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The Marketplace: What Is It and How To Make Money With It

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The marketplace is where savvy folks turn their online hustle into profit.

It’s not just about selling; it’s about strategizing and finding your niche in a crowded digital space.

This platform offers tools and opportunities for anyone willing to learn and apply them.

From eBooks to courses, everything you need to start making money is right here.

The key is understanding your audience and delivering value they’re willing to pay for.

With a bit of effort and the right approach, you could be the next success story.

So, let’s dive into how you can make the most of this opportunity without getting lost in the noise.

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What Is The Marketplace?

The marketplace serves as a bustling center for folks aiming to elevate their online business.

It’s a place where products and services meet the keen eyes of entrepreneurs and marketers ready to take their ventures to the next level.

Basicvaly, there are two ways you can leverage the platform to make money:

Affiliate Marketing

For those inclined towards affiliate marketing, the marketplace is a goldmine. It allows you to sift through various products, find those that align with your niche, and promote them.

It’s a pretty straightforward process: select a product, share it with your audience, and earn commissions on sales.

The marketplace ensures that affiliates are properly rewarded for their efforts, thanks to its reliable affiliate tracking system.

So, if affiliate marketing floats your boat, then go look through the marketplace to see what you can promote to your audience.

That being said, besides all the products listed on the marketplace, if you have a Systeme account then you can also promote the software platform and earn a cool 60% commission per sale for your efforts.

If that sounds like a good fit for you, then you can get the deets on joining the affiliate program here.

Selling Your Own Products

On the flip side, if you’re looking to sell your own products, the marketplace offers a stage to showcase them.

By listing your products, you attract affiliates who can help spread the word. Think of it as delegating your marketing efforts to those who have the means to reach a wider audience.

Whether you’re dabbling in affiliate marketing or selling your creations, equips you with an arsenal of marketing tools. These tools, including a powerful funnel builder, email autoresponder, website builder and more, are designed to help convert visits into sales effectively.

It’s simple to get started with the marketplace. All you need to to is open a account and you can get access to the marketplace. You can even access the marketplace if you’re using’s free plan.

What Kinds of Products Are in the Marketplace?

The marketplace offers a decent selection of products to all kinds of entrepreneurs.

So, regardless of what niche you are in, or if you’re a course creator, a coach, consultant, an ecommerce aficionado, or an affiliate marketer, you’ll find the marketplace extremely useful, and profitable!

Here’s a rundown of the categories you’ll find in the marketplace:

  • Infoproducts
  • Services
  • Templates
  • Physical products
  • Software marketplace categories

To get started, you can sort by category and then scour through to find products that your audience will love.

Alternatively, you can sort all the products on the marketplace by those that have made the most all time sales and browse through.

Sort the marketplace by most popular products of all time

If you want to know which products are selling well at the moment, then you can also sort by those products which have made the most sales in the last 30 days.

This will give you a good idea of what’s hot and selling well right now.

Sort the marketplace by the most popular products over the last 30 days

As you can see, the marketplace is a pretty simple platform to use.

How to Use the Marketplace as an Affiliate

The marketplace is free to use and open to everyone. To begin using the marketplace, you’ll just need an active account.

You can even access the marketplace even if you’re currently on the free plan.

If you don’t yet have a account, then you can sign up for the free plan here.

Log in to your dashboard and select the marketplace option from the main ‘dashboard’ dropdown menu item.

Begin by searching for products that align with your niche.

Once you find a product, click on it to see details including affiliate commissions and sales funnel structures.

Joining an Affiliate Program

Click on the Affiliate Program’s ‘promote offer’ tab of a product you are interested in. See image below.

How to select product to promote

Review the program terms, commission rate, and promotional materials provided.

Use the ‘Join the Program’ button to become an affiliate.

Affiliate program terms

Check your affiliate dashboard for your approved affiliate links. Alternatively, some programs will send you your links via email.

Promoting Products

Start promoting by sharing your affiliate links through your online business channels.

Focus on creating high-converting copy to convert leads into customers.

Use’s marketing tools like the funnel builder to enhance your promotions.

Tracking Performance

Frequent your affiliate dashboard to monitor your clicks, conversion rate, and earnings.

Use strong affiliate tracking to optimize your strategies.

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How To List Your Own Products On The Marketplace

If you’re a creator or business owner, offers a golden opportunity to elevate your products’ reach by listing them in the marketplace. It makes it a lot easier for you to find affiliates to promote your stuff for you.

The process begins with setting up your product details and defining the affiliate commissions you’re willing to offer.

You can follow this guide here for instructions on how to set up your affiliate program on

you’ll want to set up a product page that showcases your product to potential affiliates to sign up and promote your product.

Bear in mind, the product page is different from the sales page. You will need an attractive sales page to sell your product to customers. The sales page is where your affiliates will be sending their audience to in order to try to sell your product, so make it good.

Once your products are listed, it’s time to recruit motivated affiliates.

You can actively seek out content creators and marketers who align with your brand or wait for them to discover your offering in the marketplace.

The beauty here lies in creating a network of promoters who champion your products, effectively multiplying your sales force.

As affiliates bring in sales, you manage payouts through’s streamlined system, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all parties involved.

Leveraging affiliates means you can focus more on product development and less on direct marketing, a strategy that can significantly scale your business.

Opening your products up to a world of affiliates is not just about selling; it’s about creating partnerships that propel both your products and your partners towards greater success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The marketplace free?

Yes, it’s free to join the marketplace as an affiliate to promote products.

Do I have to have a account to use the marketplace?

Having a account is necessary to use the marketplace, whether as an affiliate or as a seller.

How much money can I make promoting products on the marketplace as an affiliate?

Your earnings as an affiliate can vary widely and depend on your marketing efforts, the commission rate of products, and your ability to convert leads into customers.

How many products of my own can I list on the marketplace?

There is no set limit on the number of products you can list; you can list as many of your own products on the marketplace as you like.

Systeme io Marketplace: Final Thoughts

Diving into the marketplace, it’s clear that it’s a robust platform for those ready to monetize their online presence.

With tools tailored for affiliate marketing and selling your own products, it paves the way for anyone to succeed.

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