Explore our PLR.me review to uncover insights and details about the platform's offerings for personal and professional development content with private label rights

PLR.me Review 2024: Uses, Pros, Cons, and Free Credits

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In this PLR.me review, we’re diving deep into the world of ready-made content to see if it’s the treasure trove it promises to be.

PLR.me stands for Private Label Rights, a platform where you can snag content across various niches, then tweak and call it your own.

In this article I’m going to spill the tea on everything PLR.me – the good, the bad, and the nitty-gritty.

Before you decide to part with your hard-earned cash, let’s figure out together if PLR.me is your next go-to resource or if it’s a hard pass.

Let’s get to it.

Get 10 FREE PLR.me Credits

Get 10 free credits from PLR.me (equal to $27) and use these credits to by high-quality PLR resources from the PLR.me website.

What are PLR Products?

Have you been wondering, what are PLR products?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR products are essentially ready-made content created by niche experts that you can purchase and use as your own.

They come in a wide variety of formats, including eBooks, articles, videos, and even content marketing software.

When you purchase a PLR product, you’re buying the rights to modify, sell, or distribute that content under your own brand. This makes them an excellent tool for entrepreneurs looking to generate content for their business without investing a significant amount of time into content creation.

With PLR products, you can quickly populate your blog with high-quality posts, create compelling e-courses or informative eBooks, add valuable and high-quality PLR content to your newsletters, or even resell the products directly to your audience for profit.

While PLR content isn’t the end all, be all, it does provide an excellent, flexible and efficient solution for content creation, which can be a big headache for online entrepreneurs, especially those who find content creation to be a bottle neck in their business.

With the content creation handled, you’re freed up to focus more on building and growing your online business, and pulling all the other levers that need pulling.

Infographic showing 5 uses of PLR content

What is PLR.me?

PLR.me website homepage

PLR.me is a highly reputable platform that provides high-quality PLR products.

Founded and operated by the esteemed entrepreneur Ronnie Nijmeh, PLR.me launched in 2008 and has been consistently delivering high-quality content to its users ever since.

As an industry-leading resource, PLR.me specializes in offering a wide range of PLR products – from articles, reports, and ebooks to courses and coaching content and programs for health and wellness professionals.

What I particularly like about this PLR membership site over other PLR vendors out there is that PLR.me have a policy of ensuring all content meets high-quality standards before it’s sold. This gives their customers the confidence they’re getting the best PLR products, especially those interested in quality over quantity.

The company has a robust rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot, testifying to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

PLR.me TrustPilot reviews

It’s also worth mentioning that PLR.me has gained recognition from big brands like AM 770,Toronto Sun, Steven and Chris, 100 Huntley Street for offering quality products.

Does PLR.me Offer Any Free Content?

While most of PLR.me’s content requires a purchase, they do offer some free resources.

By visiting this page on their website here, you can access a range of brandable products that you can use in your online business, at no cost.

This is great because not only does it give you some free products and resources to use in your business straight away without spending any money on content creation, but it also gives you an opportunity to sample their excellent content before investing in their products.

Who is PLR.me Best Suited For?

At its core, PLR.me is a goldmine for coaches and consultants across a myriad of niches. Whether you’re helping clients navigate life’s challenges, boosting their business acumen, or guiding them on a wellness journey, this platform has got your back with a vast array of resources

But let’s not box it in just yet!

While the spotlight shines brightly on those in the consultancy and coaching business, PLR.me is by no means exclusive to them.

The beauty of each piece of content on PLR.me is its versatility, and this platform takes that to heart with digital products that cater to a broader audience. 

If you’re an entrepreneur stepping outside the coaching and consulting arena, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find on PLR.me. From e-commerce moguls to lifestyle influencers, PLR.me is a good source of PLR content for everyone.

For those looking to develop courses, write ebooks, or initiate online challenges, PLR.me offers a wide array of product or resources that could be beneficial. The platform provides high-quality materials and content ideas for presentations and blog content, aiming to ease the content delivery process for its users.

What Niches Does PLR.me Provide Content For?

PLR.me caters to a broad range of niches, providing a plethora of resources that will suit almost every field. Here are some of the main niches that PLR.me caters to:

  • Personal Development
  • Health and Wellness
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Finance and Investing
  • Relationships and Dating
  • Parenting and Family
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Leadership and Management
  • Motivation and Success
  • Spirituality and Faith
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Weight Loss and Fitness
  • Education and Learning

If you don’t see your niche on here, then don’t worry just yet. These niches are just an example of the main industries covered at PLR.me, but there are still more.

Visit PLR.me here to see what other niches they cater to. you can also take a look at the image below to get a good idea if PLR.me will have you and your chosen niche covered.

PLR.me niches

What Types of Content Does PLR.me Offer?

There are all kinds of products you can purchase with Private Label Rights. Below is a variety of product types you can get from PLR.me:

eBooks & Reports

eBooks and reports from PLR.me can serve as the backbone for your lead magnets, enticing visitors to hand over their email address in exchange for your valuable insights.

being a popular and important category of PLR content, eBooks and reports are perfect for deep dives into popular topics. They establish you as an authority figure in your niche without you having to burn the midnight oil writing.

Courses, Workshops & Coaching Programs

Turnkey solutions for those looking to expand their educational offerings, these comprehensive materials allow you to launch your own courses, workshops, and quick coaching programs in a snap.

They’re a godsend for saving time and energy on content creation, letting you focus on engaging with your students and clients.

Slide Deck Presentations

These ready-made presentations can be a lifesaver for webinars, workshops, or customizable lessons within your educational content arsenal.

They’re designed to be visually appealing and informative, making your job as presenter smooth sailing.


Checklists are the ultimate tool for action-oriented content, helping your audience achieve specific outcomes step-by-step.

They’re great as freebies, content for email, or value-adds to existing digital products, enhancing your customers’ experience and satisfaction.

PLR checklists are available in JPG, PNG, DOCX, PAGES, and PDF format.


Engage your community with challenges that encourage participation and personal growth.

These PLR contents are perfect for creating buzz on social media or keeping your email subscribers hooked with daily or weekly tasks.


In an era where podcasts and audio content reign supreme, these audios can be a game changer.

Use them to diversify your content offerings or as exclusive content for your subscribers, providing value in a format that they can consume on the go.

Email Sequences

Email sequences are your secret weapon for nurturing leads and keeping your audience engaged.

Customize these templates for your campaigns, saving time on copywriting while maintaining a personal touch.

Landing Pages

First impressions matter, and these landing pages ensure your visitors are greeted with professionalism and clarity.

Use them to highlight your main offers, opt-ins, or special promotions, optimizing for conversions without the design headaches.

Video Sales Letters (VSLs)

VSLs have a knack for converting viewers into customers. These pre-made scripts and templates get you halfway through the battle, requiring only your personal touch to start generating sales.

Fables and Short Stories

Storytelling is an art, and these fables and short stories make it easy to captivate your audience with lessons and morals tied to your brand values.

They’re fantastic for newsletters, blog posts, or as engaging content for social media posts.


Affirmations tap into the growing demand for positive content that uplifts and inspires.

If it makes sense for your business, then you can embed these in your wellness programs, motivational content, or daily messages to your community, fostering a positive brand experience.

Blog Posts

Keep your blog fresh and engaging without constantly having to come up with new ideas.

These blog posts are versatile, covering a wide range of exciting topics that you can adapt to fit your voice and your audience’s needs.

A word of warning with this one:

While PLR blog posts can be a great resource, I do not recommend copy/pasting them directly into your website if you want your articles to rank on page one in search engines like Google and Bing.

Search engines only reward unique content. In fact, Google’s Panda algorithm can even penalise your site for using duplicate content.

So, if you want your articles to rank high in the search results, but you want to use PLR content, then use them as guides and inspiration.

Tip for PLR blog posts:

Feed your PLR articles to ChatGPT and ask Chat to rewrite the content in a unique style with no plagiarism. You can then run your articles through a plagiarism checker tool like copyscape.com to ensure that your articles are in fact now plagiarism-free. If not, then simply feed back the suspect sections of your article to ChatGPT for another rewrite.

PLR.me AI Playground

Another benefit you get access to when using PLR.me content is their AI Playground feature.

When you buy any PLR.me content you can use the 5 AI tools in the AI Playground to edit and customize your content exactly how you want it. Personally, I’ve not yet seen any other PLR company offering anything like this.

Basically, PLR.me’s AI Playground is a suite of cutting-edge tools designed to supercharge your content creation process.

Here’s a look at the five innovative AI tools that are part of this playground, making content creation faster, easier, and more creative.

AI Marketing Assistant

From emails to social media posts and video scripts, this tool uses AI to generate marketing content that aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice and vision.

AI Assisted Text Editor

The AI Assisted Text Editor leverages AI to offer suggestions for rewriting, clarifying, shortening, or expanding your text.

This tool ensures your content maintains a consistent tone, style, and grammar, making your editing process smoother and more efficient.

AI Image Generator

With the AI Image Generator, creating photo-realistic images and illustrations is a matter of typing in a few simple words.

This tool can produce diverse styles of high-quality images for use on websites, emails, social media, and more, offering unlimited creative possibilities.

AI Audio Creator

The AI Audio Creator transforms text into professional audio in minutes, offering a selection of voices to match the desired tone and style of your content.

Ideal for podcasts, training videos, webinars, and e-learning modules, this tool enhances your digital presence and engagement effortlessly.

AI PDF Designer

Coming soon, the AI PDF Designer promises to make document design a breeze.

With no design skills required, it will offer hundreds of templates and styles, using AI to craft elegant and professional layouts tailored to your content, saving you time on manual formatting.

PLR.me offers free access to all of these AI Playground tools without the need for a subscription. Simply use your credits to unlock all AI features, enhancing your content creation process with the power of artificial intelligence.

How To Use PLR.me Content: Use Cases

The versatility of PLR content is awesome and allows for a wide array of uses for various aspects of digital marketing and content creation.

Here’s how you can leverage PLR.me content to your advantage, using real-world applications and strategies.

As Bonuses for Your Offers

Adding value to your digital products or services can significantly enhance your offers.

PLR content, such as ebooks, checklists, or courses, can serve as attractive bonuses that complement your main offering.

For instance, if you’re selling a course on digital marketing, you could include an ebook on content strategy from PLR.me as a bonus to sweeten the deal.

Treat It As Your Own Creation

One of the greatest advantages of PLR content is the ability to treat it as if you’ve written it yourself.

This means you can purchase an article or report, customize it to match your voice, and publish it under your name without the heavy lifting involved in creating content from scratch.

Edit to Fit Your Needs

The flexibility of PLR content lies in your ability to edit it as much or as little as you’d like. Whether it’s a minor tweak to align with your brand’s tone or a major overhaul to make it unique, the choice is yours.

This makes PLR.me content highly adaptable to your specific content strategy and audience needs.

Publish on Your Blog or Website

PLR articles and blog posts can be easily modified and published on your own blog or website.

As a content creator, this is a fantastic way to maintain a consistent publishing schedule, keeping your site fresh and engaging for your audience without the constant need for original content creation.

Incorporate Into Emails

Email marketing remains a vital communication channel, and PLR content can help enrich your email campaigns.

Whether it’s sharing insights from a PLR report or using segments of PLR courses as educational content in your newsletters, PLR.me content can help you keep your email subscribers engaged and informed.

Create Paid Products

The content from PLR.me can also be repurposed into paid products. For example, you could compile a series of related articles into an ebook or use parts of a workshop to create a mini-course.

This approach allows you to quickly expand your product offerings and generate additional revenue streams with minimal effort.

PLR.me Pricing

By now, you’re probably wondering what kind of price point PLR.me charges for their content.

Basically, they operate a credit system. The more you buy, the more value you get out of your credits.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: $27 (for 10 credits, equivalent to $2.70/credit). Credits do not expire and can be used to purchase any content type. This plan does not include monthly or annual subscription, providing flexibility for those needing content occasionally at a reasonable price.
  • 100 Credits Per Month: $129 per month (equivalent to $1.29/credit). This monthly membership plan is designed for regular content needs, offering a substantial amount of credits for monthly use.
  • 400 Credits Per Year: $399 per year (equivalent to $1.00/credit). Aimed at users with consistent content needs throughout the year, offering a good balance between cost and credit volume.
  • 1,500 Credits Per Year: $899 per year (equivalent to $0.60/credit). This plan offers the best value for heavy users, providing a high volume of credits at the lowest cost per credit.
  • Unlimited Credits Per Year: $1,999 one-time payment, then $399 per year. This plan allows for unlimited downloads from the entire PLR.me content library, ideal for businesses with extensive content marketing needs.

These yearly and monthly plans cater to a range of content needs, from occasional users to heavy content or digital marketers, with flexible options to suit a wide variety of budgets and usage levels. 

Most importantly, you can roll over your monthly and annual credits to the next month or year, provided your subscription remains active.

PLR.me pricing table

For more details, see PLR.me’s pricing page here.

Do I Have To Have a Recurring Subscription?

No, you do not have to have a recurring subscription to use PLR.me.

The platform offers a Pay-As-You-Go option, allowing you to purchase credits only when you need them without committing to a monthly or annual plan.

This flexibility is ideal for those who prefer not to have a recurring subscription.

PLR Content vs Hiring a Freelancer

So, now you know how PLR.me price their high-quality products, is this really actually gonna save you money on your content creation?

Wouldn’t it be better to hire a freelancer to create high-quality content for me?

What about creating all the content yourself, that’s gotta be cheaper, surely? Well, not really in my opinion, and here’s why.

Creating high-quality content is a skill. So, providing you have that skill, it’s incredibly time consuming to create. Time equals money, and time is our most precious resource. It’s the one thing in life we cannot get back.

So, in my personal opinion, it’s far more expensive to spend the time creating all the content yourself.

Now, when comparing PLR content to hiring a freelancer, here’s an image to illustrate better than I could probably explain.

Table showing how the cost of PLR content compares to hiring a freelancer

What Others Say About PLR.me

Whenever I research a new product with the view of using the service myself or researching it or my audience, I always check out what others are saying about the company and their products online.

Okay, so PLR.me have a number of positive reviews on their website. Sure, this is good to see, but fo course, they’re only gonna show their strong testimonials on their own website, right?

So, what about an independent review site like TrustPilot? that’s always a go-to stop for me when doing my research.

So, how do they score with TrustPilot, you might be wondering?

PLR.me have a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on TrustPilot, so I’d say that’s pretty solid.

PLR.me TrustPilot reviews

You can also check out their TrustPilot reviews page here if you want to sift through a few of their reviews yourself.

The Final Verdict

In my exploration of PLR.me, it was somewhat surprising to find a lack of PLR software options. Yet, the platform compensates with its extensive collection of high-quality PLR content spanning various categories.

The quality of their offerings places PLR.me among the elite in the PLR industry. With clear and reasonable pricing that reflects in their high-quality products, it’s clear PLR.me offers substantial value to its clientele.

Despite this slight gap in their product range, the advantages of using PLR.me significantly overshadow any drawbacks. Thus, it’s fair to conclude that PLR.me stands out as a leading provider of PLR content, earning a solid recommendation.

PLR.me Review: Final Thoughts

Wrapping up this PLR.me review, it’s clear that whether you’re knee-deep in content creation or just dipping your toes in, PLR.me offers a treasure trove of resources that can dramatically cut down on your work hours while boosting your content quality.

The platform’s versatility and wide range of pricing options make it a strong contender for anyone looking to streamline their digital content strategy without sacrificing originality or depth, or resorting to low-quality products.

And hey, if the thought of endless content creation sends shivers down your spine, PLR.me might just be the warm blanket you’re looking for.

So, why not take a peek for yourself? Click here to snag some free digital content and resources from PLR.me and see how it fits into your world.