay or sign up. This way, you can offer special content just for them.

There’s a special area for people taking your courses. It’s easy for them to use, see their courses, and check how they’re doing.

When someone wants to buy a course, they can pay easily. Builderall eLearning works with PayPal and Stripe, which are ways to pay online safely.

You can also keep an eye on how your students are doing. There are tools to see their progress and how they’re doing in the course.

Builderall Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Builderall’s email marketing platform is packed with tools to help you manage and grow your email list.

The easy-to-use interface lets you craft and oversee email campaigns, ensuring you stay connected with your audience.

With Builderall’s email marketing functionality, you can set up automated email sequences, so you don’t have to send each one manually. This keeps your subscribers engaged and saves you time.

You can also group your email list into specific segments, letting you send tailored content based on subscriber preferences. This personal touch can boost engagement and reduce unsubscribes.

Building an email marketing campaign is straightforward in Builderall’s email marketing functionality. You can design email funnels that guide your campaigns and ensure your subscribers get the right content.

Plus, with the autoresponder, you can schedule a series of messages, helping you stay in regular touch with your audience.

Growing your email list is easier too. Builderall offers tools like landing page templates and pop-up forms to turn website visitors into potential subscribers.

And to make sure your campaigns are working, Builderall provides analytics to track things like how many people open your emails or click on links.

Email Templates

Builderall Webinars

Now, onto the Builderall webinars feature.

Builderall has a webinar platform that provides handy solution for hosting both live and pre-recorded webinars. Using its straightforward interface, you can easily set up live sessions to chat with your audience or schedule auto-webinars with pre-recorded content. This makes it possible for you to connect with folks worldwide, even if you’re not presenting in real-time.

A standout feature is Builderall’s integration with its email marketing tools. This lets you promote your webinars and reach a wider audience. You can send emails about upcoming webinars and follow up afterward, keeping your audience engaged.

With Builderall’s Webinar creator tool, your content can be more varied. You can mix in PowerPoint slides, share your screen, or even host live Q&A sessions, offering a rich experience for your viewers.

In my opinion, Builderall’s webinar feature is much better and easier to use than what you get with ClickFunnels.

Webinar Builder

Builderall Podcasts

Builderall has rolled out a podcast hosting and distribution tool, simplifying the process of creating and sharing podcasts.

With Builderall, you can directly distribute your episodes to popular platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

This tool is great for businesses or individuals aiming to connect more closely with their audience.

Podcasts let you share insights, stories, and valuable info, enhancing your brand’s online footprint.

Plus, Builderall’s podcast tool works smoothly with its email marketing features. This means you can easily notify your email subscribers about new episodes, keeping them in the loop.

So, with Builderall, not only can you create and share podcasts, but you can also promote them, strengthening your bond with your audience.

Builderall E-Commerce


Builderall’s online store builder or e-commerce platform lets you set up an online store with ease, whether you’re selling products directly or exploring dropshipping.

The platform is user-friendly, helping you craft a smooth shopping experience, from cart to checkout.

A standout feature is product management. You can quickly list and organize products, ensuring your store is tidy and shopper-friendly.

Plus, Builderall integrates with popular payment gateways, giving your customers a range of payment options, which can help increase sales.

Ever had customers leave items in their cart without buying? Builderall’s abandoned cart recovery can help. It lets you reconnect with these shoppers, sending them reminders or special offers to encourage a completed purchase.

And if dropshipping is on your radar, you’re in luck. Builderall works well with platforms like Shopify, allowing you to run a dropshipping store without the fuss of handling inventory or shipments. Instead, you can focus on promoting and growing your business.

Builderall App Creator

Builderall’s App Creator makes it simple for you to craft your own mobile app, even if you’re not a coding expert. Instead of hiring a developer or diving into tricky programming, you can customize your app just the way you want it.

A standout perk is that once you’re done, you can launch your app on big platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This means your app can reach folks using both Android and iOS devices.

The App Creator also has features tailored for mobile users. For example, you can add push notifications, a great way to keep your users engaged and updated.

Other Builderall 6.0 Features

Now, let’s dive into some extra features that Builderall 6.0 brings to the table for your digital marketing efforts.

Builderall 6.0 comes with a range of 29 different tools and features to help you build a website and grow your business, so there’s a lot to love here.

Builderall Heat Maps

Click Map Heat Map

Builderall continues to stand out with its unique range of features, and one such feature is the heat map, specifically termed as the “click map.”

If you’re wondering what the heat map feature does, it’s a visual tool that shows you which parts of your website are getting the most attention from visitors.

This means you can see where users are clicking the most on your site. Why is this beneficial? Well, understanding where users are focusing their attention can provide valuable insights.

With the click map, you can identify the most popular areas of your site. This is great because it helps you understand what content or products are catching your audience’s interest.

If a particular section is getting a lot of clicks, it might be a good idea to place a call-to-action (CTA) button there or even an email sign-up form.

Another advantage of the heat mapping tool is that it allows you to optimize your website layout.

If you notice that a crucial piece of information or a product isn’t getting the attention it deserves, you might consider moving it to a more prominent position.

This feature means you will now be able to make data-driven decisions about your website design, ensuring that important content doesn’t go unnoticed.

Builderall SEO Tool

Builderall’s SEO tool is designed to help you optimize your website for search engines. This helps your site rank higher in search results.

This is crucial because good SEO practices can significantly increase your website’s visibility, driving more organic traffic and potential customers to your site. 

With Builderall’s SEO feature, you can analyze your website’s current SEO performance.

Start by entering a keyword that you want your site to rank for, along with your site’s URL.

Builderall will then generate a comprehensive report, providing insights and suggestions on how to improve your site’s SEO.

This report covers various aspects, including keyword usage, link placement, meta descriptions, content length, page titles, URL optimization, and image titles.

Thanks to this feature, you can now get a clear roadmap on how to enhance your site’s SEO, ensuring that you’re targeting the right keywords and making the necessary adjustments to rank higher.

But that’s not all. Builderall’s SEO tool also allows you to analyze your competitors’ websites. By entering a competitor’s URL and a target keyword, you can gain insights into their SEO strategies, helping you identify areas where you can outperform them.

This competitive analysis is invaluable as it gives you a clearer picture of the SEO landscape in your industry, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Builderall’s quick-loading website templates are also pre-optimized for SEO, meaning you can incorporate them into your SEO strategy.

Chatbot Builder


Now, onto the Chatbot builder feature.

Builderall’s Chatbot Builder is an impressive tool that stands out among its many features.

With the rise of online businesses and the need for instant customer support, chatbots have become an essential tool for many websites.

So, what’s the deal with Builderall’s Chatbot Builder?

With Builderall’s Chatbot and SiteBot tools, you can seamlessly integrate a chatbot into your website or even your Facebook page.

This means that whenever someone comments on your posts or interacts with your site, they receive an automated response.

This feature is great because it not only enhances user engagement but also portrays your brand as active and responsive.

Imagine a potential customer visiting your site at odd hours and having their queries addressed immediately. That’s a level of service that can set you apart from competitors.

Chat Bot Custom Flow

Builderall Design Studio

Continuing on, now let’s dive into the Builderall Design Studio or design tools.

The Builderall Design Studio is your go-to place if you’re looking to get creative with your website’s visuals. With this feature, you can add a personal touch to your site’s images, videos, and other content.

The Design Studio offers a photo editing section where you can tweak your images, add text, apply filters, and even experiment with different fonts.

Want to showcase your products in a unique way?

You can create 3D images using the image spinning tool, giving your customers a 360-degree view of what you’re offering.

This is an excellent digital marketing feature because it provides a more interactive and engaging experience for your visitors.

Mockup Studio

Builderall Animator

Following on for the Design Studio, now’s the perfect time for me to tell you about the Builderall Animator.

This tool is a creative haven for those looking to add a touch of animation to their content.

With the Builderall Animator, you can craft animations that come with a variety of features and effects, including music, speech, captions, and more.

The animator library is stocked with a wide selection of animations, backgrounds, audio effects, and even characters, ensuring your video animations are both fun and engaging.

Thanks to the video animator tool, you can now breathe life into pre-existing videos by simply uploading them and adding the desired features.

The end result?  

A video that seamlessly matches the creative style of the animations you craft within the tool.

And if you’re targeting different audiences, the animator offers a range of preset AI voices that can be paired with text in your videos, ensuring your content resonates with your viewers.

For businesses that rely heavily on courses, webinars, tutorials, or any other video-based products, the Builderall Animator is a game-changer.


With all the above tools mentioned so far, you’re probably wondering if Builderall has a CRM feature.  

Well, you’re in luck!

Yes indeed, Builderall does also come with a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management tool. This is a crucial tool for any business aiming to maintain and enhance relationships with their customers.

With Builderall’s CRM tools, you can streamline your customer interactions, ensuring that you stay connected and responsive to their needs.

This feature allows you to organize and analyze your customer interactions, ensuring that no lead or opportunity slips through the cracks. 

By having a centralized system, you can track customer interactions, monitor sales, and even automate certain processes, making your operations more efficient.

This means you will now be able to focus on what truly matters: building strong, lasting relationships with your customers.

Video Hosting

With Builderall, you can host your video content directly on the Builderall platform.

This is great because it means you don’t have to rely on third-party platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, which might have restrictions or ads that don’t align with your brand.

Furthermore, if you need to host a lot of videos say, for an online course, then this feature is gonna save you a lot of money.

It’s also worth mentioning that the video hosting feature allows users to pause, rewind, and skip. You’ll also have full access to statistics on lead behavior, which will allow you to create new solutions and modifications based on your performance. 

Video Hosting

Builderall Templates

Builderall’s templates cater to a wide array of businesses, industries, and specific niches. Regardless if you need templates for landing pages, sales funnels, emails, or if you just need some blank templates, Builderall’s got you covered.

So, with Builderall’s quick-loading templates, you can choose from a diverse range of optimized, contemporary, and visually appealing designs that fit your specific needs.

Builderall has around 400 templates at the time of writing this article, so you’re not gonna be short of designs to choose from. In fact, they have lots of templates for each niche, category, and tool in the Builderall suite.

For example, if you need to set up an entire sales funnel, then you can choose from a range of sales funnel templates that have been specially designed and optimized to convert.

Builderall Website Templates

Script Generator

Builderall offers a unique tool known as the “Script Generator.” This tool is designed to assist you in creating scripts for your sales videos, webinars, and other promotional content.

With the Script Generator, you can craft compelling narratives without having to start from scratch.

The benefit of the Script Generator is its ability to save you time and effort.

Instead of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write, this feature provides you with a structured approach.

You input some basic information about your product, audience, and the challenges they face, and the tool generates a script tailored to your needs.

This means you can now create exclusive content that resonates with your audience, enhancing your marketing efforts.

Thanks to this feature, even if you’re not a seasoned copywriter, you can produce professional-quality scripts that captivate and convert.

Builderall Tutorials

Builderall ensures that its users are well-equipped to make the most of its platform.

If you’re ever feeling stuck or unsure about how to use a particular feature, Builderall’s tutorials have you covered.

With more than 400 step-by-step training videos, you can dive deep into the various systems, features, and processes that Builderall offers if, and as and when needed.

For those who prefer a more interactive approach, Builderall’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information.

Not only will you find a vast array of video tutorials, but you can also gain insights from their weekly interactive meetings.

Hosted by a member of the Builderall team, these sessions are open forums where users can discuss features, ask questions, and learn more about the product.

This interactive approach fosters a sense of community and ensures that you’re never left in the dark.

Builderall Training

Builderall Help and Support

When I first started to use Builderall myself, I was pleased to see that they actually have great support in place. To this end, they have made it relatively straightforward for you to reach out and get help when needed.

Simply head over to the support section and initiate a support ticket. Just jot down your concern or question, submit the ticket, and the Builderall team will reach out as soon as they can.

However, there’s a little caveat.

Sometimes, these support tickets might take more than a day to get addressed.

If you’re someone who’s not too keen on waiting, there’s a quicker alternative. You’ll notice a blue chat bubble located at the bottom right of the screen.

This is the live chat feature, and during business hours, you can expect your queries to be answered within mere minutes.

This feature allows you to get real-time solutions, which is great because it means you can continue with your work without significant delays. A real life-saver for many.

Builderall Pricing

Now we’ve covered all of the Builderall business tools and key features, let’s take a look at what you need to pay to access Builderall.

Builderall Free Trial

If you like the idea of Builderall, but you’d like to take it for a test drive first, then you’ll be pleased to know that Builderall has a 14 day free trial.

On the free trial you’ll be able to test out all of Builderall’s features with no commitment. However, Builderall do not advertise their free trial on their website. It is only accessible via a hidden page.

You can get a Builderall 14 day free trial here.

Builderall Starter Plan – $37 per month

Available Features:

  • Website and Funnel builder
  • Blog tool
  • Checkout & Payment for digital and physical products
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Social Proof tool
  • Website map heater
  • URL shortener
  • Booking tool
  • Calendar App 
  • Membership area  

Builderall Marketer Plan – $79 per month

Available Features:

  • All Builder plan features
  • Increased email list capacity
  • More domains connected
  • Unlimited subscribers 
  • Increased disk storage

Builderall Premium Plan – $179 per month

Available Features:

  • All  Marketer plan features
  • Cheetah Website Builder 
  • Cheetah Funnel Builder 
  • Funnel simulator 
  • SMS (requires Twilio) 
  • Online Course Builder
  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Video hosting and video manager 
  • e-learning Webinar builders 
  • Directory builder 
  • Super checkout builder 
  • Browser notifications app
  • Social media video streamer tool
  • Automatic affiliate program approval for those interested in affiliate marketing

Builderall Funnel Club Plan – $87 per month (+ $199 first payment)

Available Features:

  • All premium plan features
  • Niche funnels 
  • Access to templates for premium funnels, pages, and emails 
Builderall 6.0 new pricing plans

Builderall’s WordPress Price Plans:

Here’s an overview of the pricing for the Builderall WordPress plans:

WP Builder Plan – $47 per month

  • Website & Funnel builder
  • Blog
  • Checkout & Payment for digital and physical products
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Social Proof tool
  • Website map heater
  • URL shortener
  • Calendar & Booking system
  • Membership area

WP Marketer Plan – $87 per month

  • All features from the WP Builder plan
  • Increased email list capacity
  • More domains connected
  • Increased disk storage

WP Premium Plan – $97 per month

  • All features from the WP Marketer plan
  • SMS (requires Twilio)
  • Online Course Builder
  • Video hosting and video manager
  • Webinar tools

WP Funnel Club Plan – $97 per month (+ $199 first payment)

  • All features from the WP Premium plan
  • Access to premium templates for pages, emails, and funnels

I hope this format makes it clearer!

Builderall FAQs

Now, let’s answer a few of those frequently asked questions regarding Builderall.

Is Builderall worth the money?

Yes, in my opinion, Builderall is definitely worth the money. This digital marketing platform offers a comprehensive set of features at competitive prices, making it a good value for online business owners.

Does Builderall have a free trial?

No. Currently Builderall does not offer a free trial. However, if this changes then we will let you know by updating this article.

Can you create an app with Builderall?

Yes, Builderall allows you to create mobile apps. This is a great way to enhance your existing business, or create an entirely new business around a mobile app.

How do you cancel a Builderall account?

To cancel your Builderall account and stop recurring payments:

  • Go to the “Account” area in Builderall.
  • Follow the steps to cancel your recurring payment.

It’s important to note that if you do not have automated/recurring payments set up, missing a payment to Builderall could result in your account becoming inactive.

Is Builderall The Ultimate Digital Marketing Solution – My Final Thoughts

In wrapping up our Builderall review, it’s evident that this digital marketing platform offers a plethora of tools for both budding and seasoned digital enthusiasts.

Whether you’re taking your first steps in the digital realm or aiming to amplify your online game, Builderall has something tailored just for you.

The digital world is constantly shifting, and having a steadfast ally like Builderall can truly set you apart. 

If you’re curious to see how it can transform your digital journey, why not give it a whirl?

Sign up for a free trial of Builderall today and experience the platform for yourself.